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Kate VS. Susan Boyle? Pleasant Hill Book Signing, Audiences Focus On Growing Families, TLC GOING GREEN Video & More

Hello Gosselin fans! So sorry that the posts have been so sparse lately, but this week is really crazy for me. I'm working on top of my family coming next week for my eldest daughters birthday. We all know it takes ALOT to get things ready when the whole family is in town! But I have received so many e-mails regarding all the fun so many had seeing Kate while she's in California I thought I would share some. I am super excited myself that we are taking our first trip ourselves to CA soon! Ive always wanted to go. Ugh but trying to fit all we want to do in a week is crazy! Next stop on Kate's tour is Washington for the last of the West Coast Dates then to New York!!! Tomorrow night is the BIG TLC Earth Day Programming including the new show..I'm super psyched about it! UPDATE: I added SEVERAL new Florida dates for those that were asking about Kate appearances! Please check the updated appearance list for a town near you!

Kate Book Signing In Pleasant Hill, CA:
Thanks for the review and pics Cheyenne & Miriam!


"Hey Baby Mama! Today was the Pleasant Hill book signing and my friend and I drove the 100 miles to go see Kate! We ended up getting there around 4:00pm and had to wait those 3 long hours until Kate got there. Normally it would have been bearable but it got sooooo hot! Luckily the workers in the Border's cafe was kind enough to bring out small drinks to everyone. We weren't that far back in line (we were very close to the door) and when we got there we got our wristbands. In the line my friend and I were inbetween this very nice couple who had a singleton and quads (who were absolutely ADORABLE) and an old woman who seemed more ecstatic than us to meet Kate. (Rumor also had it that Jon and the kids were there, but I heard that from the older woman next to me so who knows).
Anyway, around 6:45 they allowed everyone with the pink wristbands to walk in. The line went really fast and we had now moved up to second in line due to the red wristbands. So, as we're waiting in line, you actually pass Kate (you had to loop around to the table though) and -sigh- she looked gorgeous! I had been thinking she was looking much to thin recently, but in person she definitely looks like she has a bit more weight on her.
It takes 3, maybe 5 minutes for us to loop around to the point where there was just one person ahead of us! Finally it was my time to get up and have Kate sign my book! She was extremely nice and I was just so nervous I couldn't say anything! I couldn't believe that Kate, THE Kate Gosselin, was right in front of me! I think I blurted out a 'Hello. Thank you so much!' and then kindly asked if she could sign 'Hi twins' at the bottom for my sisters. She just nodded her head and wrote it after her signature, and even added a smile face! Then it was my time to move on and I thanked her once again. It seemed like such a blur but she was so nice and always smiling."


"There she was, walking right through the store, accompanied by her security guards. It was 7, and people immediately started
getting their books signed. I heard people who had gotten their books signed already saying she was so gorgeous and nice. We finally got to the front of the line, and it was surreal seeing her in person. She really was gorgeous. I had planned tell her she was such a good mom and I hoped to be as good a mom as her one day, but I became tongue tied as she was signing my book and only managed to say thank you. Although you were not allowed to take posed pictures, my mom took a pretty good picture of me with her as she was signing my book. She was so nice, and she asked me if my mom got the picture. This was one of the best days of my life, and thank you so much for your wonderful blog. If you did not post her upcoming appearances , I would have never know she was going to be in my area."

Kate Gosselin VS. Susan Boyle ??

Why you ask? Yeah I questioned it too. But David Zurawik from the couldnt help but ask the question....Could people really be more interested in Kate Gosselin than Susan Boyle? Why his articles about the talent that is Ms. Boyle was just a puddle compared to the oceans of responses he gets when he posts an article on Kate? The answer is HECK YES! Why? Well let me read you my response to him and tell me what you think:

"I decided to link your page on my Jon & Kate fan site. Although I had never heard of this woman up until your article, I don't know how these two women can even be compared. The only similarity I see is that their rise to fame was both a quick one. Jon & Kate have millions of fans and have been on TV for a while now. Kate has become a celebrity in her own right as an author of three books. With that come people that feel the need out of sheer jealousy to write horrible things about her simply because she is no longer relateable because of her wealth. The shows success suddenly wasn't about the adorable kids, but recaps on how date Kate berate her own husband. People seem to think that just because she is on TV, that he life can be judged and criticized just because someone feels that they could do better.

Susan Boyle is being praised for her beautiful voice and Kate is being berated because of her new found wealth and unrelateable fame. They wouldn't be more different, but yet you question for the sake of publicity of your own blog..ohh why does Kate get more hits?? For the obvious reason that people love to snark and hate. Give Susan Boyle a makeover, a fancy car & a new house with a recording contract and watch the snakes hiss.

To encour
age on your blog to "ohh please lets all SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT so we all know that you HATE Kate" is doing what every other hate site does, which is actually hand out the matches to watch the flame get higher. I have linked several of your pieces on the Gosselins to our site and have always enjoyed your articles. But comparing them is very unfair."

Audiences Focus On Growing Families

I found this really good article from the website that was asking the questions most of us were wondering with all these new and upcoming reality shows featuring large families......

"Now in its fourth season and just renewed for a fifth, “Jon and Kate” has viewers who have grown to love watching the family deal with the daily stresses and joys of raising a large number of children. Is it because, dealing with today’s economic recession, people are intrigued to see how these families are able to support themselves? Or, is the public interested simply because they do not have to take care of that many children and find solace in having a significantly smaller family?

A lot of time is put into taking care of a normal-sized family, and even more with a large family, so viewers are most likely interested in seeing how these families live day-to-day compared to theirs. Are these families doing these shows just to get publicity and free help? The Gosselins have said that they’re doing the show not for free benefits, but because it’s “what’s best for their kids.”

There’re also r
umors of the “Octo-Mom” getting a reality show in order to pay the bills. For whatever reason they choose to continue, these families are reaping the benefits of putting their families on the airwaves."

TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 GOING GREEN Video & More

TLC has alot of great never-seen before snippets and videos. To see more to prepare for the Earth Day Special as well as slideshows & projects you can do yourself GO TO TLC!

The BEST Part of Our Day: Rare Websode Courtesy of Disneydancer96
Want to see all the never-before-seen websodes.. go to the TLC Link


Lisa said...

I have a question: When Kate does the book signings does she fly in the planes like we do or does she and her family fly on a private plane? I went to the signing in Pleasant Hill, CA. I thought it was great to see her. When I got up there I was nerous but excited to see her in person. She is so warm and friendly.

Baby Mama said...

That's a very good question. I have had more than one person say they have seen Jon and/or Kate on a flight so I believe they take regular flights like you and me! Just up in First Class of course (lol)..Private jets are incredibly expensive! Apparently Diddy isn't even using a private Jet anymore.....