Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Bloggers Take On J&K

Well to those of you that do not take care of your teeth, learn. I am so sick right now over an almond. The pain I felt loosing my cap was like trying to give birth before the c-section. You never think about stuff like this until your home and then your almost on the floor in agonizing pain. So lucky for me a reader named Kelley sent me a comment that I thought I would share. Its been so nice to have comments from you all. Please feel free to continue to do so!

"I have spent the last year or so in love with the Gosselin Children. I am not overly fond of Kate and her “Drama Queen” ways. I don’t like the way she speaks to her husband and I really don’t like that she freaks out over messes. That being said, I get a kick out of her show. When they first started out, they were a family of four suddenly plunged into being a family of eight. That would be an economic adjustment for anyone, to say the least. I think some of the people with large families who resent J. and K. plus 8, forget that they didn’t have those kids one at a time. They didn’t get to have each individual child a year apart or even 9 months apart. They got eight high risk infants all at one time. I’ve heard mothers of one premature child in the NICU who have told me how stressful and frightening it is to give birth to a child and have to leave it at the hospital for an undetermined length of time. Imagine that times EIGHT!
Now that the kids are older and Kate and Jonathan are receiving gifts and money for their creative lifestyle financing, people are crying foul. Don’t forget that a TV show is a product and currency is involved when products are sold. And TV shows require production, Editing and Craft Service. Do you realize that the union that supports the TV filming crew would have a fit if they weren’t supplied with food everyday? The fact that Kate can take advantage of Craft Service during their filming schedule is probably a real blessing to her. She can spend some time with her kids!

As for Kate spending money on sitters and nannies, and OMG!!!going to the day spa on occasion!!! I refer to the above statement. TV is a product. Money is exchanged, lots of it. She agreed to let the cameras into her life, and that of her children and TLC and their advertisers pay her for it. BIG DEAL. People need to get over the fact that their lives, for whatever reason , are not interesting enough to be made into a TV show. Sometimes Kate’s isn’t really that interesting either, look at all the edited footage.
My biggest issue regarding hate blogs is that of “Aunt Jodi’s Sister.” Family disputes between the Gosselins and their family are firmly none of my business. Jodi’s sister should not air the family laundry on a public blog. (A public blog that doesn’t allow comments mind you) I’m not sure what is worse, a sister who blogs with input from Jodi or without input from Jodi. Running to the defense of one’s family is great. Creating a public blog to defame your sister’s sister –in-law is not so great. The mere fact that someone would do such a thing puts their motives in question. And the whole ‘I’m the only voice those children have” is a smelly load of stuff my dog leaves behind. I don’t air my frustrations about my family on my public blog. My private online journal sure, even a few close friends get to read that, but not the ENTIRE WORLD! Grow up. Little Jodi can take care of herself, and if she can’t Kate’s brother should be able to tell his sister off.
I watch the show to see what Animal Aaiden is this week and how Alexis’s shriek can make my husband flee a room. Seriously people. Stop being so damn serious!"


Nina Bell said...

Loved this entry! It all made a lot of sense to me. Would love to have Kelly write something for our blog also.

LaoraC said...

FINALLY someone around here who has a light hearted prospective on this family. I too agree that it is beyond wrong for Jodi's sister to be publicly dishing dirt the way she does. If she wanted to say nice things about JODI, that is great... but she is always making negative comments about Kate and even an avid reader and commenter at GwoP so really, if anyone, I have pity for HER because she is just pathetic.

Sara said...

Just one correction- they were plunged into being a family of TEN, not eight.

Kelley said...

Hey! Thanks for posting this! Sara! You're totally right. Sometimes in the midst of writing I get a little lost! I'm not sure if I meant a family of ten or a family of eight children, but thank you for the correction!

Marmie said...

I have been saying this exact same thing. I totally agree family disuputes only get unglier when aired in public. AND yes you do get compensation for giving up your life to the world in front of the world. AND yes its hard to have 6 kids the same age!!!!!!

SoccerMomof3 said...

This entry couldn't have said it better. I am glad I am not the onl one.

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