Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watch "Favorite & Embarrassing Moments" HERE, Back To Basics: Love & Support For Jon & Kate Plus 8

Hello Gosselin fans! I have to apologize to the fans of the show and this blog... After the barrage of negative comments by the FANS wanting to not have this site turned into another nasty debate site, I wanted to get back to the main premise of this blog. As fans of the show our hearts break to hear any negative strife between both Jon & Kate. But the question is how do we know if any of this is true based on photos and lies in the media that start directly from blogs fueling the fire?? Nothing would be more heartbreaking than to think the haters could manipulate the media and try to destroy this family. My goal here, is just to continue to pray and support the Gosselins and show solidarity and support.

UPDATE: If anyone goes to the PA Woman's Show please e-mail me!

People Magazine: Jon did NOT Flirt With College Girls In Feb.

In February, Jon was spotted hanging out with a couple of female college students from Juanita College, located near his hometown in Pennsylvania. People Magazine, tells the REAL story:

But a couple of girls who met Jon that night said he didn't flirt with anyone. "He was very well-behaved, a gentleman," Alex-Rae Campbell, a college student who attended the party, told PEOPLE. "He talked more about his wife than his kids. He was very friendly, very approachable."

Kate Gosselin: "Bible Believing Christian" That Hopes To Inspire Moms

The TV mom also addresses the stress on a marriage when you're parents to so many little ones. Kate told Today's Christian Woman, "When the babies were born, I was well aware that our marriage could crumble. It was close to doing so at times. ... Even though the issues have changed, it's never gotten easier. But Jon and I are more determined than ever that we're in this together. We've told our kids many times that we're always going to be a family. There are no other options."

Eight Little Faces #5 On NY Times Best Seller List
Associated Content: Are These Rumors Out Of Control?
Entertainment Weekly: "Being out...late at night showed poor judgment on my part."

Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 "Favorite & Embarrassing Moments" Here!


Cindy said...

Oh, J is it because YOU say there is no excuse? Let's see, how many times have you had trials and tribulations in your life? I have, LORD, if you saw some of my every day living on TV and some of the footage of my earlier years in marriage, work and the stress, it would make KATE look like an amateur. Get over yourself.

Sue said...

If you want this website to be a J&K fan webiste why did you make your blog the "anti-GWOP website" just curious!

Just be the WE LOVE THE GOSSELINS website. Why even bring them into it?

Baby Mama said...

Sue~ The original purpose of this blog was to be the complete opposite of the blog I despised the most. I put the name in the blog title to attract readers and create a fan base from those that were disgusted by that particular site.

The purpose of the new blog is to completely shed the old layers of negativity and not give any props to that trash site. I am thankful to have a big enough fan base to make it a true fan site hence the new name!

I'm confused on where you stand as well, but if your not a fan of the show, I'm sure there are other place you can go!

Sue said...


I dont' know where I stand. I care about the kids, I watch the show, I sometimes chuckle I sometimes the clips you posted...Kate does not look good. She never takes any blame. Knowing the shows and seeing it all Jon is NOT always the bad guy but she STILL blames him.

I just dont' know but I do watch it and I try to not be biased.

I just know I WOULD NEVER talk to my husband that way and he WOULD never allow and or talk to me the way Kate talks to Jon.

Sue said...


last thing...I get upset with this blog and other assuming Jon cheated and/or drove drunk..We do NOT know if he did either. I hate assumptions....Like I said on a early post how many times now have they said in the last 3 years the Brad and Angelina are breaking up? They also have had many articles about Heidi and SPencer getting married and NOW of that was true until recently..

I am just worn out!! That is all I can say..

I respect you and your blog. I don't think the videos you posted show Kate in a good light. I would be HUMILATED if my husband talked to me that way. That's all

dancnmommy said...

The associated content article is so true. Wheter fan or not its all publicity. Whether true or not its all publicity. The last sentence is the greatest. The "infactuation" statement is so perfect. All the "anti" gosselin fans or mostly anti-Kate fans are so infactuated with her that is why they continue to blog and post day after day even though they say they are not fans and dislike J&K. But that last sentence explains it. They are infactuated with her and the family.
Some may say the worry about the children. But what good does it bring to the children when they do is talk about their parents. And many harsh things I might add.
I can understand a concern comment, but the bashing and name calling, and stalking, etc. is so out of control.

BabyMama- Thank you for your blog. Though some of us may not always agree with what J&K do and we all have our opinions, we still love the show and support them. We all wish them well and only hope for good things to come their way. I cant imagine wishing such hurtful things to any family whether you agree with them or not.

dancnmommy said...

Sorry for some of the typo's-

Talking on the phone and typing not a good combo.:)

Teresa said...

I just called the PA Women's Show and they confirmed that The Gosselin's will be there tomorrow.

CBB said...

Baby Mama - thanks for putting up a new post! I check in daily but wasn't sure if I wanted to check this morning because I didn't have the energy to read all of the haters whinning anymore. Glad to see a new post with a VERY fun episode that I had been wanting to re-watch. Thanks & Happy Friday!

min said...

Here's a hint to those complaining about recent activity: you don't HAVE to read the comments! The "haters" don't write the blog you know, you can read the post without reading the comments.

san fran girl said...

babymomma, I hope that on your new blog that maybe you could think about not taking any comments.This is my favorite site to read about the Gosselins. Make your site a place where the Gosselins can come to and be proud of.The haters have many other places to spew their 7th grade crap.It would be nice for Cara&Mady to see your site someday. thank-you!

Baby Mama said...

sanfrangirl~ thanks so much for the support. To be honest with you I started out not wanting to allow comments. But it was important to me that the fans have a voice and would be able to respond to my posts. Unfortunately with that comes trolls from the other sites spewing lots of negativity. I try to moderate the posts, which is why sometimes there are 5 and sometimes 55.

Comment count does NOT make a difference. Most of the fans just read my site and do not post comments. I get alot of e-mails with shows of support. As long as I know they are out there, and want me to continue I will. I find it comical that anytime a fan of the show goes onto one of those sites they automatically think its me! I'm honored. But I barely have time for my own site and would never dare give them the satisfaction of going to a negative hate blog.

That being said, my new site will be worked on this week. I'm looking forward to going back to the original premise on the blog, and keeping more of a tight hold of what is being published there. I tried to please too many people, and now my goal is to keep it a REAL fan site!

Teresa said...

Friends Defend Jon :

Erin said...

Glad to see a site devoted to PRO-Jon & Kate moments. While I'm the last person to be a fan of this show...I love it, and I've grown to really care about this family and hope they're dealing with all of this press well - as well as can be expected. While I'm not the kind of woman Kate is - I'm laid back and, while I like organization, I can go with the punches - I can understand why she is the way she is. That many kids the same age...I couldn't do that.

And the thing that bothers me most about hateful comments is that they always seem to say the same thing - that Jon should leave. Really? Is that what's best for the children? What's best for the relationship? Best for Jon? When things get rough, just bail? No, no, no, no, no!

jk8fan said...

Thanks for the site Teresa, is anyone going to the Pennsylvania Women's Show today because that will be interesting cause both Jon and Kate will be there!

3KMOM said...

When is the sextuplets b-day?

Denise said...

The sextuplets birthday is next Sunday, May 10th - also Mother's Day.

I know someone at the Harrisburg show, sitting in the front row right now. I used to lived there too.

Baby Mama said...

Erin WELCOME! We are all extremely excited to hear if both of them are there. And obviously interested in hearing if they will address the issue. (For the two people that e-mailed me about going please send the pics as well! thanks) I will also be seeing Kate on Tuesday. It took A LOT of work to make it happen (work & child wise), and its gonna be a fun day. I'm excited!

Fernando said...


How do you know Julie and Kate's sister post on GWOP?

because they said I am Julie and Kate's sister?


I am Julie!blah blah blah
I am Kate's sister!blah blah blah

see its that easy!

And this research you talk about it either comes from

1. tabloid style magazines
2. internet news that repeat what the tabloid magazines write
3. "insiders" who pretend to know stuff and say someone who they are not

WoW! I can really trust GWOP right??? not!

In reality we DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about this family aside from what we see on tv which can all be scripted for all I know and care

Have you considered that maybe TLC wants to portray exactly what people like the ones on GWOP just love! 500+ comments on one post really shows that they hate them right? or maybe how much they love them and cant stop talking and thinking about them!

To Everyone Else...

And to those that say that the kids are being affected by this scandal... I highly doubt the Gosselin kids read tabloid, hey about 3/4 of them cant read yet so I would not worry about them and if for some reason they do read these things...shame on the press for making a big deal out of nothing or at least something they dont know!

I love the show and will continue to watch as long as they are on tv!

The only difference between me and the GWOP and other hate sites is this:

I understand that not everything i see on tv and read on magazines is real and I am very aware of the fact that I probably know about 1% about the Gosselins and that is as much as anyone else knows... so to all those haters stop hating and get a new hobby! take care of your own family, the 5 minutes you take writing a comment dedicate them to your kids and leave the Gosselins alone to live their life the way they please!

Fernando said...

And I am not a man... I am a woman using her husband's gmail account because I dont want to make one for myself!

Jennifer said...


LOVE your post! I agree 100%. The way I look at is that I dont have enough time or energy to spew hate about a family that I know so little about. We like to think/dream that we know every detail of their life and we dont. I for one will take it all with a grain of salt and continue to enjoy it.
Also, regarding GWOP, whose premise is to bring to light child exploitation, I have never understood how commenting on Kates hair, and every other little minute detail of their life does anything to help their cause. They lost credibility for me a long time ago. If they want to sit around and talk bad about people they dont know, then so be it. But at least call it what it is, gossip. They are a wolves in sheeps clothing under the premise of "helping the children". Yea, a lot of good they do

Fernando said...


I completely agree.I have always been under the belief that if anything the GWOP fans are putting in a little grain of salt to hurt the children. If they didnt say so many horrible things about Kate and Jon then the press and paps would not be so interested in trying to prove that so many people hate them and how bad they think the parents are. If anything they contribute to the kids being hurt by all the gossip yet they claim to be advocates of their well being. I believe if they truly are then they should shut down the GWOP page or at least not comment.

I also think is ridiculous how haters come here complaining about how Baby Mama doesnt allow healthy conversations between people of different opinions when GWOP does not allow any comment that doesnt have at least one phrase trashing the family. I honestly believe they have some sort of hatermeter and the highest your rating, the faster your comment gets posted! ;)

Baby Mama said...

Fernando~ I love it! You will have to tell me your first name sometime or I will forever be saying how much I love Fernando! (lol)

I had to remove that post because sometimes trolls get on my site in order to advertise their own ridiculous blogs. I wish her nothing but the best. Blogs like this are A LOT of work!

earlpits said...

The Gosselins choose to put themselves in the public spotlight and Jon Gosselin has chosen to drive under the influence it seems. I hope the police become aware of his car; it might save his and other families some grief. Personally, I wish the Gosselin family would take some time for themselves instead of their fans. Their story has been told, time to mend their own marriage and take care of those precious kids. Maybe Kate can write other types of books.
BTW, what am I missing?
I cannot find Kate's book anywhere.

min said...

The commenting on this site regarding GWOP is becoming pretty redundant. I am curious how the new website will go, Babymomma, because I fear people on this site love hating the 'haters' as much as the 'haters' love hating on Kate. Being snarky is good entertainment, no matter which side it happens on.

min said...

p.s. babymomma;
I wasn't criticizing you personally for the comments here about GWOP; it was just my personal observation and curiosity. Thinking out loud.

I think there's room for many different blogs showing all views about this tv show. When a family puts themselves on tv, they no doubt expect fans AND critics, in varying degrees.

Speaking for myself, I am a fan of the show but I've seen such a change in Kate it really makes me question things.

I actually think the Kate we see NOW is truer to the "real" Kate. The early episodes are more like Kate being extra aware of cameras, and using her "best behavior" as my mother would say.

If it were me, I'd wish to spend more time with the kids. They grow out of this wonderful age so QUICKLY! Then they're tweens! UGH! ...And can you imagine having that many teenagers on your hands?!? Now that would be crazy!

Baby Mama said...

Min~ I agree with you 100%. Its a difficult balance when your dealing with a fan site. Most of the fans choose to just read the posts and not comment, those that due have issues with so many that AREN'T fans coming on here and making negative comments.

Suggestions on keeping the comments fresh is of course appreciated. I mean, Isn't GWOP the stalest piece of redundant bread there is?? I do not want to be that! (lol)