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Friday, May 22, 2009

As One Door Closes, Another Opens: The Affair That is Jon & Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Please don't think for one minute that I have been avoiding posting on this blog, with all the media and hoopla that has been going on. This has been the busiest week I have had in a long time, and just wasn't able to get to this blog. I wasn't going to be like some Looney Moon site posting EVERY single article that is out there. Most are negative and many full of untruths and things I question. That is why this is the last post that I will be doing on this blog. For those that follow here I hope that you will join me on the NEW Jon & Kate Gosselin Fan Site. I'm soo excited to be starting this new site with no references to any of the negative blogs that are out there. I hope that those that are interested in a healthy debate come post there as well. There is still a real need for a completely positive fan site, and I'm more committed than ever to continue to have that for you. I've become quite the hit on the troll sites and that only gives me more of a desire to move forward. Hope you will come join me!

Again, this is the last post for this blog. Comments still can be made here until Monday. Thanks again & see you over on the other site for My new post Sunday night!

Kate Gosselin Tells "Tabloids Are Turning My Life Into Hell"
"I'm far from perfect, but I've started to prioritize what is important, what has to change, what I can live with, and what I have to live with. My children are important. My attitude is important. My marriage is important, and though I don't know where that's going right now, I know I can definitely choose my attitude. And I know that I will never give up, I will not stop, I will not fail my kids. Everything else I can't control, I'm just going to have to learn to live with it." For more, click HERE.

Kate Blogging On TLC: Party With The Paparazzi
(Please note: I was NOT posting comments on article and I NEVER post comments unless I let you know on my fan site. Trolls pretend to be me ALL the time and link my site!)

"Jon was unexpectedly away. We mistakenly got our wires crossed and I ended up having no help from our babysitter, so I decided I'd brave this adventure by myself!!! To be very honest, I wasn't sure how it would go. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our show, our kids haven't been in a store for quite some time. This was going to be A HUGE TREAT.... or a repeat of the Toys R Us episode. I wasn't sure which yet. After lunch, we were finally all ready to go. As we departed for the store, five additional cars joined our crew and myself as I drove the big blue bus down the road. Had you passed us, you may have thought we were a funeral procession. But no, it was just me and my posse, I mean paparazzi, and crew." Click HERE to read the entire post, and pick up this weeks People Magazine for this photo & article showing the UNITED couple!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Being Exploited?: More from CBS.COM

Short Article Bites:
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Meets Genuine Reality

New TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8 Site

Will Jon & Kate Seek A Marriage Counselor?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sextuplets Birthday Party, Jon & Kate The Movie? Jon & Kate Affair EVERYWHERE

Hello Gosselin Fans! Well if your not sick to death of the million repetitive articles on Jon & Kate & their supposed affairs you maybe soon. With Kevin & Jodi now claiming Kate was giving Jon a "contract to cheat" I was laughing so hard I almost fell to the floor. Its got so insane at this point, nothing is believed anymore. And what's with everyone's brothers coming out now trying to get as much cash as they can out of this mess? I myself need to give my brother the side eye at this point. (lol) With the season premiere looming and looking to be the highest ratings EVER for TLC & hopefully cable, will people tune in for the entire season? Or will this be a one shot deal?

I am just about ready to start the NEW JON & KATE FAN SITE. I feel that its a great time to unload the past and start off fresh. Again, I hope my followers of this blog will come to the new site. My husband surprised me for Mother's Day with a family vacation to CA the first week of June. (The kids LOVED the Lego Land Episode which sparked my CA interest). So there may be a slight pause if I don't take my computer, but other than that its full steam ahead with the new blog! I'm looking to close this site this weekend, including the comments. I am so super excited and I hope you will feel free to come and comment now on the new site!

And finally, a few of you had mentioned seeing previews for the new Jon & Kate episode during a commercial for Night At the Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian. I think it was shown because that episode is also at The Smithsonian and will be shown this season. If you think its on before the season starts, let me know.

Jon & Kate THE MOVIE?

Well rumors are flying everywhere about this new topic: Jon & Kate the movie.

"The Gosselins supposedly are going to work with a ghostwriter to pen a book about their very public leap into the nation's consciousness -- a book that will then be turned into a TV movie.

Think about it: A small-screen flick, inspired by a small-screen reality show.

No word on who would be considered to play Jon and Kate, ''but it's likely it will be two unknown actors, picked for physical similarities to the Gosselins," said a source at TLC, the cable channel that airs the couple's hit show ''Jon & Kate Plus Eight.'

Jon & Kate Get Back To "Business" And Everyday Life via.

On Saturday, Kate and all eight children (Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel) visited Party City in nearby Wyomissing to buy supplies for the sextuplets' fifth birthday party the next day. The children were well-behaved, employees told PEOPLE, and bodyguard Steve Neild accompanied them.

Jon and Kate put on a united front at the birthday party Sunday – one week later than their actual birthday, which the family had celebrated privately at home. The Backyardigans-themed bash was held at a local water park, and the sextuplets' friends from pre-school joined in the fun.

Nanny Exclusive on The Insider?

Figures, it was the media sleazy "The Insider" that put Jodi & Kevin's Radar Online interview on TV. Well it turns out, they also found the woman that Kate hired to help her find a nanny during that "nannies" episode. My goodness who ISN'T getting paid? Go figure, I actually remember seeing her on the show and she had nothing but RAVES about how wonderful the Gosselins were
"Kate knew exactly what she wanted. We saw nothing but loving, wonderful parents while we were there. They were very affectionate towards each other. Who doesn't need a break, or would be stressed with that many kids to take care of." Go figure, they didn't get the nasty dish I'm sure they were hoping to get.

Kate Denies All Rumors Via Celebrity TV

Kate Gosselin News Timeline

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Media Swarms Kate as Jon Lays Low, Kate "Do" Discussed Everywhere, Jon Gosselin Timeline

Hello Gosselin fans! Please do not think that I have been laying low during this whole Gosselin mess. Next Weekend is my daughters Communion and with parties work and school I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have not wanted to read one more rumor, paid family member, or media attack on this family. When I read the recent story about Brooke Shields and her mother, I almost lost it. The National Enquirer actually removed her from a nursing home trying to get a tabloid story out of her. The whole thing is sick and sad. That these magazines have gotten so desperate that they would pull a stunt like that is insane. Which leads me to the Gosselins..They can't even go to Party City without being swarmed by the paparazzi. How long before a hotter story hits that they will be left alone?

Kate's Haircut The Hot Discussion Everywhere

Is it a slow news day, that there are a record breaking 344 articles on the web discussing Kate's hair? Some love it, others hate it. Kate HERSELF says not everyone can carry it. There hasn't been this much Discussion over a haircut since Jennier Aniston. And I loved that cut! For the record, "The Kate" is currently the #1 most talked about hairstyle.

Fans Pay $100 To Meet Kate In Muskegon

Wednesday night, she spoke with fans at the Frauenthal Theater and signed books. 500 people paid $100 for an autograph and a few seconds of conversation. Hundreds more bought tickets to hear her talk in the auditorium.

Fan Site Short Notes!
Jon Gosselin Magazine Timeline

Jon & Kate Talk Exclusively To Entertainment Weekly

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kate Wows Frauenthal Crowd And Addresses Rumors, US Weekly Stretches With Its Headlines, Discussions Of Showbiz Tonight

Hello Gosselin fans! If I sat here (like other LOONEY sites) and addressed every single tabloid I would be here for days, or very exhausted. I know when its a slow news weeks and a story like this breaks. When I saw what US Weekly was coming out with I was SUPER pissed. Reading hate blogs and getting your info based on rumors and lies is NOT how you run a magazine. So now I can completely understand why Kate did the interview. The Star and The Enquirer are to me pure trash. When your title story is "Mommy & Daddy Please Don't Fight!" you know what your getting in terms of the article. I'm not linking them here, but you know the articles are now everywhere.

I'm sorry to all the fans that have sent photos and stores about their meeting with Kate at her various stops on her book tour. I did promise that I would post them, but with all that's happened I haven't had the time. I am going to address and talk about the latest appearance. It was important because this was after the scandal broke and Kate appeared to be at her most vulnerable. Today on GMA, it was most of the same sadly. Jon & Kate were not on, and they showed the clip again of Jodi & Kevin. Watching it make me shudder. He sounded fake, insincere and like he was just waiting for a check to be cut. It makes me angry and now I dislike them even more. It showed they were only there to cash in on his sister. GMA handled it very professionally, and that they really felt sorry for them right now, with the hopes for the new season..If I get the link today I will add it on this post.

Us Weekly Shows Its Fangs And Turns Into A Rag Mag

OK, this is just my opinion. But I am devastated and heartbroken that they came out and wrote vicious lies and twisted so many rumors just in the last two weeks. I always enjoyed reading Us Weekly, but I'm truly saddened and surprised that they put such a ridiculous spin on Kate and her bodyguard. In no way do I think that she had an affair with him. To put all the garbage they did in there just to sell their magazine, I don't know how low they can go. But I'm figuring next week they will say that the dogs are actually robots and Jon has gotten 2 girls pregnant. Who knows.

Kate Wows Frauenthal Crowd And Addresses Rumors

The reality TV star drew hundreds to downtown Muskegon for her talk. You can read more of the article HERE. "This week I'm on the cover of four magazines. One is true, three are not," she said, citing People magazine as the most accurate. The statement brought nervous laughter from fans, some of whom shouted, "We love you!"

"This is certainly not what I envisioned I was signing up for. I joke about the current events but -- and this is probably the realest and rawest speech I've given -- when I see magazines in stores it's really difficult. It amazes me there is an industry that follows you around and writes stories about you. It destroys peoples' lives. I need you to know, don't believe what you read unless you hear it from that person.

Adriane's Story (edited for length)
"I went to see Kate Gosselin last night in Muskegon, MI. She's beautiful, and so sweet and very funny! One thing they're not really getting on the show right now is how funny she is. She's making jokes at everything and really likes to laugh. Definitely a girlfriend anyone would want to have.She did very briefly address the current drama. She said she's on "4 magazine covers right now, three are lies and one is true, thanks People!" She also said we'll probably get the most raw and emotional talk because it's been an "interesting few weeks". At the book signing- I was worried she would be irritable after going through 500 people before me, but not at all! She's beautiful, and so sweet and very funny! One thing they're not really getting on the show right now is how funny she is. I'm glad I can love her again."

Jon & Kate Controversy On Showbiz Tonight

I found this news story interesting, as they discussed both sides and were very fair.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kate On The Cover Of People Magazine, Jodi and Kevin Kreider Lower Themselves To Star

Hello Gosselin Fans! I am sad to say I lost the last ounce of respect for the lovely "Aunt Jodi" and her family. Here her husband Kevin makes one comment and Star Magazine publishes the biggest pack of garbage yet. (I'm sorry I deleted your post Denise). I have always respected People to give the most accurate and precise information. I give you the People Magazine link and you make up your own minds. I am glad that Kate is speaking up. I have always been such a strong supporter of hers and after this article I am more determined to do so.

"I don't know that we're in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing," she says quietly. "I've been struggling with the question of 'Who is this person?' for a while. I remember where I was the first time I heard her name. It's one of those things where you can try to make it go away, but there's blaring, red flashing lights."

Kate does have hope, however, that her marriage can be saved. "I will never give up hope that every member of our family can be absolutely happy again," she says.

Should Jon & Kate Stay Together? Take The Poll

Monday, May 11, 2009

7 Reasons To Admire Kate, Baba Mama needs Suggestions! Kate Gosselin Is The New "SpokesMom" For Walmart

Hello Gosselin fans! I would like to start off by saying that the infamous "Mr. Gray" everyone is talking about was currently just helping for Zondervan for Kate's book tour. He is NOT Kate's personal bodyguard. Phew! OK, so with all the news stories about the Gosselins now, its been increasingly more hard for Kate (even out buying a birthday cake yesterday for Mother's Day) to go out anywhere without TMZ or some money-hungry photog. following her. I applaud her sense of strength in the face of adversity. The more nasty people get, the more she is hounded, the cooler & calmer she appears. I try to think of things in a "what would you do" kind of way. I find myself (and again this is just me) feeling more and more sad for her each day. I only hope that this show, this season, we will see "public therapy & healing". Those fans that felt the show lost some of its luster, are now anxious and excited for the new season. And that's great to hear! And while I still greatly disagree with those that felt it was because of all the trips and freebies, I hope that this season will be again, more about healing and strength. With a cool trip here and there thrown in of course! (And if any of you find a link to the appearance Kate made on the 700 Club today, please send it to me!) And don't forget Kate will be appearing on Rachel Ray on Tuesday morning!

Regarding the end of this site, I only hope my New Gosselin Family Fan Site and the positive, fresh feel it brings will also be a great addition to the new season. I truly hope that you follow me as I say goodbye to this chapter of my blogging that has brought me so much joy and come over to my family-friendly new Gosselin fan page. After these past 10 months I feel that there is a need for a completely non-negative & fully supportive fan site for those that truly do not want to see some of the hatred that's out there. Now that doesn't mean that I wont stress for more healthy debates to continue and will always be encouraged. However, it has become clear to me that if you feel that you have anything negative to say, there are a few other places to go that thrive on the snark. I want those with who truly have meaningful things, thoughts and feelings to say to please come and comment on my site. And if you don't want to comment, that's fine, you can follow this new blog too!

Which brings me to my comments and suggestions. I did this the first time I started my site. (When I proudly boated 6 followers!) I would really like to hear the things that may have been lacking here that you would love to see on the new site. I have been so busy with babies, work, parties and life that I have not been keeping up with this blog like I wish I could. This new blog I promise will be different! (After Dancing With The Stars, I promise 100%! (lol)) So please feel free to post in the comments here what would make it the perfect fan blog for you. I hope to see you at my new and happy blogging home!

7 Things I Admire About Kate Gosselin~ Via Lil (thanks CBB!)

1. She endured & carried 6 babies!
2. She lets the camera's roll through "the good, the bad & the ugly"
3. Believing in the benefits of good nutrition, Kate went to lengths to feed her family quality goods on a budget.
4. Her organizational skills put most mamma's (including me) to shame
5. The Gosselin children are well-behaved and mannered to Kate's credit
6. She loves her kids, and it shows. Kate is raising eight happy, healthy lil' individuals
7. Despite the tabloids and marital rumors, Kate did not cancel scheduled appearances. Instead, she held her head high, made no apologies, and simply said she and Jon were handling things privately.

For some great photos and a slide show check out the link above!

Kate Now Designing For Walmart?

Did anyone see Rachel Ray today? She gave away some awesome swag including videos, gift cards from Walmart and her NEW designs from Healthtex! I am so super excited! We figured there was something going on while visiting corporate headquarters last week in Arkansas! Kate Gosselin is a "spokesmom" for Heathtex, a line of baby/kids apparel carried exclusively by Walmart. What did you think of the first outfit?? I'm working today, so if it takes a while for your comments to post, forgive me, they will!

UPDATE: Kate Gosselin Defends Her Security on

"The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family," Kate tells PEOPLE exclusively. "Already the allegations they're making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified."

"These are people who absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end," Kate says of Neild and his family. "Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we've spent holidays together, because, in this situation, your circle grows smaller and smaller, and it's very natural to become friends with your manager, your publicist, your security team ... they're the only people you have left. And now they're coming under fire."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel

Hello Gosselin Fans! Happy Mother's Day! I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and excited that I will be sleeping in tomorrow. My husband has a lot planned, and I'm very excited! My kids are also excited to have the family over, and I'm looking forward to a stress-free day. Its also a very special day for our favorite sextuplets. I hope that they have a fun day together with their parents, away from the prying media. Can you believe that they are already turning 5? I wanted to also have for you the Sneak Peak commercial for the new season! Also included is last year's Sextuplet's Turn 4. After watching it, it's amazing to see what the fuss was all about. Happy Birthday Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. And I hope Kate has a wonderful Mother's Day!

Watch Sextuplet's Turn 4!

Watch The Sneak Peak Of The Season 5 Premiere!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kate On The Today Show And Larry King Live "Hesitant To Believe Jon's Infidelity" Kate Video Teaser For Rachel Ray

Hello Gosselin fans! I know that I am slow getting things up before anyone else. And I'm disappointed to say that had to go back to moderating my blog. Its hard when your only on the computer twice a day. But after reading the upsetting comments from fans unhappy with all the nastiness on the site, I now had to go back to it. My goal is to keep this place civil and respectful. The trolls can take their pick of the vulgarity elsewhere. I can't be all things to everyone, but I love those that come here to bring positive energy and be supportive. I know that lately there has been a focus shift from the family to the fan sites. And since I'm the best (lol), I'm the one they attack. But when your voice of the fans you need to continue to stay focused and supportive. And while I personally would have had Jon's man parts made into earrings to go with my hot new bracelet by now, this is my goal: To make sure everyone knows that I will continue to make the best fan site out there. To support this family and their new season, and to pray for healing and continued solidarity. Because the best revenge is to stay strong, live well and prosper (and continue for 10 more seasons (lol).....

To the trolls.. please do not get your panties in a bunch that what I said about Jon was serious. Please feel free to go elsewhere because I no longer allow you on this site...Also, from now I will be stating when I comment on an article so that you know it was me. I made my first comment in MONTHS for support on the Larry King Website. You can read the comments from the supportive fans below by clicking the Web Exclusive.

Larry King Web Exclusive

"A few hours after the close of Mothers Day 2004, my most miserable one in my history of being a mother, I received the best six gifts (to add to the previous best two gifts I had already received in 2000) I have ever received. Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, and Joel Kevin arrived in that order to make my life complete. Each was completely perfect, healthy and beautiful! A mothers day I will never ever forget….I had fought and won a very trying battle…."~ Kate Gosselin

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

War Of The Tabloids: People (says no) vs. US Weekly (says yes) You Decide Part 2: Will Jon & Kate Divorce?

Hello Gosselin fans! Figures, today is a beautiful day..wish this weather was yesterday! At first I was going to blow past all this but I had to comment about a few things. There have been many people commenting about posts they thought I made on magazine articles. I DO NOT (and haven't in some time) posted on articles such as People, Just Jared & US Weekly. It's been hard dealing with people that use your name, include a link to your page, and then write hurtful things. The jealousy at this point is insane.... While I continue to contact the sites and investigate, please know that you are not reading anything I have personally wrote or said. Now on with the show.(lol)
UPDATE: Jon& Kate Plus 8 will all be on the Today Show THURSDAY!
ALSO: Kate to appear on Larry King THURSDAY Night!

From Today's

Deanna Hummel says she is sickened by the reports circulating about her relationship with Jon Gosselin. Hummel continues to deny any sort of romantic relationship with Gosselin, and the elementary school teacher admits that there's been bad blood between her and her brother for a while now. "My brother is very shady," says Hummel. "He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution. He's on probation right now."

And though the siblings live together, she says she was in the process of buying their home – and asking him to move out. "He wanted to get back at me ... he knows he's getting kicked out of the house."

From Today's US

"She's a nice girl, not a home wrecker," Jason tells Us Weekly. "He is a bad liar. This isn't healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air.

At the Hummel house, Jason says Deanna and Jon would "pretty much stay locked away like two teenagers. It was weird. He's a grown man."

EW.COM Jon & Kate Interview: I did NOT cheat On My Wife

Jon: It's really upsetting. I may be guilty of choosing the wrong time and place to hang out with my friends, but I am not guilty of cheating on my wife. It hurts me to see what it's done to my family, and it's scary to know that these tabloids are in town constantly following us and even paying locals large amounts of money to contribute to these negative stories. It's even gotten so bad that [one tabloid] has reached out to a youth pastor from our church, which in my eyes is completely unacceptable.
Kate: It's disturbing and unfortunate that these tabloids have gone as far as they have to try and bring us down. Jon's poor judgment and irresponsible behavior has also without a doubt caused some added tension and stress between the two of us.

UPDATE: Today's Rachel Ray Interview To Air Tuesday

"It's one of those things that we're just handling privately," Kate said on Wednesday's taping of The Rachael Ray Show. "We're just taking it one step at a time and I'm trying to walk through it." She added: "The focus remains on our kids. It has always been there and will continue to be there. One day at a time, like we've always done. One hour at a time, one minute at a time, and my life's been like that."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hither, Tither & Yon Part 2.. I Meet Kate Gosselin Again

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Cinco De Mayo! I'm being told that this post is being anticipated and talked about on certain other blogs and I find that amusing. What was not fun was waking up this morning seeing pouring cold rain & knowing this would not be a good day..for me OR Kate! Going downtown is like another world away. Its takes a lot of prep time and it's rough to get down there. But I know that Zondervan was smart having it at a Barnes & Noble in the middle of Tribecca that's all schools & day cares. The problem was the rain had other ideas.....Its not like your in a cozy mall or a store to hang out in. New York Mommies are NOT the type to wait in the rain with their kids for a signing. So instead of being elated that by the time my daughter and I got there almost an hour late it wasn't mobbed, I felt bad that because of the weather the turnout wasn't in the thousands like I had hoped.. Nevertheless the positives was that she spent extra time with everyone that came. Including us! It was MY SECOND time and I was just as excited!

My daughter has been waiting for weeks to play hookie and have the day off to be alone in the city with Mommy. Of course while on line she saw Kate she got very nervous. I was having a hard time coaxing her over to the table and lucky for me Kate took charge.. "You know Mady & Cara have the same shirt as you?" Why don't you come here and tell me your name?" Meanwhile I am having a heart attack because my camera (of all times in the world) decides to die on me. I apologized to Kate for keeping her frozen (for a pic) while I tried to snap a photo..she said "Are you kidding, you do NOT have that horrible camera I once had do you? Let me see" and proceeded to try to look at my camera. That's just Kate. She was again very cool, and even hugged my daughter before taking what I believe was a bathroom break. My daughter almost passed out and said "That was so awesome mommy!", when Maddy comes to sign books can I come again?" From the mouth of babes....

Few nice notes..While struggling with my camera I asked if she went home or was staying to enjoy the city..She said she was anxious to get home in time for dinner. (I guess its close enough for her just to go home). I asked her if she was upset about the rain turning the mommies away. She said that although she was disappointed, it was more relaxed and she was able to talk to people more which is what she likes to do. I quickly told her about how excited I was to start a new chapter with my website and did NOT believe me that I was stopping the old one as I am approaching soon my 1 millionth hit in just a few short months. In her words "that's bizarre"...(In a good way trolls (lol))

After thanking me for coming and keeping the true fans of the show "updated" I went off with my happy girl and celebrated her "good girl day" with a trip to Build-A-Bear. Because, how DO you wrap up a fans mommy & me day? Coming home to an exhausted grandma & a baby that never took a nap of course! As I write this now, I am happy that I made the day special. And even MORE looking forward to season 5!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jon AND Kate At The Southern Woman's PA Show: The Review

Hello Gosselin fans! OK so after I got some ridiculous e-mails about time stamps and how there may have been a blog somewhere that had the US Weekly article before me....WELL WHO CARES! By 9am it was EVERYWHERE anyway! I swear, people truly LOOK for things to complain about. Whenever a fan goes on a hate site its apparently me as well. Like I would ever go and comment on garbage like that. Please note, whenever I am anywhere I WANT people to know its me. I put my name there for a reason. I don't hide behind an Annon. or something stupid. Its funny because they WISH I would waste my time on sites like that!

Well my girl T. (you know who you are ;) and a few others hooked me up with the ACTUAL photos. And yes I have them BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. And yes I am still going to meet Kate again on Tuesday, so I'm excited I was able to take off work, as my eldest daughter really wants to go too. So its a Mommy & Me day! I pray for beautiful City weather! So enjoy the reviews!

T.: I began my trek to PA from MD at 9:00 A.M. I arrived a little before 11:00 A.M. and as I was walking towards the building, I met this young woman who was also there to see the Gosselins, and we began talking. She is a local and mentioned that she knows one of the waitresses at Legends who also knows Jon and that she had told her that the whole story was blown out proportion. That girl and Jon have been friends for many years, NOTHING ELSE.

Once inside the arena we were directed to the area where the event was to take place. There was another event still going on, so we went over to the book table, and I was told that the line that was starting to form right next to the stage was for the book signing. So we decided to just stand in line and watch them from there. IT WAS A SMART MOVE!!! Had great “seats” and didn’t have to wait for hours to have our books signed. There must’ve been 1000 people there, easily. As we were waiting in line, I saw a couple of security guards move quickly towards the front of the building, which I later heard that there was some paparazzi trying to come in.

Now to the good stuff… Kate looked stunning wearing a very cute cranberry dress and black high-heeled shoes. She is thin, but not too thin and has a very nice subtle tan (not at all the “orange glow” that has been reported). Jon looked very handsome himself in dress jeans, long sleeve dress shirt and brown shoes. Kate explained that it was a treat to have Jon there, since she is so used to having an empty chair with her bottle of water next to her. And as I and I would dare say most of us had expected, Kate did most of the talking and was very candid and funny as she spoke about her pregnancy, their struggles at the beginning and how thankful they are for all the help that they received when they needed it most. And every time Jon said something he was very funny.

Jon was not there for the book signing portion of the event… Kate was very nice actually she was more personable than some famous authors that I have met at book signings in the past. And yes, she made eye contact with people. She signed both of my books, I thanked her and she thanked me for coming. There was a young girl that gave her a gift for the kids and Kate opened it while the girl was there... It was some kind of small dolls and Kate got very excited about them and thanked her and her mom for them. I took a few pictures and went on to enjoy the rest of the show. As I worked my way around the complex checking out the exhibitions and ended back at the stage area, again I said to myself IT WAS A SMART MOVE to stand in the book signing line and watch them from there!!! I am really glad that I made the trip!!!

JOYCE: I live in Harrisburg, PA and went to see Jon and Kate today at the woman's show -- I sat about 15 feet from them -- Kate is gorgeous, looked wonderful and is in great shape!!! She is funny, self-deprecating and sarcastic and told the oft-related story about her pregnancy with the tups, with Jon adding a few comments here and there. He looked a bit sheepish; and makes cute faces when she says some things. Kate (and Jon) spoke for about 45 minutes, took a short break, then Kate came out for book signings. There were about 300-400 people in line, she signed all. I stood near the signing table several times for 5 minutes or so each and observed her and listened into her small talk with many, many people. She was very gracious to everyone. When it came to our turn (I went with 3 others) for Kate to sign our books, she again was very nice to each of us. I thanked her for keeping it real, I really appreciate it and she said no problem, thank you.

UPDATE: also has an article & review!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watch "Favorite & Embarrassing Moments" HERE, Back To Basics: Love & Support For Jon & Kate Plus 8

Hello Gosselin fans! I have to apologize to the fans of the show and this blog... After the barrage of negative comments by the FANS wanting to not have this site turned into another nasty debate site, I wanted to get back to the main premise of this blog. As fans of the show our hearts break to hear any negative strife between both Jon & Kate. But the question is how do we know if any of this is true based on photos and lies in the media that start directly from blogs fueling the fire?? Nothing would be more heartbreaking than to think the haters could manipulate the media and try to destroy this family. My goal here, is just to continue to pray and support the Gosselins and show solidarity and support.

UPDATE: If anyone goes to the PA Woman's Show please e-mail me!

People Magazine: Jon did NOT Flirt With College Girls In Feb.

In February, Jon was spotted hanging out with a couple of female college students from Juanita College, located near his hometown in Pennsylvania. People Magazine, tells the REAL story:

But a couple of girls who met Jon that night said he didn't flirt with anyone. "He was very well-behaved, a gentleman," Alex-Rae Campbell, a college student who attended the party, told PEOPLE. "He talked more about his wife than his kids. He was very friendly, very approachable."

Kate Gosselin: "Bible Believing Christian" That Hopes To Inspire Moms

The TV mom also addresses the stress on a marriage when you're parents to so many little ones. Kate told Today's Christian Woman, "When the babies were born, I was well aware that our marriage could crumble. It was close to doing so at times. ... Even though the issues have changed, it's never gotten easier. But Jon and I are more determined than ever that we're in this together. We've told our kids many times that we're always going to be a family. There are no other options."

Eight Little Faces #5 On NY Times Best Seller List
Associated Content: Are These Rumors Out Of Control?
Entertainment Weekly: "Being out...late at night showed poor judgment on my part."

Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 "Favorite & Embarrassing Moments" Here!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: You Decide.....Jon Gosselin In US Magazine

Hello Gosselin fans! I always try to be the first one out there with all that is Jon & Kate Gosselin, good or bad, for you to review. Lately I realized that I am basically giving you just my thoughts on how I feel about Jon going out and living his life not realizing how badly things can get twisted. And now that the show is so huge I don't know how he could think that he can go to a bar like the rest of us and not have it splashed across a tabloid and be made into a huge spectacle. You can read the article HERE. I didn't post it all because ALOT is speculation. I would like you to share your own thoughts....

The new issue of Us Weekly has shocking, exclusive pictures of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad leaving a club at 2 a.m. -- with a mystery woman and without his wedding band.

Jon Gosselin arrived at the club at 11:20 p.m. and by 2 a.m. "could barely walk" as he exited the less-public back entrance of Legends Lounge -- near the family's $1.3-million home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania -- on April 18, a fellow partier tells Us Weekly.

Where was his wife Kate -- known for her insults and who famously once berated him for breathing on the show? Nearly 2,000 miles away, promoting her book Eight Little Faces in Bellevue, Washington. While TLC had no comment on the story or the couple's marital status, Jon sent an emailed statement to Us.

"I went to Legends to speak to the owner. A friend of mine wanted to check out my car, so I let her drive it to her car," he says. "Yes, I have female friends -- but that is all she is. I'm not going to end my friendships just because I'm on TV."

UPDATE: Jon has made another statement: Read HERE. Thanks! 3KMOM!

"However, being out with them late at night, showed poor judgment on my part. What makes me sick, is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position. My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jon & Kate In Life & Style and In Touch Magazine, Watch Jon & Kate Go Green Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! This is the longest posting gap in a while and for that I am truly sorry. My eldest child celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday. I feel really old now. I remember just yesterday begging the doctors to let me come to the hospital a day early so that she didn't arrive on my wedding anniversary. I was all hormonal crazy about special days or something... She made it 11 minutes under the wire. Its been so beautiful this weekend and normally its cold and raining, so this was such a treat. I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss today. Ok maybe not all bliss, but he is truly a gem that needs to be appreciated more..I'm working on it ;) I received alot of messages for those fans that actually count on this blog here to watch their favorites. Again, I will be working on a place where you can see them all here at your convenience. Also, Kate was in North Carolina, Georgia & Florida this weekend.. Let me know all your stories about meeting Kate either in the comments section or via e-mail if you have pictures!

Jon & Kate In In Touch Magazine

A few of you wrote me about this article. And while they both look really great, I would pay much mind to the re-hashed gossip that's on it. Everyone goes through marriage trouble, and I feel for those that have to go through it on TV for millions to snark over.....

Jon & Kate Interesting Life And Style Interview

See it HERE. Why are there rumors flying around that Kate wants to adopt a child from Hawaii. Tell me what you think. I'm not buying it......

Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green HERE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus Sustainabilit-eight, Earth Day Network, Boy's Day Out

Hello Gosselin Fans How was your EARTH DAY? There was a big response to the "Earth Day" Jon & Kate episode. The emails that I received were overwhelming, it really seemed people were excited about seeing a new show. What wasn't exciting was the feeling that most were hoping that this show was going to be some sort of new Epiphany of sorts. New happy Kate, excitement over going green. Making you feel like running around the house shutting lights, recycling and hitting the roof to do some solar panels. One of the biggest gripes was that it didn't really get us pumped to save the world. Or at least really do some soul searching for Earth Day.

I was kinda confused that so many expected so much from the show. There were so many negative comments centered around Kate using Styrofoam cups (I thought they were paper?) and the paper she used, it was muddling the whole point of the show. Why does this family have to be so perfect in peoples eyes! I found the show very helpful and insightful. But more had to do with Kate's "less than stellar" enthusiasm for helping the environment. But as Earth Day once again comes and goes once again on its 39th anniversary, how much of us will truly retain any of the excitement ourselves?

Jon & Kate Plus Sustainabilit-eight

This article from talked about how the episode had many helpful tips. One on them was wishing Kate would get more excited about the Earth (lol):

"In between installing solar panels for electricity, solar thermal panels to heat the gallons of hot water they use for laundry and bathing, and LCD lighting to conserve energy, Steve and crew elaborated on the natural resources needed to maintain a family the size of the Gosselins, and how to reduce their carbon footprint. I'm glad that Discovery Communications decided to do this show, but I just wish that Kate had been more excited about it. So she has some emotional baggage from her father never completing home repair projects, but try to show a little enthusiasm about helping the environment so that those of us at home might be inspired to go green like the Gosselins."

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day I wanted to have some relating sites if you feel the need to go GREEN. Earth Day Network will tell you all you need to know.. Feel the need to watch it in a movie? Check out Disney Nature's new movie EARTH.

Watch Boy's Day Out Here!

This is for Kate (another one) who asked to see this particular video. If you have one you would like to see, e-mail me and I try to put some on my posts for you...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green Special

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know I have been talking about the website, but haven't had much time to work on it. After all the excitement this week I will be working hard on its debut for the new season. Again, I will let you know when I switch over and I hope that you will continue to go through the hundreds of posts here. I really loved Ken Tuckers Review of the show and have included it below.....

I happen to really like the episode. I'm really like Kate in the fact that having a tons of people at my house doing projects is never my cup of tea. Also having someone like Steve and his made-for-TV personality trying to push me to turn green would probably give me a headache. But I loved that Kate was her usual "self". I also found it interesting that this was done on Valentines Day, when Jon was apparently all over the place.. I had actually met Kate 2 days prior and overheard her say to the couple in front of us that she was excited for Valentines Day and "all that was going on". Now back then I had no idea what that was, and I was really confused when people were claiming Jon was bar hopping around that time.. So perhaps in made sense that she was anticipating her roof jewelry the following day! Either way, looked like there was ALOT going on at the time, and she did terribly miss her kids. How cute was Alexis singing her song? :) I was soo happy to see the cards that she made the kids..But where were this years cute Pottery Barn Mailboxes?

Jon & Kate Go Green: Warm Results~
Ken Tucker EW.COM

"Since I never identify with Kate Gosselin more than when someone invades the family's domain to make a repair or do some renovating -- all that mess! all that ceding control to outsiders! -- last night's special Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green! was highly satisfying. With the help of Steve Thomas, host of Renovation Nation and formerly of This Old House, the Gosselin clan had some energy-efficiency added to their new house. Solar panels, stuff attached to the roof to heat their water -- I'm not going to pretend I understood much of it; I'm not a "handy" guy.

But the interaction between man-of-action Steve and woman-of-caution Kate was priceless. Coaxing her up into the "lift" to see the solar panels being installed, Steve seemed disappointed that Kate was (a) not "excited about seeing a solar panel" and (b) kind of afraid of heights. Me too, on both counts. When Steve extolled the virtues of eco-economics, Kate pointed out that his spiel was so dull, most of it would be edited out... and it was! She was right. "It's more fun to mock you, to be honest," Kate said. Honesty is her finest virtue. Her jokes are better, too. When Steve told Jon he was going to be the project's "stud finder," he actually seemed disappointed that Jon didn't snicker at that old home-improvement chestnut.

For a special that could have been deadly dull, Go Green! was rendered fun by Kate's skepticism and the kids' reliable adorableness. Hearing little Leah singing to herself, eavesdropping as the kids called the cherrypicker in their driveway a "blueberry truck": this is the stuff that Jon & Kate does best. The work Jon did alongside Steve Thomas' crew didn't look like easy stuff, either. All in all, it made me look forward to a season of new, "regular" episodes."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kate VS. Susan Boyle? Pleasant Hill Book Signing, Audiences Focus On Growing Families, TLC GOING GREEN Video & More

Hello Gosselin fans! So sorry that the posts have been so sparse lately, but this week is really crazy for me. I'm working on top of my family coming next week for my eldest daughters birthday. We all know it takes ALOT to get things ready when the whole family is in town! But I have received so many e-mails regarding all the fun so many had seeing Kate while she's in California I thought I would share some. I am super excited myself that we are taking our first trip ourselves to CA soon! Ive always wanted to go. Ugh but trying to fit all we want to do in a week is crazy! Next stop on Kate's tour is Washington for the last of the West Coast Dates then to New York!!! Tomorrow night is the BIG TLC Earth Day Programming including the new show..I'm super psyched about it! UPDATE: I added SEVERAL new Florida dates for those that were asking about Kate appearances! Please check the updated appearance list for a town near you!

Kate Book Signing In Pleasant Hill, CA:
Thanks for the review and pics Cheyenne & Miriam!


"Hey Baby Mama! Today was the Pleasant Hill book signing and my friend and I drove the 100 miles to go see Kate! We ended up getting there around 4:00pm and had to wait those 3 long hours until Kate got there. Normally it would have been bearable but it got sooooo hot! Luckily the workers in the Border's cafe was kind enough to bring out small drinks to everyone. We weren't that far back in line (we were very close to the door) and when we got there we got our wristbands. In the line my friend and I were inbetween this very nice couple who had a singleton and quads (who were absolutely ADORABLE) and an old woman who seemed more ecstatic than us to meet Kate. (Rumor also had it that Jon and the kids were there, but I heard that from the older woman next to me so who knows).
Anyway, around 6:45 they allowed everyone with the pink wristbands to walk in. The line went really fast and we had now moved up to second in line due to the red wristbands. So, as we're waiting in line, you actually pass Kate (you had to loop around to the table though) and -sigh- she looked gorgeous! I had been thinking she was looking much to thin recently, but in person she definitely looks like she has a bit more weight on her.
It takes 3, maybe 5 minutes for us to loop around to the point where there was just one person ahead of us! Finally it was my time to get up and have Kate sign my book! She was extremely nice and I was just so nervous I couldn't say anything! I couldn't believe that Kate, THE Kate Gosselin, was right in front of me! I think I blurted out a 'Hello. Thank you so much!' and then kindly asked if she could sign 'Hi twins' at the bottom for my sisters. She just nodded her head and wrote it after her signature, and even added a smile face! Then it was my time to move on and I thanked her once again. It seemed like such a blur but she was so nice and always smiling."


"There she was, walking right through the store, accompanied by her security guards. It was 7, and people immediately started
getting their books signed. I heard people who had gotten their books signed already saying she was so gorgeous and nice. We finally got to the front of the line, and it was surreal seeing her in person. She really was gorgeous. I had planned tell her she was such a good mom and I hoped to be as good a mom as her one day, but I became tongue tied as she was signing my book and only managed to say thank you. Although you were not allowed to take posed pictures, my mom took a pretty good picture of me with her as she was signing my book. She was so nice, and she asked me if my mom got the picture. This was one of the best days of my life, and thank you so much for your wonderful blog. If you did not post her upcoming appearances , I would have never know she was going to be in my area."

Kate Gosselin VS. Susan Boyle ??

Why you ask? Yeah I questioned it too. But David Zurawik from the couldnt help but ask the question....Could people really be more interested in Kate Gosselin than Susan Boyle? Why his articles about the talent that is Ms. Boyle was just a puddle compared to the oceans of responses he gets when he posts an article on Kate? The answer is HECK YES! Why? Well let me read you my response to him and tell me what you think:

"I decided to link your page on my Jon & Kate fan site. Although I had never heard of this woman up until your article, I don't know how these two women can even be compared. The only similarity I see is that their rise to fame was both a quick one. Jon & Kate have millions of fans and have been on TV for a while now. Kate has become a celebrity in her own right as an author of three books. With that come people that feel the need out of sheer jealousy to write horrible things about her simply because she is no longer relateable because of her wealth. The shows success suddenly wasn't about the adorable kids, but recaps on how date Kate berate her own husband. People seem to think that just because she is on TV, that he life can be judged and criticized just because someone feels that they could do better.

Susan Boyle is being praised for her beautiful voice and Kate is being berated because of her new found wealth and unrelateable fame. They wouldn't be more different, but yet you question for the sake of publicity of your own blog..ohh why does Kate get more hits?? For the obvious reason that people love to snark and hate. Give Susan Boyle a makeover, a fancy car & a new house with a recording contract and watch the snakes hiss.

To encour
age on your blog to "ohh please lets all SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT so we all know that you HATE Kate" is doing what every other hate site does, which is actually hand out the matches to watch the flame get higher. I have linked several of your pieces on the Gosselins to our site and have always enjoyed your articles. But comparing them is very unfair."

Audiences Focus On Growing Families

I found this really good article from the website that was asking the questions most of us were wondering with all these new and upcoming reality shows featuring large families......

"Now in its fourth season and just renewed for a fifth, “Jon and Kate” has viewers who have grown to love watching the family deal with the daily stresses and joys of raising a large number of children. Is it because, dealing with today’s economic recession, people are intrigued to see how these families are able to support themselves? Or, is the public interested simply because they do not have to take care of that many children and find solace in having a significantly smaller family?

A lot of time is put into taking care of a normal-sized family, and even more with a large family, so viewers are most likely interested in seeing how these families live day-to-day compared to theirs. Are these families doing these shows just to get publicity and free help? The Gosselins have said that they’re doing the show not for free benefits, but because it’s “what’s best for their kids.”

There’re also r
umors of the “Octo-Mom” getting a reality show in order to pay the bills. For whatever reason they choose to continue, these families are reaping the benefits of putting their families on the airwaves."

TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 GOING GREEN Video & More

TLC has alot of great never-seen before snippets and videos. To see more to prepare for the Earth Day Special as well as slideshows & projects you can do yourself GO TO TLC!

The BEST Part of Our Day: Rare Websode Courtesy of Disneydancer96
Want to see all the never-before-seen websodes.. go to the TLC Link