Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Jon & Kate Article, Gosselin's: Little Wonders

I get sent many of these videos. I particularly like how the music was set to this one:

Also please check out this new article about the Gosselins from The Record.com. Its called appropriately: "Ratings As High As A Diaper Pile". Well Said. Please excuse the short post tonight. The baby is teething and waking up in the middle of the night again. So I have to go to bed! But enjoy this cute comment courtesy of my sister-site GosselinsdonotneedourPity:

"The anatomy of a rumor ala GwoP. If we repeat the same rumor over and over and over and over again it is now fact and we can say that it has been "reported." Similarly, if we hold on to an opinion passionately and fervently enough, that opinion now rises to the level of FACT."

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Sophie said...

I loved last nights show as well :) I'm glad I found this site..sick of seeing all of the negative hatred going on. I don't understand why Kate gets bashed like this..She's a great mom and has flaws but don't we all?. We only see an hour of thier lives each week and the haters think they know everything.

Well last night I decided to defend the family, more Kate then any at the JK8 forums and I got banned. They actually banned me from liking Kate. I did nothing wron but voiced my option. They truley are mean.

What I still don't get is who is telling the truth Gosselins or Jodi/Julie.