Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Jodi Why? Do we now truly loose respect for you??

Ok, so maybe anyone who may or may not be a fan of the show heard that Jodi made a video for her sister to post on a hate site. I just cant believe she would do this, on her vacation no less? Normally I would NEVER attached a hate site to my blog, but you can see the video HERE. Why would she allow her sister to post on a hate blog, unless its some sort of revenge? I totally lost all respect for Jodi now. It just truly shows how getting money in in your life can ruin your family. These are a few quotes that people wrote in response to the video that I feel strongly about. These comments were taken from another Jon & Kate Blog site I really like called Its neutral middle ground to my pro Kate site here and that nay Kate site over there (lol):

"I think it is completely tasteless to handle the situation that way! Of course she is getting encouraging emails...GWoP is buttering her up to get more information, they don't really care about her. They care about hurting Jon and Kate. Jodi making that video proves to me why she is no longer in their lives. Any family member that would blast another family member like for the world to see has no class!I wouldn't want Jodi in my life either."

"Well, now I've lost a lot of respect for Jodi. It's sad to know that she's supportive of the public airing of dirty laundry and nastiness. Maybe I'm just a "tougher" person, but I just don't get the tears and pain. It's taken a month of time for "healing" from this situation? I don't know. Too much melodrama and it seems to come from all sides. I'm sure Jon and Kate are no saints, but the way Jodi and Julie have handled this isn't something I can respect at all."

"I think its telling that she said that Julies blog is true but she didn't once address GWOP and Julies participation there. Why didn't she address the stalking, name calling of the kids, etc...that occurs at GWOP? Is she unaware of all that her sister is up to, if so why not a thumbs up for that? Jodi proved again that the kids mean nothing to her, thats all I got from the video."

These people feel the same way I do. That hate site is truly kissing these womens behinds to get them over the "dark side" as one person said in order to have them spill their guts out. They could basically say anything at this point and because Jodi is saying it then it has to be 100% true right? Jodi looks so uncomfortable, it seems like she has a gun pointed at her head by Serena. Did she go on the trip too? Just when you think you've heard it all, another bombshell happens. And you wonder why Kate felt betrayed?? Wouldn't you? Man its definetly disturbing that your own family would sell you down the river if they don't get a piece of the almighty dollar. I basically told my brother to never do that to me! (lol) Someone in my comments section wondered whether or not Jon & Kate will or should address Jodi's video in Septembers speaking events since you know there will be one spiteful person out there looking to cause some hurt by addressing it. That is a good question. You would have to be SUPER careful addressing something like this. But to me saying nothing would be worse. What do you think?


More Me said...

I agree with the middle of the road comment that said..... "people will butter her up to get information"
. that is so totally true. We all do that or have had it done. You butter someone up to get the best deal or the inside scoop. I just cant believe she would side also with the GWOP blog that bashes the children she says she is so hurt over !!!!!! It makes me wonder if she has ALL the information??? Thanks for psoting this.

nomoredrama said...

They absolutely need to address this...

Markiesnana said...

How could you NOT respect Jodi after seeing her on her video?
She is not a gossiper, she has not said demeaning things....she just said that her sister's blog is true.
Jodie showed herself to be a sincere person.
It also put to rest rumors that maybe Jodi's sister was not really her sister, etc...
Jodie has never said anything libelous or nasty.
Give her the credit she is due.
Thank you Jodi for being an honest, faithful person.

Randi said...

I actually think the video is a fake.. something about that woman just doesn't look like Jodi to me.

Anita said...

Jodi and kevin are horrible people how could they sell out their family? They talked about how jon and Kate were ruining the kids lives, but they are the ones because they are embarrassing them on television. They sold out their own family for a couple of bucks! I think they are trash and don't deserve to be related to a semi-fictional family like the gosselins. I admit jon and Kate do have problems but they aren't trying to broadcast it to the world. Kate had a right to kick them off the show. Extreme shame on you jodi And kevin!!!!!!!