Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leave Mady Alone, Celebrity Baby Scoop & Cookie Article

Tonight my almost 8 year old daughter threw a fit at a friends house party over not wanting to eat dinner but wanted just desert. In front of everyone she puts her "Mady face" on and yells "there's nothing for me to eat here, everything looks horrible". I wanted to choke her. When we got home we had a huge "talk" where she slammed the door and cried I ruined her life because I embarrassed her.

Alot of blogs tend to bash and really go off on Mady. Someone on I believe Facebook made a comment how the only people that defend her actions are those who have her themselves. They were so right. I have a Mady. A strong willed eldest child that has to adjust to lots of siblings that demand the attention that was solely on them at one point. One that acts up, the "pouty one", the one with all the needs yet tries to act the most independent. This is one of the main reasons I relate to Kate so much. I try in front of others to talk about her "promise". But whether you are blessed or not to have a strong willed child, all of us at some point feel helpless that we have not done enough to make your baby the picture of child perfection. I feel the guilt of being so pre-occupied with my others I tend to let alot of discipline go and allow her to get away with things I shouldn't so that adults can whisper and say "Ohh honey how do you let her get away with talking like that?"

What pisses me off about the haters regarding Mady is that when they talk about how "bratty" she is I want to punch them. I know that sounds horrible but I do. She is just like many children I know but now and forever will have to read all the horrible things people said about her and her family. Not that she hasn't already seen herself on TV and not liked a time or two she saw herself not being nice. Maybe that might make her think twice about some of the choices she makes. More that I hope that one or two of the haters might see how horrible it is to comment about a child period. Because she is no different than so many children out there, mine included, that just has the problem of people feeling they can criticize her. Back in August I wrote about why I liked Mady as a tribute to her. You can read it HERE.

Why I Love Kate

A few people on other blogs constantly ask the fans they are trying to "convert" why they like Kate so much. For me I see a woman who is securing a good future for her family. So that when all the haters go away and move on to perhaps the Duggars, they can afford for each of them to be financially stable in an unstable economy. I love that they are able to be there every day with their kids that I wish I had with my own husband. I love that she is who she is, without fault, and doesn't change for a few nasty bitter people. She knows when to say your sorry to a husband that loves her. I love that she is a good mother. I like that she made both lemonade and Sun In with her lemons...ok you get the point. So check out this great article when Kate was interviewed for Cookie Magazine that was also in Celebrity Baby Scoop regarding how her show is the #1 reality show for of course moms and how she handles being "Kate Gosselin".

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katie said...

Baby Mama, I also have a Mady, although she is now 18 yrs old. She was strong willed from birth. She gave up naps at 2 and cried once at 12 because " I looked at her wrong" Her words, not mine. We can laugh at this now thank goodness.
Please continue to raise your strong willed daughter without squashing her independence. My daughter is now in college to be a computer engineer. She knows the road she has ahead and that she will be going into a male dominated field. This makes her want it more.
I believe Mady will grow to be this kind of young women in time and it sounds like your daughter will too. Raising a strong women is not always easy, but it is fun to watch them grow as people.
Thank you for your blog and the positive vibe you continue to have here.