Sunday, August 10, 2008

Todays Daily Rant & Serena Brings Them In...

First off before I start todays post, I would love to give a big shout out to ILUVEEYORE and the rest of the folks over at GWOP. Its so nice to hear the kind (lol) words from such hateful people and I just want to say you are the reason my blog didn't end up in obscurity. I must be doing something right! Thanks, and I will continue to take it upon myself to flick the ants (you) that are chewing on the fruit at the picnic that is "The Gosselin Family." Uhh I will make up a better analogy later, I know that one wasn't good..

Todays rant is about why we spend so much for kids parties. I know this will definetly be pertaining to the Gosselins soon. Why it is is a such a big deal to competing mommies? To have the nicest party all the kids will want to go to and talk about? I have heard from several that it differs from locations around the US, but here, I have not been in the past few years, to a birthday party (minus family) in a house. Now when we were young everything was at home, we ate cake, played a few games and opened presents. Now with no one wanting kids inside with nothing to do, in their homes making a mess, we pick the least expensive bounce house/gymnastics/bowling party place we can find. This was the first year my daughter begged me to invite her class. Adding roughly 18 to my already 18 sounded insane, but I did it this year only.

One woman responded for her daughter that she couldn't go. My daughter came home in tears the next day saying that Victoria told her that since she was a twin, her sister was too upset she couldn't come too and the fighting made her mom say she couldn't come. Ok, so I dont know who to believe here, but I felt so bad that I left a message telling the mom to please invite the other daughter, that I had no idea she was a twin. Now personally my feeling was, "You should be explaining to your children that not always will both be able to go to each others class parties". But then I tried to be in the shoes of the girls seeing her sister leave for a party and not be able to come too.

I'm sure you can see how I feel for Kate now when you think now how shes gonna handle that. Of course, I'm painting the tiniest of things she will have to deal with once they are separated into different classes for school, but you get my point. How do you say to the others that ones going. I know birthday party dramas are only 1% of what her kids will have to deal with, but its an example of what happens when your dealing with 6 children in possible 6 different classes. 6 different homework assignments, you get the idea..... it should be very interesting. And for the record, my bounce house, craft party w/food for the adults, cake, favors, tax & tip left me in the hole of almost $700.... for an hour and a half party...But how I love my girls! (lol)

"Go get her, and her little dog too!"

I noticed lately that my tirade seems to be strictly on GWOP, but they seems to have the biggest control of new viewers to the Jon & Kate show. They seems to be the sneakiest, the tell the most lies, and what truth they do find they make sure they twist to make sure they show this poor family out to be some entity that needs to be destroyed. Today I was super excited to see that I received questions strictly from those directly from GWOP. I accidentally deleted an e-mail I wanted to keep on here, from someone called Whocares?. (I'm figuring its one of Serena's girls in disguise because that how she rolls...) Anyway the e-mail was regarding my comment on how disgusted I was that Serena posted comments about the Gosselins hitting their kids. This comment was not only the most touchiest subject that borders on abuse issues, but its a private issue between parents that in no way should be discussed in a public forum where every person in the world will have a different opinion about it. Its just one of the many rabbits they pull from the hat for shock value to upset the readers into thinking they are not watching the wholesome show they truly are. This person Whocares says that the read it on Facebook, therefore its true. Huh? What is it about people reading stories in print that they think are automatically true, and if they are, how sick must you be to scour Jon & Kate blogs for things you can twist around for your own sick use. I have lots of opinions on how I feel children should be disciplined, however I keep that private. How I handle my kids is my own damn business and not for you to judge. But again because these parents are on TV, the world feels entitled to dissect how they raise their own kids. Good or bad, truth or lie will will never know. But that is not for us to comment on for the sole use of stirring more hate, gossip & lies for more hits on our blog.....

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Abigail said...

Wow, that was kind of you to invite the other twin. We had identical twins growing up next door and that was one of their issues. One twin always seems to get invited to more parties than the other. I think around age 8 was when she started telling them that people wouldn't automatically invite them both, but she and her hubby always did something special with the one at home even if it was just going out for ice cream instead of letting them sit and think about it.

Can you imagine having to deal with that with six? And while inviting one extra child to a large party isn't really noticeable, asking five more is really out of the question.

Kudos to you though for giving the kid a great party. I remember those years and sometimes it seemed each mother was trying to outdo the previous one.