Friday, August 1, 2008

Beth Reads Blogs on Behalf of Kate??? Please sign Petition, and a NEW NICE Article

After the horrible and ridiculous AOL rant some man named Roger did about not liking the show I almost lost it. Here he gets publicity for agreeing with another blog he read. He doesn't even watch the show! This Tammy person from Associated Content seriously needs a whack in the head, as everything she reads from other blogs she also states as Fact. (Sorry, I do not copy links to hate blogs here, but you can find it if you look) I just have to say, do Kate's friends really ever read the blogs since she does not and try to stick up for her? OK so this is few months old but I just found this:

Now just like I truly did feel that Jodi's sister was actually blogging, I never thought the garbage she was saying was true. I just thought she had her own ulterior motives and though its smart for Jodi not to respond to save the embarrassment from her sister, I feel someone at some point needs to stick up for Kate. Little did I know that apparently people only look to dig up horrible things for the family since this was apparently written by Beth. So hopefully with the success of the book, something nice can finally come Beth's way, as we all know she deserves it just as much as Jodi. And since other hate sites tried to sign a petition to get the show canceled. I was happy to see that the fans have a petition of our own...

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/1/do-not-cancel-jon-kate-plus-8

Please take a moment to add your signature, because every person counts when it comes to someone telling us what we should and shouldn't watch. And finally, for those that have had enough reading about jealous bitter people writing about the show, might I add a very nice RECENT Jon & Kate article from New America Media. Here they state that they have not yet signed on for the next season. So we continue to pray that way con continue to stay with them on their ongoing journey!


Tracee said...

I believe it was a fake Beth, but I was a new blogger and very naive. I highly doubt they will cancel a show that people can't shut up about - whether good or bad - obviously people are watching.

Audra said...

"now just like I truly did feel that Jodi's sister was actually blogging, I never thought the garbage she was saying was true."

how do you feel now that jodi went on camera on her sisters blog stating that it all was indeed true?

Baby Mama said...

I feel now like I have always felt, that we will never know the actual truth, but someones variation of it. There are 2 sides to every story. I just wish I could hear Kates.

Kelley said...

I firmly believe that Kate is a human and that she makes mistakes and has successes just like you and I do. Regardless of who is blogging about whom, Kate would most likely be the first to say "I have flaws" I think she's perfectly right to stay off the blogs and continue to live her life her way.

As far as I can see she's not doing anything but her very best to raise the kids she's been blessed with. Her attitude and actions toward her husband can at times be a little harsh, but seriously, I'd like to see anyone keep a family of 10 going and then judge her. I like her, dispite her tones, dispite her slapps and I think she's a great mom who loves her kids. They all seem to love her too!

The person I'd be careful of is that lady who runs Jon's Gym, she seems like a red flag to me the way she fawns over Jon and acts all wierdly on camera.