Sunday, August 31, 2008

Todays Parenting Thoughts, New Hawaii Renewal Info

Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day Weekend! Since last weeks thoughts about school supplies went so well (see HERE) my thoughts today is about the expense of having a simple barbecue. Just to have a few friends over for the day cost like almost $400 here easy. Alcohol, food, salads and deserts (because even though someone brings its never enough) plus utensils and such. This is the reason why we don't entertain anymore. Because its much easier to bring a cake to someones else house right? (lol) But here's my story. Today friends of ours noticed their son misbehaving. (he placed his feet on a table) Well his father yanked his arm and smacked his behind in front of everyone. Then made the boy do a time out on our steps. Our mouths gaped open. We all just sat there not knowing what to say. After the family left the whole party was talking about it. "OMG did you see the mom didn't say a word?" Another said "how dare he do that at a party?" When everyone left I asked my mom what she thought, and although she said "as mad as I felt, we have to respect that we should not judge others parenting, that is HIS son." Should I care how my friends parent their kids? So since I link all stories to Jon & Kate, I wonder why some people get off, just because they are on TV, to bash their parenting skills? Aren't those their children? How nasty can people be that they flock to places like GWOP and go on and on when its nobodies business? When does it mean all gloves are off when it comes to people on TV? You should see the hate seething from that site lately, saying the Tups are delayed and how depending on where the Gosselins placed thumbtacks on the site that's how much they love the kids?

New Hawaii Renewal Info
So onto some cool stuff. Someone from another board posted some cool new info regarding the Hawaii Renewal Ceremony. Its from a board in Hawaii you can see HERE. the date he mentions - on July 21st - is the EXACT date that we know they were in fact there. Below is an excerpt:

July 16th, 2008, 08:21 PM
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Re: Jon & Kate Plus Eight

There will indeed be a Hawaiian episode. Jon has cousins and aunties on Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. The family has been invited to Maui for a show.

I think my friend (Jon's cousin) said it will be later this summer. She also told me the hotel that was sponsoring the trip--but I can't remember the name. It could be Grand Wailea, but I am not sure. Wherever it is, it should be fun!
Local family members are going on August 12. I think the Gosselin's will be there for 2 weeks around that date. I heard the Jon and Kate will renew their wedding vows.


Nice pic! People Magazine will publish photos in a couple of weeks. Look out for them. We always seem to get our magazines about a month after they hit the stands. My wife always accuses the mail person of holding the issues to read them!

I have heard the new season of Jon & Kate will open in November with the family trips to San Diego and Maui.

So after reading this I hope that its true because I am super excited to see their family. So many haters were like "ohh everyone in the family hates them". The way that they have nitpicked every inch of their new site is the worst case of internet bullies I have ever seen. I wonder if it makes their lives feel slightly better is they are putting some else down. Someone named Pokie even wanted their comment "To me it's just lipstick on a pig.'' nominated for comment of the week. Is that insane? Even Julie herself had to put her two cents in saying"this is just a desperate attempt at damage control." Julie is this your desperate attempt of your last 15 minutes of GWOP fame?? Here is MY nomination for comment of the week from regarding GWOP "They have more nuts over there than any Planters factory." from GDNOP

I need a happy Aaden fix. I love him so. Just dancing with his fruit snacks made me realize why I had kids in the first place. And why I love Jon & Kate. Enjoy.........


katie said...

I love your blog! I watch every week and just enjoy watching the kids. I agree with your comment of the week."There are more nuts over there then a Planters factory." That is good stuff. I can not read the GWOP blog anymore. It has become a bashing sight and I believe in Karma, what comes around goes around.
Keep up your hard work, we do appreciate it!

jdmac said...

my favorite part of that episode is aaden saying "i can't see sheep!!!" so so darling! I also am excited for the hawaii episode. i dvr'd 'kate's labor day', but we were out of town so I haven't seen it yet. and i've stayed far away from any posts that allude to it. i want to watch it fresh! :) love your blog! have a great day

The Farmer's Daughter said...

I used to read and sometimes post @ GWOP until I realized life is too short to spend it criticizing someone I've never even met. I love watching those kids and they make me smile every week. Aaden's dance with his fruit snack is the perfect example...I love this show and thank you for this blog.

LauraH said...

I love the comments left on your page here
Baby Mama.... these women are more like
us and realize Life is Short and who are
we to judge people we don't know in
person.... They put on a great show and
if there was any abuse going on the show
would be cancelled... Watching Jon and
Kate puts a smile on my face every time..
I love them....

Hugs, LauraH