Saturday, January 10, 2009

Test Your Soup And Surprise, Is PennMommy Back? News From The Street

Hello Gosselin fans! I cant believe that its been almost 6 months since I started this blog. How did I ever find for almost every day 6 months of material to talk about? I was scrolling back to see all I personally wrote and I was pretty stinkin happy with myself!

To all of those that wrote to me with recovery software information, thank you! Some worked and some didn't. Some couldn't find my Scandisk cartridge, some would get half of my photos then ask for money. I gave up since I was worried I would get another virus! But one I bought did manage to recover what I took since September when I went to Disney. Which was great, but years of video and photos were lost. So a little quiet scream, and when I find better software I will yell really loud!

Test Your Knowledge of Soup And Surprise! came out with a cute quiz you can test your knowledge of last weeks episode HERE. I couldn't remember alot and did really bad for some reason. And they say I'm a fan! (lol)

Is PennMommy Back or is this REALLY Jodie Kreider?

Its the new year, so you gotta expect something new to pop-up that everyones buzzing about. ALOT of people have e-mailed me about this. I would be super happy if this was actually Jodi. I would tell her how much I love her hair, I wish I had her nails and she has a very pretty house. I would tell her how upset I was when I read her sisters blog and how I wish she never did it. I would say how sad I was when I saw her on that video and did she regret it. I would ask her what would make her do that. Was it pressure from her sister? Did she realize how badly it spun out of control and how it made people like me actually regret how much we loved and supported her? While its as easy as a click to create a blog, no one wishes more than me that this was true.. None of us are that stupid GWOP but thanks for the effort! (sigh)

News From The Street

I have read in more than one place that the Gosselins are back again (apparently on their OWN dime, thank you) skiing at The Canyons in Park City, Utah. The people there were so hospitable and they loved the place so much, they are back as we speak. Do you think they will shoot ANOTHER episode there? Do you think that Kate is living in the spa and wishing I was there too? (lol) And will one of the kids say that the house itself is "UTAH"? too cute. If anyone else gets more Gosselin news, e-mail me at


kassie said...

That is so exciting to hear that they are back in Utah!! I live about 45 min away from Park City. It would be really fun to see them in person sking. But since I don't ski and I'm not the stalking type:) I'll just have to watch the episoide from the last time they were here.

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

Awww Utah was one of my favorite epi's! But I always had the burning question "Why did all the Ski instructors have Australian accents?"

"I would be super happy if this was actually Jodi. I would tell her how much I love her hair,I wish I had her nails and she has a very pretty house."

I don't know but I am starting to relate to that feeling men get when the SuperBowls around the corner...because I just can't wait to see those kids in their new home!!! Yep that was a giant L on my forehead....seriously though I am truthfully excited. And I hope for them that they go all out LPBW style and create their own little Gosselin Utopia and not a fake Utopia A real one.

Carol said...

Baby Mama, I expected the quiz to be hard since you didn't do well, but I got 100%. :)

It would be so cool if that post from "Aunt Jodi" was actually her, but I doubt she would've come directly here to post. It makes more sense that someone saw this fan blog and decided to target it.

FIONA said...

I wish they were skiing were my daughter worked, but she is at another resort.

Many people from other countries come to Utah every winter to work and enjoy our perfect powder.

Resorts actually recruit from places like Australia, Brazil and provide housing.'

Believe it or not, it is hard to fill alot of the ski indusrty jobs with locals.

I am skeptical at best about Jodi. I don't think it is PM.

~duckie~ said...

Man I am good I got 80% and I didn't even watch the show. (I haven't watched sine the labor day episode and my mom said that is it no more.) I missed two questions. The one about the soup which I did know but hit the wrong button; and the one about the cleaner room I didn't read that anywhere and I assumed that the oppsite would have the cleaner room.

How do we know that the went on their own dime to Utah? It could be that they were invited back to go skiing and got some free stuff with that. If the camaera's are there more then likely it is a free trip. BTW why must they go clear to Utah to go skiing when there is plenty of nice ski resorts around here. (PA NY WV OH area). We have the Appliation Mountains to go on and they wouldn't have to fly as far or at all. No matter how much they "liked" going there, aren't they a little strapped for cash with a new home and all?

Just Commenting Not Hating,

FIONA said...

Want you ski Utah you never ski anyplace else!


MoreCowbell said...

Doesn't surprise me that they would go back to Utah, especially since Jon has skiied since childhood, and it seems that Cara has inherited his athletic abilities. He now has a ski partner to hit the slopes with while his spa loving, non-athletic, "indoor girl" hangs out inside by the fire. Eventually, one or more of the 'tups may also take to the slopes the way Cara has.

As far as "Lessons Learned" is concerned, I'm sure the Trolls are already disputing that it is Jodi, because, how DARE someone actually question brave, strong Julie publicly?

Sorry, I had to stop typing for a minute to reset my eyeballs, as they had rolled so far into the back of my head that I was staring at my butt.

I'd love to believe that this is Jodi, but unfortunately, the term "too good to be true" comes to mind. It's probably a set up. Some mean spirited troll (yeah, take a number on that one) probably set it up so that she and her fellow haters can giggle and laugh on their "super seekret message board" about how gullible the sheeple for actually believing it is Jodi. SO, while it's a nice thought, I'd take any messages there with a grain of salt. A BIG one.

Paula said...

I would love to believe that Jodi posted the blog. However I am skeptical. If Jodi is trying to patch her relationship with the Gosselins she won't be doing it on a public blog it will be a private matter between all parties and we won't know about it... nor should we.

Carol said...

"Sorry, I had to stop typing for a minute to reset my eyeballs, as they had rolled so far into the back of my head that I was staring at my butt."

OMG, Shelly, you always make me laugh so hard first, whenever I see your moniker and avatar and then when I read what you post.

I think serious skiiers consider UT quite different to the mideast region of the country ("Appliation" Mountains and all). We travel to the west all the time and we live in the northeast. People could argue that we could just drive to Maine, Vermont and NH, so why don't we? It's a pretty vacuous argument - we go west because we want to go west, not to just "a" vacation area.

Again, the topics people choose to nitpick never cease to amaze me.

~duckie~ said...

Sorry I wasn't paying attention when I was trying to spell allow me to correct myself Appalachian Mountains! lol ;)

But my real question is with a new mortgage payment and large one at that. Shouldn't they try to find somewhere closer, with the same type of fun, with a cheaper price? Especially if they did pay for all of it themselves they are a family of 10! I just can't believe that they have made that much money off of the show. When you always hear Jon & Kate say that they don't have a lot of money how are they able to spend that much on 10 airplane tickets and on resort lodging? IMO I would think that the money they were saving would have been for the house and all of the fun that goes along with moving ie: moving van- whether it be a moving company or a uhaul, utilities, and what not.
But as usual
Just Commenting and Asking Not Hating,

Miss Leah said...

First of all, I've read your blog almost as long as you've written it (but never posted), and it's GREAT! Thanks for everything you do.

I think it's wonderful they're in Utah again. I grew up skiing with my Dad, and it's something we can still do together. I'm sure they could ski closer to PA, but Kate might like Utah since there are so many non-skiing things to do.

I, for one, hope it's not Jodi. It'd be pretty foolish of her to critique her sister for turning to the blogs, but then do the same thing herself. I'd prefer her to make an appearance (even if it's small) on the show if she really believes "Jon and Kate are terrific people who are doing what they believe is best for their family."

Of course, I'm almost positive it's her. Anyone who's seen what goes on in the Gosselin blog-world would be a fool to automatically buy into that.

BEE said...

I am very skeptical that is Jodi's blog. If it truly is then she needs to give some proof, a video etc.

Paula, I have to disagree with you. Jodi allowed the video of herself to be posted on her sister's very public and VERY anti-Gosselin blog. Makes me think that it is possible that she would put another statement up on a blog.

As far as the Gosselin on another ski trip. I couldn't find anything else about it on the internet...what am I missing?

And Duckie, why is it up to us to decide how the Gosselins spend their money? As far as I am concerned, the Gosselins have put their dues in and they deserve to reap the benefits!

Nina Bell said...

That is exactly what I was thinking, who tells you how to spend your money??

Just Asking
Not Hating

Shelly said...

I left a comment asking for proof from the so called Aunt Jodi blog. I really doubt it is her. It is probably the "Gossipers wishing for Popularity", so they have something else to B***h about. There pickings are slim since last week they had a problem with WATER. LOL!

You again. How old are you? Since your mommy told you could not watch anymore. You have had a lot of life experiences(? so you say), and seem to be sooooooooooooo wise. Why can't you watch? Also, it is Jon & Kates decision on how they spend their money. No one elses. Thats the problem, everybody is to concerned about knocking them down and picking apart every single thing they are doing. Gee Wiz.

P.S. Baby Mama, I got 100% on the quiz.

Carol said...

Duckie, I agree with Shelly. When you're living on your own and earning your own income, you'll make decisions as to how/where/when to spend your money. Also, a) we don't really _know_ that they went to Utah, it's just been written about here and there. b) for all we know it's another free trip. I find it doubtful they would've shelled out for 10 airfare tickets plus resort fees. That is many thousands of dollars and from what I know, Kate is very careful with money. It's possible the resort offered them a free trip a year for x years, just like the hair salon offered to cut the kids' hair for free till the sextuplets are 5. Even if they don't film this trip the resort can say "vacation home of the Gosselins" and get good publicity that way.

When you're older you'll see there are all kinds of things people do, business deals, etc. It's not all obvious on the surface and deciding whether others should spend their money on their house instead of a trip is not something you can do from your armchair for another family.

Not hating, elucidating.

Theresa said...

Duckie, I agree with Carol and Shelly.

Their income and how they spend it is none of our business.

Just shaking
and now baking

Theresa said...

Kathy--unlock your caps lock. Geeze.

Kate hasn't abused any of her friends or family. Poor Aunt Jodi? Pah-leeze. Don't assume stuff that you read on other blogs...hate blogs...just because you read it there. Just because you don't see people from past shows, don't assume they're not a part of their lives. We see a show. We don't see all of their lives.

We don't know anything about their family life off camera. You don't know if her family won't bother with her or that is why John's mom doesn't bother with them. You shouldn't write assumptions like that. You don't know any of the facts, nor do you know what life and people are in their lives off-camera.

Paula said...

Bee I really hope it is Jodi, but I feel that all the publicity of the previous blog helped fuel the riff between the two families and that Jodi won't go public with this one. Hope I'm wrong though. The GWoP's haven't mentioned it of course.

~duckie~ said...


But, really I am 28years old my 53 year old mother and I live in the same home. She is not working right not due to complications from congestive heart failure a few years ago. I graduated from community college in 2002 was going to go on and further my education but that is when my mom got sick and I had to find a full time job instead of my part time fast food job that I had.

My younger brother was in the military at that time, and my older brother lived in another state, so that is why I stayed with my mom.

Right now I have been with my current and hopefully final job since 2005. I really love it. We cut large steel coils into smaller steel coils that are then made into tins, hanging folder rods, drywall corner bead and whatnot. I do paper work and invoicing.

The money that I make right now is spent on utilities and food and medications. Plus I am trying to save up money to buy my mom a used car so that she can get a job now that she is in better health. But it is very hard. The only vacation I get is when I go to a week long camp that is for mentally and physically handicapped adults. I don't have to worry about spending any money as a camp counselor. It is one of the highlights of my year!

I don't have any children b/c I know that I can't give them a good home right now. I will never give birth since I can't. I however would like to adopt or become a foster parent one day. But I need a better home for that then the trailer we live in right now.

We only have one TV in the living room that is why I said my mom won't let me watch anymore she can't stand Kate.

If you have anymore questions just ask.

Shelly said...

Give me a break. For starters, take it off cap lock. You do not know a thing about this family. You have no idea wether they talk to their family off camera or not. Kate is not an abuser. On the show "Parents for a Day", when Cara and Maddy were playing mom and dad, Kete was cleaning out her closet and Hannah (I think was the one) walked up behind her, laid across Kate's back, and said "I Love you Mommy, your the best Mommy". Does that sound like abuse??? No abused child will do that. Don't say she was forced to do it either. Because it was to natural. Kids that are forced to do things are rigid and stiff and always looking for approval. That was way to sweet and loving to be forced. Kate has said on many occasions that she is thankful for the way things have happened with the show, so she can afford to stay home and be with the kids. She has also thanked people on numerous occasions for the help. Once again, before you make a statement, read the entire blog. There is a link on here to the Christian Women article, were she states she is the strong one. That is Jon and Kates relationship. How dare you pressume you know them, when all you do is read the trash. Read the articles, read their book, watch the show (which, may I add has had people on there from the past. Some of them have moved), then you can make a comment. You people and your abuse claims. Go back to the "Gossipers wishing of Popularity" site.

Carol said...


No, Kathy, you're not. Google "gosselins without pity" and you'll find a blog where you'll be in really good company. Here, thankfully, you're in the minority. I say "thankfully" because this is a fan blog and we come here to discuss our mutual interests in the show, not all the god-awful things this family does to their children.

Everything you "shouted" in caps has been written AD NAUSEUM over there, so you can save yourself the typing.

Shoo, go outside and play now. Us grownups are enjoying adult time.

BEE said...

Carol, you make me laugh!

Shelly said...


HEHEHEHE! You crack me up.

Theresa said...

Duckie--at first when I read your posts I thought you were a little wacky and I knew you and I probably don't see eye to eye on this show as you seem to point out negative, odd stuff and I view the show in a postive light. But, when I read your post on your life, I just wanted to let you know that I think your mom is lucky to have you in her life. I hope you are blessed for your unselfishness in taking care of her.

~duckie~ said...

Thank you Theresa but I don't think of it as a job or chore, not that you said it that way, it is just life.

I know I can be negative of this show but I have seen the worse in people who no one would have thought could be that way. I just want people ask more questions then to just take things at face value.