Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todays Rant, EW J&K Review & Happiness For A Future Gosselin Home

I know I said I would change my rants to thought because of the tone, but after spending almost $200 on school supplies (I'm not even done yet) I thought I would let off some steam. For those without kids the end of Summer may mean no more casual Friday or getting out early for the weekend trip. For us mommies it means getting a ridiculously high endless list of back to school supplies. If you have more than one child you can see how this adds up. The problem is, its no longer the basic things your child will need. Its paper towels, wipes? and toilet paper. Its 4-5 marble notebooks that you know your kids will use like, 3 tops. Why are we paying taxes for this yet now we have to supply the teacher with everything? isn't that the schools job? Why are we buying so many sets of markers and crayons when our kids only maybe need one? I think its probably for those kids who might not have the funds to bring their own. Which that to me is ok. Whats not is each of the three lists I have include random things like dry erase pens for the teachers board. Why am I paying for HER stuff? Sorry, but this year I spent the most I ever did....Did you?

So now I pose another question. Lets say a friend of yours put their lives on TV, hit it big, and want to buy a new house. Would you be happy for them? Lets say your friends were Jon & Kate. Why did this family alone cause so much controversy to the blogging community that both Television Without Pity and Fans of Reality TV had to close the blogs due to the attacks on fans by Kate haters? Why do the people over on GWOP have such an issue with the Gosselins buying a bigger house? Because to them, they are no longer struggling therefore in their minds no longer relate able? I have to quote someone else from another blog I was reading:

"No, not "anybody" who doesn't like the Gosselins gets accused of jealousy. But if you complain at length about "freebies", carp about how you preferred when Kate was clipping coupons and how you can no longer relate to the family, bitch about the trips that they take and the house they may or may not be building and say things like, "I can't afford to take my kids to x place" - guess what? You are jealous! You're pretty much a textbook example of the word."

I truly cant get over the level of hatred and jealousy displayed by some of the people over there. Even if they aren't, why do they simply feel the need to attack a family so bad and try so hard to get any private info they have on the family which is none of their business to begin with? Why do they sound alot more like stalkers then normal people? The article HERE is from the Merchantville Local news about the house Jon & Kate visited in the previous episode. Regardless if they were going to buy the house or not, why begrudge them that they want a big house with land and space? Makes sense to me, and personally, Im happy for them. I surely don't think they would travel hours with their kids in the car unless they truly were interested. But the publicity these Realtors got for themselves in that outdated (lol) house made they view worth it 10 fold. I just hope and pray that if they do move they can find someplace as private as possible, away from the lookey-loos who think they seem to know whats best for someone else's kids.

Ohh and before I go, heres the cute Entertainment Weekly Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV Review.


Anonymous said...

Great post!! I so agree with you about the GwoP site. It's actually pretty comical how much effort and energy those people put out to post about how much they hate J&K and how worried they are about those "poor" exploited (yeah, right!!) children, and how horrible it is that the Gosselins are getting successful from their show, and are getting free stuff by virtue of having their show. So what? Why such sour grapes over there? Because they are so green with jealousy they can't see straight, and nomatter how much they deny it, it couldn't be clearer! It's so obvious, and it's actually pretty pathetic, and a bit comical in my opinion! I love the show, have always watched, and will continue to watch it. And I think anything they get as a benefit is awesome! I think it's great they can afford a big beautiful house for their family!! Go Gosselins!!

More Me said...

have you seen the following
????? I sure hope that when J&K do thier question and answer session in sept I think it is they share thier side of the story.

KAS said...

As a teacher I was surprised by your comments about back to school supplies. You must live in a different neighborhood than I do. We don't ask the kids to bring any supplies to school. I usually spend about $100-$200 dollars of my own money buying pencil boxes, markers, journals, large crayon boxes, folders, etc. for my second graders. Our school supplies the basics--pencils, erasers, paper, 8pack of crayons--but anything extra I buy myself. I do this because I know most of my students can't afford extras and because I'm anal and want them to all have the same thing--to help with routine and continuity. =)

Marmie said...

I live in Ky but have many friends online in other states. They also have many fees and classroom items are expected of them. It can cost as much as 200 to 300 to start the school year with book fees and more that are required of them purchaing things for the school.

Baby Mama said...

I am very shocked that each year the list for school supplies keeps getting higher and more expensive here in New York. I don't know if its because of where we live, but there are families here that are struggling as it is. I feel bad that they might not be able to afford these things. But it appears that we are being asked to over buy to make up for that. Isn't this what are tax dollars are for? Opinions do vary. Thanks!

EnigmaRain said...

I love Jon and Kate and have enjoyed your blog. Thank you for starting a blog in support of them and their show. It would be a shame for the haters to win.
I'm going to get up on my soap box for moment, so please bear with me.
I understand your frustration over school supplies, but please don't blame your child's teacher for the supply list or cost of supplies. Teachers have absolutely no control over how your state, district, or school allocates funding. To address you comment, "Whats not is each of the three lists I have include random things like dry erase pens for the teachers board. Why am I paying for HER stuff?" These aren't random items and it's not HER stuff...she's not using it to do personal projects or follow her artistic passion at home. She isn't selling the supplies on the street or wrapping them up as Christmas presents. She is using them to educate your child and the other children that will one day lead your community. Teachers work long hours for little pay (and even less gratitude) and most spend a good percentage of their "personal" time paychecks filling the gaps that funding and parents can't or won't fill. Teachers wish that the school district provided supplies, but since they don't, it's much more reasonable for each family to pitch in a little than for the teacher to spend her entire check for the privilege of teaching your child. Sorry to rant, but I have seen first hand the way teachers are expected to accomplish everything but are given nothing to do so. If more parents were willing to invest in their child's education with time, attention, and yes sometimes money, perhaps our schools would be in better condition.

Baby Mama said...

Thank you for your thoughtful post. Puts things in a better perspective.

sharon332008 said...

Hi,i was just reading some of your blogs and came across the one about school supplies. I have 4 kids in school this year and it is amazing how much you have to buy i was so worried that i wouldnt be able to afford for all my kids.I even had one teacher requesting a dvd player for her class.And where my kids go after you buy all the crap paper towels etc...they still want you to pay $30.00 for classroom supplies its really nice to know someone else agrees with me on the issue.......ON another subject i love jon and kate I believe the people saying all the bad stuff is just so sad about their own lives they have to try and make everyone else look bad kate gets mean sometimes who doesnt? As long as they can deal with their problems that is all that matters.