Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some of My Favorite Quotes (Why I love this show)

"I can't see sheep" - Aaden
"I'll take care of the kids" - Hannah
"I pooped in my unnawear!" - Hannah
"I hate the way my emotions make me feel" -Jon
Kate - "Who's the party for?!" Alexis - "GOD!" (On the babies 3rd birthday)
"Every time I shrug my shoulders, I'm giving a shout out to my peeps." -Jon

"Why do little girls have little boops (boobs)?" one of the girls
"Because big girls have big boops" Kate

"Daddies have wieners" - Collin
"Do you have to breathe so loudly? -Kate to Jon
"Did u pongu in there?" -jon

Kate: "Aaden, your fingernails are so dirty."
Hannah: "That's 'cause he was scratching his heiney."
Aaden: "But I'm itchy!"
Kate: "That's disgusting, Aaden."

Hannah: "Everybody's ASIAN!"
Alexis: "Is Mickey Mouse Ajan?"
Jon: "No, he's a mouse"
Alexis: "An Ajan mouse?"
Jon: "Nope, just a plain ole mouse. With red underpants"

Cara to Mady "That you were good, that you were amazing or that you were perfect"
Mady to Cara "I don't think 'perfect' would be the word."


Jen said...

We are Jon and Kate fans. I came upon your site and it was nice to hear good things about them. There are lots of hate Jon and Kate sites. I read on another site that they had signs in the yard I was by the house on July 31 and there were no signs ( maybe they knew we were going to be in the neighborhood lol) even though we would love to play with the kids we wouldn't go to the door.

blahblah83 said...

"I pooped in my unnawear!" - Leah
should be Hannah not I and her not my. Otherwise, great post!! And great Blog!!!

Baby Mama said...

Thank you for telling me about the error in quotes. I am changing it now!! Keep reading!

Anonymous said...

here go some corrections. . .
"Hannah pooped. . . in Hannahs unnawear"- Leah

"I have a weiner, daddies have weiners"- Joel

When Joel was asked his name by Jon's trainer he responded "Im daddy's son"

also last nights episode when the little kids where going to preschool Jon gave each child a chance to ride the bike without the training wheels and Hannah responded "you were pulling my shirt not holding onto me"

ReaganEllen said...

I love the show. Kate Gosselin is very admirable & hilarious. Great mother & in my opinion doesn't deserve anything negative that's happening to her & the kids in the media.