Friday, January 30, 2009

If you were Kate, what would YOU do? Access Hollywood & CBS News sees The Kids Not So Great Moments

UPDATE! Hello Gosselin fans! I have had alot going on at home so I'm sorry I haven't been able to post every day like I normally do. I am a mother first and foremost and I do have a life outside of this blog. I am in the process of deciding whether to moderate my blog. I became pretty irate every time a little troll would try to come and stir the pot. I tried originally to let everyone who wished to make a comment on, and when I deleted something people got confused. Then when I blocked everyone from commenting all together I got a few little fits on my email. So I am working the 6 month kinks out and seeing whats best for this FAN page. Thanks for your patience!

Mady Disrespects Kate, Kate Calmly Handles The Embarrassment

Those of us that have children, especially as I have one exactly Mady's age, will do whatever they can to push boundaries and go beyond what was appropriate. But what if it was during an interview on National TV? Would you have handled her outbursts any better? And do you think anyone has the right to judge Kate because she does expose her family to the criticism? UPDATE: Access Hollywood REMOVED the video. I'm sure because of the nasty comments from the hate boards. This is from You Tube:

Kate Does A Great Job With The Kids Again on CBS News

I have to give it to Kate. If my kids were acting up like this I would have jumped on their behinds in front of everyone. Seriously, I applaud Kate for keeping her cool and dealing with the kids when were acting up. Of course they would rather not be there, but if YOUR kids were on TV acting naughty would you be able to handle it any better. Bravo Kate! I'm sure she needed a spa day after this two sets of interviews.

Watch CBS Videos Online

And finally, I received a wonderful sweet letter today from Rev. Craig Yoshihara today thanking me for supporting his very public feud with the people over at GWOP. I will not be publishing it here. They have horribly harassed this poor Pastor and my heart aches for him. It only shows how vile the people are that are posting on that site. I hope they will think for a minute how terrible it is what they are doing and how bad it makes them look and the site they are posting on. These are the people that CLAIM they are here for this kids! GWOP should be ashamed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Breeds Hatred, Octuplets Advice From Kate, Rev. Craig Tells GWOP The Truth & Where To Go

Hello Gosselin Fans! I almost passed out in my chair today when I saw the amount of hits on my site yesterday. Almost 10,000 for only yesterday and over 18,000 page views! Now to bad for a blog that wasn't supposed to mean anything huh? Please continue to come and share this amazing ride with me. I finally feel that there is some method to my madness...Comments are welcome! And I appreciate all the sweet e-mails telling me to stand high amongst all the negativity and continue to talk about the family everyone loves to watch and read about. I hope you are OK while we go through this ice storm. Its slushy snow now and the most horrible of commutes.

I have to start with the horrible horrible jealousy and bitterness that came onto the blogs when the episode we have all been waiting for Came out. On Monday, TLC’s show ranked No. 1 for it’s time slot on cable, pulling in over 1.6 million women between the ages of 18-49. The episode beat out the season premiere of TNT’s “The Closer,” by 400,000. So every snarker that commented on a hate site contributed to Jon & Kate Plus 8 being the #1 CABLE SHOW ON MONDAY NIGHT. So thank you trolls, this family appreciates it! The down-right vulgar, nasty and downright scary jealous snarking comments were beyond called for. Of course, the nasty e-mail I sent to Sharla for being the

Kate Gives Advice to the Octuplets Family

There are SEVERAL news articles regarding Kate. On, Kate cautions the new California mother that, like all new moms, she should "look forward to feelings of overwhelming proportions -- good, bad and ugly." But unlike moms of singles or twins, moms of remarkable multiples will be barraged by outsiders. "People will pop up with advice when they have no idea [of] the situation." And of course, more babies means more help, which means more people around all the time.

On NBC. COM & Access Hollywood, Kate went further to discuss how life was turned upside down: “I wish someone would have told me that every — every aspect of my life would change… not only our family size, number of children, hopes and dreams, logistics of how things are done and that houses are not built for our family’s makeup,” Kate explained. “Boxes of cereal, rolls of paper towels, and boxes of snacks or recipes are never ever going to be big enough again for us!”

There is also another article from ABC News about the cost of raising Octuplets. You wonder how people can blast Kate for having her hand out when her kids are born. It is very much the norm now to have families with multiples opening their arms to anything the could get. Its very expensive to raise that many kids!

Rev. Craig Yoshihara Blasts The people at GWOP

If you live in Atlanta, GA, please please go to see Jon & Kate at the Roswell Methodist Church. A troll or two wrote to the church in the hopes that they would have something cool to post on a hate site like "yeah what I do really does make a difference". I don't know if they were trying to protest them coming or what. Anyway Rev. Yoshihara actually wrote back telling her not no e-mail him anymore! Not only that, but here are a few Gems that he wrote to her and she made sure the site posted:
"If you would actually like to speak to me about your concerns, please call. I implore you as a fellow Christian to withhold judgment unless you know them personally to be doing these things. Most of what you speak of is pure speculation, rumor, and gossip - all of which are not Biblical. Thank you for your concern."
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Craig Yoshihara │ Associate Minister: INVITE │ Roswell UMC
770.261.1738 │ │ 814 Mimosa Blvd, Roswell, GA 30075

Holy Your Not Getting Anywhere With This Batman! It was so very happy to get this e-mail from a fan. I feel so bad that his e-mail had to be ripped apart on that horrific site. I will make sure to personally thank him for telling go take their anger & jealousy elsewhere!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Did Jon & Kate Move? Ohh Yeah its THAT house

Hello Gosselin fans! While most people were finally excited to see the house that obviously was THE house, I was more concerned how a hate site would have even known about this information months prior before anyone. What axe to grind must one have to showcase a families dream house before anyone was entitled to see it? This Sunday when I got home from running around with the kids they had my most favorite episodes on. How We Got Here & Valentines Day. The first we don't get to see often, and it was a treat to watch while eating dinner. By dinner I mean pizza. Anyways..........

Not One Of Kate's Finer Episodes
...But She Is Human

Lets focus on the first things the haters will discuss. Hannah gets her own room. Lets cry foul before they do..wait too late! Ohh and this is their VERY last episode they are watching! This time! They swear! And how cruel could it be to not allow someone in your bedroom! Well if I was able to. I would do the same thing! Why, well lets start off with cut I have on my foot from stepping on stuff that was on my floor that was not even mine....listen Kate is Kate and if she finally wants a sanctuary of her own away from the kids then let her. Today we finally get to see the beautiful house we saw in pictures. Funny thing is, all the beautiful furniture is gone. The horses are gone. The place is filthy and not exactly the showroom photos we once saw. This is so true when you move into someone else's house. You never know what your gonna find. Why, its a house with a flat mouse! Lets just say that this will be the cleanest house you will ever see. Once the furniture is in it will be interesting to see how the house looks. I really liked the fact that Kate spoke in the beginning about how blessed they are to be there. Funny I don't feel you will hear anyone mention that. Just that the kids are pooping everywhere and now Kate has a house big enough not to be able to find them. Don't we wish we had these problems (lol). For the record, some kids DO need help at that age. But I don't blame Cara for wanting to do it for him ;)

We need to keep remembering we saw 22 minutes of the hours they were there. Overall, I'm sure that it was hard to see the house empty and your wondering how they will even fill it. Well I guess the joy is just knowing its yours to take the time and fill. That and to figure out what to do with a giant tractor! And while I do feel that the girls might have been better suited to each have their own room, I know alot of twins that do not like to be separated. I think it was great that they got to roam and enjoy being in their new home, I was more angry that they intentionally focused on Kate's 4 hour fridge clean. I now feel that they did this just to piss all the haters off and make the quotes from the same 20 people go into the hundreds. It was a bit of an anti-climatic bore, but I was more excited to hear what the other trolls were going to say. I wish them well in their new private space, and agree if any family I know deserves it, they do. The kids really seemed to love it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kate Gosselin Texas Book Signing & Appearances, Jon & Kate Plus 8 New LiveJournal Community

Hello Gosselin Fans! This weekend was a busy one for me as usual! My baby who is now walking (yipes) went into the bathroom and accidentally flushed some Polly Pocket Dolls down the toilet. Kinda like when my kids "accidentally" deleted 7 years of memories off my computer. Anyway now we have what we thought was a cesspool issue and now is a clogged pipe or something. My husband is fuming. I'm telling you all this while I'm trying to go out with the girls for the first time in weeks. Mama needs a night out to de-stress and everyone should do that once in a while! Why am I being made to feel guilty about this??

So speaking of "Girls Night Out" I received a few wonderful positive e-mails about Kate's recent trip in Texas this past week at the Champion Baptist Church. That girl is now a very busy woman and even I can't keep track of all the places shes been recently! From what I hear, this show was in the thousands and everyone had a wonderful time. I would like you to read a letter I got from Beka who was at the event and whose photo is above.

"I am a christian and I believe that she truly has a heart for God. So she doesn't look perfect on TV. Well who does really? The Bible says He that is without Sin must cast the first stone. Well those people bashing her probably are not Christians because if they are then they need to get right with God because they are not sinless. Who are they to judge when they are not perfect. She is the most amazing person and Let me add I used to work at boys and girls country in Texas which is a childrens home. I lived with 8 teenage girls. 8!!! And they were from all different backgrounds and some with special needs. I lost my voice because of the strain of taking care of them because as you see with Kate it requires a ton of discipline and TALKING...I had to leave my job because my voice couldn't take it, but those girls changed my life. I know how kate feels because in a different way I have been there and I wasn't always nice to the girls. I got annoyed and lost my temper. I am Anal too and organized. In fact I'm a professional organizer so we are a lot alike. My family says i am always in my own mood. Well aren't we all?
The place Kate spoke at was sold out. Seated 4,000 and so they had to have another show that seated another 4,000 so they ended up feeding the midday show lunch. I guess kate knew they would need it. When Kate came out she was given a standing ovation. I was amazed. I knew she was loved, but seeing all those christian women from all walks of life being encouraged by her too. WOW!

I have a twin sister(identical) and because my parents believed like Kate and Jon they didn't have an abortion which was what the doctor suggested because of my mothers age. We were also born healthy. Now at 25 years old my twin and I face difficulties every day with trying to follow God no matter what and watching Kate and Jon and all those amazing kids reminds us just how special being a multiple is. We were hand picked by God. Meeting Kate even for a second, even though I only got to say thank you and she said your was amazing and encouraged me so much that I want to pray for them more than before. She is now so real to me and not just some TV star. I saw her face to face. The line for her signing was so long it took us an hour to get to see her, and there was tons of people behind us. AND...she had to sign more at the show before. So all the things people say about her, come one. She works harder than most people I know, and yet you don't see her buying things much for herself. She uses coupons, buys for the kids, and saves. And she gives back too. She is a woman after God's own heart. I hate to say this but all the people who spend their time judging her will have to face their judgment one day when they meet God face to face. They will one day see that God doesn't honor that and if they are Christians than how they live on earth will be shown to them when they get to heaven.
I'm sure not perfect, nor is Kate. But I know that when we both get to heaven it will be amazing because we will have at least tried to follow God no matter what others say or do to us. We will fight the good fight."

Thanks Beka! I just read on and from Barbara that Kate was also on Friday doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Pearland Texas Town Center Friday night from 6-9 p.m. Alot of people also went to that and said Kate was wonderful. Guess they have alot of fans from Texas! Take a look to your right, I updated from my post HERE the updates speaking engagements of Jon & Kate. If you know of any I haven't listed please e-mail me!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 LiveJournal Community

A fan named Jen just created a livejournal community for the Gosselin Family. It is the first active lj community for Jon & Kate Plus 8. She was hoping I could mention it so she can get the word out there to all who have a livejournal who are also fans of the show. Please check it out HERE.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trying to set the record straight, about Jon & Kate Plus 8!

Hello Gosselin fans! I know this is an old picture but its MEMORIES! Of the old house I mean...(lol) I thought for today I would stray from the "norm" and talk about RUMORS. To me, its some haters big mouth babbling on a board talking about something they "heard" on another site. Then someone reads that garbage and automatically believes it to be so. That pisses me off to no end.

1: One of the things the supposed "on the fence-ers" want to know is: "Why did Kate make the comment about "societies obligation" to pay for the nurse to stay after the tups are born?" Well first of all, lets state the facts. Some lame article was written HERE. She was called at the house and had a brief interview with a person who took only a minute or 2 call and pulled several quotes from other sources. If you look at the comment she said its not even in quotes. Why? Because it wasn't said to that person by Kate. But lets put it in the title of the article to drum up as much publicity and anger within tax paying citizens as we can. Now that's not to say it wasn't said by her, it was. But keep in mind if we only knew what other ridiculous, wasteful things are taxes are going to, why wouldn't we , if we were her, want or expect for this extended service to be covered?

Here's the thing, she said it wrong. While the proper comment SHOULD have been, "I am hoping that I could try to keep this wonderful nurse and see if it could be covered" her verb age has never been the best, and it offended people. What pissed me off was people all the sudden hopped on the "hate wagon" and felt like they were personally paying for the caring of these babies. First, why wouldn't you want to do what you could to help someone? And have you ever inquired as to where your taxes actually go to, what they're spent on? You cant change what you pay, so why do you care if it goes to one stinkin nurse? Well for one thing, it was because it was Kate.

2. Kate has money! Why isn't she just using that instead of claiming poverty?: Someone mentioned to me that one of the haters kept saying Jon's father left them a six figure insurance policy when he died 01/05. First off, Cheryl, you read that over at GWOP and they lie like rugs. How do you know that? Because they told you, therefore its 100% accurate. I tried to investigate this myself, and this is what I FOUND...Jon's dad only had his practice and a car that was given to Jon & Kate & sold. The practice was split. Now I read myself that the people that were commenting at the time at GWOP 5 months ago said they only HEARD he had money. So basically people are quoting things they say are fact, from things they read months ago that were just rumors. Do you see where I'm going with this? Nobody knows how much Jon's dad but his immediate family, the rest was just GARBAGE LIES AND RUMORS......

So lets sum all this up..............
1. People on hates sites say they dislike Jon & Kate because they claimed poverty back in the day when they really had money to pay for a nurse but didn't. Because Kate said it was "societies responsibility" to pay for the tups nurse.

ANSWER: Kate worded wrong what some tool tried to use to smear her. If I was her, I would just say "listen I want to keep my nurse, my kids love and need her. I hope to get an extension." We will never know if they had money or not but its not the point, trying to get insurance to cover it is always A GOOD IDEA.

2. They were hiding money they had and crying poverty.

ANSWER: Nobody owes anybody an explanation on their finances. If I was Kate I would reach out and take any generosity I could too. I feel that they weren't left with much, and were scared about raising 8 kids. I would take every stinkin thing given to me, and like Kate, not feel bad about doing so. Unfortunately, those that will never know the truth will use this an an excuse to bash this family. They are smart to use whatever TCL will give them free and save their money. Does it offend you BECAUSE they get so much free that you and I don't? Bobbi of course, could some cred for one phone call she turned into a hot story, and GWOP has people that just don't know better....And were back to square one!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin House For Sale, Celebritycafe Re-cap Watch Full Episodes on

Hello Gosselin fans! Busy busy time! We have a new president now that seems to be giving us re-newed hope for economic stability and a brighter future. For those like Jon & Kate that have a bit of money, now's a great time for house hunting, and they're practically giving away condos & time-shares (lol). So for those on the sellers end, you gotta come up with a good hook in order to sell yours fast & for a good price. Lucky this family has the hook.

The Gosselins House On The Market

For the record people, they are not selling this house for a ridiculous amount of money. These are what comparable houses are going for with the addition of a little "padding" based on the celebrity quotient of who lived there. So the GWOP haters are having a field day, thinking that they're asking alot when they're not. The house was properly appraised and the value is accurate considering the possible additions (washer/dryer, extensions, a/c etc.)
You can see the house HERE. And again for the record, I feel the reason why the front of the house isn't shown is BECAUSE of the fact they want this house to sell on its own, and not because of its famous uhh front.

Another "All You Wanted To Know" Re-cap

This one is courtesy of You can read it HERE. They definitely got into alot of what I forgot to talk about!

"What’s one thing that makes it easy and hard to deal with each child? Cara is easygoing, but she holds her emotions then explodes. Mady never holds in her emotions, but has a big heart. Alexis is smart but sneaky. Hannah is a helper, but has an attitude sometimes. Aaden is cute, but wants to be a baby. Collin is caring, but he is stubborn. Leah is nice, but is secretly the mastermind. Joel sometimes whines, but is a good kid overall. Frank, the camera operator, likes Joel because he’s “out there.” Alex, the sound guy, is biased towards Alexis because she learned his name first."

I find it so funny that I got this e-mail today from a reader that mentioned how Serena posted on her open discussion like 10 times. Shes really trying to hustle to get the snark in. Someone there was so desperate they were saying how horrible Jon & Kate are for not knowing if their kids are right or left handed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For the record, the recap above told us that 6 are right-handed, and two are still deciding. Whoe's the dummy now????? for full Episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8

I have received so many emails. I had to remind those the didn't read my November 12th blog that you can see the full episodes of all your favorite TV shows as well as clips on I don't know if they have the most updated list. but you can also look on You Tube as well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Was It all You Wanted To Know???? Eight Little Faces Pre-Order

Hello Gosselin fans! I gotta admit, I was a bit mad that my video submission was not the one chosen to be on the show. I made sure I picked a happy general question regarding nap times and it was replaced by generic questions that the haters over at GWOP were going to rip to shreds. Ohh and for the record their excuses are always "I gave in and watched" yeah right, always having to make excuses for watching and being a closet fan do we? So was this episode any better than the first "all we needed to know?" Well kinda, yeah.

Though the highlight for me and everyone else was the interviews with the crew. We all thought that they were super cute and sweet. But were you surprised that the editor was woman? I thought that after making Kate appear to be a shrew sometimes its gotta be a man doing that! (lol) Also to the trolls, I would like to know what is so wrong about the kids getting jobs and learning how to be responsible with their money, & let them go out and earn for themselves? We all know that this family is trust fund city, but why shouldn't they share a car or two?? And people, lets just clarify what the crew was talking about when they sometimes "let themselves in". They try to see if the garage door is open and they set up for the morning there. They do NOT try to sneak into the families house while they sleep. GEEZE to you read how some people try to twist things?? It was also nice when Kate re-mentioned buying sale items and coupons- Its truly how the people I know ~stay~ rich. Kate really did grow up in a frugal family it DOES stand to reason that old habits of saving dies hard.

Also as people in general we have a tendency to want to know everything about people we see on TV shows. An example: how many blogs go on and on about how Kate would never let them play sports or socialize with other kids, yet they clearly said that the kids do on both accounts? Jon and his 10 year long interview a few days ago pretty much satisfied everything else most of us were dying to know. But for the millions out there that DON'T get on the computer, do you think that this episode answered of the questions they may have been wondering? No mentions of dogs, big new houses, (though apparently shown while I was dozing), Jodi & Beth, John Mom & brother etc. Do you feel that this is something that we should just wait for in the upcoming episodes? Cause I have a feeling most of it is going to come this year. Now the thing about it is that there is a massive call to give this family & primarily the kids their privacy, so how much do you think they have to share with us to keep us watching for the new year?? I smell a new poll coming! (lol)

Eight Little Faces..Will it be another Hit?

"Becoming the parents of eight children in less than four years has definitely presented both trials and blessings to Jon and Kate Gosselin. In this very personal close-up of their family life, Kate comments on the life lessons God has taught her. Featuring themes like trust, perseverance, joy, and encouragement, each two-page spread includes a photograph from the Gosselin family album, words from Kate, and topical Scripture verses. This book makes the perfect gift for any fan of the Gosselin’s television show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which is featured on TLC, as well as any mother struggling with the demands of small children." Pre-order HERE.

And finally, in a little new segment I like to call "It was posted, then its gone" I was sent this comment that was posted on GWOP. You know these all get deleted after 5 minutes, but its important to know that people DO try to scold the mean bullies over on that site. Just like I reprimand the trolls that come here! Lets take a look:

meg said...

If you people were really concerned about the future of these children you would not post these ugly comments about their parents. How hurtful do you think these will be to the children when they or their friends discover these hateful comments when they get a little older. Look inside yourselves to figure out why you are really posting these messages

1/19/2009 8:15 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kate Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Mady Gosselin Sweatshirt Found! BIG All Day Monday Jon & Kate Plus 8 Marathon!

Hello Gosselin fans! The woman that runs The Gosselin-Garb finder is my new best friend. Shes like where you ask and she finds! Today most of the posts are courtesy of all the questions I have asked and all that she has found. However we need to note that she could not help me regarding cracked teeth, excessive weight gain, cranky kids, oil burner issues and lost photos. She does all she can you know (lol)

Monday is Super Marathon Day!

Watch all day Monday for your favorite Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episodes! Every one you ever wanted to see leading up to the big Viewers Choice Episode we've all been waiting for! Marathon starting at 9am! You can check TV Guide HERE or on the right to see when your favorite is shown!

Kate Gosselin to appear at Barnes & Noble, West Nyack, NY

Those that actually live in New Jersey will be able to take advantage of this. Its hard to coordinate all these appearances, because they seem to be coming fast & furious lately But February 1oth she will be there for a book signing at 7:00pm. For information go HERE. If I get a chance at some point I will try to update my original Speaking Calendar post from HERE.

Mady Sweatshirt from Yard Sale Episode

When this episode originally aired everyone was asking about the cute picture on Mady's hoodie. What I thought was great about this cute line from the aptly titled GRUMPY GIRL is that this designer is from Honolulu Hawaii. The pants are already Sold Out, but the sweatshirt comes in 2 colors. I am ordering one for my daughter as we speak.....

Multiple Blessing #4 on The NY Times Best Sellers List!

And finally, I'm sure everyone is busting a gut to see this new episode. As well as answering viewers questions, there was also an opportunity to send in videos! If your was chosen either question or video, please let me know. Even though they have answered everything I ever wanted to hear, do you think the will finally put to rest what the trolls want to hear? I don't think they will ever be satisfied regardless. So lets re-watch the controversial yard sale episode..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kate Gosselin Sells Out More Events, K-Mart Wants More Kate, GWOP'ers Changing their tune?

Hello Gosselin fans! Its late tonight but I have so much to say I'm gonna do it all in one nightAnonymous. Cause that's how I roll. When I was alerted that was talking about K-Mart wanting Kate again I was super excited. This was the same site that put up the horrific tag line of Kate being "the most polarizing spokesperson ever" because of the amount of comments from haters. This was of course because the article was plastered all over GWOP. So low-and-behold they write this article now saying that regardless of some criticism, K-Mart was happy with Kate as a spokesperson and want her back.
Kmart rep Tom Aiello says, "She did a good job communicating the layaway program. We're looking to carry that relationship into late spring, but nothing is concrete."
But that wasn't the funny thing. When you go on that site click on the first link of that article. ITS MY BLOG! Yeah that's right, where are they getting all of their info from? Yes, my stinkin little ol blog.....Please feel free to leave your comments there as well as here. Apparently only the trolls are having lunch there and they need a good talking to! Also, GWOP is asking everyone to write to this guy to try to get him to change his mind about Kate. I hope that you might take a quick moment yourselves and write about why your a fan of Kate and the show. If they can do it, so can we! Please write and let them know they should continuing with Kate! I already called!

Sears Holdings
(847) 286-7387
2nd "Girls Night Out" in Show Added in Texas with Kate

Contemporary Christian Music Station 89.3 KSBL had such an overwhelming response for tickets to their show featuring Kate that a second show for January 22nd has been added. To see info click HERE. Box lunches provided too! Do you think that was Kate's doing? (lol)
GWOP Forgets to Delete a few trolls about to Jump Ship

We all have tried unsuccessfully to get something posted on that site. I had mentioned that I would see my stuff one day and deleted the next. Imagine my surprise when this was sent by a reader who has just had enough....Are there many more following?? We hope so! UPDATE: This post was removed! I went to see it myself and its already gone, like I'm sure so many others like mine always were!

Skiing_in_Utah said...

Have you ever had something drilled into your head for so long that you purposely do the opposite, just because you don't like being told what to do or think? I, for one, am starting to feel that way about this board. There is a lot of speculation on this board where absolutely no fact is presented; but that very speculation is used as the basis for a lot of theories about the Gosselins. Basically, theories presented as fact based on nothing. I'm so sick of hearing how awful this family is and how they cheat, steal, beg, lie, abuse their kids, etc, that I'm actually going to give them the benefit of the doubt and watch the show and listen to what they have to say about their lives. I watched a few episodes, then I was informed about this board so I've been reading it for a while. The posts are getting so negative and so sensational that I'm going to do the opposite and watch the show with a renewed open mind. I may even go buy the book and hear them speak at a church. If I see Jon in Utah, I'm so getting a picture with him. I just don't believe that these people are as devilish as they are made out to be. Nobody could get as far in life as they have if they were that awful. I had never thought for one minute that the Gosselin kids were being neglected and abused when I watched the show before I discovered this board, but since I've come to this board, I have convinced myself that taking cupcakes from your kids is abuse and that donating yard sale money to a charity is wrong. It's ridiculous. No more!!

1/15/2009 12:55 PM

The Miracle On The Hudson

Hello Gosselin fans! I will be updating this post later have no fear! But I must say a few things regarding the miracle airline yesterday. After going through 9/11 I didn't think I would be able to hear anything better that could restore a sense of happiness here in NY. . This shot was taken a short time after a US Airways 1548 plane bound for Charlotte, NC crashed into the Hudson in NYC. It left out of Laguardia airport where I always fly out of. Two geese in a flock flew right into the engines as it was going up. Imagine ascending into the sky and hearing those fateful words "Brace For Impact". I just got sick hearing it.

Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III was the pilot who safely crash-landed that plane into our water. He is a true hero and saved all 155 passengers and crew. Another hero? Capt. Brittany Catanzaro. She was departing from Pier 70 driving a ferry that carries commuters between Manhattan and New Jersey. She looked out and saw the plane in the water. Girlfriend steered the ferry toward the sinking plane and her crew got life jackets. FOR REAL! She steered her boat as close to the plane as she could, so that passengers could walk aboard without getting wetter than they already were.

TRUE STORY! I LOVE IT. This of course had coverage similar to 9/11 here. My point is, all the complaining I have been doing about cracked teeth, lost pictures and my crazy mom means nothing when you read stuff like this. I'm still arguing with my mom, but Im trying to appreciate life more after this story. We should all! Maybe this may make Jon & Kate reconsider finding forgiveness in those family members that hurt them? to be continued.......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Serenas back & At It Again, Jon Gosselin Makes Utah Permanent, Blogger Meets Kate, Review of Big Interview

Hello Gosselin fans! I'm telling you, I was one of the first to post that big Jon Interview and it traveled quicker than the speed of light to everywhere! Everyone has something to say and the trolls over at GWOP and beyond are busting a gut over it. Though many fans were more upset that Serena the troll was back and causing trouble on the blog again, adding more links that people get from me basically and using it for evil (lol). Serena thank you so much for ripping me off! SWIPER NO SWIPING!

Ohh the weather outside is frightful! But my desire to snark is so delightful! While I was more excited about Jon finally speaking on this interview than finding my Yoplait Whips Mousse on the supermarket shelves I was very upset about this reporter. She tried to make all her nasty GWOP-type questions sound legit but majorly FAILED "uhh exploit your kids a little bit???" but I really cringed when Jon answered alot of them. Why cant anyone say mind your own darn business to anyone anymore. I would have been majorly offended and would have probably said "uhh I don't exploit my kids, sounds like you've been talking to Serena again and her imaginary reporters." I guess I get upset because she was REALLY trying to add "Well the people want to know!" comments over and over again, to reiterate that she took all the questions from the hate blogs and didn't appear at all to have researched any of the fan sites and what they have to say. But I applaud Jon for answering the questions truthfully. Some of the hot topics:

Review of The BIG Jon Gosselin Interview!- By Baby Mama

1. The Children & McDonalds: Speculation as in one episode there was a cup (duh people, could be the camera guys cup?) and the happy meal bag in Utah. (perhaps just for the bigger girls, maybe for the kids once but who care?) Its boggles the mind how if someone sees something once, they will fault Jon for not clarifying his comment "ohh Jon WE know they ate McDonald's once!! haha we caught you!" I think his comment was meant as they normally don't eat fast food. I LOVE how people try to feel vindicated when they try to catch people in a lie when they are just exaggerating a point.

2. Kate's parents not seeing their grand kids. From what I read, Jon is correct in saying that currently these grandparents do not see much of their grand kids. Clarissa took her pictures down last year for a REASON. To keep the looky-loos away and because of the issue with her parents. Those photos were removed first, then less than a week later everything was gone.

3. Love offerings. Now this want on the video but I will throw up if I hear another person bring this issue up. They are ALLOWED to ask for anything they want regardless if they are or aren't wealthy. If offsets the speaking fees. You are not obligated to give them anything. And if your in such dire straights why are you there?? And if your not a fan, see the question prior! And for the record, they are allowed to sell pics. for $20 if they want to. They are saying the money goes to the kids, if you don't want to buy one don't. Its that simple.

4. Kate being laid back (hehe) I believe that she is more laid back than we see because of editing. They only film her when shes mad or stressed out about something. Im sure they could do the same to any of us. Ahh those crazy editing people!

5. Jon "It all goes to the kids anyway". There was people on other blogs that wrote how they wanted to see all their tax information and see what Jon & Kate contribute to the kids accounts. like its any of anybodys business. The nerve on some people. My daughter just took the last $3 out of my wallet. Do you care?

6. Jon talking to his mom. People don't understand the concept of this poor woman not wanting to be filmed. Someone on another blog said. "ohh she never sees her grand kids!" Uhh woman how do you know this? Jon himself says he talks to his mom everyday and girlfriend is even texting! But because shes not on tv that's not good enough for you?

7. Jon's new business ventures. Wow! I really hope that all this cool stuff with the Olympics really happens, that would be so cool! He needs to get his own cool thing so we can laugh when the trolls get wind of it.

8. Jon talking to Bob that day spoke VOLUMES. People don't want to believe they are still in contact. I just loved reading that, just to contradict whatever was being spread to the contrary.

Jon Purchases A Condo In Utah- TLC dad at home on local slopes

I was so excited to read HERE that Jon was purchasing a place back at The Canyons for himself and Cara. My dad did something similar for me in Florida and I will always appreciate it. He seemed to really love being there and it looks like we will see for ourselves in an upcoming episode! I guess it was worth it for that place to give them the stay because Jon's there to stay!

Kate Gosselins A Big Hit At a Speaking Engagement in Utica

Another fan meets Kate HERE. I love to read about all the great people that had a blast meeting Kate. This blogger has very pretty photos of Kate as well!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jon Gosselin in Utah Discusses His "Future", A Proper All Smiles Review

HEWWOOWW Gosselin fans. I am in horrible pain today as my dentist visit went South quick. A tooth that couldn't be saved, needles, the works. Why couldn't it be all smiles like on my favorite show Jon & Kate plus 8? Where is my singing, my stickers, my ice cream flavors?? Tonight I plan on putting the kids to bed early, FINALLY get the tree down and watch American Idol. Why does it take like forever to get a bunch of ornaments and Holiday boxes packed up? Why is this dragging on longer than my behind after Thanksgiving?

Want to read a GOOD Re-cap?

As much as I hated that Three Farmers, her snarking reviews as bad as they were, were entertaining. When she realized that she couldn't be a hater and still claim to live and breathe the show, she is now saying that she doesn't watch anymore. Yeah right. Anyway, the re-caps on there now are worse then my kids with the stomach flu. So check out what a man wrote from Straight to the point!

Jon Gosselin is rockin the interviews without Kate FULL INTERVIEW

It all depends on how you perceive things. Yes, someone can get out of an interview something totally different than someone else. Those who thought yesterdays interview with Jon & Utah was harsh. Yes, it was worded terribly, but I thought he handled himself well. I think that she was trying to ask one of those snarking GWOP questions that were probably sent in by AuntyK.K. (lol). Check out some more here, and listen carefully at the end where he talks about FUTURE endeavors outside of the show.....You go boy!
UPDATE: The woman that interviewed him is the most annoying, prying woman EVER. It was like she was forced by GWOP to ask the most personal questions period. I will get more into this tomorrow. I put above the entire 14+ minutes of interview so I can talk about it tomorrow. She asks about talking to his mom & Beth. Watch the whole thing!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The REAL Jon Gosselin, Scary AuntyK.K., No Smiles For Trolls?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know, I know. Lately I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short. But getting into my computer today with all my Ad-aware and Anti Virus protection was like Ryan Seacrest trying to talk to Brad & Angelina at the Golden Globes! I had to watch the late night re-peat of ALL Smiles tonight. So of course I have to hear what the trolls are saying about the show...A person named AuntyK.K. has become the head snarker and apparently loves to spew about the family on both Cafe Mom, and GWOP. She feels that talking about Kate's own Children in front of Hannah was "Unchristian-like". Being a Christian myself this woman offends me on so many levels, It boggles the mind how someone could feel that they can say all the nasty things she does and accuse Kate of Being un-Christian..I find her comments beyond repulsive and incredibly sad. Nothing is more hurtful than someone accusing you of not loving your children just to be mean and bitter... Yay! I love when I get frustration off my chest in a non-violent manner..On With the Show!

All Smiles :)
As the HUGE Kate Gosselin fan that I am, I will be honest and say that I thought this episode would be a total snooze fest. I loved it! Let me start by saying yesterday my tooth cracked and I was petrified to go to the dentist. I am now going tomorrow and dealing with the root canal & the needles. I need to remind myself be strong like Alexis & Mady! That the anxiety is mostly in your head. I loved the dentists they went to! 8 chairs, flavored gloves, & stickers is how you have to put your mindset even though we all know most of our dentists dont have all that cool stuff! I am now ready to tackle tomorrows nail biting hurdle thanks to this episode!

I was super proud of Mady tonight. I know she does not know what shes in for, as I had to have 4 teeth removed and spent 2 years in braces. I know how Kate felt and I'm glad that they are doing this now so they don't have to be 13 and dealing with it. I was also glad Kate went alone with the girls to talk to them and make them feel comfortable about going. Mady looked like she was ready to tackle the issue and her teeth will be beautiful in the future. With my daughter at this exact age going through the exact same issues, I look forward to my daughter watching this and making her feel better about not dealing with an awful retainer for a few months for years of a beautiful smile. The kids as usual are super cute. I knew that seeing Hannah on Kate's lap would be at lead 100 posts of favoritism but seriously, what do the snarkers have to grips about anymore? I watch these with a critical aye and immediately know what they will talk about......

1. Hannah favoritism.....not 2. Going back to the family dentist that they probably do for free I HOPE! 3. Dentist again..uhh year its been 6 months aren't they supposed to??

Did I get it right. I bet you I did! While this wasn't the most exciting for me as I prefer the fun trips stuff, those that were again looking for the everyday episodes should be happy......

Jon Gosselin In His Own Words......More Word On The Street

Well I guess Kate left Utah early, because she did a speaking engagement this past weekend in Utica, where the fans once again got to ask Kate questions and meet her in person. 600 fans showed up to the First Assembly of God to hear her speak and it was a huge success. She is really starting to thrive doing this public speaking and its so cool to hear such positive reactions. I would also like to add that she is dressing quite sharp lately. I see my favorite pumpkin patch episode and I want to cringe when I see that sweatshirt shes wearing! Jon on the other hard, stayed in UTAH and gave his own series of interviews! You go Jon! Channel 2 News "Fresh Air" (lol) let us in on what he said:

"Shauna: So what do you say to people who criticized the show and you guys because you are exploiting your kids a little bit and using that for monetary gain and it was interesting at first when they were all babies and maybe now it isn't, or.."

"Jon: it's not exploiting because they aren't working. like we go to the park, well we go to the park anyway. you know. so if they are going to film it, why not. and all the money just goes to them anyway. Everything is for our kids, and it always has been, i don't care what people say."

Please read the entire article, its soo good! Pray for me at the dentist folks, for I am just like Alexis inside Circa 2007, and I NEED MY BLANKIE!!!! Is anyone going to sing to me??

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Test Your Soup And Surprise, Is PennMommy Back? News From The Street

Hello Gosselin fans! I cant believe that its been almost 6 months since I started this blog. How did I ever find for almost every day 6 months of material to talk about? I was scrolling back to see all I personally wrote and I was pretty stinkin happy with myself!

To all of those that wrote to me with recovery software information, thank you! Some worked and some didn't. Some couldn't find my Scandisk cartridge, some would get half of my photos then ask for money. I gave up since I was worried I would get another virus! But one I bought did manage to recover what I took since September when I went to Disney. Which was great, but years of video and photos were lost. So a little quiet scream, and when I find better software I will yell really loud!

Test Your Knowledge of Soup And Surprise! came out with a cute quiz you can test your knowledge of last weeks episode HERE. I couldn't remember alot and did really bad for some reason. And they say I'm a fan! (lol)

Is PennMommy Back or is this REALLY Jodie Kreider?

Its the new year, so you gotta expect something new to pop-up that everyones buzzing about. ALOT of people have e-mailed me about this. I would be super happy if this was actually Jodi. I would tell her how much I love her hair, I wish I had her nails and she has a very pretty house. I would tell her how upset I was when I read her sisters blog and how I wish she never did it. I would say how sad I was when I saw her on that video and did she regret it. I would ask her what would make her do that. Was it pressure from her sister? Did she realize how badly it spun out of control and how it made people like me actually regret how much we loved and supported her? While its as easy as a click to create a blog, no one wishes more than me that this was true.. None of us are that stupid GWOP but thanks for the effort! (sigh)

News From The Street

I have read in more than one place that the Gosselins are back again (apparently on their OWN dime, thank you) skiing at The Canyons in Park City, Utah. The people there were so hospitable and they loved the place so much, they are back as we speak. Do you think they will shoot ANOTHER episode there? Do you think that Kate is living in the spa and wishing I was there too? (lol) And will one of the kids say that the house itself is "UTAH"? too cute. If anyone else gets more Gosselin news, e-mail me at

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kate Gosselin Quotes Say it All, Multiple Bessings Still a Hit, Brides Flock to "Be Like Kate", Grandma's Vegetable Soup

I definitely know there's a lot of ugliness out there about us. Honestly, I think a lot of it's because people squirm at how real we are. I think it bothers some people because it makes them think, If cameras were at my house, what would they capture? Would I be okay with that being aired?- Kate Gosselin via Today's Christian Woman

Hello Gosselin fans! There is something wonderful in just knowing you don't have to go to work the next day. But when your a stay at home mom, the days seem to blur a bit and you just may not feel sometimes like your EVER getting a break. Or maybe your working part-time like me & your somewhere in the middle. One of the many things that get me angry at people that criticize Jon & Kate Gosselin is they feel they have the right because they are on a TV show. Like their lives are soo much better, like everything they do is perfect. Their parenting is always correct. What if we could perhaps turn the tables on some of these moms that troll boards like GWOP "Gossipers wishing for popularity" LOVE THAT! Gave them a huge amount of money in exchange for filming only one day of their lives so that WE could be the ones judging. Are you thinking Supernanny? I thought so too.

Another upsetting issue I have is when people feel they have the right to judge Kate when she goes away for a speaking engagement. Would any of us with young kids at the moment kill for a few weekends away to make a few bucks and get some alone time? Are you just jealous you cant? And those that are not in their shoes, do you have any idea what its like? Right now the brightest spot of my week is here alone, on my computer, with the baby in bed, my eldest sleeping over nanny's house and my husband playing cards. Yup, even if his behind doesnt return with the $20 I lent him I will still be thanking the Lord I was given this time to ramble to the fans...that understand ;)

Multiple Blessings Rises To Number 6 on The New York Times Best Seller List!
Uhh who over at the hate sites predicted it wouldn't sell past Christmas????

Grandma's Vegetable Soup Recipe
I know many of you wanted me to find this..I am adding this to my Kate's Recipe Page That can be found HERE. Updated regularly since August 2008! (l0l)

Brides Want To Be Like Kate At Kleinfelds

Well the new Kate articles are slow this week, but I found a cute one. This article from was doing a "Say Yes To The Dress" review. What was interesting was...
"Brides try to be more like Kate Gosselin, the mom on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Granted that she was renewing her vows, Kate chose her dress alone. She was sure of herself. She knew what looked good on her. And, most of all, she trusted her instincts. Kate looked great. She didn't need a committee to come to that conclusion." I quote this because again, so many comments were made on the hate blogs how Kate came by herself to pick out her dress and how terrible that was. Little did they know it was the complete opposite and now Kate is her own trend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pottery Barn Valentines, GWOP Fabricates As Usual, Trolls Run To The Articles

Hello Gosselin fans! I am still praying that my photos are recovered. We are working on how to use this card reader thingy and how to attach it to the computer. Can you recover pics from a memory card? If this works you will know, cause you will hear me scream and you will laugh cause you know its me.

So last year everyone was asking where they could get those adorable chairback mailboxes from the Valentines episode. They were so cute and although they do them every Christmas, it was the mailboxes everyone was after. Well it turns out they do different ones every year and this year.....uhh owls. What a disappointment. I haven't seen them let on Ebay, but keep a look out. If not, you can order these from Pottery Barn Kids HERE. Check out their shout-out to Mady! Her name looks so cute on it.

GWOP Weekly Re-caps Gets Them 2 Million Hits?

The secret is 1. They lie 2. Block any fans from commenting, 3. Some readers blog hourly, 4. Only do weekly recaps now and random postings, 5. Kidnap readers and make them drink a speical potion that turns them into trolls and the only way they can be cured is to convert more haters to the undergroud lair. Ok I know, I'm the jealous one now but lets just read comments from one episode re-cap:

"Thanks GWOP for keeping this blog REAL"- Real as in, not allowing a single fan to publish there?

"And am I wrong or did Kate really call Alexis "a disturber"? You could not be that cold. You could not." -How is calling Alexis a disturber COLD?

"I would be willing to bet that all the kids were given a question to ask ahead of time when their turn came up."- Are you kidding me? You think the children read a script??

''I also noticed Kate using purified water for the soup. What the ???"- People please, if you live where I do, you NEED to.

"Was anyone else surprised at how quickly Kate got a new stove, just because of ONE BURNER?"- Poor Aunty K.K. got reamed on that one. Several post went on to say that this was a very dangerous stove when the glass breaks and immediately needs to be replaced. She apologized for sounding stupid..What could she do? Find something else to snark about...

"I make my own soup too, and you need much more than 2quarts of water to fill a stock pot. And she had two on the stove. gmab". GIVE ME A BREAK that you are reaching THIS hard for something to gripe about!

Also I bet the new "it's a wonderful life" promos where they are all running down the grassy lawn and swinging on the swing set, is at the new kon-pound."- That swingset is at Cocoa Castle Park in Hershey.

Did anyone else notice the guy standing behind Kate while she was talking with the stove delivery guy? I paused it several times and he looked like he was putting something into the pots she had behind her where she "supposedly" cutting veggies."-First off, why are you pausing things several times? Are you crazy? That was Jon by the way and he was holding a toothbrush!

The Trolls Have Now Gotten Jobs Screening Google

Why is it that the comments sections of some articles that are linked here and other places are far more interesting to read than the actual articles? Well for one, who needs places like Cafe Mom & IMDB when you have a place to fight or debate your views on the show. (And for the record, those blogs have gotten really boring as of late. I mean have you been on any with GOOD topics?) I was shocked to easily see the same people going from article to article and probably stupidly leaving the same name to show who they are. What are they trying to prove? Do they think they could get more GWOP followers that way? While I stick to my rule of not linking hate blogs/articles, I will say that alot are out there and they are just downright funny.

Since were on the topic of my favorite my Jon & Kate Episode, revisit last Valentines Day and hope the family does one this year just as cute!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Mama Mourns Memories, Pick & Choose Episodes? Soup & No Surprise

Hello Gosselin Fans! Did you miss me? This was the longest I had been away since Disney. Its been a rough day. My computer got a virus and so did I. But only I recovered. Basically, the kids had watched me do "System Restore" on the family computer a few times. So when their game froze, they tried to do the same. But they hit F10 instead and erased the ENTIRE computers hard drive (different restore), wiping out about 1,000 photos and a hundred videos including the birth of the baby and the Christening. I was hysterical and the "kids" that work at Best Buy mourned my loss.

My husband feeling the pain purchased both an external hard drive and a memory card reader. We are praying every day that one of the junky image recall discs can get back anything from the memory card we used. Apparently to get back the image off the hard drive cost hundreds. All of this happening right after the Holidays. So keep your prayers with us! Snapfish seems to be my only Godsend at the moment because I remembered I uploaded alot there. (Yes, I have hard copies of alot of photos, but it's the videos I miss the most).......sigh

Who Decides Which Episodes They Will Show?

I have received a few e-mails about how the episode guide changes weekly. Next week we were supposed to see "A Walk In The Woods", and now were seeing ANOTHER trip to the dentist. Now I have to be honest and say I wasn't thrilled with the first time they went. Only because it hit too close to home after my eldest child refused to go and had a temper tantrum right there in the office. It took 4 yes FOUR tries before she actually went and sat down, after I had to bribe her with a trip to TOYSRUS. So since I'm so against bribery and I had to succumb to it, another trip kinda sounds like they are fishing for things to film the kids doing. I would be interested mainly in seeing if Cara & Mady needed braces, because I will know what I'm going to be in for! So who at TLC decides on which shows to air? Does this mean that they are extra episodes we've never seen before? And why didn't they show them? Last year they're were at lease 5 that I counted that we never saw. Why couldn't we see them in the woods, wouldn't we have enjoyed that more than the dentist? lol I smell a "Never before seen episodes DVD!"

The Soup And The Not So Surprise

Before I get into my own review, I must say that theres something therapeutic about watching another family on TV go through the same issues as me. Granted they are more wealthy now, and a new stove to replace isn't as big of a deal, but watching last night took my mind off all the crying I had done. I really enjoyed last nights episode. I loved watching the children play and interact. And Alexis wiping her mouth before asking a question was the cutest thing ever. I also liked how Kate joked with the guy installing her stove. I also loved when Jon played with the kids and the play dough. I was told there was a comment on GWOP about someone even snarking about that! I must agree that when you mix the colors they are no longer desirable and get hard quicker, so Im totally in with him on that one.

The snarking trolls (which couldn't have anything bad to say since the episode was good but searched hard anyway) ran in numbers to complain and nitpick about dumb things. Kate's hair, Kate looks bored, Kate used filtered water. yawn people, that's the best you can do this week? Yes, Kate's hair is starting to bother me a bit, and I love that woman. I know shes got s look everyones talking about. And no one else has it. But its at that in between what is she going to do" stage. I hope she figures it out (lol). I agree with some that the couch scenes were filmed earlier because her hair looked really good in the kitchen. And if you had to do those those re-caps at all different times and for HOURS you would be bored too! (lol) And those on the East Coast LIVE with our filtered water. Its being used right now as we speak. So this episode was supposed to be what everyone wanted: getting back ot the everyday activites. Making soup was as everyday as you can get. So why is that still not good enough for everyone? I liked this good everyday episode. Did you?

UPDATE: If any Reps. from Snapfish are reading this, send my behind a check for giving you all these great free publicity, Or at least a discount ;)