Monday, September 29, 2008

PennMommy Blog Removal, GWOP Gone/Back & Gosselin Website Updated

Ok, so yesterday I had my own computer issue where my monitor wouldn't turn on. It totally sucks when you cannot get on your computer. Its sad when you feel that your computer is your lifeline to the world, and without it your so lost. Geek Squad over at Best Buy wants a ridiculous amount to fix it. Should I just buy a new computer? Ehh, anyway, this will be modified during today as I have alot to say and the baby is up from her nap!

1. Penn Mommy removed her blog after she was pressed by her husband and son to do so. Whether or not she was ever telling the "truth", fact is if she has that type of illness in her family she should NOT have been blogging like she was. I for one was very weary of what she was writing towards the end. It went from her small "recollection" of when she was helping the Gosselin babies, to her own opinion that was again taken as "fact". Once she admitted to calling CPS on the family the backlash was bad. People jumped ship quick (like they did with Julie and her "opinions") and that culminated with whatever was going on personally made that hate site a sinking ship.

2. GWOP and their "technical glitch". Well with all those Chefs and no cooks this was bound to happen. From what I was told one of them screwed up imputing something and it was removed. Now my sneaky self says they totally deserved it. But well, they totally deserved it....

3. Yay! Check out the Gosselin Website and see the new updated kids corner. (thanks Tina) They also talked about their yard sale that raised over $1000 for their Cancer charity.

4. Kate to appear on "Say Yes To The Dress!" Shopping for a wedding dress is a challenge, especially for Kate Gosselin from TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8," who wants a dress for her renewal ceremony. But after Kate falls in love with two gowns, managers must convince a designer to turn 2 dresses into one! October 10th, TLC 10pm

5. My Weekly Poll. I found it so funny that exactly half of you thought the show keeps getting better and half of you thought it was going down hill. I am thinking of a new poll for this week! ANY SUGGESTIONS??

6. This is totally random. But on the hate sites they went on and on how Kate locked up her kids for 4 hours a day and forced them to nap as babies. But right now they are playing that "Toys R Us" episode again. It shows Kate running around food shopping because the kids only nap for 2 hours. Why would anyone lie about that??? hmmmm

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Have I missed? Another Supposed "Truth" Blog Calls CPS?

Yes people we are back! Back to the real world! Disney was soo wonderful and I am so blessed to be able to afford to go. This was the first time going with an infant, so that was hard. Thank goodness my mom & dad came with us. It was so funny to see families with the grandparents in tow. I don't know how long I will be able to do that during the school year, but its less crowded and we had the best time! I totally freaked and I mean freaked, when I saw Jon & Kate's car/van, park in our resort parking lot while we were waiting for the Disney bus one day. It wasn't Jon & Kate, but another large family of 8. I never knew that people would actually buy that big ugly square thing, but I see that its quite popular. So it was at that point I was truly happy I left my computer at home and got back to enjoying my too short vacation.

Sorry, No Anonymous Here
Getting back to almost 200 mostly garbage e-mails, it was nice to see that some of you commented in my absence. I'm sorry that I don't allow you people wanting to be "anonymous". Then I would have tons of people trying to hind behind a name shield or a sicko posting a million times, so no, sorry, I wont do that on this blog.

Uhh Another Truth Person Will They Ever Go Away?
I was reading a few of my other favorite blogs to catch up, I saw this whole blog regarding this PennMommy woman who is writing another "supposed truth blog" and I wanted to puke. For several reasons. First, yeah, maybe you did or didn't take care of the babies at one point. This is another Julie situation where though the root might be fact, the rest of the filler is just garbage where they're trying to get 15 minutes of whatever fame they seek because just like Julie they are bitter, jealous and judgmental. Second, once they verify go on and on for days that they are legit, they swarm in on their high horse with their opinions and people take it as fact. I do not link hate blogs here, nor will I ever. But this person, (and don't get me started on what I originally wrote and deleted out of respect) now has put both her personal hospital saga on the same blog that she is bashing this family on and its not right. She can go on and on in the same sentence how this family loves their kids but at the same time that she and several others have called CPS on this family SEVERAL TIMES? Sorry, but I read that and I want to boil. Your private family business should be your own, and you should not be bashing people that comment on your blog in one sentence while your praying for your families health in another.

Now don't be mad if I modify this post since I am talking out of my Heine here, but just like the firestorm that was Julies original blog, now comes this other situation where you don't know where the truth starts and the opinions and "grey truths" end. I understand that this was bound to happen, as there were alot of people in the beginning helping this family. But if this woman was truly a baby helper then you have not seen them in a long time, so why blog and start up talking smack about them now? Like you know stuff you know you don't? If you have to monitor then disable comments, why must you also be nasty about it? I feel the same way that Barbara does when she said "it is so easy to get wrapped up in the "group" mentality. I am ashamed of myself for being like that.". I am ashamed that I ever went on those blogs and read what she and others write. Its sickening that someone would intentionally try to hurt a family that they no longer know, for whatever ever reason, like you think you have the best interest out for those children. I started this blog when GWOP started the same goal. Who is anyone to try to harm a family by playing God? When you know these children are in no way abused?

As I end this, I remember the story of little Nixmary Brown. Living where I do and hearing the tragedy of how CPS didn't do enough for this abused child is heartbreaking. It was in the news for months before finally fading into obscurity. THESE are the people that CPS should be helping. I cry just thinking about it. SHAME ON people like this PennMommy person, GWOP and anyone else that wastes CPS's time on bogus garbage. It takes away from the real cases where a child has to die at the hands of real abuse. Lets think about that for a while......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Off To Disney World Be Back Soon!

Jon & Kate did it again! Every time I watched one of those episodes when they went somewhere we had to go too. We are leaving now for our trip to Disney! Excited, exhausted. My face is still sore from root canal, someone hit my moms car. So needless to say we need to get out of Dodge for a while. I decided that after posting EVERY DAY for almost 2 months I need a break, so I am not bringing my computer or blogging. I hope that you perhaps take the time to read all that I have written. Its alot, but its good I swear. It might take a while! I will be back to blogging all that is Jon & Kate Saturday the 27th. Come back and read all thats going on. And in the mean time if you need a daily fix visit any of the blogs I have to the right. See you soon! Baby Mama

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tups in Preschool 3 Days A Week! New Kate Recipes!

Parent teacher conference. Root Canal. Car damage. This is my life in less than 12 hours. Why do things always happen on the same day? To make myself feel better I wanted to share this article. I saw this article from of all place Recipe Exchange where they interviewed Kate yesterday about her involvement with the Grain Foods Foundation. In it she talked how she interviewed Kate on the phone:

"If you want to learn about something, ask an expert.When I wanted hints about packing school lunches, I asked Kate Gosselin, the mom in TLC’s reality series Jon and Kate Plus Eight, who is speaking to food writers on behalf of the Grains Foods Foundation.

Granted, Kate’s got only two children in school — 7-year-old twins Mady and Cara are in the second grade — but she’s also got 4-year-old sextuplets at home. Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis are in preschool three afternoons a week, which means that Kate and the kids must sit down to lunch at 10:50 a.m. on those days. Planning and organization are obvious necessities for the Gosselin family, but Kate’s also concerned with nutrition and variety.

She asks the older girls each evening what they’d like for lunch the next day, then gets to work as soon as she’s done with dinner. Nine times out of 10, Cara and Mady get sandwiches. “They rarely agree on what kind of sandwiches,” Kate says.

“I cut out the sandwiches in shapes sometimes, change the bread,” she says.

Each lunch also includes yogurt or a cheese stick, a piece of fruit and something crunchy, such as popcorn or an oatmeal-raisin cookie. Finally, she tucks in a note. “Just my way sending love along with them to school,” she says."

Totally cool to read that the kids are ACTUALLY in school despite what the GWOP'ers have to say. And you know they are going to ruin this pager by saying ALOT. Click on Recipe Exchange to read the rest including 3 New Kate Recipes done specially for this program. my favorite is below:


2 slices whole-wheat bread
1 tablespoon honey mustard
1 slice Cheddar cheese
2 slices honey ham
1/2 Granny Smith apple, sliced thin

Top 1 piece of bread with mustard, then cheese, then ham, then apple slices. Top with the remaining piece of bread. Cut on the diagonal and serve.

And finally. A few of you had mentioned how amazed you were over some of the "crazies" now blogging at GWOP. Writing letters to sponsors, clogging J&K sites and making horrific comments about who does and doesn't sleep in the basement. Taking it to the level that some have is downright scary, and I hope that you are all sane enough to not get wrapped up in all that. I hear more people are seeing the huge issues and problems there and not contributing, and for that I thank you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Fans Love/Hate Journey & Back Again, Additional Kate Recipes

Happy Marathon Hump Day! Things have been hectic here in Baby Mama's home, so I am thankful I have another great post by a woman named Karen. It was posted on Facebook and I feel that it represents alot of your feelings as you take the journey that is Jon & Kate.....

"Being originally a big BIG fan of JK+8, and then having read various blogs and websites online for the past few months has really soured my appreciation for them. And from that point on, I've been watching the episodes with a skeptical eye and being wary of all their actions that seem to coincide with all the negative stuff online. But recently, I've been retracing my thoughts and realized that my extreme admiration for them still exists.

I started watching JK+8 from the very beginning with the one hour specials. I remember being in a hotel room and flipping through the channels when I noticed the sight of so many little babies and the scene of Kate talking about how Cara was her "helper girl" in cooking. I've always had an interest in baby shows and children from mixed heritages and large families, so naturally this show appealed to me. And when the weekly episodes came on, I was absolutely thrilled! I really adored Jon and Kate and how they were able to raise their amazing family. My thoughts at the time were just, "Wow, what an amazing family, how blessed and lucky they were, and how I really looked up to Jon and Kate's relationship". I loved seeing Jon and Kate interact with each other because it seemed so real and full of love. I just loved the show SO much! I could not get enough of it.

Then, the shift occurred. I somehow found out about GWoP and Julie's blog. I was present in the group when Julie first posted here about the link to her fan group of Aunt Jodi. Soon, I became an avid reader of GWoP and found out more and more about JK+8. I became sceptical, thinking that JK were not as real as they seemed on television, and became very affected by all the info that I read. Nevertheless, I didn't become a "hater" as some of you like to say, but rather, I approached the entire thing with lots of questions, and wanting to inspire others to talk about it also. I didn't know the entire truth, but only knew the side of what was happening through the online community. As some of you might have noticed, I've participated in a number of discussion boards on here, trying to find the truth on an objective level as much as I could.

From that point on to the last couple of weeks, I've still been a fan and watching the shows, but what was being said online always lurked in the back of my head.

Then, another change occurred. I thought to myself, there's so many people coming up online that say so many things of what they believe to be true of JK. And so many of those things are purely negative things that bash Kate and their decision of doing the show. Yes, the children are "exploited" in a sense, and yes they are "living off the show" and receiving freebies left right and center, and there is still the question of their extended family members. But I've realized, just by watching the show, the kids are happy and receiving so much that they wouldn't have if they didn't do the show. And most people really don’t know what it’s like to raise 8 small children. I still think Jon and Kate are SO very lucky to have so many beautiful kids. I don’t know what the future holds for them, but I still admire them very, very much.

Basically, I've come from a long way. From being a devoted fan, to being a skeptical fan, to being almost “hateful”, and now coming full circle to being a fan again.

I don’t know how others have felt about the issue (those who know all the controversies surrounding the Gosselins), but this has been my take on the entire thing. I’m looking forward to more episodes though, but only if Jon and Kate decide that it is in their best interests to continue.

Thanks for reading :) Props to anyone who read the whole thing :D

Additions To "My Favorite Kate Recipes"

When I first started this blog the last week of July this was the third blog I did. I added Korean Beef Bulgogi in honor of Jon. You can see all the recipes HERE.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sight And Sound, GWOP Welcomes DWOP

Hello everyone! Happy well, its Tuesday. The baby is NOT napping, so this might be quick for me to add to later. I was e-mailed a few times as to why my review isn't up RIGHT after the show. Well first, I'm not like those crazies over at GWOP that are literally blogging 15 minutes into the show, with their notebooks in their hands. You know, the ones that SWEAR that they have had enough with the freebies and damage control and will NEVER watch again. Until next week. No Monday is chaotic enough for me as it is with the kids, homework and getting them to bed. By the time the show comes on I'm exhausted and eating my dinner at 9pm.

So by the next day I'm excited to see what everyone thought over at GDNOP and I read the reviews there before blogging. I DONT go to the other site, its all making fun of Kate for no reason than to make themselves feel superior and Anonymous, who posts every 5 minutes 50 times. I thought the show last night was awesome and the venue looked really cool. I am not overly religious, but if you check out the place HERE, you'd want to go see this show regardless. That show made some of the Vegas shows Ive seen look down right plain! So let me start off by saying those of you that live in the state of PA, how lucky are you? I swear all summer I take 3 hour trips to go to all the cool places they have for kids to go to. And you wonder why Jon & Kate wanted to take their kids to all of them? It would cost $222 for 2 adults and 8 kids (on a weekday!) to see that show. And you wonder why they gladly accept freebies? I need to move to that state STAT.

I promised not bash those haters anymore, but I feel the poor Duggars will get their fill from them soon. What with them now getting their OWN weekly series, the haters of children exploited on TV will have a field day with this family. Please don't be offended when I say they don't even compare, and that this family seems a bit "strange" to me. If you get where I'm going with this FINE, if not its OK. Us East Coasters are a bit more rough around the edges and thicker skinned, so it concerns me that the pitch forks will be out once again when this series starts. What really bothers me is that its apparent TLC is putting any boring multiple family on now right before J&K to keep the ratings up. A reader tried to explain to me that the Kids by the Dozen are different families, but I swear they all seem to look the same. Am I correct saying these kids stand out less to me than the sextuplets do? Since they do not have their own series YET, they havn't been blessed with their own personal hate site, brought to you by the makers of GWOP. "Where we get the dirt by bringing you the hurt." It will be interesting to see bloggers go to both sites with their comments about how these families choose to raise their kids. And what will happen when ALL these families get weekly series? Does the negativity of children on TV hold up when EVERYBODY wants a piece of the action? Time will tell us very soon, when the Duggar's new series "17 and counting" premiers on TLC October 1st.

Monday, September 15, 2008

One Persons Account Of The Recent Speaking Engagement!

A few of you that didn't want to sign up to IMBD wanted to read the account of what Megan's experience was with the Jon & Kate Speaking engagement. So I am going to copy it here. I was super mad when I heard that on the hate blogs that people were already trying to rip it apart, but honestly, there is nothing TO rip apart. Another version on this day can be found on GDNOP HERE, as Nomoredrama went as well! And regarding the left hand pic. (this was from a PRIOR speaking engagement.)

By Meghan_H 23 hours ago (Sun Sep 14 2008 12:45:04)

"Hello everyone! Well, I just got back, and I can honestly say I'm glad I went! First of all, as vrigg said, do not judge me, do not criticize me, for going, for buying a picture, for contributing to the exploitation, anything. Bear with me. This is going to be long. Oh, and when I quote things, I am NOT directly quoting Jon and Kate, I'm just giving the general idea. The service was supposed to be held at a church, but due to high demand, they rented out a theater around the corner. My boyfriend and I got there about an hour early and there was a line out the door. They opened the door at 9:15. You had to preregister for the event so you had to give your name. I registered long ago but when we went to give our names it was not on the paper. I was afraid they wouldn't let us in, but they did. Anyways, I digress. We sat in the center of the theater, row G, so we were pretty close. I had a perfect view. We sang 2 worship songs. Then the pastor came out and talked about the church. We had to sit through a long video about the church. Then they had a raffle. The pastor then explained that there would be two offerings: one for the church to pay off their rent of the theater, and another for Jon and Kate. Finally, he introduced Jon and Kate. I was so excited!

Jon and Kate walked out. Kate was wearing a white blouse, khaki skirt, and sandals. Her hair looked unusually spikey this day. Jon was wearing a pink button up dress shirt and slacks. MAN he looked good! Definitely slimmer and more toned since the last time we've seen him on TV. I'm going to be honest, they looked miserable at first. Kind of like they didn't want to be there. They didn't really smile or make eye contact with the crowd. I think they were more annoyed at the fact that everyone was cheering and screaming and clapping and they just see themselves as a "normal" family. At least that is what it seemed like to me. The interview started and they lighted up I guess you could say. I don't remember everything the pastor asked, just the memorable things (in NO specific order). It started off with the cliche, "What was it like when you found out you had twins?" "What was your reaction when you found out there was six?" etc. They answered pretty much the same way they did on the show, cracking jokes about it and whatnot. However, they integrated their faith in God in a lot of their answers. Jon explained that he had no faith really until he met Kate. It was Kate who taught him about God, teaching him Bible quotes, etc. When asked about the birth of the six, Jon said that it was his faith in God that got him through, and wouldn't be where they are today without God, and Kate agreed. The pastor asked about how the birth of six kids affected their marriage. Kate said that they knew immediately that it would be a "marriage wrecker" but they work through it because they are a team. Jon said that it was really rough when they were born. He said one time he went a whole week without sleeping and wore the same sweatshirt with vomit on it. Everyone laughed, and he said "you are all laughing because you have the same vomity sweatshirt." It was cute!

Then they explained that they fought a lot at that time because of the stress. And Kate said something like, "I took all my anger out on you because it's not like I was going to take it out on all my volunteers!"
At some point in the beginning the pastor asked a question that Jon began to answer. Then Kate interrupted him and said, "That was not his question! He asked [blah blah blah], not [blah blah blah]!" and Jon said "she never lets me speak!" and everyone laughed. I think majority of the people there were the "new" fans who know nothing about all the behind-the-scenes stuff that we discuss here. So they would laugh every time something like that happened. But my boyfriend and I who've watched this show religiously and read all the blogs, sunk down in our seats and felt kind of embarrassed. The pastor said, "My favorite part about watching your show is the interview part" and Jon said, "That's my least favorite. I always get an uncomfortable feeling when I'm in that chair... like I do now." Hahaha it was funny. Jon also made a reference to the interviews being marriage counseling, and he said they should paint the chair red because it is the "hot seat." Kate pointed out that the interviews are at the end of the day which is exhausting, and they just want to get it over with now. Jon said, "yeah we don't even do retakes anymore. We just don't care anymore" or something to that effect. The pastor brought up the "Embarrassing and Favorite Moments" episode and I think that was a sensitive spot for Jon. He shook his head and said, "I hated that episode, it wasn't our idea, we didn't even want to do it." Kate was also uncomfortable with that question and agreed. But she said she was glad she was able to use that time to discuss how they could've done things differently. They said that the cameras are not there all the time, sometimes filming for only 3 hours a day, sometimes they ONLY come just for the interview section, and it is not as much as most people think. Another question was, "How has being on national TV affected your daily life?" Kate said that it is hard being recognized in public wherever she goes and when people stop to talk to her because these strangers know her, but she doesn't know them. She said it's hard that people have formed bad opinions of her based on what they see on TV. She also went into how people stop at her house to take pictures, walk on her lawn, talk to her kids... She wishes everyone would just see them as a normal family. Basically, there were no sticky questions. He did not ask about the blogs, the Jodi thing, nothing like that. But he did bring up the issue about the show being their job. Kate firmly explained that her kids would much rather have their parents home, than each parent in and out with alternating shifts. She said the kids remember when Jon worked all the time and then Kate worked on weekends, and they are happier that their parents can be home all the time. They see it as a blessing from God, BUT they said that doing the show is the hardest job they ever had, but it is God's plan. Jon said something like, "Sometimes I just wish I could go to work everyday, hanging out with my IT buddies, just doing IT things." Kate said, "But you'll be able to look back and be glad that you were able to spend time with your kids." Jon agreed wholeheartedly.

BTW, apparently Kate does has friends. She talked about how her friends say they wish their husbands could be more like Jon. This was brought up because Kate explained how she trusts that Jon can do everything on his own if Kate is not around. WHICH brings me to another point. Apparently Kate is writing two more books (in addition to Multiple Bles8ings which comes out 10/14.) She said that she has to travel a lot to do her book writing things. And then she said "and this past week they filmed an episode of Jon taking care of the kids when I'm gone for 3 days," and Jon said something about being nervous for when she sees the footage, and everyone laughed. Kate also does some kind of "online devotional" once a week. Since vrigg wanted to know more about their faith, I'll go into that a little bit more. Apparently there was this lady who had terminal ovarian cancer, who was Kate's age. Her last dying wish was to meet Kate and talk to her. (This was in March). So Jon and Kate went to visit her in the hospital, where Kate helped her accept God and death. She passed away shortly after that. The grandmother called Kate to tell her the woman's son was diagnosed with pediatric cancer, completely non related. He passed away this summer. Kate still keeps in touch with this family. I think this is why her charity of choice is pediatric cancer. They said it was things like these, bringing people closer to God, is what keeps them going. It was truly inspirational. I had no idea that the Gosselins were this spiritual. Jon mentioned prayer (praying TO God, not AT God) and having a relationship with Him. Mady and Cara are also interested in their faith now. They each got their own Bible and are putting more Bible verses around their house.

My favorite part was when the pastor asked about their marriage. Kate said that many times, when Jon would run an errand, she would be afraid that he wouldn't come back. Jon replied and said, "I would never leave you..." (so preciously, my heart melted!) and it was really touching. Then he said, "Oh and when I run errands, I'm thinking to myself 'I hope I'm getting the right thing!', not 'hmmm Canada is only 5 hours away, I could just change my name to Smith and blend in!'" Apparently Jon does a lot of running to the grocery store. And he mentioned that Kate always give him a huge book of coupons, (so yes people, they STILL use coupons!) I think that was the funniest part. I really enjoyed it.
Following the interview, the pastor asked us to be gracious with our love offerings for Jon and Kate for their being here, and something about the kids' babysitter. There was NO mention of any such college funds! I repeat! NO MENTION OF ANY COLLEGE FUND. The pastor said the money goes directly to the Gosselins. They set up the table and chair for Jon and Kate to greet and sign autographs on the photos. The photos were $20 each (I think Luna said it was $10 for one kid, or $20 for the whole family) but here it was $20 for the same picture. No, we did not purchase a picture, and no, we did not give a love offering. We did however, wait in line because I just wanted to see them up close (moreso Jon [[wink]] ). I made eye contact with Kate. Everyone was standing there gawking at them and snapping pictures as they were signing autographs. Then the security guards instructed them to not use their flash because it is distracting. We were allowed to take pictures though. I didn't want to be a part of that. Just being there was satisfying enough. I will post some pictures that my boyfriend took from the interview portion. Also, there was no Question and Answer thing like at other speaking engagements. I believe that is it. Any questions, let me know!"

Yes people. She didnt have to pay to get in nor did she HAVE to give a love offering. Anything to say about that?? Silence? Thought so.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Bloggers Take On J&K

Well to those of you that do not take care of your teeth, learn. I am so sick right now over an almond. The pain I felt loosing my cap was like trying to give birth before the c-section. You never think about stuff like this until your home and then your almost on the floor in agonizing pain. So lucky for me a reader named Kelley sent me a comment that I thought I would share. Its been so nice to have comments from you all. Please feel free to continue to do so!

"I have spent the last year or so in love with the Gosselin Children. I am not overly fond of Kate and her “Drama Queen” ways. I don’t like the way she speaks to her husband and I really don’t like that she freaks out over messes. That being said, I get a kick out of her show. When they first started out, they were a family of four suddenly plunged into being a family of eight. That would be an economic adjustment for anyone, to say the least. I think some of the people with large families who resent J. and K. plus 8, forget that they didn’t have those kids one at a time. They didn’t get to have each individual child a year apart or even 9 months apart. They got eight high risk infants all at one time. I’ve heard mothers of one premature child in the NICU who have told me how stressful and frightening it is to give birth to a child and have to leave it at the hospital for an undetermined length of time. Imagine that times EIGHT!
Now that the kids are older and Kate and Jonathan are receiving gifts and money for their creative lifestyle financing, people are crying foul. Don’t forget that a TV show is a product and currency is involved when products are sold. And TV shows require production, Editing and Craft Service. Do you realize that the union that supports the TV filming crew would have a fit if they weren’t supplied with food everyday? The fact that Kate can take advantage of Craft Service during their filming schedule is probably a real blessing to her. She can spend some time with her kids!

As for Kate spending money on sitters and nannies, and OMG!!!going to the day spa on occasion!!! I refer to the above statement. TV is a product. Money is exchanged, lots of it. She agreed to let the cameras into her life, and that of her children and TLC and their advertisers pay her for it. BIG DEAL. People need to get over the fact that their lives, for whatever reason , are not interesting enough to be made into a TV show. Sometimes Kate’s isn’t really that interesting either, look at all the edited footage.
My biggest issue regarding hate blogs is that of “Aunt Jodi’s Sister.” Family disputes between the Gosselins and their family are firmly none of my business. Jodi’s sister should not air the family laundry on a public blog. (A public blog that doesn’t allow comments mind you) I’m not sure what is worse, a sister who blogs with input from Jodi or without input from Jodi. Running to the defense of one’s family is great. Creating a public blog to defame your sister’s sister –in-law is not so great. The mere fact that someone would do such a thing puts their motives in question. And the whole ‘I’m the only voice those children have” is a smelly load of stuff my dog leaves behind. I don’t air my frustrations about my family on my public blog. My private online journal sure, even a few close friends get to read that, but not the ENTIRE WORLD! Grow up. Little Jodi can take care of herself, and if she can’t Kate’s brother should be able to tell his sister off.
I watch the show to see what Animal Aaiden is this week and how Alexis’s shriek can make my husband flee a room. Seriously people. Stop being so damn serious!"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 1&2 DVD Giveaway

Sorry for the short blog tonight. I had a filling pop out and I have been in agonizing tooth pain! I thought I would share this contest. Thanks to HDR and Genius Products, they are giving away 5 sets of Jon & Kate DVD's. Click HERE & check back every day for your chance to win. Contest ends October 10th! I am also told that now both Target and Walmart have them available. YAY!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is YOUR Take On The Jon & Kate Controversy?

Recently I have received alot of e-mails asking me my stance on Truth (whatever that means), children on TV and Love Offerings. These seem to be the underlying issues regarding this family. I am truly sick and tired of being asked this, as I am a huge obvious fan of the show and support the Gosselin family, but let me stress this is my opinion only:

1. Please people, lets not go on with the issue of truth. Here it is: They were once struggling. Some didn't think so. Jon's dad helped them out when both were unemployed. Big deal. They could have still in their opinion considered themselves struggling. Get over it. Kate got help from people that were supposed to be doing this for the kids. Now one is blogging saying she didn't feel appreciated. People gave Kate "freebies". Then more came. People asked what they needed and she told them. And then more free stuff came..And people became upset that she was not entitled to what she received for the kids that truly need it regardless.

2. As the show became popular people got mad Kate has money now and is no longer "relate able". She should not be going around speaking in Churches and getting more money. Because nobody wants them with money. Then they would not be "relate able." So now they have no right to speak at churches even though they are no longer telling stories of struggling. Questions about college funds which are nobodies business. Because bottom line, if your poor, then you shouldn't be going to speaking engagements and giving people money. Your not told you have to, but people use this as a way to get people to bash Kate more. Because her insecurity and rough personality is not enough. Also it doesn't help that she is estranged from her family, and people who were again supposed to be helping out of love for the kids are crying "foul" and fighting over money. But what struck me as odd is so many people think that just because they don't see a particular person on the show, they are not in their lives. Again on the cutting room floor episode, did you notice at the beach the aunt & uncle being there that never made it to air?? Also TLC doesn't give them absolutely everything for free. I would like to see proof of that. Why cant Jon give his credit card to someone at a register without every hate blogger going "Ohh he's not REALLY paying for that!"

3. Now they have a hit show and money they should be taken off the air. Regardless of all that the kids receive, regardless if its a hit show. Because Kate doesn't deserve it. Kids, who are just living their lives, are now "workers". They use the issue of child advocacy. Yeah, like they truly care about these particular kids on TV. Kate annoys them, they use that as the excuse to give fans that were on the fence on how they felt about the show to jump ship. Start a hate blog... blah blah. I am all for keeping all children on Television safe. But Reality TV is a new medium to begin with and this is the first show of its kind to feature children. So I step into Kate's shoes. Would I want anonymous random people telling me how to raise my kids? Heck no! And for the record, why is it that just because she has a helper for 15 hours a week are people saying she doesn't take care of her kids?? Insane!

People on blogs literally sit by the TV with a notepad. They discuss every single issue down to the smallest point. Kate looks fat, she must be pregnant, Kate has too much blush on. Kate loves the girls more then the boys. Jon sits and does nothing. This is the most patient wonderful husband I have seen on TV. But if hes married to hate, hes a whipping boy. Sites like GWOP have basically made daily blogs about the same thing said 50 ways. Get them off TV. So they cant get any more money and the kids can have a life. Fact of the matter is, without this show they wouldn't have had that much. Yes they donations would have come and gone, but think of all this family would be without this show. Just another average family. And that's the underlying issue, people want them back to "normal" like themselves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marathon tonight! Give Kate A Break!

Hello and Happy Hump Day. Today I finally felt like I would be getting back into the flow of not having kids around and being with a baby. It reminds me of how I felt being a mom for the first time. I did get to go out shopping without people hounding me to buy them stuff! Tonight is another Jon & Kate marathon. I guess this is the new thing for TLC. For some its like, OK again? But for me, its great because I've seen the episodes, and I can go do homework or baths and not feel like I'm missing anything when Im going past the TV 50 times! Today I'm excited to have another contributing blogger. Her name is Michelle and she has a really cool blog called "My Semblance Of Sanity".


*photo coutesy of

Wow! Somewhere there is a blog sending Kate-haters to my Jon & Kate + 8 + Me post. It kind of cracks me up that people like that actually take the time to search out people like me and THEN take even MORE time to leave insidious comments like those at the end of that post. What gets me even more is they don't comment in a way that I could respond only to them. They are either anonymous or their screen name doesn't link to anything. Real big of ya.

Really, people?

I truly don't get it. If I could comment directly to those people, it would go something like this:

First of all, why do you care so much that I actually like Kate? You don't even know me. Because if you knew me, you would know that I am one of the most strong-headed-make-my-own-decisions person you will ever meet. Your opinions on anything wouldn't sway my own. It's just how I am. If I like Kate, I like Kate. Period.

Second of all, I would like to know how many of you have never said anything to your spouse that would embarrass you if it were aired on National TV. Nothing? Are you sure? You are kidding yourself if you continue to refute the fact that there are a handful of comments you wish you could take back; an armload of attitude that would make you look bad. We have all had those times where our spouse's actions or comments have left us wondering why we don't just fillet him on the it hormones, call it happens.

Third, look away from the computer and count your children. Do you have 8? Count them, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-EIGHT! OF COURSE THE POOR WOMAN DOESN'T WANT A would be EIGHT FREAKING times bigger than the normal mess a child can make. If you have a child, you know what I mean. If you don't have a child, (*laughs*) just wait. When you are cleaning spit-up off the back of your head and wondering how it got there, you will also be thanking the LORD ALMIGHTY that you do not have EIGHT! And you wanna talk about stress? Stress that makes you want to peel your own eyelids off because it couldn't feel worse? No one who has left a comment on my blog could POSSIBLY KNOW the stress Kate Gosselin feels in her own home!

Here's the thing. I really like Kate. Not because she is famous and not because I am a stalker, but because I am a mom. I have LESS than HALF of Kate's kids and even just looking back over the last few days, there are moments that, if televised, would make me crawl into a hole and die.

Let's be clear. Those moments don't make me a bad mom, it doesn't make me a horrible wife or a bad Christian, it makes me HUMAN! I give Kate Gosselin a huge pat on the back for being genuine. For not being afraid to bare her soul, good side and bad, to make the rest of us not-so-perfect moms realize that we are not alone. I am a big fan of the show and I am a BIGGER fan of REAL people who don't feel they need to "fake it" so the ignorant ones don't throw stones.

Glass houses, people. Get it?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GWOP Jealousy Issues, Kate Gosselin: Victim of the blogosphere?

Good morning Gosselin fans. Here its super black outside, looking like its gonna pour. The last of the family members are visiting, and my kids start Gymnastics, Soccer etc. During nap time I'm normally cleaning, but I wanted to post this up. As usual GWOP is having moral issues. Finally, after so many complains they had to post this:

"People have been complaining about "positive" comments not being posted and comments by "crazies" getting through. Please keep in mind that: comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators; this is a volunteer effort and we all have other lives; and, sometimes, moderators get tired."

Ok, so the "crazies" did come out last night. Many just wanted to come on saying Kate looked fat. huhh?? But mostly they didn't know what to do with themselves because the episode was good. So they decided to let the jealousy claws come out again to complain about the whole promoting the V-tech thing. Now maybe I am THAT ignornant, or are people truly LOOKING for things to complain about? First off if I could get anything cool like that for my kids I would smile for the cameras real quick. Its sad when you hear comments like this:

" I am a single mother and to see those beautiful children receive so many things and go so many places that MY beautiful child may not get to do, since I actually earn MY living, it just upsets me."

Reading the e-mails I get get about this site REALLY upsets me. Just because you might not be able to do or get what this family has doesn't mean its OK to bash them on a hate site for that reason. If it truly made those feel people feel better wasting their time like bullies calling a mother fat, then I don't know what to say. However on a similar note, I am super excited to start having my first set of contributing bloggers to my site! The first is Jen, and the full blog can be read HERE:

Kate Gosselin: Victim of the blogosphere?

"I’ve been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 since their first season. I’m a reality tv junkie and lover of all things baby, so I became a fast fan of the show. Other than the fact that I liked it, I didn’t really have any opinions of the show or the Gosselin family.

And then I ruined it.

One day I happened to stumble upon a blog that was super critical of Jon and Kate Gosselin, Kate in particular. Readers of the blog had a million and one comments regarding the show. I never realized that Kate was such a controversial individual. She’s too mean to Jon, she doesn’t do enough with her kids, she’s neurotic, she’s money hungry, she doesn’t have a relationship with her parents, she’s ungrateful, she’s annoying, she shut Aunt Jodi out of the lives of her children, etc.

A quick Google search informed me that there is a whole slew of Kate haters all over the web. On occasion her fans will stick up for her, but the fans seem to be greatly outnumbered by those who criticize her.

This week while watching a recent episode, I became extremely annoyed. I couldn’t just see Kate Gosselin as a regular mom of 8 (super cute) kids. All I saw were the less than desirable qualities that others see in her and so vehemently blog about. It’s no longer mindless television. Crap.

I wonder if Kate Gosselin really is deserving of all the criticism or if she’s just an unlucky victim of the blogosphere? Either way my Jon and Kate Plus 8 experience is now totally unenjoyable. Thanks a lot blogosphere. "

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Haircut Cutting Room Floor

Wow I really loved the episodes tonight. The backyard camp out gave me personal info to remember such as weatherproofing tents and double checking the weather. But the Cutting Room Floor footage was my favorite. Was any of you shocked to see Jon's aunt and uncle in the footage at the beach last year? It truly goes to show us how little we see, and just because you don't see someone, doesn't mean they are not in the families lives! Also, I loved the footage of La Nouba in Walt Disney World. I have been to Disney many times, but never had gotten a chance to see that show. It was really nice of Beth to watch the kids so they could go! I am now putting that on my Florida to-do list. As I was watching this great episode of never before seen footage a few things came to mind. One, that I wish they showed more of Nana Janet and Nana Joan (did she move?) and two, their first haircuts. It was so super cute to see them again as babies, especially Joel. I remembered Sweet Tinkerbell had the footage...

New Gosselin Aritcle Questions Stalking

Everyone is talking about this article from and apparently I am the last at the punch. I'm embarrassed because I normally try to get the hot scoop first. So I will quickly get to the high points and let those make the comment. Please read the whole article there, as it talks alot about how people come and hound this family. This wonderful article really goes nicely with all the flack recently on the mysterious sign in the front of the house that I was the ONLY one to defend:

"Bloggers can't seem to leave the Gosselins alone. They are scrutinized for everything from their choice to eat organic foods and hire help to allowing cameras to capture their everyday lives."

Sam Gatchell, police chief of the Northwest Regional Lancaster County Police Department, said officers have not received any complaints about traffic from neighbors in the development.

At one point, the Gosselins had contacted the police with concerns people were taking pictures and approaching their front door, he said.

"People didn't use good discretion. Instead of people taking pictures from the street they were up in the yard," Gatshall said.

Then, eyebrows raised this summer when signs appeared on the Gosselins' front lawn, with the warnings to "Stop" and "Do Not Enter" along with instructions not to stop in front of their house, take pictures and talk to them.

"Maybe they are having some issues with privacy but I haven't really seen anything indicating that," said Paul Wooldridge, 48, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

The signs were removed within a few days but not in time to avoid a heated debate in the blogosphere."

This illustrates some of the concerns we have for the kids - that the Gosselins aren't discreet enough about their location. We really don't want people on the Gosselins' lawn either.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

When I Grow Up Gosselin

Today's post will be super short, we have 2 kiddie parties to go to today (ugh) So take a read of some of the older posts and enjoy this. With the GWOP's not posting till after Monday I feel that we can all relax and have a stress free Gosselin Sunday! Reader Tina sent it to me that was created by HugeFan0824. Is it what you THOUGHT they would grow up to be?? wink

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Jon & Kate Lunch Campaign & Previous PUR Water Campaign

Brown Bag Lunches Help Save Dough

(NAPSI)-Brown bags are poised to become the hottest must-have accessory, with adult consumers carrying more than 8.5 billion brown bag lunches this year, according to the NPD Group.

To encourage even more parents to pack a healthy, affordable and satisfying lunch for themselves and their families, the Grain Foods Foundation has teamed up with Kate Gosselin of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus Eight."

"Managing expenses is a priority not just in my family but with many others across the country right now," said Gosselin. "Making sandwiches and packing healthy lunches is a relatively easy way to save money and manage your diet."

Brown bagging can save hundreds--even thousands--of dollars per year, a top concern for many families. In fact, women with school-age children at home are more likely (71 percent) than those without children (59 percent) to pack a lunch, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of the Grain Foods Foundation.

While many parents look to the brown bag lunch to trim their families' expenses, they may also see the added benefit of slimmer waistlines. In general, brown bag lunches tend to be smaller in portion size and lower in calories. Nearly 40 percent of U.S. women cited nutrition as a reason for packing a lunch. As for what's going into those brown bags--sandwiches are the No. 1 choice across the board.

"Grains are an ideal choice at lunch since they provide much-needed energy and sustenance to make it through the day," explained Judi Adams, MS, RD and president of the Grain Foods Foundation. "Plus grain foods such as sandwiches, pretzels, crackers and granola bars are convenient, delicious and portable, making them brown-bag friendly."

To demonstrate just what kind of effect parents might see on their wallets and their waistlines, the Grain Foods Foundation has created an online savings tool for consumers to track the financial and caloric savings of packing a lunch. By visiting, consumers can calculate their savings, download coupons, get delicious sandwich recipes and register to win a year's worth of free groceries.

Kate Gosselin gives back with help from PUR Water April 4th 2008

A few of you remembered when Kate was talking about giving back by clipping coupons to help those in Africa get PUR packets to clean their water. I finally found the clip you can see here:

Upcoming Episodes!

65 "Backyard Campout" September 8, 2008 45
The Gosselins make an attempt to have a campout in their backyard, if the weather holds out. In this episode, Jon and Kate decide to mix it up and go camping in their own back yard! Everyone is ready and excited about smores and outdoors until the finicky weather threatens to cancel the nighttime adventure. Will rain clouds ruin the plans?
66 "Cutting Room Floor" September 8, 2008 46
Never before seen footage that has previously been cut from episodes will now be seen, no matter how embarrassing! From plastic surgery Kate never talked about before to the sextuplets first trip to the beach will now be broadcast in a hilarious new hour.
67 "Sight and Sound" September 15, 2008 47

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dont Believe Everthing You Read, 3 Stars! & J&K on My Space?

While normally I would rant and rave about the recent blogs that have been coming out with "all the personal and private" not-so-behind the scenes of Jon & Kate, I am going to bite my teeth really, really hard and just say this.....While I don't doubt that these people have at least MET Jon and Kate, I personally don't believe for a minute alot of what they are claiming about this family.

I met Kate. I saw her at Target, She was wearing a sweatshirt which wasn't really nice, but one of the three tups she was with was sick so she was walking fast. I said hello and asked her "how do you deal with all the blogging about you?" She just said "I just don't read it or get caught up in it." She smiled and walked away.

Did that actually happen. NO. I made it up. But you believed it based on it being on my blog right? Yes. My point being, just because its blogged somewhere doesn't make it true. Take all that you read with a grain of salt. There are ALOT of completely and partially made up stories out there by those that want to sway your opinions of this family and question why you liked the show in the first place. You, of sound mind, will laugh and just move on with your lives as you should. My "Quote of The Day" is from Guinevere

"She may be telling the truth about knowing the Gosselins; it wouldn't shock me. It also wouldn't surprise me to find out she's never met them. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that her whole blog is a sock puppet for someone who does or doesn't know the Gosselins and holds a grudge against them."

The Jon & Kate Official My Space Page

Loving The New Gosselins10! I never did comment on the much new and improved look of the new website. I really wish that they would finish the kids corner because I am super curious to see what they were going to write about each one. I was also happy to see Kate responded to alot of issues circulating around including the whole Gourmet Chef thing. Recently and for the second time a NEW Official Jon & Kate My Space page came out. Whats great about My Space is that you have to be "invited" to see some of the private pages. Its all fans so you have none of the negativity and you can post awesome pics. The first time it was up was way before any of these blogs came up, and several thousand people would get on the blog thinking it was them. Funny, they had Kevin and Jodi's page as the first of their "friends". In the heat of the past few months it was taken down. There was a rumor that it wasn't them. Fast forward to less that two weeks ago the same OFFICIAL Jon & Kate Page was up again. Thousands got on it again asking if it was them and talking about what huge fans they were. Yesterday it was taken off again. My point is, there are SOO many people out there and so many stories, there's no way all could be truth or fair. That is "the aura of mystery with Jon & Kate" that keep people coming back for more.

And finally, Seasons one and two of the Jon & Kate DVD got 3 STARS from You can purchase them before season 3 is available HERE. I didnt know that there were so many different versions? Did you??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gymboree thoughts and the J&K connection

Today was the last day of summer Gymboree program. In these baby classes you start out in a circle and each week they have you discuss a topic. This week we were discussing what helped us get through the day when we were home with our kids. One girl said she loved to watch A Baby Story & Jon & Kate +8.

WELL girl you came to the right place! I was so super excited that I could chime in on this topic. We talked about how fun it was to see the kids on the show in outfits we had on our own kids from Gymboree. We talked about how much we loved the show and how Kate gets such a bad rap. During random mat time I discussed how I have a blog and write about them. One girl said "whats a blog?" (??) My friend Casey said "Ohh its where people go and talk smack about shows". This other girl said "ohh I went on a site about them once and it was horrible, it was like viewing a witch hunt, never did it again." (hmmm) But it was this girl Renee that said the best quote: "Blogs tend to alter you views about a person or a show, so its best not to read that and continue watching what you love without second guessing it." Sooooooo true my friend. Why cant we go back to enjoying the show before we all got tainted by reading all the negativity? The reason this show has 2+million viewers I feel, is because most of the fans out there dont get dragged into the slander and enjoy the show, just like you did before reading all that garbage.

In a post I wrote HERE, I discussed the fact that alot of the j&k blogging threads have been closed due to alot of people being nasty to the fans. Well low and behold the Jon & Kate thread on was closed too! Why do people try so hard to taint the minds of others, and for what reason? Is TLC paying YOU and we do not know about it? One of the comments was that Kate gets EVERYTHING for free. And if you must know Kate DID get a few things free complementary from the Gymboree store by where she lives. They did it for the free publicity that they got back tenfold, as even I bought the swimsuit because I saw it on Mady. How do I know this? Well I worked for Gymboree for 3 years and still friends with my store and district manager for our region. But those people have me a 25 CENT raise, so don't think for a minute that Kate CONTINUALLY gets clothes for free. She DOES however get a discount.

I signed my daughter up for FALL classes today. My hands were burned by my credit card. For the record, I had to leave working at the store because I spent more then I made... sad! I leave you with Gosselin Websode (when the kids were still 3)#4:

More improved blog I promise!

First off, though it was a repeat it was great to see the Oprah show I never got to see. I am going to post more today, but just wanted to say thank you to those that have written me. A few of you had things to say regarding my blog. And I take all your comments seriously. Most were going in the direction that there are already too many hate sites out there, and my bitter tone in few of my posts puts me out there with the rest. And while I agree with you, the whole purpose of this blog was to vent out my frustration over the lies that have been spread about this family. And while I wont say that I wont continue to gripe about it, the goal is for fans of the show to have a place to go where they could comment and not feel bullied by the haters of the show. And well to smile.......

So with that said I must eat a cookie to get my sugar up and try to get a more positive outlook on this family and on my blog. I will try my hardest. Any of you that wish to contribute to this blog, contact me through the comments section, and I will pull the post and contact you privately. I will update this post tonight after the kids are in bed........CHOW

Ohh one more thing, this is so random, but can someone tell me if there is anyone other than Pottery Barn Kids that makes those cute chair back mailboxes? Last night they showed The Valentines Day episode and my kids went nuts over those mailboxes. I know Pottery Barn does them for all the Holidays coming up but they are not selling them now. Thanks! ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To Work/School Thoughts, For The Love of Jon & Kate

(This post today is dedicated to Sara. Her comments are on yesterdays blog)
Sing it Staples!!!

The "City That Never Sleeps" is practically snoring. The tourists are gone, people are at work, and the kids are FINALLY at school! I feel like Will Smith in that MOVIE alone with his dog. Except I am alone in Starbucks drinking my $50 Frappuccino with my computer and my baby sleeping in the stroller. Today's thoughts surround the new season. Girlfriend is broke and most of my friends have all decided to go back to work at least part time. I decided to enroll in Gymboree. To meet moms like myself. The baby LOVES it and Ive met the sweetest people. But don't get me started on the topic of working vs. stay-at-home moms. It will require another blog. I worked all my life and dreamed of quitting and staying home, so why that I'm now home do I feel the need to go back?? And how can I go back when I have a bumper sticker that says "moms taxi?" This job I have here is the most expensive, hardest non-paying job there is! Imagine 8 of them?? Another Frap please!

I truly enjoy posting here and definitely have a soft spot for people like Kate. She has alot of my qualities though I am not as clean (lol) I love the kids, and Jon & my husband would be like brothers. So I get super sensitive if anyone dares to say the man has no spine. Dedication to women like us gets you the Disney Fastpass straight up to heaven. And so does loving your kids. Someone sent me this that was started on Facebook. A few people from there wrote it:
The ABC's of Why we like J&K+8
A-Aaden and Alexis
B-Beautiful kids
C-Collin and Cara
D-Devotion from parents
E is for all the ENTERTAINMENT they bring to us every week
F is for the strong and unified FAMILY the Gosselins are
G is for all the GIGGLES we get from the funny things everyone says
H is for HANNAH and her kind and mature nature
I is for If I'm having a bad day, J&K cheer me up
J is for Jon shouting out to his peeps.
K is for Kate managing the chaos everyday.
L is for Leah who makes my heart ache because she's just so adorable.
M-MADY..and for all the MOMS out there who need something to get through the day..and MONKEY MUNCH! :)
N- the NICE things Jon and Kate do for their family..and how much they provide and sacrifice
O- all the OVER excitement that goes all everyday
P-The hilarious POTTY training moments..and the earlier lack of potty training moments
Q- Queen Kate who rules her house with love and discipline
R- Relaxing and watching Jon and Kate
S- Smiles from all the cute Gosselin kids
T- Times that the family shares with us their fans!
U - Unbelievable (what this family has accomplished)
V - Very glad they are doing the show so we have the opportunity to get a glimpse into their lives
W - Wiener (as in "Daddy's have wieners!!" - Joel)
X - X-tremely cute ( i know, that's corny, but jeez these were the hard letters!)
Y- yellow stains to clean up (sorry i could not think of anything else for y)
Z- Zany kids

Enjoy the Jon & Kate Marathon tonight! If you didn't get to see Kate's Labor day please watch it as its probably the nicest and most emotional one they have done thus far. Also I love the Valentine's Day episode and I think its on tonight as well. I would like to leave you with a few additional blogs for you to view. The first is Martina's blog on first hand accounts of meeting Jon & Kate. Its called I MET THE GOSSELINS. Check it out. Also the reason why I started this blog, my friend Laura, who not only has a blog HERE about her love of J&K but also has a super cute MYSPACE page as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kates Wonderful Labor Day, Nasty GWOP Comments

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! I didn't get on yesterday because I had no desire to see the usual outbursts from the nastiness over at GWOP. I wanted to enjoy the show since I heard it was good, and get the kids ready for school. I think we start here the latest out of everyone (tomorrow). When I got on the computer I was shocked to read what people sent me. That as usual, the sickos over at GWOP who take notes as the show is on and comment over EVERYTHING. 15 minutes in and already there's comments, and of course people making total stuff up. I decided to give the gals a hit (though I never said I would) and (Please forgive me if tonight posts are ALL about GWOP but they have gotten so bad it makes me angry..) all poor Mady did was let the crew know she didn't want anyone in her room! And since the episode was so good with nothing to comment about they tried to make a HUGE deal over her note. The horrible things they said about here I will not post here...

They must delete posts AFTER they are shown on screen. A woman named Barbara in VA quotes alot. I read a nasty post she wrote that fans of Jon and Kate are worse than 12 year olds and she went on and on. I went back 10 minutes later and it was pulled. Also someone must not check these too well because one of the posts below they actually curse and it was STILL kept! Apparently one admits to living near the Gosselins, hence the jealousy? One asks for a link to harass the hospital. Now you tell ME if these comments are sane:

Open Eyes said...Okay so I'm only 15 mins through the show and here are some things I noticed: I'm sure there will be many more- but these are things I didn't want to forget. =)

Sara Said:
Kate's EXACT words when she talked about the smell while walking into the hospital were: "It's not a bad smell NORMALLY, but to ME, being pregnant, the smell- it hit me and I was like (she gasps)." To me, this does not sound like she was talking about her pregnancy with the tups. This, coupled with the obvious remarks about "We're gonna have a baby too", is basically them putting the information out there, very slowly, that Kate's pregnant. They know that if they suddenly announce it, it's going to strike people with shock. I think they're trying to be very casual about it to minimize the backlash from the people who have tried to help them out with the 8 kids they already have.

said...Also looked like Kate lost weight, got nails, shows more cleavage...LOOK AT ME!!!

said..PLEASE post a link to the hospital so we can email them and let them know how innapropriate it was, having a gaggle of kids in the NICU for publicity. Babies fighting for thier lives, SHAME ON THE HOSPITAL.

Kristen said...I hated the comment Kate made on the couch when they were talking about Collin and Joel throwing the magnets off the fridge...."They were being boys.How about they were acting like 4 year olds?Oh right, I forgot that *perfect* Hannah and Leah would never dream of doing anything like that....and Alexis is locked in the basement.

Seara said:By the way, Kate, that green shirt looks awful on you and your hair looks "stribbly."

laura said...I shut the tv off early tonight and then turned it back on at the very end, when she was tearing up about how easy life was with a family of 4. well no shit lady. what did you think that you were going to have lattes and spas while the rest of the world took care of your kids becuase you had two and then six and they're soo cute?

said...They also said "condo" which is probably right. Does anyone else think the stress is really starting to show on Kate's appearance? What is she trying to cover up with all that make-up?

Anonymous said...I think in this episode. We see that Jon has really checked himself out of this marriage. Kon stop pretending we can all see that the love is gone between you two.

Anonymous said...As far as the donations goes.
I agree with one of the bloggers that Kon is "welfare trash."

Anonymous said...Over the past two seasons, Katie has been developing some strange tics. She strokes her hair and neck a lot and fiddles with her earrings. In tonight's episode, she was scratching her arm a lot and picking at her face.

Anonymous said...If Kon do add to their family, and I shudder at the thought, what will they re-name the show?Like someone else posted on another thread: "Jon & Swine and The Working Nine!"

For me, this was the best episode I have seen so far. I really loved seeing that she donated to someplace so in need, that she showed her human side, and that most importantly she loves her kids as much as we know she does...I am nominating another post from GDNOP for my version of Comment of The Week":

MCB said...Okay, wait a minute. Did Mady issue a press release saying that she no longer wants to participate on the show? Or is this another example of GWoPPERs reading into a situation and repeating it enough times so that it now becomes a fact?

And finally... If you go to 1:22 you will see a cute video of Kate not seen before with the babies. It will remind us why we started loving them in the first place. Its from Gosselins Webisodes #24 Enjoy.....