Monday, April 20, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green Special

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know I have been talking about the website, but haven't had much time to work on it. After all the excitement this week I will be working hard on its debut for the new season. Again, I will let you know when I switch over and I hope that you will continue to go through the hundreds of posts here. I really loved Ken Tuckers Review of the show and have included it below.....

I happen to really like the episode. I'm really like Kate in the fact that having a tons of people at my house doing projects is never my cup of tea. Also having someone like Steve and his made-for-TV personality trying to push me to turn green would probably give me a headache. But I loved that Kate was her usual "self". I also found it interesting that this was done on Valentines Day, when Jon was apparently all over the place.. I had actually met Kate 2 days prior and overheard her say to the couple in front of us that she was excited for Valentines Day and "all that was going on". Now back then I had no idea what that was, and I was really confused when people were claiming Jon was bar hopping around that time.. So perhaps in made sense that she was anticipating her roof jewelry the following day! Either way, looked like there was ALOT going on at the time, and she did terribly miss her kids. How cute was Alexis singing her song? :) I was soo happy to see the cards that she made the kids..But where were this years cute Pottery Barn Mailboxes?

Jon & Kate Go Green: Warm Results~
Ken Tucker EW.COM

"Since I never identify with Kate Gosselin more than when someone invades the family's domain to make a repair or do some renovating -- all that mess! all that ceding control to outsiders! -- last night's special Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green! was highly satisfying. With the help of Steve Thomas, host of Renovation Nation and formerly of This Old House, the Gosselin clan had some energy-efficiency added to their new house. Solar panels, stuff attached to the roof to heat their water -- I'm not going to pretend I understood much of it; I'm not a "handy" guy.

But the interaction between man-of-action Steve and woman-of-caution Kate was priceless. Coaxing her up into the "lift" to see the solar panels being installed, Steve seemed disappointed that Kate was (a) not "excited about seeing a solar panel" and (b) kind of afraid of heights. Me too, on both counts. When Steve extolled the virtues of eco-economics, Kate pointed out that his spiel was so dull, most of it would be edited out... and it was! She was right. "It's more fun to mock you, to be honest," Kate said. Honesty is her finest virtue. Her jokes are better, too. When Steve told Jon he was going to be the project's "stud finder," he actually seemed disappointed that Jon didn't snicker at that old home-improvement chestnut.

For a special that could have been deadly dull, Go Green! was rendered fun by Kate's skepticism and the kids' reliable adorableness. Hearing little Leah singing to herself, eavesdropping as the kids called the cherrypicker in their driveway a "blueberry truck": this is the stuff that Jon & Kate does best. The work Jon did alongside Steve Thomas' crew didn't look like easy stuff, either. All in all, it made me look forward to a season of new, "regular" episodes."


Jen Santos said...

Didn't care for the special as much as I anticipated it. I thought Kate was extremely rude to Steve in several places. Not really necessary considering all the hoopla made about the show. If renovating causes her such angst, why didn't she arrange to be away during these 3-days? Answer, she just has to have her nose in everyone's business. Sad, considering this could have been really great.

Laura said...

Leah was so cute singing! I recognized that song from back in the day when I was little and went to church camp. I could sing of your loooove foreveeeerrrr!

Kate The Great said...

I have the special dvr'd and plan to watch it tonight, I can't wait... thanks for the review...

M.M.S. said...

I absolutely LOVED this special!! My favorite part was the kids! They were cuter than ever! Leah singing "I could sing of your love forever" was adorable. So cute that they know & sing worship songs :-) It was so cute how the boys were interacting with each other too. Love love loved it and can't wait for the season to start!

Susan said...

The renovation parts were a little boring but I loved Kate's interactions with Steve. She wasn't rude they were just baiting each other. I really loved watching the kids especially Maddy and Cara hiding in the solar panel box.

Holly said...

I thought the episode was great! The GWOP readers are commenting on how there aren't many comments on this post. Let's post more and show our support for J&K!!

BEE said...

LOVED this special!! Actually I am watching again right now!

I truly believe that Kate was NOT rude to Steve Thomas! She actually said something to him about the fact that her snarky comments were all in good fun! It was obvious from the chemistry between the two of them that they BOTH had a great time pulling each other's leg, poking fun with one another and baiting each other!

I thought Steve worked REALLY well with Jon, Kate and the kids! He was so patient with the kids, making the picnic table and explaining how the panels work to the little kids....SO cute!

I liked how he included Jon in the projects and Jon was more then willing to participate!

I also think he really "got" Kate and was a little smitten by her! He had such a nice, caring way of describing her motherly efforts in baking etc. It truly was endearing! I also thought it was funny how he several times called her out on her "angry talk". Kate was also very receptive to the way Steve spoke to her. I do believe that even though she might of felt "unsettled" by the renovations, that she did have a good time!

I am so happy that they did this special in between seasons! I think it was smart of TLC to give us viewers a refresher of sorts on our favorite reality family! Can't wait for the next season to start!!

3KMOM said...

Leah singing "I could sing of your love forever" was adorable. My kids have the absolute worship 4 kids CD and that song is on it. The songs are easy to pick up on and i often hear my own adorable little voices singing it around the house. It is so precious!

lisa k. and ericka m. said...
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Baby Mama said...

LisaK~ You have a HUGE amount of balls posting on my site after all the vicious lies and crap you write about me. I was just going to delete your post, but I figured since your on MY turf I was going to say my peace. You know who's not a good person? YOU! For slandering not only Kate on a daily basis but myself on multiple forums like you know better.

Kate was just being sarcastic as she always does and you of all people just take each comment and slant it any negative way you can. When are you going to realize that just because the comments here aren't 50 deep doesn't make this any less of a great fan site. Why do you and Loony Moon feel so threatened? Here I run this show, and I know you were smart enough not to go all out. But take the speech elsewhere. Here is Mama's house and I'm putting your behind in a "time out".

It boggles the mind when I read the things that you say on other blogs. It only confirms that those that slam Kate for being rude and nasty are no better themselves. Be safe on your way home to the bridge....

Gaby said...

Hello ladies! this is my first time posting here and I want to tell you I am glad to have this site. I usually read the GWOP site basically to cheer me up some since most of the stuff said on there is completely hilarious to me! I tried posting a couple of times and tried to be really neutral about my comments and after about 4 tries I gave up. I really dont think much of a site that doesnt accept a different opinion.

The GWOP site just makes me laugh. Can you guys actually believe that they declare so much anti Gosselin yet they are more up to date than us, the fans. I find it funny how they all claim they cannot stand watching the show but gladly read the recaps. I hate it how they all thank the person who writes the recap for enduring the pain of watching so they can all know what happened during each fate.

After months of reading I decided that to some extent they really are just jealous or have nothing else to do but criticize. they say mean things about Kate because she doesnt work, then they complain because she is out too much (working I may add even though they dont consider what she does work). Most of all, I hate that they make conclusions about everything without knowing anything! They think they know how, when and why they spend their money. The whole child exploitation is just another dumb issue. But the ABSOLUTE worst is that their so call disgust, or whatever it is they say they have against the Gosselins (i would say hate/jealousy) makes them take the time to DRIVE, YES DRIVE by their house to see if the whole solar panel thing, Jon's car and huge house thing is true! I would call that obsession! My conclusion is the following...they all want to be them despite denying it so much thats the only thing that explains their behaviour.

I love the show and I love the kids and would just love it if those GWOP people would stop their mean comments...if Kate is mean and rude they are worse than she is. If they dont like the show then stop watching/caring and live your lives.

To Holly, it think its a good thing that there isnt many posts/comments here, what good would it be to have 5 billion comments about the same thing like the other site and besides their millions of comments only shows that their is so many envious people out there.

Sorry for the long post... I had lots to say since I have been repressed for so long by the GWOP people!

Jen Santos said...

Clearly I'm in the minority here. Just wanted to add, I love the site Baby Mama. Love the show. It just bothers me the way TLC is editing these days to find the most contraversial snarky stuff Kate says and does and just airs that. Gone are the days with Kate snuggling or playing with her kids. There are episodes where she barely touches her kids, which is impossible. It's just the way TLC is editing to stir up more interest and contraversy. I wish they scaled back and return to a more balanced view of the family. Again, thanks for the site! Nice to read some nice opinions of the family!

LThiesfeld07 said...

I thought the special was a nice break between episodes. I actually learned a lot about "going green."
One of my favorite parts was when Leah was singing! How adorable! And Valentine's Day was cute too. (Does that put some more Jon cheating rumor's to rest?!?!?! Finally!)
The way Kate was talking to Steve was not rude. She was being sarcastic like she always is.
Also, I didn't realize that all fans must comment on every single post on this blog... we are all bad fans... how could we?? (Look I'm sarcastic just like Kate)

Thanks Baby Mama for every update! :)

Lindsay said...

I thought that the episode was pretty good. I do agree with Susan though; that the renovation parts were a little boring. But everything else was good, and Leah singing was absolutely adorable!

min said...

I was very surprised Kate didn't make more of an effort to be polite. She was rude to workmen who were there to help her.

The show was nice because it showed how solar energy can save money (if you can afford solar panels!)

It was frankly a joke to call it "Gosselin Go Green" because for their Valentine's meal, they used paper plates and PLASTIC forks!!!

Fun to watch, but I think Kate needs to learn to relax. She should have just went out of town for all that work, if she hated it so bad.

Lisa said...

I thouhgt the show was great and it was great seeing the kids get involved. I love Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I look forward to season 5. Great site

nancy said...

Baby Mama, nice come back, written very well. I think you do an awesome job of updating fans and I enjoy your website. Unfortunately I haven't seen the special yet. My son is teething (I think) and is having a rough time. I'm hoping to watch it tonight.

Teresa said...

I really enjoyed this special. How can anyone say that these kids are not happy???

Bee - I agree with you in that Steve and Kate had a great chemistry and made things fun.

LisaK - Do you ever have anything nice to say about this family? I know that you have programmed yourself to look for all the bad things, but try to look at the good once in a while, it is much more rewarding.

Baby Mama - ROFLMAO... You're awesome!

Gaby - This is an awesome site. I read GWoP, Retroblog and a couple other hate sites for the same reason you do, to laugh. After a while you can predict what they are going to say next. Their hatred and obession is mind boggling to me.

Holly - Hate sites might have a lot of comments, but as Gaby said, they are comments made by the same people, often time saying the same thing over and over again, almost like they are trying to convince themselves.

Mommy2 said...

Jen and Min...I do have to agree. I do enjoy the show a lot, but I was really disappointed with this episode. I know Kate is Kate and I am guessing that maybe a lot of the stuff was paid by someone else (especially when another TV host was on)..but there is no reason for her attitude. She seemed annoyed at most of everything. I would be beyond excited if someone was making my home "greener". I do think TLC played some of it up, but there were some parts were I do think she was rude...and she is always saying the show is as real as can be, so I'm thinking that was the real Kate. I was hoping it would have been more like the Sara Snow episode where she showed them a bunch of tips, but it was also tips we could have used (the lights was really the only thing). Lets face it, most people cannot afford soalr panels and whatever else they put on the roof. All said, I'm still looking forward to season 5 though!!

patient renter said...

Bottom line: Steve was kind. Kate was rude, ungrateful, mocking, and even bitchy.

Tatyana said...

I agree, the Sara Snow episode was more informative with the environmentally friendly stuff.. However, I am sarcastic too like Kate. I understand about not trusting that projects will get finished, but I do get pumped to actually see progress. (I dont like the cold though, so I don't know how friendly Id be either).
But If anyone is volunteering to put solar panels on my house, I would gladly pretend to be enthusiastic if I had to. (Though I wouldn't be pretending)

Anyway, I love those kids. How can you not? Its amazing that we get to see them develop personalities, and grow up. I love the song Leah sang, and her smile is so cute..

Baby Mama said...

patient renter~ I was going to delete you post..(I mean, you DO know this is a fan site right?) But then I realized, alot of people out there arent getting Kate. That IS her personality. I never said she wasn't sarcastic.

Whether or not we ever know if she is truly grateful, she is who she is. Steve got it. He mocked her right back and gave it as good as he got it. He KNEW where she was coming from and that's what made the show. That she would complain about it, and then realize what a great idea it is to go "green". People like Steve normally drive me nuts, but this show was a good balance.

Panda said...

patient renter -
funny how Steve seemed to adore Kate isn't it? Hmm.. maybe he, like 95% of the rest of the people who watched this episode, possessed enough intelligence to pick up on Kate's sarcasm?

Mother of two said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the special, I actually laughed out load several times at the banter between Steve and Kate, there was no rudeness what so ever.

Crystal said...

To the commenter who stated that there were very few comments on this site, BabyMomma has said over and over again in her comments that she deletes those comments that she does not agree with. For those who complain about comments not being approved on GWOP's site, it's the same concept here. What I don't agree with is that she sometimes approves "hate" comments and then subsequently bashes the person who made the comments. I sometimes wonder if she ever approves that individual's response, but I have feeling she doesn't. I would just either not approve it, or just let it go and let the other commenters address it. But like I said, this is her site, not mine, so if she wants to do that that is her prerogative.

Mary said...

I think Kate was as mean and ungrateful as ever. Steve and his men worked hard to make her home more green and efficient which translates to saving $$. You would think that Ms. don't buy anything without a coupon would at least appreciate that and be a little more gracious.

idyllesot said...

I personally think sarcasm is one of the best forms of humor; and if I'm wrong, then I'm so screwed. I have an aversion to the run of the mill knock knock shindig.
But really, I loved Kate and Steve's banter--I agree with BEE--he seemed like a high school boy swooning :]
And on another note, can I just say that I really don't blame Kate for her comment on how the earth is not going to last much longer. The reason why we're currently in this environmental mess is that people aren't informed about it. I know her comment seemed flippant, but can you honestly say that you're the greenest either? This is why this is such a big deal today-because people are JUST starting to realize that we need to change our lifestyles to properly address the hazards we're going through. I'm a young college student, so a lot of this earth awareness stuff has been fairly present in my life, for most of my life. But Kate's another generation, has a crazy busy schedule, and has a general distain for the outdoors-can you blame her for not being way into it?
So please, don't stab Kate with your holier-than-thou attitude when I bet you've used your fair share of plastic bags and styrofoam cups.

bizzimommiofboyz said...

Okay... I am a HUGE fan of jon and kate and a regular follower of this blog which I love as well. I have the gosselin books and seasons on dvd. But seriously...COME ON!! There was no reason for Kate to talk to Steve like that. She treated him like pond scum.

Then the episode that aired afterward was a rare show that I must have missed somehow. It was when the kids went to the bakery to celebrate their birthdays by icing cupcakes and then the boys didn't get to eat their cupcakes?? I have to say I don't agree.
Like I said I am a huge fan of this show and the family, but I don't feel the need to defend bad behavior whether by my family, friends or people I admire on television. Kates behavior on the going green special was appauling. I think it started as fun, but she took it to a whole different level. Banter back and forth is one thing, but if you watch I think that Steve was left about speechless in parts as well. That WAS NOT the normal Kate that gets snarky that I enjoy watching, that was someone else that I didn't recognize. Hopefully it was just stress or something, because that is not what I want to tune in for weekly.

As a regular visitor to you blog and a big fan of the show I hope that you will allow my post to stand, I am curious if I am the only diehard fan who was taken aback.

min said...

bizzimommiofboys; I too am a fan of the show. I feel like Kate is really pushing her boundaries. It's like she was going out of her way to try to appear perturbed.
I think she's probably trying to create some drama.

Some people probably saw it as "Kate being Kate" or just sarcasm. Maybe I'm old fashioned, I saw it as obnoxious. Maybe it's a generation gap.

I wish they'd focus more on the kids and less on Kate. When they show the kids, my heart just melts. The little boy with his gloves saying "now THIS one's squishy" over and over...or Leah singing her little song. So adorable.

I honestly hope they do have a nanny, because why would Kate leave for baking ingredients while Jon was CLEARLY occupied with the solar panel installation?

Overall, I loved watching the show, but it was in spite of Kate for this episode.

dancnmommy said...


I totally agree with you!! When I found this website a few months ago I thought the same thing. I had been reading the hate sites out of pure entertainment. It is really funny how some people who hate Kate so much know so much about her. Or at least they think they do. And they know EVERYTHING from who did the advertising that night to who said what about every new episode. And then know where she lives, where she gets her hair done, where she shops, etc. is either a.) a stalker or b.) a fan.

BabyMama- Loved your comment to LisaK.. This is your terf. This is your blog. You do what you want with it :)

Kiki Nakita said...

I LOVED the special! Jon participated and had a chance to connect with the other male workers. Kate tried to be hospitable, you have to admit going to the store to buy baking supplies to bake cake, and cookies for three days in a row was her way of being - NICE. The twins helped here and there, and the little kids had a chance to play outside, watch the process and above all they learnt the importance of "going GREEN". I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for the family and I think Steve Thomas has a good personality.

Marie said...

Maybe Kate was having a bad case of PMS. She could have been nicer. I usually enjoy the show, but not this one.

indianprincess said...

yes kate was so ungrateful and that's why she baked the crew food and brought out drinks during the 3days while they were there. The nerve of her. Lighten up people.

bizzimommiofboyz said...

Honestly, the going green special just made me sad. The second one hour special is airing as I write this and it really makes me miss what this show started out as.

Things have changed. Some for the better, I love all the things that they get to experience together and to watch the kids with the look of discovery in their eyes. If not for the show and popularity of it, they would have never have had these opportunities. I remember when Kate was so grateful for the trips, etc... I am not feeling that as much any more.

I don't want you to think that I am a Kate hater, thats not the case. If the woman comes within 75 miles of me for a book signing I will be there with bells on. I do admire a woman who can have 8 kids, keep a house clean and still start a sucessful career that she enjoys. I like her little comments most of the time that might rub others the wrong way because it reminds me of myself and my hubby.

But, something in that going green special changed my view slightly and I pray that this was a one time thing.

Baby Mama said...

Crystal~ YES you are 100% right about what goes on on this site...

1: I delete comments that I don't agree with.

2: For those who complain about comments not being approved on GWOP's site, it's the SAME concept here........

3: I sometimes approve "hate" comments and then subsequently bash the person who made the comments. (Its normally because I found out they were trashing me on other sites) But most often I just either not approve it, or just let it go and let the other commenters address it.

4: But like Crystal said, this IS MY site, so if I want to do that that is my prerogative~! THANKS!

Barbara said...

I agree with the posters on here about Kate's behavior. I "get" that Kate is sarcastic. I "get" her personality -- but Kate is not a happy person and I don't know if she knows how to be one. That being said, I think she is a very good mom, the best she knows how to be and she loves those children dearly. I do not believe they are exploited and are very well provided for. But it is very, very clear that Jon and Kate are not happy together. I have watched since the beginning and will watch til the end, but the shows are not nearly as much fun to watch anymore. Sorry to say -- they are boring. Kate rarely smiles, everything is so serious to her and she does from time to time get a dig in about her past -- such as the projects done when she was young that were ongoing and never got finished, such as the time she mentioned they never got to go on vacations, such as that she was very, very ooooover disciplined. The high spot of that show was little Leah singing. That was so precious!

BEE said...

Wow, the snark is unbelieveable!

I can't believe that more people didnt' get a kick out of the banter BETWEEN Steve and Kate. Did I miss something, or was STEVE poking fun at Kate as well?!!!! PLEASE people, rewatch the show! Kate pokes fun at Steve, Steve analyizes her. Kate tells Steve to make fun of her all he wants, Steve does by mocking her out. They hug, they kiss, they eat cookies together. The rest of the crew is all smiles, they do something great to lessen their carbon stamp on this earth, the kids have a great time playing and spending time together and WOW, just wow on all the snark about this episode!

Kate is who she is. Yes, of course she has changed in the last few years....haven't we all? Is she happy? Who are we to say, and who are we to know? We see a snipit of their lives. They say they are toghether and happy and I take their word on it! End of story!

MsPeabody said...

Jasmine, Your comment was lovely, thank you for sharing. You show a lot of wisdom and insight in your post. Your children are truly blessed to have you for their mother. All my children are grown now and two have children of their own so I'm a grandma and I love it.
I was the same as you when my were young, I couldn't stand being away from them, even when they went to spend the night with a family member or as they got older with their friends; I was always so happy when they came home and couldn't wait to express my joy of their being back home with us.
And having two grandchildren, a grandson three and a grand daughter who is seven, which I love to spend as much time with as I can. Children are truly blessings from the Lord. They are not commodities to be sold to the highest bidder. No, they are precious in the eyes of the Lord and are to be in our eyes also if we truly follow after the Lord.
Anyway, May God continue to bless your family by meeting your daily needs, by giving you all overabounding joy and love.

Lesley said...

Jasmine and MsPeabody-

You both have way too much time on your hands.

You both have written "short novels" outlining your views here on this FAN SITE. Yeah for you.

You both sound more OBSESSED than what YOU claim fans are.

CBB said...

Please delete MsPeabody. I don't read the hate site and certainly don't want to read their garbage on here.

3KMOM said... looks all to clear that jasmine and ms. peabody look to be the same author. longwinded and extremely knowledgable about a show that they've never watched. why would you follow and stay updated on a show you don't even watch. interesting.

Teresa said...

Very interesting indeed, 3KMOM... Non-fans (haters) know so much about the show and the Gosselin's. If I hated a show or someone as much as they do, there is no way I would give them a second of my time.

As Lesley stated, they are the ones that are obsessed...

Panda said...

Yes, MsPeabody and Jasmine do seem to show a lot of wisdom and insight. Their children are truly blessed to have mothers who spend hours typing up hateful messages on fan sites. I only wish that my mother had the wisdom and courage to criticize other working parents for traveling as part of their job. My life would be so enriched.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to these two courageous women for ignoring the less harmful injustices of the world that plague our children - such as poverty, hunger, crime, rape, war, modern day slavery, and other trivial occurrences - to focus on what is truly harming the children of the world today: working, traveling mothers.

We can only hope that Kate quits her job and the family falls back into the life of struggle that they once led. Those children will be so much better off if their parents had no income.

You two are real heroes.

dancnmommy said...

3KMOM- I agree.

Ms. Peabody and jasmine- Why do you know so much about J&K if you cant stand the show? Why do you even care how they raise their children? I am a dance choreographer in which I travel and teach alot. I am away 3-4 nights a week and 1-2 weekends (fri-sunday) a month from my children. I have two boys. The oldest is four and youngest is 21 months. My oldest is very intelligent and knows his mommy loves him and cherishs every moment that I get to spend with them. I may not see them 24/7 and I miss them terribly when I am away as I am sure Kate does too. She dosnt hate her children. And becuase she is away...working I might add..dosnt mean she dosnt enjoy every moment she has when she is home. Who are you to say what she does and how she spends her time with her kids? You dont! And the whole exploitation thing is a bunch of BS. Here is your Websters Dictionary definition of the word exploit:
1 : to make productive use of : utilize ;exploiting your talents exploit your opponent's weakness
2 : to make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage; exploiting migrant farm workers

Those kids are neither being treated mean or unfair. The family's earnings are for the entire family. The show is called Jon and Kate plus 8. And whatever they do with their money is their perogative. Just like every other actress/ actor/ reality tv star. They are all getting paid. Its TV!!!!

Paula said...


Writing posts in the middle of the night says it all. You could have waited to respond to yourself. Get a life.

Ome Omy said...

dancnmom, don't know what Websters you are using, but one of the definitions used in mine is "to make profit from the labor of others" and "to make unethical use for one's own advantage or profit." If that doesn't describe the 2 kons, I don't know what does!
C'on folks, read between the lines!

Jessica L said...

I have been e-mailing Kate Lately and she said that she already had the boxes they just took them off and instead put them on their night stand for the kids when they wake up!

Baby Mama said...

Most of Jasmine & Ms. Peabodys posts were removed. Not only did they appear to be the same person (?) but to be directly from a hate site. Its funny how there are people that bounce from one site saying really horrible things, not only about Jon & Kate but start attacking the fans as well, then come on here...Saying it sweetly, but meaning the same thing.

As Crystal said.. sometimes I get upset and call them out on it, other times I don't. You know these are the same people that are RUNNING to the TV to watch their shows. And then during the commercial RUNNING some more to the computer to comment. I don't get it. If you truly haven't watched the show in AGES like you claim, why do you feel the need to go on sites and comment about people you don't see. Why do you care?? Someone needs to explain this to me.

dancnmommy said...

Ome Omy--

Here is the link:

Baby Mama said...

Dancnmommy~ That was so awesome and expresses exactly how I feel regarding peoples definitions of what is "exploiting".. Its sad to hear all of the hatred and sadness in other sites that come here. Espeically in this economy, its hard for people to handle seeing those that have alot, especially with Kate and the feeling that she is not appreciative of it all.. It eats at people and they go and say some pretty horrible things masked behind a screen name.

I hope that this one could be a refreshing change where people can come and just really enjoy the kids and the show. Keep all the love and support coming, I appreciate it!

Ome Omy said...

(I know this is possibly somewhat confusing, so please read slowly, then it will make sense to you)

The word exploit is used as either a NOUN or a VERB. (what you looked up uses it only as a noun) i.e., The exploits of Napoleon make for a great reading experience. In this sentence, "exploits" is a noun and "make" is the verb. Thus using the word exploits as a noun it does mean deeds, acts, etc.(as your definition explains)

HOWEVER, if you say, Napoleon was famous for "exploiting" his army. it is a VERB and as such, carries a much different meaning and definition!

See the below link in which
"exploit" is defined as both a noun or a verb, and notice the considerable difference in the definitions. You know the difference between a noun and a verb, right? A noun is a descriptive word for a subject (the sky is blue, subject is sky, noun is blue) and a verb is an action word. (The sky is blue, IS is the verb, but it's an intransitive verb.)

Gaby said...

Ome Omy,

For someone who believes the Gosselin children are being exploited I assume you also think Kate was rude during the Go Green episode.
Judging from your comment to Dancnmommy

" You know the difference between a noun and a verb, right? "

to me you are no different than Kate (assuming she was rude to Steve) you fit the "everyone is below me" description of Kate given in the hate sites. Aside from that your comment was highly rude, if you believe someone is wrong say so nicely and dont put them down... you only make a fool out of yourself.

min said...

This is crazy!

Who doesn't understand that the word "exploit" is a NEGATIVE thing!?!

Is there actually a Gosselin supporter defending the use of the word exploitation?

Who cares which dictionary is used, exploitation isn't good!

Ome Omy said...

Believe it or not, I wasnt' trying to be rude. But if you look at dancnmommy's link to the definition for exploit, it only gives you the the noun's meaning. IF you look at mine, it gives both the noun and the verb.
Min, exploit used as a noun ISN'T a negative thing. In fact, it's typically positive. Exploit used as a verb most typically is a negative thing. I was only trying to point out the difference between the two as I thought perhaps some were confused.
Did I think Kate was rude on the Green show, yes, do I think she is very insecure, yes. But, I do agree w/many pro-Gosselin posts that point out that some of the anti-Gosselin posters do in fact, manage to pick apart every little thing she does and says. That chafes even me.

Gaby said...

It is good that you understand that... it really bothers me because it seems like no matter what she does (good or bad) in some people's eyes everything she does is wrong.

It makes me feel like if she stops in the middle of a road to help a little old lady out someone will say "she was hoping the cameras would be there to see her do it" or "she was hoping the little old lady would give her some freebies"

I just don't get it.

I am tired of people referring to people in sites like this one as sheeples, it makes me think of an animal in a praire somewhere far away =(

Ome Omy said...

Gaby, you further explained exactly what I was referring to and you used 2 excellent examples. To rag on Kate for mundane things is not only stupid, but completely counterproductive to the point some of the non-fans are attempting to make. Please be assured that my concerns are not frivolous and are much more substantial than that!

I also appreciate you (BM) allowing me to post here. Perhaps, if the time presents itself, I could share, in a non-threatening manner, my concerns.

Scott said...

You are right BabyMama, this is YOUR blog and if the haters come over here trolling to hate then it's their problem not yours. You go get 'em girl and know that YOU as well as Kate have a lot of fans.

And as for the HATERS, they need to stick to CafeMom and their other petty little hater sites and leave the good and decent people in the world alone.

Anonymous said...

Baby Mama You Rock!

Just found your site and I have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog/comments. Its sad we live in a world where there are mentally insane people who can hate, stalk and harass you for supporting a television show.

Have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you lots of Joy and Happiness!