Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter, Happy Passover From The Jon & Kate Gosselin Fan Site!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yep its 1am here. I worked during the day and spent the night hiding plastic eggs with goodies inside, finishing up large stuffed Easter baskets and getting all outfits prepared for church. Tomorrow will be a busy hectic day. But Easter for us is more like Christmas. Lots of visiting, eating, and presents for the kids. They are so excited. I am just, well as Kate says "exhausted!". I want to wish everyone that reads this blog (including my baby trolls) a "Happy Wonderful Easter" and hope you've had a "Blessed Passover".

I didn't really know which video to choose in honor of this holiday. So I decided to pick one of my favorites, "Korean Dinner" for you to enjoy...


Lesley said...

Happy Easter to you Baby Mama! Thanks for all you do. Enjoy the day with your family.

Teresa said...

Baby Mama and fellow bloggers:

Have an Eggs-eptional, Eggs-traordinary and Eggs-iting Easter!

lexii said...

happy easter

in one of your resent post the magaine 1
Collin broke his hand poor collin hes got a green cast on bless him

get better soon collin xx

Shelly said...

Happy Easter Baby Mama! Happy Easter to all my Jon and Kat +8 freinds.

CBB said...

ahh thanks for the episode :)
Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!