Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Moms Gone Wild" For Kate Gosselin in California

Hello Gosselin Fans! Today is crazy busy, but since I have gotten so many e-mails with articles regarding Kate in Glendale CA., I thought I would share a few. I will post as much of them as I can throughout the week. Again feel free to e-mail me your stories because I love to hear them and see all of your great photos! I will also be updating a new list of scheduled appearances so keep checking back! (Someone had also mentioned that Kate was scheduled to appear at a Sam's Club the same day from 7-9pm. If any of you went e-mail me!) I thought I would share part of an e-mail from Emily. Thank you so much for being a fan of my blog and for the great photos!

"Glendale is about a 45 minute drive from where I live, and I am on
spring break so my parents let me go meet Kate and bring a friend! It was probably the best day of my life!! Kate looked gorgeous (as usual) and very happy! She was so nice and I wish that I had longer than about 1 minute to talk to her :(. Anyways, I am so excited for the "Going Green" episode on Sunday! Thank you again for having your wonderful fan site....without it I would never have met Kate!!"


"Moms Gone Wild" For Kate Gosselin: See Video of Kate's entrance and one woman's view on

Momlogic's Andrea:
I scored one of the hottest tickets in town -- a book signing of a famous blond who's life is constantly documented by cameras following her every move. No, it's not Madonna or J.K. Rowling. It was Kate Gosselin. Yep, that's right, just a reality star -- but holy cow, people came out in droves to meet her on her "Multiple Bles8ings" book tour at Barnes and Noble in Glendale, California.

The store was packed with moms, young girls, stay-at-home dad, plenty of babies and a fair amount of twins. Based on the size of the crowd -- which was huge -- I had no doubt if Nadya Suleman had octoplets in hopes of landing a TV show and becoming famous, she might be on to something.

Kate Gosselin: of Americana The Beautiful: on Just

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin attends a signing for her books“Eight Little Faces” and “Multiple Bles8ings” at Barnes & Noble at the Americana on Tuesday (April 14) in Glendale, Calif. There were 400+ people at the book signing. The fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has already started filming. The Gosselin family returns to TLC on May 25 but a green special will be airing April 19. 15+ pictures of Kate Gosselin at her book signing…

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Star Attracts Hundreds Of Fans To California Book Signing: EW.COM

"Many women were so determined to get a photo with Gosselin that a book with her signature seemed of little importance to them. But the occasional fan did manage to use her oh-so-brief time in Gosselin's presence to shower effusive praise. "I make my boyfriend miss Heroes so I can watch your show!" exclaimed one rabid fan. "You're so beautiful!" said another. "You are like Hollywood!" The tall and slender Gosselin, who was wearing white pants, a leopard-spotted blouse, and three-inch cork heels, just smiled and said "thank you." She always made sure, however, to say something special about any baby who came her way. "Just drop her off with me!" she said of a three-week-old baby named Morgan. "I'll give her back at night."


E Mac said...

There are a few dates that you do not have. If you check here there are more listed:

Lesley said...

I will send you an update after Friday. My family is starting to get excited.

Nice post Baby Mama!

She looks gorgeous.

Lisa said...

I was wondering if anyone knows if Kate is going to come to Stockton, CA. I know she is going to be in Pleasnt Hill on Friday. I'm going to try to go. Please let me know.
Thank you

Jill said...

I plan to see her tonight in Fresno. I hope those dates are right because I'm going!

dancnmommy said...

Hey Baby Mama-

Wow I just read all the posts with that article. Holy Cow there are some really sick people out there!!!

Keep up the good work. We are very supportive of what you do.

nheartss said...

I was actually at that signing. it was pretty crazy! It was great tho, and there where a couple camera crews there, one was for E! news or something but i havnt seen anything about kate on E! yet.there where tons of kids everywhere and she did acknoledge every single one that went up. and she looked gorgeous btw.

Baby Mama said...

Lisa~ Go to Pleasant Hill because I'm not aware of any Stockton dates..

nheartss~ glad to hear of another person having a good experience there. Alot of people told me it was alot of fun and I hope that everyone that goes to the other dates will be just as happy!

dancnmommy~ There are alot of really sick tickets out there! Its mostly just jealousy and I try not to pay mind to it. I do my own thing here, and thanks to people like you its worth it. I have gotten such a positive response and whatever negative I see I fight right back with the positive! Gets right under their skin ;)

Dina said...

Great pix! I am sad to say, because of my JOB!!! I wont be able to make it to the book signing tonight in Fresno, Jill have a blast for me!! :(

3KMOM said...

I don't see the big deal with Kate going away from the kids when Jon is fully capable of running the household just as Kate was fully capable when she did it. I do think a mother is needed and important in the home. But I also know that we all go through seasons in our life where things change and this is just a different season for them. Good for them that they are taking the good with the bad and not letting all the internet bloggers who feel they know what's best for their family affect their decisions.

Cindy said...

My duaghter told me she listens to a talk radio show in PA, they reported that Jon and Kate were seperate for a short time, I hate that this is true. Does anybody know if it is? She said they now report they are back together. I love them, but I would rather see the show go away than them to split up.

Lisa said...

I was wondering if anyone knows how I can suggest that Kate comes to a certain area for the book signing? I would like to request that she come to the Borders or Barnes and Noble in Stockton, CA.
Please let me know.

Karen said...

My daughter and I just got back from the Pleasant Hill signing. Kate was so nice. She looked stunning. She has the most beautiful skin! She spoke to both of us and when we were getting ready to leave, she looked me straight in the eye and thanked me and told me to take care. She was so relaxed and happy. Her and Jon had been to the movies earlier, but he was not with her at the signing. I really encourage anyone who can get to a signing to go. It was so worth it!

Lesley said...

Just got home from the signing in Pleasant Hills.

It was awesome. Kate was very nice, very pretty, AND it was a beautiful day here in Northern California. She is such a put together lady.

Very happy that I went and had this experience with my daughter.

Lisa said...

I went last night to see Kate in Pleasant Hill and it was great to see her in person. She makes you smile and I told her I love the show and she said thank you and after she signed the book I told her thank you and she said take care. It was great be able to see her in person. I did not know that Jon and her had been to the movies. I thought he was at home.

Cindy said...

Hello, is the story true about Jon and Kate splitting up or is it some new nasty news going around? I wish Kate would come to the Midwest. I so love the show, it would be great to see them in person. I come from a family of 8 kids, there were 2 sets of twins, it is mass chaos, we're all grown now, but i can't imagine what it is like to be the mom of so many. I sure know how it is to be the sibling!!!

Baby Mama said...

Cindy are you serious? They are NOT splitting up. People write so many lies on those troll sites its hard to keep it together. Apparently Jon is off relaxing after almost getting arrested for buying a sports car in an inner cirty. Its bazaar what you read sometimes, but rest assured its not true.

A new episode on Sunday will hopefully keep us occupied until the May 25th premiere. They are currently filming new episodes as we speak!

min said...

paginator: that's what I was going to say! "Keep us occupied?"

I'm gonna watch it, sooner or later. I'm sure they'll replay the crap out of it.

But babymama, if you are planning on being occupied with this show until the end of May? You are OBSESSED woman! :-)

Baby Mama said...

min~ I seriously hope that your that was just a figure of speech! ;) Those that were excited like I was for a new episode will have to settle with the ones coming in may..I get it though.its ALL good (lol)