Saturday, August 2, 2008

Todays Daily Rant & More Lies on Gosselins Without Pity

No question today...I thought I would just do a quick rant and get back to that hate site and its daily lies.. Its pouring rain here on the day we had decided to take our kids to Sesame Place. Its a 2+ hour drive & now my husband doesn't want to go. Ever since my daughter saw the Gosselins at Sesame Place last week, she has been begging me to go. I told him that it could be beautiful weather in P.A., who knows? And the best times to go to parks is ALWAYS on overcast days, the lines are she shortest. But trying to tell a little girl we will go to the Amusement park next week I PROMISE is of course like talking to a brick wall. I shouldn't have told her in advance, I know. So now the guilty parents are taking her to the overcrowded over priced Chuck E Cheese so we can spend the day with a headache...So our "Sunny Day Episode" will have to be another day....

So its just another bitter day at Gosselins Without Pity. Now I used to avoid that site at all costs. But there has been a HUGE problem with blogging boards forwarding the site to the newbies especially. I truly think its the trolls from that site that do it. For those who dont know who "trolls" are, they are not, those funny things with the pink hair you used to shake back and forth on pencils. They are people from hate blogs that look for fan sites. They pose as readers and make nasty comments about Kate and the show, or post links to GWOP so people can read the blog.
Its hard to tell when you read an internet article and you see the responses who they are. They are more obvious on Fan sites. No profile, basic name, and starting blog topics on the discussion board quoting directly from the GWOP site. Now originally the purpose of this blog for me was to go backwards a bit and talk about things that were written on the site in the past that weren't true. Fact is, if you comment and call them liars, thats not going to be printed. Todays blog on GWOP was from a woman named Sera that wrote via e-mail:

"I had these questions but never really looked beyond what I saw on the show until I accidentally stumbled upon the J&K+8 Facebook fan page and a post about Aunt Jodi and her sister. I started reading and found myself immersed in a web of information for hours, the lies and deception so apparent. Soon, it all became clear, and watching the show now, I am so surprised my usually cynical self missed all the signs.

They play in the driveway because Kate doesn’t want stains on the free kids clothes she will later sell on consignment. The ‘tups seems behind for their age because Kate and Jon are busy making deals all day and not assisting with their children’s development or engaging in creative play and craft projects. Jon doesn’t work anymore because they are living off the show now. The families/friends are not involved because they are upset this show is even going on or have been blacklisted for speaking out (IMO). They don’t need money for extravagances because they are getting everything for free."

I was so pissed when I read that I almost spit out my rock hard Chuck E Cheese Pizza. They will let ANYONE who makes a negative comment on that show a contributing editor. But what really got to be besides the lies was the way the comments were made to look like truth. But lets get back to the lies for a sec. Recently I have gotten onto both Facebook & MySpace (my reunion is coming up and people I haven't spoken to in years are now popping up like flies..) Anyway I have read the Aunt Jodi post on that Fan page. In no where does it state all the things this woman claims. In fact there was a discussion a few times on why people seem to feel so deceived. I believe, that since they are not a struggling family anymore, that people are truly just bitter and resentful about what they are blessed to be getting. They do not go out there claiming to be struggling anymore. In fact we have all heard on the show that they are so blessed and grateful for what they have been given because of the show. Seriously for the flack they get dont you think they deserve it?

So I wish to dissect this garbage for a minute. What is wrong with playing in the driveway? With that amount of kids its the best place for them to play. For those who complain ohh we never see them in the backyard, uhh you have. And why must we say over and over that these are 30 minute shows (sometimes 60) and you only get to see an edited glimpse of what actually goes on in that family? ugh sorry, but that drives me nuts. Most of my family and friends are teachers, and do not feel in any way that the Tups are behind for their age. Now this is an opinion, and some might disagree. But my daughter at that age was the exact same way, and now shes excelling. So every child develops differently. What a hateful nasty thing to say which is just what that awful blog wanted. The nastier the better. Now just like any other discussion board, there are people that like or dislike Kate and her parenting skills. But what I like is that everyone just states their "opinion" and no one gets nasty. If they do, they got booted off (One "troll" from GWOP was recently booted yay!) Why is this the only blog out there for the show that is the exact opposite?

The fact that she commented on Jon & Kate making deals all day just shows what a bitter person this is. Why would you say that just because you don't see every second of their lives that they at this exact moment aren't doing any sort of creative play? On several articles including the one I posted on this site it is stated that Jon is a Web Developer. But the blog haters are so intent on calling him unemployed just so that they could call the man names. Immature and just terrible.
Main family and friends are still very much involved and in no way "blacklisted". More lies coming from only her opinion. See above regarding editing. They are not getting EVERYTHING for free people. TLC is not THAT generous. I think people mostly get so bent out of shape because they resent the Gosselins getting anything for free. Which doesn't mean I'm not jealous, but I don't begrudge and honestly you go girl! Get it and enjoy it. If you have to read garbage and lies about you all day like this I truly feel terrible for you. again, when I tried to post the lies this person wrote about what was on Face Book it was never shown. You wonder why??

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