Sunday, August 31, 2008

Todays Parenting Thoughts, New Hawaii Renewal Info

Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day Weekend! Since last weeks thoughts about school supplies went so well (see HERE) my thoughts today is about the expense of having a simple barbecue. Just to have a few friends over for the day cost like almost $400 here easy. Alcohol, food, salads and deserts (because even though someone brings its never enough) plus utensils and such. This is the reason why we don't entertain anymore. Because its much easier to bring a cake to someones else house right? (lol) But here's my story. Today friends of ours noticed their son misbehaving. (he placed his feet on a table) Well his father yanked his arm and smacked his behind in front of everyone. Then made the boy do a time out on our steps. Our mouths gaped open. We all just sat there not knowing what to say. After the family left the whole party was talking about it. "OMG did you see the mom didn't say a word?" Another said "how dare he do that at a party?" When everyone left I asked my mom what she thought, and although she said "as mad as I felt, we have to respect that we should not judge others parenting, that is HIS son." Should I care how my friends parent their kids? So since I link all stories to Jon & Kate, I wonder why some people get off, just because they are on TV, to bash their parenting skills? Aren't those their children? How nasty can people be that they flock to places like GWOP and go on and on when its nobodies business? When does it mean all gloves are off when it comes to people on TV? You should see the hate seething from that site lately, saying the Tups are delayed and how depending on where the Gosselins placed thumbtacks on the site that's how much they love the kids?

New Hawaii Renewal Info
So onto some cool stuff. Someone from another board posted some cool new info regarding the Hawaii Renewal Ceremony. Its from a board in Hawaii you can see HERE. the date he mentions - on July 21st - is the EXACT date that we know they were in fact there. Below is an excerpt:

July 16th, 2008, 08:21 PM
Luna Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Kauai
Posts: 110
Re: Jon & Kate Plus Eight

There will indeed be a Hawaiian episode. Jon has cousins and aunties on Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. The family has been invited to Maui for a show.

I think my friend (Jon's cousin) said it will be later this summer. She also told me the hotel that was sponsoring the trip--but I can't remember the name. It could be Grand Wailea, but I am not sure. Wherever it is, it should be fun!
Local family members are going on August 12. I think the Gosselin's will be there for 2 weeks around that date. I heard the Jon and Kate will renew their wedding vows.


Nice pic! People Magazine will publish photos in a couple of weeks. Look out for them. We always seem to get our magazines about a month after they hit the stands. My wife always accuses the mail person of holding the issues to read them!

I have heard the new season of Jon & Kate will open in November with the family trips to San Diego and Maui.

So after reading this I hope that its true because I am super excited to see their family. So many haters were like "ohh everyone in the family hates them". The way that they have nitpicked every inch of their new site is the worst case of internet bullies I have ever seen. I wonder if it makes their lives feel slightly better is they are putting some else down. Someone named Pokie even wanted their comment "To me it's just lipstick on a pig.'' nominated for comment of the week. Is that insane? Even Julie herself had to put her two cents in saying"this is just a desperate attempt at damage control." Julie is this your desperate attempt of your last 15 minutes of GWOP fame?? Here is MY nomination for comment of the week from regarding GWOP "They have more nuts over there than any Planters factory." from GDNOP

I need a happy Aaden fix. I love him so. Just dancing with his fruit snacks made me realize why I had kids in the first place. And why I love Jon & Kate. Enjoy.........

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Gosselin Webpage & GWOP Holding a Gun To Paul Peterson?

Ohh Lordy be! I have had the craziest day between parties and holiday fairs. Now I was going to do my usual post after the kids are asleep but every single day there is urgent Gosselin ALERTS! Can't I even enjoy the awesome great new website without GWOP trying to find a way to ruin it? Click HERE to see the new Gosselins10 website. Click HERE to see what Paul Peterson conveniently let slip to the GWOP site on the EXACT same day. Now before most of us started watching Jon & Kate, most of us had probably never heard of Mr. Peterson. But thanks to GWOP we know him now!

"Paul Petersen was a child actor (he played the son on the Donna Reed show) and has been a child advocate for decades. He may not have directly observed filming and he may not be a psychologist, but he has made it his life's work to address the how children in the entertainment industry have been exploited. His work has been instrumental in improving working conditions for children in the film industry." GDNOP

Problem is, though he may have the best intentions regarding this family, being linked to a horrible slander hate site is not exactly helping the cause. And regardless of having months of knowledge of the situation, how bad was it to post TODAY knowing the new site was coming up? Its not like all of the sudden Jon & Kate decided to get a new site. To the haters, its all about damage control. But these same people went on and on that Kate has chefs come to her house everyday just to cook for her. We all know how they were wrong on that one. I feel in my heart J&K took the high road by addressing certain issues on the new site and not slandering the family the way Jodi turned on her. And we know that it was again, all about money.

"I am SO glad I heard about Paul Peterson coming on board"(GWOP) sounds like its a giant ship with guns aiming at Jon & Kate pulling at straws and looking for any sort of advocacy group they can find so it looks like they actually "CARE" about the children. When really all along its some jealous neighbor that started this all because Kate ignored her and she watching this family do well and prosper. Another quote from a more reputable site GDNOP said this:

"I wouldn't doubt for one second that Mr. Peterson has at least browsed gwop and other boards like it. Could he be speaking of the way those boards have "distorted" what J+K do as parents, picking apart every move and comment, making them out to be whatever "monsters" they needed to to get more hits? Diagnosing the kids with mental disorders?

The part about making the kids targets puts me in mind of all of the times I've seen comments here and other places comparing gwop to stalkers. I don't think this had anything to do with J+K's parenting, the kids actions, or even the show in general. I think this was article may have been motivated by the comments and letters Mr. Peterson has received from people who are clearly over invested in these children's lives."

I couldn't agree more. I am not deeply religious but it was especially important to see Kate take the high road in regards to the GWOP site and others looking for money now. What she wrote on her site stuck to me. We could be angry all we want. But at the end of the day this will just be another post for Serena and life will go on. This hopefully will just be another blip (anyone remembering Jodi's video anymore?) and the family can get on with their lives, exactly how they see fit. Because bottom line, those are THEIR kids, and no one should be telling them how to raise them:

Romans 12:21 NIV Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

"Right now, there are so many opportunities for us to repay evil with evil but we refuse. And it hasn't been easy to keep our mouths shut, but it's what God is asking us to do. Continue to overcome evil with good. Things like love, prayers, and kindness instead of retaliation and exposure."

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy One Month To Me & A Mess With NY Post

To quote London Tipton from Suite Life Of Zach & Cody (its my daughters favorite show) "YAY ME!" My one month anniversary blogging about Jon & Kate. I wrote almost every single day. I wonder where I get all the material? (lol) The bloggers are furiously writing in support and against the show, hence there has always been lots to talk about. Like for one, why is everyone that likes the show or supports Kate actually Kate? Or Jon, or their PR Firm?

NY Post "Pop Wrap" Shows What Happens With NO Moderator

A few days ago a whole hot buttered mess went on when The New York Posts "POPWRAP" section wrote a cute sweet blog about enjoying the episode they called "Pudding-palooza". I think I linked at least one of their re-caps on my blog. Well the comments section got pretty hairy when a person called "momsagainstgwop" went on a warpath showing people a few lies GWOP was posting. This is a small except from the hundreds of posts:

For months those geniuses at GosselinsWithoutPity at blogspot have claimed that Jon just stopped coming to his job and was a lazy, no good quitter. Cause, ya know, they are ALL about TRUTH. They deal in FACTS. Are you ready for the punch line?It seems that they were WRONG! Read an excerpt from GWoP:

iluveeyore said...

IIRC Jon himself, in an interview, was discussing how he was fired while Kate was pregnant with the tups. He said it was doubly awful because a man wants to be able to support his family. He might have made that statement on tv, but I cannot recall on which show.

BTW, there seems to be new information appearing that brings Jon's "firing" into question. It seems that his former employer said that he never fired Jon, he just stopped coming to work. He was not pleased with being shown as the bad guy. 8/21/2008 6:45 PM

ThreeFarmers said... 8/21/2008 10:13PM

I don't think any former employer ever made that comment. I found one person posting as Lynn Smith on some blog who said it, but cited no source, but only said "a local paper".

I searched a few local papers, but the closest I could find was in the Central Pennsylvania Patriot News on July 9, 2004, and it was Jon making them print a correction saying he wasn't fired but was let go for budgetary reasons.

People putting information out there need to be to be sure of the information and not post speculation as fact. When the info is wrong it gives the Gosselins an excuse to tell their fans to question the credibility of everything that's out there.

GWoP has been passing around these lies about Jon for months. The quote above is just them talking about it recently. That's part of their shtick. Jon never wants to work, blah, blah, blah... It is better to spin a tale of a shiftless father of eight, than to tell the real truth.

I believe the Iluveeyore mentioned above is a poster here on this site. Way to spread the gossip, eeyore! What other lies will they be telling next? You people make me sick!

Posted by: MomsAgainstGWoP on August 22, 2008 06:53 AM

More posts about people spying on other people on other blogs and whatnot. All very back and forth. Most creepy and just plain sad. I leave on an happy note posting my favorite Gosselin Webisodes #30. With Jon & Kate in love.....hehe

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Todays Thoughts, Jon & Kate Speaking Engagements & GWOP Has No Life!

Today's thoughts are about those that feel Kate loves her daughters more than her sons. These people must not have children. We have a week here until school starts and having my kids home has been crazy. I told my daughter I couldn't take her to a play date because the baby was sick & sleeping. She pitched a fit, screaming "You love that baby more than me! I wish it was never born!" I immediately brought me back to like, last week. I was fighting with my mom that my brother is still living at home and needs to get his own place. I used to say to her when I was younger that she loved him more because he was the baby.

Just because Kate makes some stupid comment that we all do at some point that boys are "icky" does that mean that she doesn't love her sons? Its so stupid to even respond. But our lovely hate site will have like a hundred ridiculous comments and posts on poor dissed Joel or non-loved Collin. We all have a point that one of our children might drive us to the point where they are on the sh@t list, but anyone that implies our hearts have not been make to love all of our children is as nasty and hurtful as the people on that site. And well when my girlfriend called back saying she would pick my daughter up, she came and apologized. "Sorry mommy, I know you told me you split your heart into pieces so we all get one." I know you love us all." So here I post perhaps another unseen Jon & Kate clip called "Meerkat Abduction." Alexis really likes to piss her brothers off! But Kate does love them ALL.

Jon & Kate Speaking Engagements & GWOP Has No Life!

Holy smoke people! Am I the only one shocked to see that there are those on that blog that exhaust themselves spending hours compiling info to take nothing and make it something about the Gosselins?? Some chick named BehemianMoon compiled a detailed list of the cancellations of some of Jon & Kate's speaking engagements and the new ones that were put in there place. They're are currently the exact same amount, roughly 10 around the same areas but more convenient times and dates for the family.

Now all the hoopla apprears to be rumored rises in speaking fees. I for one am glad that they have canceled a lot of their speaking engagements and that they are charging more for their time and story. They were charging a mere $3,000 + all expenses paid for a speaking engagement back in February and personally I didn't think that was worth being a way from you children for 24-48 hours, traveling, speaking, question and answers, arranging childcare etc.

Also, is there any proof that they now make $25,000 for a speaking engagement? By what one person says on GWOP is the the truth?? I find this to be really high. They do give a great talk and are very friendly, witty and inspirational...but I can't imagine they would pull in $25,000! Below, is the current list of when they are speaking in case you would like to go. Oviously I didnt put the canceld ones in, though you know you could see those at that slader site elsewhere.

September 14, 2008 - Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (Abington, PA)

October 2, 2008 - Birmingham Women's Show (Birmingham, AL)

October 11, 2008 - Southern Orlando Women's Show (Orlando, FL)

October 19, 2008
- First Assembly of God (Waynesburg, PA)

November 2, 2008 - Central Assembly of God (Bossier City, LA)

November 14 & 15, 2008 - Women of Purpose Conference (Hershey, PA)

January 10 & 11, 2009 - First Assembly of God (Marcy, NY)

March 8, 2009 - First Christian Church (Elizabethtown, KY)

March 20, 2009 - Roswell United Methodist Church (Roswell, GA)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warning! GWOP Has Now Hired Dr. Evil!

Imagine Serena & Co. from "Gosselin's Without Pity" sitting next to Dr. Evil in his underground lair:

: How could you do this to me? They are now more famous then ever! They are even getting interviewed for Good Housekeeping! Why didn't you destroy Kate Gosselin or at least make sure the show gets canceled?
Dr. Evil: Because you're not quite evil enough.
[audience boos]
Dr. Evil: Well it's true! You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.

Ok, so I totally ripped that off from the second Austin Powers Movie. But lately people have gotten so out of control I needed to make a point through humor. Jodi's video appears to have done more bad then good. Of course there are those that say it only showed Julie was telling the truth about who she was. But I feel it backfired in that people couldn't believe how Jodi brought her mess out to the public (On vacation no less! Tell me why on vacation you feel this was urgent) and now were questioning her motives. (I feel that her sister pushed her into it) So I picture everyone trying to figure out what to do now......

Dr. Evil: You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here! What do we have to destroy Jon & Kate?
Serena: Sea Bass.
Dr. Evil: [pause] Right.
Serena: They're mutated sea bass.
Dr. Evil: Are they ill tempered?
Serena: Absolutely.
Dr. Evil: Oh well, that's a start.

Someone on GWOP wrote to Good House Keeping telling them their disgust that Kate was being bestowed a "Mother of The Month" in the article. Everyone is being told there to KEEP WRITING HOW MUCH YOU HATE HER! That is how sneaky that site is. First they want you to write to Congress, then TLC, then to your next door neighbor. Anybody that could listen because you know girlfriend is sitting there next to Dr. Evil saying something corny like "The Army is not STRONG enough!"

So I too, think it would be a good idea to write. The email address is: or click HERE. Tell them how much you enjoy their magazine and how you hope the Gosselins will be in there again soon. Because little do they know that the more you make a fuss about someone, the more a magazine wants them!

Dr. Evil: Serena, if I ever lost you and your blog I don't know what I would do.
Dr. Evil: I'd probably move on, get another clone but there would be a 15 minute period there where I would just be inconsolable.

Dr. Evil!! I'm here to help.................(lol)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Jon & Kate Article, Gosselin's: Little Wonders

I get sent many of these videos. I particularly like how the music was set to this one:

Also please check out this new article about the Gosselins from The Its called appropriately: "Ratings As High As A Diaper Pile". Well Said. Please excuse the short post tonight. The baby is teething and waking up in the middle of the night again. So I have to go to bed! But enjoy this cute comment courtesy of my sister-site GosselinsdonotneedourPity:

"The anatomy of a rumor ala GwoP. If we repeat the same rumor over and over and over and over again it is now fact and we can say that it has been "reported." Similarly, if we hold on to an opinion passionately and fervently enough, that opinion now rises to the level of FACT."

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sport of Jon & Kate Gosselin

Am I a bad person?

It’s the sport of the Gosselin’s . When it comes to this family, Monday nights is the attack of Jon & Kate. I was waiting to see how many people would lash out on Kate tonight on blogs like GWOP. Because they didn’t have much to say last week. Well after only less than a half hour, 70 posts were already up. There are people that literally ran to the computer during the commercial. KC wrote: "Ohh What kind of an IDIOT has 4 year old's hair corn rowed?" Jen Jen says: "Seriously Jon, how dare you bleed like a human?" Ravello says: "This woman will burn in hell for her treatment of the boys, especially Joel." OMG Did someone actually say that??

I am still a Kate Gosselin fan. I take attacks on her personally because there are so many of us out there like her. Most are not on a blogging warpath. Does that make me a bad person? If I was filmed, there might be times when it might look like I alienated a child, times I yelled, times I bribed in order to get a good photo. My son is always more dirty, but I don’t love him any less than my daughter. Times that I forced the kids to do something that I ADMITTED in hindsight might not have been good idea. But if I was on TV, for the world to comment on my parenting skills, would I deserve comments like these? I have my own love taps, I'm anal, I sometimes correct grammar and I freak out. My husband DOES get mad at me sometimes. I am working on this. But I’m not a bad person and neither is Kate. She is who she is, doing what she feels is best for her family. TLC seems to be content with keeping the world talking. Clever editing perhaps? Maybe not. My first 4th of July away from my family was just as rocky. But thank goodness the world wasn’t watching.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

GWOP "Love Offerings" Again..And Interesting Book Tidbits

Getting out tonight for "date night" has been weeks in the making. I honestly forgot how long its been since Ive gone to the movies. To get my parents here who live far to take care of the kids always becomes a chaotic thing. Blah blah "why is the house a mess" (it wasn't) "why isn't there healthier food for the kids here" (they're wasn't) "why didn't you bathe them before I came" (I couldn't). I get a serious headache when they come, my mom I mean. (My dad just watches Sci Fi.) Does anyone else sacrifice sanity in order to go out once in a while? (FYI My husband made me go see "Tropic Thunder" and it was so funny I almost died. Must see, who knew?)

So it makes me sad to think that people like Jon & Kate must have quite a difficult time getting out by themselves with all those kids. I can totally understand them taking advantage of alone time when they can. Ugh it makes my stomach hurt thinking of what else those sickos from GWOP were going to come up with today after getting the "Golden Egg" to speak on their behalf (sort-of, see last nights post). Sadly, it was more blah blah about the whole Speaking Engagement thing. Please people, they are hot now, they are rolling with it. Speaking fees are quite common and much more ethical than "love offerings" in these circumstances. Their upcoming book that is currently #11 on pre-order list is also a better way to benefit from their situation than more TV episodes. Check Out This Quote. FYI, this must have slipped though the "hate cracks":

"In regards to the "love offerings". Typically when a church has a speaker come in there is a "love offering" so this is not something that the Gosselins came up with. Different churches might call this offering something different but the purpose is often for the same help the church cover the cost of the event. I attended a speaking engagement of J&K's back in February. A "love offering" was taken and we were told that it would pay for whatever cost the church had associated with bringing Jon and Kate to speak. Any money that was left over would be given to the Gosselins. Jon and Kate do not give a tale of having financial problems. They do talk of the initial difficulties they had, including financial ones, and how they have been extremely blessed and how grateful they are. Their message is not misleading at all."

OMG that Serna didnt pull that one. Funny how even with all the hoopla in Cyber World over "Jodigate" (I said it first!!) J&K +8 is TLC's #1 show and has 2.5 million viewers per episode. And the advertiser's wait list to be in the first 15 minutes airtime is about 100 deep so someone says. So nope, this family isn't going nowhere anytime soon. Also interesting was this tidbit from a woman who buys books for stores that also posted some hopefully correct publicity for the Multiple Blessings book:
Good Morning America
Fox & Friends
Kate will be "Mom of the Month" for October on a popular parenting website
Good Housekeeping mag - book excerpt in Nov issue

Also I was sent what appears to be someones view of reading the book who was able to get an advance:

"I am reading the advance now, and boy it definitely is all in Kate's voice. Mainly about life pre-tups with Cara and Maddy, the birth and delivery of the tups, and life when the tups were newborn and home. Kate shows her true drill-sergeant self in this book, repeatedly. Wow. Ordering the hospital around on her bed rest there, super-anal about the schedule when she got home with the babies.

She does paint a good picture of how stressful it really was for them especially when they were all home. I can completely empathize with her and Jon's position then - especially as this is them BEFORE all the TV show madness. As anal as she comes across, they are grateful for all the help and support they got. It doesn't seem it on the show now, but at the time, they absolutely needed it. She mentions a lot of her helpers by name and thanks them all."

So for those who have asked me to talk about the people in Kate's life, you might want to read the book to get a better picture of who they are since they are mentioned, along with Kate's "Best Friend" Beth. Pre-order is HERE at

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Jodi Why? Do we now truly loose respect for you??

Ok, so maybe anyone who may or may not be a fan of the show heard that Jodi made a video for her sister to post on a hate site. I just cant believe she would do this, on her vacation no less? Normally I would NEVER attached a hate site to my blog, but you can see the video HERE. Why would she allow her sister to post on a hate blog, unless its some sort of revenge? I totally lost all respect for Jodi now. It just truly shows how getting money in in your life can ruin your family. These are a few quotes that people wrote in response to the video that I feel strongly about. These comments were taken from another Jon & Kate Blog site I really like called Its neutral middle ground to my pro Kate site here and that nay Kate site over there (lol):

"I think it is completely tasteless to handle the situation that way! Of course she is getting encouraging emails...GWoP is buttering her up to get more information, they don't really care about her. They care about hurting Jon and Kate. Jodi making that video proves to me why she is no longer in their lives. Any family member that would blast another family member like for the world to see has no class!I wouldn't want Jodi in my life either."

"Well, now I've lost a lot of respect for Jodi. It's sad to know that she's supportive of the public airing of dirty laundry and nastiness. Maybe I'm just a "tougher" person, but I just don't get the tears and pain. It's taken a month of time for "healing" from this situation? I don't know. Too much melodrama and it seems to come from all sides. I'm sure Jon and Kate are no saints, but the way Jodi and Julie have handled this isn't something I can respect at all."

"I think its telling that she said that Julies blog is true but she didn't once address GWOP and Julies participation there. Why didn't she address the stalking, name calling of the kids, etc...that occurs at GWOP? Is she unaware of all that her sister is up to, if so why not a thumbs up for that? Jodi proved again that the kids mean nothing to her, thats all I got from the video."

These people feel the same way I do. That hate site is truly kissing these womens behinds to get them over the "dark side" as one person said in order to have them spill their guts out. They could basically say anything at this point and because Jodi is saying it then it has to be 100% true right? Jodi looks so uncomfortable, it seems like she has a gun pointed at her head by Serena. Did she go on the trip too? Just when you think you've heard it all, another bombshell happens. And you wonder why Kate felt betrayed?? Wouldn't you? Man its definetly disturbing that your own family would sell you down the river if they don't get a piece of the almighty dollar. I basically told my brother to never do that to me! (lol) Someone in my comments section wondered whether or not Jon & Kate will or should address Jodi's video in Septembers speaking events since you know there will be one spiteful person out there looking to cause some hurt by addressing it. That is a good question. You would have to be SUPER careful addressing something like this. But to me saying nothing would be worse. What do you think?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todays Rant, EW J&K Review & Happiness For A Future Gosselin Home

I know I said I would change my rants to thought because of the tone, but after spending almost $200 on school supplies (I'm not even done yet) I thought I would let off some steam. For those without kids the end of Summer may mean no more casual Friday or getting out early for the weekend trip. For us mommies it means getting a ridiculously high endless list of back to school supplies. If you have more than one child you can see how this adds up. The problem is, its no longer the basic things your child will need. Its paper towels, wipes? and toilet paper. Its 4-5 marble notebooks that you know your kids will use like, 3 tops. Why are we paying taxes for this yet now we have to supply the teacher with everything? isn't that the schools job? Why are we buying so many sets of markers and crayons when our kids only maybe need one? I think its probably for those kids who might not have the funds to bring their own. Which that to me is ok. Whats not is each of the three lists I have include random things like dry erase pens for the teachers board. Why am I paying for HER stuff? Sorry, but this year I spent the most I ever did....Did you?

So now I pose another question. Lets say a friend of yours put their lives on TV, hit it big, and want to buy a new house. Would you be happy for them? Lets say your friends were Jon & Kate. Why did this family alone cause so much controversy to the blogging community that both Television Without Pity and Fans of Reality TV had to close the blogs due to the attacks on fans by Kate haters? Why do the people over on GWOP have such an issue with the Gosselins buying a bigger house? Because to them, they are no longer struggling therefore in their minds no longer relate able? I have to quote someone else from another blog I was reading:

"No, not "anybody" who doesn't like the Gosselins gets accused of jealousy. But if you complain at length about "freebies", carp about how you preferred when Kate was clipping coupons and how you can no longer relate to the family, bitch about the trips that they take and the house they may or may not be building and say things like, "I can't afford to take my kids to x place" - guess what? You are jealous! You're pretty much a textbook example of the word."

I truly cant get over the level of hatred and jealousy displayed by some of the people over there. Even if they aren't, why do they simply feel the need to attack a family so bad and try so hard to get any private info they have on the family which is none of their business to begin with? Why do they sound alot more like stalkers then normal people? The article HERE is from the Merchantville Local news about the house Jon & Kate visited in the previous episode. Regardless if they were going to buy the house or not, why begrudge them that they want a big house with land and space? Makes sense to me, and personally, Im happy for them. I surely don't think they would travel hours with their kids in the car unless they truly were interested. But the publicity these Realtors got for themselves in that outdated (lol) house made they view worth it 10 fold. I just hope and pray that if they do move they can find someplace as private as possible, away from the lookey-loos who think they seem to know whats best for someone else's kids.

Ohh and before I go, heres the cute Entertainment Weekly Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV Review.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Updated List of New Episodes! Another Greak J&K Show Aritcle

I was happy to see this article sent to me that is by called "Figure 8 Has A Hit In Plus 8" gets into a bit of how the seasons work for this show. I was confused how season three will wind up with like 50 episodes, but I see I was incorrect as per this article. I guess in Wikipedia it doesn't clarify where season 3 ends and season 4 begins. However as per this article it says that season three was only 26 episodes.

UPDATE: A reader e-mailed me that this article is from March and due to the demand of the show IS actually 40+ episodes! OPPS I was wrong. That is some serious dedication! This person also stated that the new season will start in November. Will it have that many new episodes as well? I guess we gotta wait and see...

New Upcoming Jon & Kate Plus 8 Schedule!

Sept. 1: Kate's Labor Day, 9-10 pm
Sept. 8: Backyard Campout, 9-10 pm
Sept. 15: Sight & Sound, 9-10 pm
Sept. 22: Viewer FAQ, 9-10 pm
Oct. 6: Good Housekeeping Photo Shoot, 9-10 pm

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Missing Bunny Scene from Jon & Kate Plus Super Cute Gosselin Family Montage

Hello everyone. Yesterday was my first missing post since I started and for that I'm sorry. Sometimes family commitments keep me away but I will always try to post at least something. I promise to get more cool info in tomorrow. I couldn't believe the swimming info I posted related to last nights show! I was so excited! Anyway, enjoy these two videos I found, and I will get back into more GWOP dirt tomorrow. Please continue to write and I will try this week to answer some of your questions. Thanks!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Gosselins Learn How To Swim

So sorry I didnt get to write alot this weekend. It was my intent to have some light & airy Gosselin info today but I promise to post more during the week. You know how quickly these weekends are coming and going. So excited for Monday's new episode! I thought I would post another super cute article about the kids recent swimming lessons. You can read it HERE. When they spent the two week at the beach house in NC I was saying to myself, "man I wonder what other cool things they did with the kids besides the seeing the horses and the Light House." Well it turns out they went for swimming lessons as well. One week with cameras, and a week privately. I think it was a nice balance and apparently all loved it. "The family gave me this signed picture with 'thank you' on it," Jessica said. Nice to hear!

If you didn't get to see last weeks episode, there is a nice re-cap article/blog HERE from called Jon & Kate head to Corolla, N.C for Beach Get-Away

Please please keep sending me any cool Gosselin articles you can find for me and I will definetly post them! Thanks again!

P.S. I also added Kate's Yummy Tomato Onion Salad Recipe under Kate's Recipes in My August 1st post. See it HERE.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kate Kids In Kates Own Words

Tonights post will be super short as exhaustion has overwhelmed me. Another weekend, another kiddie party/block party/sick child/surprise family visit (lol). Thank goodness the summer is almost over. How Kate does it with 8 kids only shows how incredibly strong she is. I admire her so much which is why I try daily to post on her behalf. Though I spend most of my time on this blog wondering why people are not as in awe with her as I am, I decided for tonight to show in her words how she describes each of her kids.

"If I had to describe each one, I would say, Cara is our sweet, kind helper. She’s our mature big girl.

Mady is equally as kind-hearted, but she’s our wild card. We spend the most time fretting over her, but I think she’s going to be somebody great.

Alexis is definitely our comedy relief. She makes us smile and laugh the most out of probably any of them, because she’s just so “out there.”

Hannah is a lot like Cara in that she’s very Mommy-like and wants to keep everybody happy. She’s the peace keeper.

Aaden is our little professor. He makes everybody scream because he’s so cute and squishy.

Collin is a big, mushy bear. If you need a hug, you go to Collin. The way his eyes light up when he smiles…(swoons)

Leah is our tiny princess who just melts everyone’s heart. She has this big voice in this little tiny body. She’s precious.

Then there’s Joel. I love Joel. Sometimes he’s forgotten and left behind because he’s so quiet. When he does come out with a big voice, everybody listens. He’s a lot like Jon - so much so that it’s like watching Jon grow up all over again."

For more from this super cute article please read HERE. I am sooo looking forward to getting her book! Will try to post more on Sunday I promise. I'm sure GWOP wont let me down... (lol)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Daily Thought: Working VS. Stay-At-Home Moms, GWOP Linking Facebook Posts

Today I sat sick to my stomach waiting for the phone to ring. I was supposed to have been fully prepared for today: Have my daycare or sitter info, have my start-up date, have the paperwork ready. But I couldn't believe that I was already gone for a whole 9 months.

Going back to work must be the most gut-wrenching thing a parent has to do after a child is born. The time varies as to how long you get, but I know people that have gone back as early as 8 weeks. I personally don't know how they did it. I had to beg and go through numerous hoops to get an unpaid 6 month extension. The first time I was home alone, the worst postpartum depression and all my friends were working. Everyone kept telling me "just be thankful your home." When all I wanted to do was go back. Now this time I truly enjoyed more being home. I made play dates and "mommy Gymboree " friends. I guess I got to used to not going through the hardship of a regular 9-6 (no longer 5) job. But we sure miss the money though. I also had a really hard time finding quality childcare and a nanny I liked and felt comfortable with. And our daycare got super expensive. So when Michele from HR called, I knew she figured I wasn't coming back, I had crossed over to the other side, and I felt bad to finally let my job go. So did my husband. I dont know if I made the right decision, but right now, holding my daughter I feel ok so far. Now when our Visa bill comes thats another story...

GWOP Linking Facebook Posts

I'm probably one of the few that havent really gotten into facebook. I prefer myspace, where I could just enjoy the Jon & Kate fan pages and the people on them. I dont particularly like how facebook is set up. They have group fan pages apparently where fans are supposed to discuss the show and there are like a million discussion topics so it gets a little hairy. But I was under the impression that they were fan pages none the less. But the huge difference is on myspace the fans are there because they absolutely LOVE the show. On facebook the discussion blogs people set up sometimes cause a little drama by starting off posts on a negative tone like "I got really upset when Kate said".... GWOP linked one facebook topic to the front of their main page. I cant get over how they troll whats supposed to be a fan site, link it to them and make it sound like all of Facebook is becoming a hate center. So not true. In fact it was nice to see how many fans love the kids, the recent Summer episodes and are ecited to see what comes next for this family. Especially the wedding renewal. That by ones persons comments its the end all, be all as we know it. Like everyone on facebook is coming to the dark side.

Its hard to get into that many peoples heads and opinions but its nice to see that even with over 300 topics, most are truly people like myself that are not phased by the negativity surrounding a show that has become incredibly popular. Theres bound to be those that feel that this family is not entitled to what they have been given based solely on whether they like Kate or whether in their own minds they are not greatful enough. And I dont understand why when they see a family enjoying life and what they have been blessed to be given the became as bitter as they do. They are a super great family and I truly love watching the show. I happen to like Kate's frankness and her relationship with her husband. And of course everyone loves the kids! So no one need loose any sleep anytime soon.

But getting back to trolling fan sites. It smells of desperation. There are millions fans out but if one unhappy person blogs then its supposed to represent all of them. . In someone else's words "I just wish it didn't feel so creepy" knowing someone is two faced enough to post on a fan site yet link private comments on a hate site. Its like the whole watching your back thing. I for one, will be a simple gal and just go back to watching my Jon & Kate marathons and remember why I started watching this fun adorable show in the first place. "Bye Mommy. I'll take care of the kids!"- Hannah

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you GWOP for giving me so much to talk about! Plus Jon & Kates Wedding Renewal Photos!

I will probably update this more tonight, but while the baby is asleep for her nap and I SHOULD be cleaning, I went on the computer instead. And there is the usual "I cant believe GWOP posted THIS on their site. Its basically telling those with absolutely no life to please spend hours writing to the companies that have commercials during Jon & Kate Plus 8. Please keep in mind people that they probably dont do any of this themselves but hope you do. Why?? Unless YOU yourself had a bad expierence at Red Robin or your child had an attack with Johnson & Johnson products, would you write to them? Please people, if you plan or writing to these people saying your banning using their products because they show commercials on Jon & Kate, you also shouldn't be watching the show..ugh there are those people on that site where I truly question their sanity.

Now onto the good stuff. Someone on the blogs for the NY Post (yay! my peeps!- Jon (lol))Pop Wrap show us their first images of the most adorable Jon & Kate Wedding/renewal ceremony. The photo is above, the link is HERE. unfortunately this comes courtesy of one of the readers of GWOP, so basically all the comments below the incredibly adorable article is seething in anger and hate, so basically its a nice Serena & Co. sandwich. I was so happy to see not only did the NY Post do a super sweet blog, but it appears to be the first I have seen thus far of my most anticipated episode. I will add more to this article later, baby is hungry!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Rants To Thoughts, Where Did All The Blogs Go, What I love about Mady

Straight from THIS horses Mouth!

First off, thank you so much to all of you that have given me suggestions and thought on what would make a great blog. I only started July 31st and have almost blogged daily. I was shocked to hear that Gosselins Without Pity would stoop so low to post a horse on their site with some nasty comments on it, then actually post people saying how disrespectful and distasteful it was. I thought their mission was to cover up how the fans actually felt. This made them look horrible and put a bit of a dent in the armor of that site as far as a few people were concerned. I started to get excited. So much so that from now on, my rants will now be my "thoughts", my hate will be kept to a minimum. Hopefully it will convince some to take a glance over here instead. But I will continue to tell you any lies they post that are relevant. A softer, and someday perhaps "wiser" fan blog.

Speaking of Blogs, where did they all go? We all know where Television Without Pity's Jon & Kate Blog went. They started fresh for the second time at the beginning of May with a strict warning. It had gotten so bad with the terrible comments that the blog lasted only a month. And there spawned GWOP. But my favorite Jon & Kate Blog site "Fans Of Reality TV" started in March and lasted all the way to this past July. It was able to keep itself fairly even with the fans vs. non fans, and kept it as civil as it could. When TWP closed and everyone piled there, things got real bad, and 208 pages later the fighting back and forth bought out the worst in people and it closed as well. I was truly disappointed where there wasn't a place to have a healthy fun discussion of the show whether you agreed with something or not. GWOP doesn't let anything that isnt nasty on their site, My space is for fan pages, IMDB is a mess, and Facebook is pretty much the only page left for fun discussion. Thank goodness that one has an administration to keep it under control. So my hope is that someday, they would allow the blogs to open up again, just so see if it could be a great place to discuss the show. Please give us one more chance to try..

My Mady Fan Page

Sweet adorable Mady. You are the most wonderful child and probably the most misunderstood. It is important that I dedicate this part of my blog to you and hope that you will never have to see any negative thing that is written about you by anyone that doesn't know you.

1. You are incredibly smart for your age!
2. You are super sweet when you hold your brother's hands.
3. You are EXACTLY how I was at your age!
4. It is a great thing to be opinionated. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. It is much better to have strong opinions than to have none at all.
5. You are super funny and great in front and behind the camera. I loved when you "played production" for the day and asked those great questions.
6. You are passionate and I understand when you get fustrated. So do your parents.
7. We love to watch you every week. You are truly "spirited".
8. I loved watching you cheer your siblings on when they were potty training!
9. We love when you ham it up for the cameras and show the real you.
10. You might not know it but you are the luckiest girl to have such a great family!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sesame Place Rant, A New Blog from Julie

Uhh I dont know what I was thinking. I always get excited when Jon & Kate take their kids on another cool summer weekend getaway. But after my daughter saw the Sesame Place episode with me she has been driving me crazy about going. The first time we tried it rained, and since today was supposed to be beautiful, I begged my husband to take the day off and take us.

At first my daughter didnt show interest in going back, but since Maddie & Cara are her age her thinking must have been "well if they could have fun there then so can I." My saint husband gave me one of three Jon Gosselin looks in the car . The first "Jon Look" was one of "I'm doing this for you because if I dont you will just nag me forever." We get there thinking that since it was a Tuesday it wouldn't be packed WRONG! I timed that we waited on line for 22 minutes just to get lunch in the cafeteria. The only thing that was nice was that Kate was right, it was very clean, the young staff was very nice, and the kids enjoy it. My husband gave Jon look #2 when my daughter insisted we see the Elmo's show again. Even though we saw it years ago. It was the look of "My eyes are open, and I'm looking at you but secretly I'm asleep." We didnt do the character breakfast since we did that a few years ago but its a must for character interaction if it was your first time. But waiting with my daughter for a whopping 25 minutes to get on the wading river was horrible. Kids were crying and so was my infant, so we had to swap places a few times on line because the baby needed me. So I had two kids crying, and my husband gave me the final #3 Jon Gosselin look of the day. "Your yelling at me, and instead of asking you if you need help I will just keep my mouth shut and pretend to ignore you."

So on the 2 hour exhausting ride home the kids are asleep in the car and I thank my husband for dealing with my stressful rants. We kiss and make up. But just like Kate I did wish that instead of him making me feel bad for nagging him all day that he just would have tried to help me more. Try to make it seem like he was having a good time. But overall I know he did it because he loves me.....And we do what we do for our kids.

A New GWOP Blog from Julie

Thank you for being my little viewing group and keeping me posted on Julie Blogs. I was notified today that she had actually posted something not nasty and attack-like again on the question and answers page. .(For the record, 90% of the questions asked on that page are from my friend ILUVEEYORE) Serena re-posted it on the front page of todays GWOP. Because she wants YOU to know when Julie writes! (lol) This was in regards to last nights new episode:

"Did Jon and Kate ever discuss moving out of state with Jodi? I think they are moving out of state because of all the fighting with friends and family, nothing is keeping them in PA anymore. I remember a show a few months ago when they were looking at land in PA, not out of state. It is a major change.

Answer: A long time ago (probably close to a year), they were talking about building a house close to Beth.

It's been at least 6-8 months now that they have been talking about building a house in NC. J&K attended a wrap party for Season 3 back in May down at Figure 8. When they returned, Jon said that property had been purchased and all of the sponsors had committed. Everything is being provided including appliances, furnishings, TVs, etc. J&K are not paying for ANYTHING.

They have been showing their house plans to various people. Supposedly, it's going to be 8000sf with a pool and pool house. There will be an area designated for the crew including their own entrance and kitchen.

Moving out of state has nothing to do with fighting with family and friends. We believe that in order to get the house of their dreams, the production company has stipulated that it needs to be near them. They have no intention of ending this any time soon."

Yay for that!! I mean, if its true. I dont believe anything that woman says. How much flack must this woman be getting for posting on this site? Do you think that her sister even knows? I mean, how could anyone NOT know its her..Recently I tried to e-mail Jon from a personal e-mail address he has responded from a while back. My message came back mailbox FULL. I could only imagine how much garbage he has to sift through thats sent on that site and his e-mail address. I wonder how many people have told her about Julies new blog home......

And one more.. that someone just sent me that Julie wrote: THIS IS UPDATED:

QUESTION: I'm wondering why so many seem to accept that she is Jodi's sister without question. Is there any proof that Julie is who she says she is? Why do you believe that she is who she says she is?

ANSWER: We have met personally with Julie, face-to-face, and were satisfied beyond any doubt that she is Jodi Kreider's sister.

"If I may just add--I had to go to great lengths to prove who I am. At one point, I wondered if they were going to ask for a DNA sample. :-) Serena and the other administrators do a wonderful job in making sure the information they post is accurate. I appreciate all of their hard work".

Holy smoke people! Are they serious that the have "met up" with this person to confirm her identity? Or to get the best of the hard core lies? Or to have a happy meal together? I'm so stunned with this one I dont know what to say....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Great Recent Kate Article, Then "My Daily Rant"

Since my blog as of late has dedicated itself to the frustration and lies coming from a particular hate blog, I wanted to focus more on the original intent. To have a great, sincere fan page from someone that truly loves this show. So today I will not dissect the garbage that is GWOP. But rather let you see a few more new articles as of late talking about how great the show is and interesting things we as fans would like to read.

First is a great blog-style article from called Truth About Dating: In praise of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8. Check it out.

Also too funny, I must re-post what someone wrote on the Imperfect Parent blog that I just totally loved. It summed up how I feel about people that constantly comment negatively about the show:

"I can’t believe just how many people get off on watching a show they hate just so they can bitch about it. I just don’t get it. I don’t really like Kate, but I like the show. And when the day comes that I don’t like the show, I will stop watching it. It’s not a big dilemma in my life. What cracks me up is the hypocrites who say they watch it in the interest of protecting the children. What load of crap! These same protectors can’t even tell the kids apart. They pretend to care, but they don’t. They watch this show for one reason only - to drink Kate Haterade. As crazy as they call her, I think they are just as nuts."

I am lovin it! Too funny. Speaking of Kate, I was having a "Kate Day". How lucky is she that people like me now refer to having "Kate Days"? Ok, that maybe might not sound nice, but I swear the intent is to show that I love her because she makes me feel like I'm ok and not the only one doing these things. My daughter did not eat any of her dinner and left the living room a mess (didnt pick up her toys that I asked her to) and was crying she wanted desert. My husband gave in and I went berserk. While we were arguing about her being punished and going to bed I said something like "are you standing WITH me, or are you standing against me?" OH SNAP did I just rip off a Kate saying without realizing it? Needless to say I realized that this show is also giving me the much needed vocabulary upgrade I was looking for.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some of My Favorite Quotes (Why I love this show)

"I can't see sheep" - Aaden
"I'll take care of the kids" - Hannah
"I pooped in my unnawear!" - Hannah
"I hate the way my emotions make me feel" -Jon
Kate - "Who's the party for?!" Alexis - "GOD!" (On the babies 3rd birthday)
"Every time I shrug my shoulders, I'm giving a shout out to my peeps." -Jon

"Why do little girls have little boops (boobs)?" one of the girls
"Because big girls have big boops" Kate

"Daddies have wieners" - Collin
"Do you have to breathe so loudly? -Kate to Jon
"Did u pongu in there?" -jon

Kate: "Aaden, your fingernails are so dirty."
Hannah: "That's 'cause he was scratching his heiney."
Aaden: "But I'm itchy!"
Kate: "That's disgusting, Aaden."

Hannah: "Everybody's ASIAN!"
Alexis: "Is Mickey Mouse Ajan?"
Jon: "No, he's a mouse"
Alexis: "An Ajan mouse?"
Jon: "Nope, just a plain ole mouse. With red underpants"

Cara to Mady "That you were good, that you were amazing or that you were perfect"
Mady to Cara "I don't think 'perfect' would be the word."

Todays Daily Rant & Serena Brings Them In...

First off before I start todays post, I would love to give a big shout out to ILUVEEYORE and the rest of the folks over at GWOP. Its so nice to hear the kind (lol) words from such hateful people and I just want to say you are the reason my blog didn't end up in obscurity. I must be doing something right! Thanks, and I will continue to take it upon myself to flick the ants (you) that are chewing on the fruit at the picnic that is "The Gosselin Family." Uhh I will make up a better analogy later, I know that one wasn't good..

Todays rant is about why we spend so much for kids parties. I know this will definetly be pertaining to the Gosselins soon. Why it is is a such a big deal to competing mommies? To have the nicest party all the kids will want to go to and talk about? I have heard from several that it differs from locations around the US, but here, I have not been in the past few years, to a birthday party (minus family) in a house. Now when we were young everything was at home, we ate cake, played a few games and opened presents. Now with no one wanting kids inside with nothing to do, in their homes making a mess, we pick the least expensive bounce house/gymnastics/bowling party place we can find. This was the first year my daughter begged me to invite her class. Adding roughly 18 to my already 18 sounded insane, but I did it this year only.

One woman responded for her daughter that she couldn't go. My daughter came home in tears the next day saying that Victoria told her that since she was a twin, her sister was too upset she couldn't come too and the fighting made her mom say she couldn't come. Ok, so I dont know who to believe here, but I felt so bad that I left a message telling the mom to please invite the other daughter, that I had no idea she was a twin. Now personally my feeling was, "You should be explaining to your children that not always will both be able to go to each others class parties". But then I tried to be in the shoes of the girls seeing her sister leave for a party and not be able to come too.

I'm sure you can see how I feel for Kate now when you think now how shes gonna handle that. Of course, I'm painting the tiniest of things she will have to deal with once they are separated into different classes for school, but you get my point. How do you say to the others that ones going. I know birthday party dramas are only 1% of what her kids will have to deal with, but its an example of what happens when your dealing with 6 children in possible 6 different classes. 6 different homework assignments, you get the idea..... it should be very interesting. And for the record, my bounce house, craft party w/food for the adults, cake, favors, tax & tip left me in the hole of almost $700.... for an hour and a half party...But how I love my girls! (lol)

"Go get her, and her little dog too!"

I noticed lately that my tirade seems to be strictly on GWOP, but they seems to have the biggest control of new viewers to the Jon & Kate show. They seems to be the sneakiest, the tell the most lies, and what truth they do find they make sure they twist to make sure they show this poor family out to be some entity that needs to be destroyed. Today I was super excited to see that I received questions strictly from those directly from GWOP. I accidentally deleted an e-mail I wanted to keep on here, from someone called Whocares?. (I'm figuring its one of Serena's girls in disguise because that how she rolls...) Anyway the e-mail was regarding my comment on how disgusted I was that Serena posted comments about the Gosselins hitting their kids. This comment was not only the most touchiest subject that borders on abuse issues, but its a private issue between parents that in no way should be discussed in a public forum where every person in the world will have a different opinion about it. Its just one of the many rabbits they pull from the hat for shock value to upset the readers into thinking they are not watching the wholesome show they truly are. This person Whocares says that the read it on Facebook, therefore its true. Huh? What is it about people reading stories in print that they think are automatically true, and if they are, how sick must you be to scour Jon & Kate blogs for things you can twist around for your own sick use. I have lots of opinions on how I feel children should be disciplined, however I keep that private. How I handle my kids is my own damn business and not for you to judge. But again because these parents are on TV, the world feels entitled to dissect how they raise their own kids. Good or bad, truth or lie will will never know. But that is not for us to comment on for the sole use of stirring more hate, gossip & lies for more hits on our blog.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jodi's Sister Julie is a sad mean person (lol)

No daily rant today, for I had a very good day. My baby played for the first time with the other babies at Gymboree and even crawled all around the place. I was happy to see her growing so quickly and watching her enjoy the colorful surroundings. I try every day to remember how fully blessed I am to have such a healthy wonderful child despite all I went though during my pregnancy with her.

So it totally pains me to write such a nasty post, but if this is how most of the world deal with their frustration I will do the same. I need to let everyone know what a horrible terrible person I think Jodi's sister is for doing what what I see now she did. As you may already know, she is now one of the contributing editors at the most evil horrid of blogs. Gosselins Without Pity. In her own words, "Unless Jodi gives me the “go ahead”, I’ll have to be content leaving comments on GWoP. " Basically she admits that Jodi was Ok with her writing about what she did, but when the negative press got out of hand (including the fact that Julie posted more than one picture of Jodi b/c nobody believed it was her sister) she was basically told she couldn't blog anymore. I truly feel it was about the TOTAL LIE Julie talks about in her blog that was constantly being questioned.

Serena from GWOP has literally gotten the Cash Cow. This horrible woman who was rumored by a few blogs to be the "Source" behind the National Enquirer article in order to make some quick cash, is now ready to "spill all on GWOP". Because in her own words "I’m trying to keep up with the comments on here. I really enjoy this blog and appreciate the staff’s work in keeping it running in a respectful way. I love reading everyone’s opinions and hopefully I can help get more information out. As I said before, I’d never break Jodi’s trust, and there are some things that are off limits, and I respect that". Or in other words, anything that I cant be sued on you bet I will lie to you about since this site is the most disrespectful, most perfect way I could get back at The Gosselins for not giving my family more money.

Lets start off with the fact that the whole controversy in the first place about her ridiculous blog was that we couldn't believe Jodi would allow it and whether the information was true. She went on and on how Jodi was not allowed to be paid for her services on the show. But clear as day, as she uses the name The Truth Will Set You Free said just yesterday that "Yes, the issue with the contract happened back at the end of April. At that time, Kate told Jodi that she wanted to give her a “part-time job” and would still use her during the interview sessions and on the weekends for the speaking engagements. She wouldn’t allow Jodi to be shown on camera, but wanted her help off camera. Jodi did keep the 3 youngest girls one weekend in the beginning of May. Soon after that, Kate called Jodi and said that Jenny needed more hours and Jodi’s services were no longer needed." Ok, so first you say they refused to pay her, then you state Kate was hiring her part-time. Its so sad that this girl single handedly made me loose such respect for that entire family.

Now under the cloak of secrecy she is blogging quite regularly now, I'm sure she contributed to Kate Gosselin: A Woman of Deep Faith. Serena is not so stupid, so many of the daily blog writings that are such trash she has decided to highlight the best and put it on the main boards in case you missed it. Some of the comments are way to personal for anyone but family to know about. At no time did Julie care about the fact the Serena laughs off how Jon himself wrote saying how angry and betrayed he was at the complete amount of lies this woman is telling. (Ohh and for the record, she claims she wont show the public what he wrote. I wonder if its a legal thing...) That she now has the perfect outlet is a very scary thing. Because when you are allowed to control what is said regardless of the content, that NO FANS OF ANY KIND WILL EVER BE ALLOWED TO POST THERE. It worries me a great deal because people new to the site will not understand or know better not to believe it. This woman has the nerve to write and answer her own questions now on GWOP. An example:

The Truth Will Set You Free
said..."Kelly Ripa attended some type of function in NYC and the Gosselins were there. Kelly made a gracious comment to Kate about how much she enjoyed the show, etc and Kate supposedly dissed Kelly."

"Yes--this is true. Jodi was in the room with Kate and said it was extremely embarrassing. Kate acted like the celebrities were coming to meet HER. She didn't introduce herself or Jodi to anyone."

"Jodi asked me to set the record straight on Kate watching the kids--that's Jon's job. Kate isn't involved with the kids AT ALL. Jodi had told me in the past that Kate didn't know which toothbrush each child used, or which ones still wore pull ups. When Jon was still working, Kate would put the kids in front of the TV (although she says they don't watch TV and has made comments about Jodi letting them watch movies) and she also would lock them in their room from 1p-4p for their "nap". The kids were climbing out of their cribs and playing. I can't imagine locking 6 toddlers in a room for 3 hrs--knowing that they're not asleep."

How are we or anyone else supposed to know whether or not this stuff is true? GWOP has hit an all time low saying Jon & Kate hit their kids off camera and that Jon sleeps in the basement. How would anyone ever know this! How is comments like this even allowed! This girl is gonna do whatever she can to try to work with the horrible people on that blog to destroy the relationship Jon & Kate have with Jodi and her family. How would she ever know or make the assumption that Kate locks her kids up for hours on end? Like a monster Julie is trying to make her out to be with Jodi's consent! This I am sure is the reason why Jodi is not allowing Julie to blog anymore. But shes still blabbing on she can on GWOP. SHAME ON YOU!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Rant, A New Kinder Gosselins Without Pity

Today for my daily rant I will discuss how its possible for a DVD player to cost $3,750. We have a modest Kia Sedona, which I love. It came with the all important flip-down DVD play my daughter loves to put Hannah Montana on. Well today she comes to me crying after I hear my husband cursing outside that my daughter did something to the player. She confessed that she didn't realize there was another disc in the machine as she shoved another in it. Typical kid mistake. But when we travel 45 minutes to our dealer we find out that to replace it would cost over $3000! And if we don't fix it right away (it was built w/the car was the reason) it will eventually kill the battery since its still running. ughhhhh. This and the baby fell down again today trying to support herself on a chair again. I am having a bad day...

A Kindler Gosselins Without Pity?

A few might ask why I am so obsessed with that nasty hateful site. Well for one they evoke the kind of hatred out of people I have never seen before, they tell outright lies to people, and the can manipulate the publics view on things simply by only posting the comments relevant to them. I talked before how even nice articles like the ones I have posted here, they rant about as being false. But are they finally starting to see the horrible reputation they are getting? If you remember I did say I refused to look at the car wreck. Especially when they were bragging they were up to like a billion hits or something. But today against my better judgment I went onto the site.

First, now they are adding stupid comments of the week along with a missing persons section. Now I totally agree with that part but to only have children and not adults makes them appear to be some kids advocacy group when in fact that could be farther from the truth. Another thing I noticed that was new was a question and answer section. I commented myself how they claim to know all this privileged information by reliable sources, when I noticed they are no better than the horrors over at the National Inquirer. Who make up stuff to make people look bad and say they got it from a "source". Never got a response nor was anything I wrote published. What I found funny was that most of the questions came from ILUVEEYORE. This weirdo is on a few hate sites and lo and behold, is one of the contributing editors. So why, would you have this person ask all the questions Serena, when this is the same nasty person that spews hate on the Imperfect Parent site. And for that matter, why IS this person on so many sites that are supposed to be about ruining Jon & Kate? And why, if you were smart, would you not change your name so people dont ask why your on all these blogs?

My rants, for the most part, are just me trying to make myself feel better. The blog is to make Jon & Kate feel they they're are still faithful fans out there and maybe I could make THEM feel better. But now I'm content trying to make my daughter feel better. Uhh because Daddy's still a TAD angry.. ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daily Rant, GWOP Readers Trolling. Washinton Post Article

Kids are finally asleep. This is literally the only time (late at night) I get to be by myself and wipe the day off my body. Figuratively speaking. I could only imagine how Jon & Kate feel after the kids are in bed (lol). My husband just cant get over how I could wake up on a Sunday, and instead of doing nothing say" OK were going into the city". He thinks I forget I have children. But for me, after working my butt off all week being a mom, trying to find a new job, ohh and cook & clean & take care of my kids (the list is endless) I do NOT want to sit in my pajamas all day. Every parent is different, but I like to take my kids out and expose them to a different world other than suburbia on the weekends.

So we went into Manhattan and for the first time with my little one took the kids downtown to South Street Seaport. There were soo many kids down there, I really wish they would give them more to do there other than that mall and the boat cruises, but none the less we had a good time. On the way home to the subway we pass by the block of emptiness that is still the World Trade Center. After 7 years you would think that more would have been done, but in the year since I have been there I would swear the same damn crane is in the same place it was before. Knowing what people here went through, it was rough. I had just given to birth to my daughter and we were going to go into my office to show off the baby. I was also supposed to go to Morgan Stanley that day as well to visit my friend. Needless to say the baby was sick, and that day sitting in my PJ's watching it on TV like everyone else was like an out of body experience. Wheres my dad...wheres Jenny's one connecting with anyone. Though I do not have a relative lost everyone knew someone who did. Its just frustrating to see time still stand still 7 years later.

More GWOP Trolling Now on IMDB!

I had discussed earlier how either the readers or the actual editors from Gosselins Without Pity "troll" fansites looking to link their page or quote things they have written. I was super surprised that when I went on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) There were some people discussing the show there as well on the page that belongs to the show. Some dude posting as degroohj wrote a post called "Moving To NC". There he posted a horrible article from GWOP implying that the reason the Gosselins were moving to NC was because of the lax absence of child labor laws. Also that movies with sexual content are all made in NC and thats why the are moving there. First of all I found this totally disgusting, that GWOP would have this garbage on their site. Next, that someone copied it word for word using the old "lets discuss" method in order to get people to check out the site once again. I actually set up an account to chew this dog. I get super defensive when I read that that trash is bragging about its hits and is spreading on other sites like a disease. I hope more fans will respond if they see other places where they try to infiltrate. Gosselin Article

Funny thing though, a friend of mine who keeps tabs on GOP e-mailed me about how upset they were regarding a nice simple unbiased article from You can read it here.

Haters were in an uproar over how nice it was, saying that how dare they write such garbage. I thought the article was great. Was not happy that they put such a somber photo of the kids because apparently the readers (ie: jealous haters) ripped that one apart since Jon & Kate are the only ones smiling in it. However, its so funny to see that when tripe like one mans opinion goes on AOL they rejoice. But when a nice article comes out they are lighting torches. That brainwashed site is really starting to scare me. So much in fact I refuse to even go on it and resort to others telling me, because Im scared to get some voodoo hex from my computer. What was nice to read was that GOP was saying that Kate was keeping them from going to school (lies) we will be seeing the Tups go to Pre-school. Funny how no one there admitted to being wrong. I am also super excited to see them renew their vows on TV. When I told my husband I wanted t odo the same, he rolled his eyes at me. Avery Jon Gosselin thing to do...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Todays Daily Rant & More Lies on Gosselins Without Pity

No question today...I thought I would just do a quick rant and get back to that hate site and its daily lies.. Its pouring rain here on the day we had decided to take our kids to Sesame Place. Its a 2+ hour drive & now my husband doesn't want to go. Ever since my daughter saw the Gosselins at Sesame Place last week, she has been begging me to go. I told him that it could be beautiful weather in P.A., who knows? And the best times to go to parks is ALWAYS on overcast days, the lines are she shortest. But trying to tell a little girl we will go to the Amusement park next week I PROMISE is of course like talking to a brick wall. I shouldn't have told her in advance, I know. So now the guilty parents are taking her to the overcrowded over priced Chuck E Cheese so we can spend the day with a headache...So our "Sunny Day Episode" will have to be another day....

So its just another bitter day at Gosselins Without Pity. Now I used to avoid that site at all costs. But there has been a HUGE problem with blogging boards forwarding the site to the newbies especially. I truly think its the trolls from that site that do it. For those who dont know who "trolls" are, they are not, those funny things with the pink hair you used to shake back and forth on pencils. They are people from hate blogs that look for fan sites. They pose as readers and make nasty comments about Kate and the show, or post links to GWOP so people can read the blog.
Its hard to tell when you read an internet article and you see the responses who they are. They are more obvious on Fan sites. No profile, basic name, and starting blog topics on the discussion board quoting directly from the GWOP site. Now originally the purpose of this blog for me was to go backwards a bit and talk about things that were written on the site in the past that weren't true. Fact is, if you comment and call them liars, thats not going to be printed. Todays blog on GWOP was from a woman named Sera that wrote via e-mail:

"I had these questions but never really looked beyond what I saw on the show until I accidentally stumbled upon the J&K+8 Facebook fan page and a post about Aunt Jodi and her sister. I started reading and found myself immersed in a web of information for hours, the lies and deception so apparent. Soon, it all became clear, and watching the show now, I am so surprised my usually cynical self missed all the signs.

They play in the driveway because Kate doesn’t want stains on the free kids clothes she will later sell on consignment. The ‘tups seems behind for their age because Kate and Jon are busy making deals all day and not assisting with their children’s development or engaging in creative play and craft projects. Jon doesn’t work anymore because they are living off the show now. The families/friends are not involved because they are upset this show is even going on or have been blacklisted for speaking out (IMO). They don’t need money for extravagances because they are getting everything for free."

I was so pissed when I read that I almost spit out my rock hard Chuck E Cheese Pizza. They will let ANYONE who makes a negative comment on that show a contributing editor. But what really got to be besides the lies was the way the comments were made to look like truth. But lets get back to the lies for a sec. Recently I have gotten onto both Facebook & MySpace (my reunion is coming up and people I haven't spoken to in years are now popping up like flies..) Anyway I have read the Aunt Jodi post on that Fan page. In no where does it state all the things this woman claims. In fact there was a discussion a few times on why people seem to feel so deceived. I believe, that since they are not a struggling family anymore, that people are truly just bitter and resentful about what they are blessed to be getting. They do not go out there claiming to be struggling anymore. In fact we have all heard on the show that they are so blessed and grateful for what they have been given because of the show. Seriously for the flack they get dont you think they deserve it?

So I wish to dissect this garbage for a minute. What is wrong with playing in the driveway? With that amount of kids its the best place for them to play. For those who complain ohh we never see them in the backyard, uhh you have. And why must we say over and over that these are 30 minute shows (sometimes 60) and you only get to see an edited glimpse of what actually goes on in that family? ugh sorry, but that drives me nuts. Most of my family and friends are teachers, and do not feel in any way that the Tups are behind for their age. Now this is an opinion, and some might disagree. But my daughter at that age was the exact same way, and now shes excelling. So every child develops differently. What a hateful nasty thing to say which is just what that awful blog wanted. The nastier the better. Now just like any other discussion board, there are people that like or dislike Kate and her parenting skills. But what I like is that everyone just states their "opinion" and no one gets nasty. If they do, they got booted off (One "troll" from GWOP was recently booted yay!) Why is this the only blog out there for the show that is the exact opposite?

The fact that she commented on Jon & Kate making deals all day just shows what a bitter person this is. Why would you say that just because you don't see every second of their lives that they at this exact moment aren't doing any sort of creative play? On several articles including the one I posted on this site it is stated that Jon is a Web Developer. But the blog haters are so intent on calling him unemployed just so that they could call the man names. Immature and just terrible.
Main family and friends are still very much involved and in no way "blacklisted". More lies coming from only her opinion. See above regarding editing. They are not getting EVERYTHING for free people. TLC is not THAT generous. I think people mostly get so bent out of shape because they resent the Gosselins getting anything for free. Which doesn't mean I'm not jealous, but I don't begrudge and honestly you go girl! Get it and enjoy it. If you have to read garbage and lies about you all day like this I truly feel terrible for you. again, when I tried to post the lies this person wrote about what was on Face Book it was never shown. You wonder why??