Friday, October 17, 2008

No Gosselin Multiple Blessings Book Tour

Well it said somewhere that the Gosselins were going to be on Fox & Friends but I couldn't find a thing on it. So I have no idea. I was more concerned with the fact that I read that they wouldn't be touring for their book. Now I know that since this publisher of the book is so small maybe they don't have the clout to do a major US tour. Or maybe with so many kids it would be impossible. I totally understand. But I would have LOVED to meet them. There is a pretty famous Barnes & Noble in Manhattan that has all the celebrities A listers to D listers that FLOCK to hawk their books. Im so heartbroken! From the Zondervan Press Release:

"Zondervan has no book tour plans for the Gosselins, but the couple plans to promote Multiple Blessings as they speak in churches—a ministry that has increased with the growing popularity of Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Ladies Home Journal will apparently also feature the book in this month's issue, and Redbook will have a story on the book in its December issue. I am one of those people that hate to read books so this is good. Seriously, a magazine is the most I can do. But as the fan I am I plan to go to Target tomorrow and buy it if its there. I hope that they continue to do speaking engagements in other venues. Its a slow Gosselin night and an exhausting one for Baby Mama. Will get the Gosselin juices flowin tomorrow I promise.......(lol) ;)


BEE said...

I bought Multiple Blessings and received it 2 days ago. I have read most of the book and can't seem to put it down. I have been brought to tears many times as Kate describes how they found out they were having sextuplets to the death of Jon's father.

I watch the show, I have been to a speaking engagement and I know of the controversies on the internet. That being said, it has been interesting reading the book. Things that the Gosselin's (espeically Kate) have been criticized for like, Hannah being the favorite, Kate's less then enthusiastic reaction to the home makeover, and Kate having a snobby attitude about donations that were used and not matching, is talked about in great heartfelt detail.

Reading the book just proves that what has been spread around on the internet about the Gosselins is certainly not 100% truth, possibly the perception of a few, or perhaps just one side to the story.

I am not a "reader" but I highly recommend this book! It is SO inspirational and uplifting and puts to bed A LOT of the so called "truths" that are floating around on the internet!

Baby Mama said...

Thank you so much for the info on the book. I'm totally excited to get it this weekend. I FINALLY sat for a bit and read the Good Housekeeping magazine I bought. I love to read things via the internet because its hard with kids to have even a moment to sit and read. You hit the nail on the head when you said "perception of a few". Those few try to spread as much untruth as possible to those that were once fans and now don't know what to think.

cali-mom said...

I FINALLY got the GH mag today and I plan to sit down and read the article after my children go to bed tonight. I havent gotten the book yet, but I do plan to.
Excited to read that too. :-)

BEE said...

I finished the book and loved it! I think that they did a great job writting it and it was extremely heartfelt and sincere. Kate did an excellent job using scripture throughout the book and I truly appreciate that!

I am a Christian mom of 2 little guys who is married to a great guy. On the outside it might seem that I have very little in common with Kate. However, in an odd way I can really relate to her about being a Believer, a wife, and a mother.

One thing I did find interesting in the book was that Kate mentioned her mom quite a bit. It seems that Kate really relied on her mom and that her mom was definetly there for them. Kate told heart warming stories about how during the Christmas Eve miscarriage scare that her mom thrust 3x5 cards that had scripture verses written on them or how when Kate went into the hospital before the babies were born that her mom came and cleaned the room because she knew how germaphobic Kate was.

What I find interesting is how Kate never really talks about her dad. She mentions him in a generic way "my parents" or that she was raised with strict rules, fear about money etc. But no personal stories relating to her father.

I will be interested to see what others have to say once they read the book!

Angela said...

Here's the link to the Fox & Friends segment:

love Sarah said...

hey icant wait to read ur book cause i love ur show