Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Gosselin Webpage & GWOP Holding a Gun To Paul Peterson?

Ohh Lordy be! I have had the craziest day between parties and holiday fairs. Now I was going to do my usual post after the kids are asleep but every single day there is urgent Gosselin ALERTS! Can't I even enjoy the awesome great new website without GWOP trying to find a way to ruin it? Click HERE to see the new Gosselins10 website. Click HERE to see what Paul Peterson conveniently let slip to the GWOP site on the EXACT same day. Now before most of us started watching Jon & Kate, most of us had probably never heard of Mr. Peterson. But thanks to GWOP we know him now!

"Paul Petersen was a child actor (he played the son on the Donna Reed show) and has been a child advocate for decades. He may not have directly observed filming and he may not be a psychologist, but he has made it his life's work to address the how children in the entertainment industry have been exploited. His work has been instrumental in improving working conditions for children in the film industry." GDNOP

Problem is, though he may have the best intentions regarding this family, being linked to a horrible slander hate site is not exactly helping the cause. And regardless of having months of knowledge of the situation, how bad was it to post TODAY knowing the new site was coming up? Its not like all of the sudden Jon & Kate decided to get a new site. To the haters, its all about damage control. But these same people went on and on that Kate has chefs come to her house everyday just to cook for her. We all know how they were wrong on that one. I feel in my heart J&K took the high road by addressing certain issues on the new site and not slandering the family the way Jodi turned on her. And we know that it was again, all about money.

"I am SO glad I heard about Paul Peterson coming on board"(GWOP) sounds like its a giant ship with guns aiming at Jon & Kate pulling at straws and looking for any sort of advocacy group they can find so it looks like they actually "CARE" about the children. When really all along its some jealous neighbor that started this all because Kate ignored her and she watching this family do well and prosper. Another quote from a more reputable site GDNOP said this:

"I wouldn't doubt for one second that Mr. Peterson has at least browsed gwop and other boards like it. Could he be speaking of the way those boards have "distorted" what J+K do as parents, picking apart every move and comment, making them out to be whatever "monsters" they needed to to get more hits? Diagnosing the kids with mental disorders?

The part about making the kids targets puts me in mind of all of the times I've seen comments here and other places comparing gwop to stalkers. I don't think this had anything to do with J+K's parenting, the kids actions, or even the show in general. I think this was article may have been motivated by the comments and letters Mr. Peterson has received from people who are clearly over invested in these children's lives."

I couldn't agree more. I am not deeply religious but it was especially important to see Kate take the high road in regards to the GWOP site and others looking for money now. What she wrote on her site stuck to me. We could be angry all we want. But at the end of the day this will just be another post for Serena and life will go on. This hopefully will just be another blip (anyone remembering Jodi's video anymore?) and the family can get on with their lives, exactly how they see fit. Because bottom line, those are THEIR kids, and no one should be telling them how to raise them:

Romans 12:21 NIV Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

"Right now, there are so many opportunities for us to repay evil with evil but we refuse. And it hasn't been easy to keep our mouths shut, but it's what God is asking us to do. Continue to overcome evil with good. Things like love, prayers, and kindness instead of retaliation and exposure."


Joan said...

Thank you. I'm a great fan of the show and a lot of what I've read on other blogs and message boards is appalling to me. Some of those folks watch the show just so they can pick it apart. I understand where, kind of, Paul Peterson is coming from, but these aren't actors, they are a family whose parents are right there.

vrobertson said...

hi i am a 16 year old girl from canada, I used to watch your show alot! and was a big fan, i stoped when the media started becoming more involved, I am sorry you have to go through that, it must suck to have them in your face all the time and i think it is aweful what the media says, i just came across a show while chanel surfing that was saying some pretty horrid things about your family and the "health of your children due to the divorce". My parents are divorced, they got their divorce when i was about 12 years old and i wish they had gotten one when i was alot younger,so do my siblings, its alot more stressful being around parents that don't love eachother or are fighting all the time than it is to get over a divorce. As long as your kids are happy and healthy and have both of their parents in their lives, and know that you both love them, they will be better than ok =] if you both are happier appart then its the best thing for your kids i guarentee, happy parents usually make for happy kids. Lets admit it, its alot easier to put on a happy face and pretend to get along when you don't have to live together =p Anyways i just disided after watching a bit of the show that was putting your familyt down to write to you and put out a little bit of support and maybe a litte confidence into the choice you made of getting a divorce( which im still not sure happened because funny enough i got the information that you got a divorce from the same show that made me angry enough to write this) but with what ever choice you are making, i dont think you are doing anything wrong, as long as you are all satisfied and happy with your lifes than im sure it was the right thing to do.( p.s. your kids are adorable and seem very well behaved for their ages, and sorry for any spelling mistakes i hope the comment makes some sence even with spelling mistakes here and there ) - a former fan- vanessa=]