Friday, August 15, 2008

Daily Thought: Working VS. Stay-At-Home Moms, GWOP Linking Facebook Posts

Today I sat sick to my stomach waiting for the phone to ring. I was supposed to have been fully prepared for today: Have my daycare or sitter info, have my start-up date, have the paperwork ready. But I couldn't believe that I was already gone for a whole 9 months.

Going back to work must be the most gut-wrenching thing a parent has to do after a child is born. The time varies as to how long you get, but I know people that have gone back as early as 8 weeks. I personally don't know how they did it. I had to beg and go through numerous hoops to get an unpaid 6 month extension. The first time I was home alone, the worst postpartum depression and all my friends were working. Everyone kept telling me "just be thankful your home." When all I wanted to do was go back. Now this time I truly enjoyed more being home. I made play dates and "mommy Gymboree " friends. I guess I got to used to not going through the hardship of a regular 9-6 (no longer 5) job. But we sure miss the money though. I also had a really hard time finding quality childcare and a nanny I liked and felt comfortable with. And our daycare got super expensive. So when Michele from HR called, I knew she figured I wasn't coming back, I had crossed over to the other side, and I felt bad to finally let my job go. So did my husband. I dont know if I made the right decision, but right now, holding my daughter I feel ok so far. Now when our Visa bill comes thats another story...

GWOP Linking Facebook Posts

I'm probably one of the few that havent really gotten into facebook. I prefer myspace, where I could just enjoy the Jon & Kate fan pages and the people on them. I dont particularly like how facebook is set up. They have group fan pages apparently where fans are supposed to discuss the show and there are like a million discussion topics so it gets a little hairy. But I was under the impression that they were fan pages none the less. But the huge difference is on myspace the fans are there because they absolutely LOVE the show. On facebook the discussion blogs people set up sometimes cause a little drama by starting off posts on a negative tone like "I got really upset when Kate said".... GWOP linked one facebook topic to the front of their main page. I cant get over how they troll whats supposed to be a fan site, link it to them and make it sound like all of Facebook is becoming a hate center. So not true. In fact it was nice to see how many fans love the kids, the recent Summer episodes and are ecited to see what comes next for this family. Especially the wedding renewal. That by ones persons comments its the end all, be all as we know it. Like everyone on facebook is coming to the dark side.

Its hard to get into that many peoples heads and opinions but its nice to see that even with over 300 topics, most are truly people like myself that are not phased by the negativity surrounding a show that has become incredibly popular. Theres bound to be those that feel that this family is not entitled to what they have been given based solely on whether they like Kate or whether in their own minds they are not greatful enough. And I dont understand why when they see a family enjoying life and what they have been blessed to be given the became as bitter as they do. They are a super great family and I truly love watching the show. I happen to like Kate's frankness and her relationship with her husband. And of course everyone loves the kids! So no one need loose any sleep anytime soon.

But getting back to trolling fan sites. It smells of desperation. There are millions fans out but if one unhappy person blogs then its supposed to represent all of them. . In someone else's words "I just wish it didn't feel so creepy" knowing someone is two faced enough to post on a fan site yet link private comments on a hate site. Its like the whole watching your back thing. I for one, will be a simple gal and just go back to watching my Jon & Kate marathons and remember why I started watching this fun adorable show in the first place. "Bye Mommy. I'll take care of the kids!"- Hannah

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