Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sport of Jon & Kate Gosselin

Am I a bad person?

It’s the sport of the Gosselin’s . When it comes to this family, Monday nights is the attack of Jon & Kate. I was waiting to see how many people would lash out on Kate tonight on blogs like GWOP. Because they didn’t have much to say last week. Well after only less than a half hour, 70 posts were already up. There are people that literally ran to the computer during the commercial. KC wrote: "Ohh What kind of an IDIOT has 4 year old's hair corn rowed?" Jen Jen says: "Seriously Jon, how dare you bleed like a human?" Ravello says: "This woman will burn in hell for her treatment of the boys, especially Joel." OMG Did someone actually say that??

I am still a Kate Gosselin fan. I take attacks on her personally because there are so many of us out there like her. Most are not on a blogging warpath. Does that make me a bad person? If I was filmed, there might be times when it might look like I alienated a child, times I yelled, times I bribed in order to get a good photo. My son is always more dirty, but I don’t love him any less than my daughter. Times that I forced the kids to do something that I ADMITTED in hindsight might not have been good idea. But if I was on TV, for the world to comment on my parenting skills, would I deserve comments like these? I have my own love taps, I'm anal, I sometimes correct grammar and I freak out. My husband DOES get mad at me sometimes. I am working on this. But I’m not a bad person and neither is Kate. She is who she is, doing what she feels is best for her family. TLC seems to be content with keeping the world talking. Clever editing perhaps? Maybe not. My first 4th of July away from my family was just as rocky. But thank goodness the world wasn’t watching.


nas said...

I loved the show tonight! There were a couple of places that I kind of cringed for Kate, but only because of all the publicity right now. The kids were just so cute and their personalities are so much fun right now. The girls getting their hair braided wasn't a horrible thing, but I appreciated her saying she wouldn't make them do it again. The folks at GWOP made it sound like she's abusing them by getting the braids done...who's being dramatic now? Joel, Joel, Joel. He reminds me of one of my nephews; just too cute and sweet. I was sad for him that he kind of wandered around between J&K looking for something to do, but I remind myself that we see what TLC wants us to see. There is something ot having one kid stick out, one kid be favored, one kid throw fits, etc. I'm sure the joke is on all of us because we really don't know what is reality, even though we think we do. Overall, I laughed alot during the show and thought it was great. Can't wait for next week!

Marmie said...

I totally agree this is what I have been saying all along........ If the world watched me then Im sure in no time people would be bashing me. You know....... I also think Im glad the world is not watching my family issues and they are not out there in the open. AND they said who gets a four year olds hair corn rowed........ UM Not in anyway being raciist but lots of little colored children corn row thier hair at age one and two. So um its not that unusual. AND by the way......... really now........... we have all made parenting mistakes and bribes to our kids and messed up and had one feel left out. Or maybe there are only a few of us who admit we ARE NOT PERFECT PARENTS!!!!!!!

Julia said...

It doesn't make sense to me that you take it personally. Why would you? Why would it upset you that people dislike Kate? And I disagree with you calling the anti-Jon and Kate sites sick hate sites. Have you actually ever seen a hate site? To me a sick hate site would be something that is racist, homophobic, exploiting kids, etc. I don't mean to criticize you, I am just asking.

There is nothing wrong with loving the show and liking Kate but I often find it annoying when people are so blinded by being a fan that they actually become childish and irrationally upset and feel like they are being attacked when the celebs they like get criticized and they feel like they have to jump in and defend them from every remark made. Jon and Kate signed up for's part of the package when you document your life for instant fame and money. If people crossed the line and stalked or threatened them God forbid that is one thing and it is totally wrong, but having nasty things written about them online? In the big scheme of things, so what? They are laughing all the way to the bank. Just chill and enjoy the is a great, fun, family show!

I enjoyed J&K+8 last night also. Kate did not make me cringe at all, though she should have stopped with the hair braiding when the girls were crying. I believe the kids are well loved, though. And I have to admit that I do like Kate, flaws and all. I think she's a good mom, that she does love her husband and from what I have read lots of people have remarked that those children are very good kids and for the most part really well behaved (they are not perfect...they are kids, what kids are perfect?)

Baby Mama said...

I absolutely loved your comment. I do not take it "personally" per se, just that I guess many of us feel the need to defend as if its attack on us. Makes no sense I'm sure. Thanks again though.

jdmac said...

I don't cringe for Kate because I have a problem with her behaviors, I cringe for her because of all the little things she does that other people pick apart, and then dwell on. But you're right, they did sign up for it, and those kinds of things go along with fame.