Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Kate Recipe, Gosselins Without Pity Thinks Its Making Progress

Hopefully I will revise this after I stop fuming. Only because I was e-mailed some info that was basically laughable. They seem to feel that they are the REASON that Kate has her kids in school, and the reason Mady was not shown in the last episode. I needed to repeat the garbage written by some of their "readers" over at GWOP:

Submitted by themrs : Because of you, there are changes (yes it’s damage control for TLC, but the results are the children are being looked out for.) First as noted... the children's privacy was protected.... 2nd it appears Mady's wishes were respected. I caught glimpses of her here and there... making it obvious it was her choosing! So happy for her. As concerned people we can breath easier that the little ones are in preschool with normal experiences. And teachers who see individuals. It confirms that the reality of the power of the pen can make a difference. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by
fostersmom: Blogs like GWOP are making a difference in those kids lives.So despite the claims that they don't read what's said about them, the changes are becoming obvious. Even if the motivation is impure, it's good for the kids. So until the day when our final goal is accomplished and this show is removed from the air, we'll just keep discussing the things we see. We'll hope that appropriate changes are made and that eventually those kids can lead a quiet, normal, un-televised life.

Are you freakin kidding me? You trolls think that the reason they are in school is because of the haters over at GWOP? You people are not only spiteful jealous and bitter, but now you are taking claim for the fact that there was NO REASON for Mady to be shown on the baseball episode? And for that matter, she WAS on the previous episode before that one. You my friends, have NOTHING to with anything regarding this show. They were ALWAYS loving, they always played with their sons, and had every intention of having them go to school despite what you think. Kate has always been affectionate to her kids, especially the boys. Just because in the last few episodes I've seen her hugging and kissing them doesn't mean she never did. And by the way, the fact that you subscribe to three hate blogs makes me feel very very sorry for you.

Kate Gives Us Some Great Hummus?

I love me some hummus. I'm embarrassed to say I'm not a good cook, nor do I eat healthy. So for me its a STRUGGLE to get my kids to eat good which lately they haven't been. Lately Kate's simple, easy to follow recipes have worked really well for me. It was one of the first posts I did and updated my Kate's Recipes HERE. On the website Lil Sugar they give us Kate's Handy Hummus Wrap. I will remind myself to add it to my page.


Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up at the trolls over there too! But it's SO obvious they were going to do that! Basically, they will continue to spew their crap over there after every episode they obsessively watch and comment on, and then whenever something happens on the show, they will take credit for it! And when the show does happen to end - which will probably be years from now the way it's going thankfully - they will take credit for that too!!! It's just funny that they think anyone cares - I don't give them any hits over there. I read about their silliness on this site and others - but they'll never get another hit from me. I get such a kick out of them getting their panties in a wad after each episode!! They are so green with envy they are almost glowing!!! It's sad really - but the Gosselins don't care, nor should they! They shouldn't waste one second of their time thinking about the nitwits over on that other site. They're awesome, their family is great, and the show will go on for years to come - and I'll watch it happily all that time! Love your blog btw!~

BEE said...

I am as pro Gosselin as you, but I do have to admit that I have seen a change in the show in the last few months. Whether this is because of what is being said over at other sites, I do not know.

And whether the changes that I have seen, the kids not being shown bathing, Kate not giving Jon the "love" tap as much, more shots of Kate loving up the kids, Kate a tad more relaxed, is because of a change in editing, damage control, or whatever, I really don't care!

The fact of the matter is that yes the kids should not be shown nude, YES Kate loves ALL of her kids, yes Kate is obsessive about stuff and YES Jon and Kate obvious love one another.

It just makes me upset that in the eyes of other sites this family can not do anything right and other sites will NEVER give them credit for anything!

I find it interesting that GWop is bringing this up at a time when their so called popularity is dwindling.

Oh, and did I miss the new recipe?

Baby Mama said...

Bee, did you see the comment I left for you yesterday about the tees? Go read it if you can. I guess my biggest issue is that they are taking credit for the input on someone elses life. Its frustrating, you get it right? ;)

Anya said...

Baby Mama, I agree 100%. Yes, there have some changes as Bee mentions, but to think that a fairly small blog (in comparison to J&K's overall viewing audience) enters into "big" decisions like whether to send their kids to school or not is just, well, too silly to even comprehend...

On the plus side, posts where they take credit for things they have nothing to do with are always fun to read on Marie Chantal.

I agree with you about hummus. I love it and I love the fact that I can feel good eating it (not guilty like some of my other food choices). If there is one thing I give Kate credit for it is her ability to get a wide variety of different and healthy foods into the sextuplets. Obviously, she started young and has been consistent in her approach and its paid off.

Quiltart said...

Baby Mama, I always enjoy reading your blog. Lately it seems that even the blogs that used to be friendly towards J&K are not anymore. I'm so glad to always be able to read the voice of reason here!

You brought up several topics that I've been thinking about lately. I know that J&K say they don't read the negative stuff, but I know they must be aware of some, or all of it, even in they don't say so... I cannot imagine how hurtful it must be to have people talk about you like you are a common criminal or to have people just make up stuff and present it as the truth. Mature people do not do this... or least I didn't think they did until I started seeing some of the blogs. If I were the Gosselins, I would have looked into taking legal action against GWOP a long time ago... Slander is a crime that should not be ignored.

The fact the GWOP holds itself responsible for changes they see on the show is highly laughable.
The sextuplets started pre-school because they were the age to start pre-school, not because GWOP forced the issue. Same goes with bath time. They are not babies anymore, so Jon closes the door. Not because GWOP forces the issue.

How many times does Kate have to say she doesn't have a full time chef or she doesn't have full time help? No matter what she says, the haters make up what they WANT her to say and present it as truth.

I have never for one moment thought that Kate didn't love her kids! The business about not liking her boys is also laughable. Same goes for the fact that she and Jon hate each other. Gimme a break!

I could go on and on, but you've already said it all so well! I will continue to read! Keep up the good work!

BEE said...

baby mama, thanks for the info about the shirts, I haven't had time to look at it but I will tomorrow!

Also, I am 100% in agreement with you and really don't think that any changes that I have seen on the show are directly related to ANYTHING that is said over at GWop! I can see where my entry could be taken the wrong way...I think that people over at GWop claiming that their posts are the reason is ridiculous.

I think that all changes that I have seen on the show are positive!

Thanks again for your blog! It is nice to have the opportunity to speak with people that have similar attitudes about the Gosselins!