Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jon & Kate Go Green For Earth Day! Cooking With Sara Snow Revisited

Hello Gosselin Fans! Its Spring Break here which means THE KIDS ARE HOME! Yipes! And as every working parents gets a case of the guilt's, on my first day off I took the kids to a Bounce House and let them work off all the organic sugar!! haha!

With Kate doing book signings in CA next week (see NEW date added to my list), I wondered whether it was intentional that she did it next week because of the kids being off. I really hope they make it a fun week for everyone and they film some cool activities for us to see in the upcoming episodes! If any of you go to meet Kate please e-mail me, I would love to hear about it!

I just want to say hello to all the new followers to the site. The list has grown quite substantially in the past few weeks. Please feel free to go hither, tither & yon though almost 200 posts I have made since my inception in July. Alot of you weren't even aware that you are able to comment on each post. Please take advantage of talking to me there as my mailbox is so full right now with questions & comments from the newbies its been hard to get to you all..This fan site has gotten quite huge now, and I appreciate all of your inquiries!..xoxoxox

Jon & Kate Plus Eight Earth Day Special

Entertainment Tonight looks to have the following going on on their site as well as their show:

"Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children are back for a one-hour special -- and ET has the scoop.

On Sunday, April 19 at 9 p.m. on TLC, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" take part in a one-hour special in which they go green. Special guest Steve Thomas, the host of Planet Green's "Renovation Nation," teaches the Gosselins how to make their home more energy efficient, as well as more economical.

Steve and his crew help the Gosselins transform their home into an "eco-savvy" dwelling by installing electric solar panels, solar thermal panels and solar powered lights along the driveway.

It is also educational for the kids, who get to help with the projects, so they learn about the environment while having fun with their mom and dad.

The fifth season of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will premiere at the end of May."

Cooking With Sara Snow

Sorry that I do not have the entire episode, but in honor of Earth Day coming up lets re-watch snippits of one of my favorites!


Barbara said...

This is sick, D Nile. I've never heard of the $40,000 sports car, but so what if it's true, lots and lots of people have that and better. Your comment that most of the people who come here laugh at you -- that's so ridiculous. How in the name of heck would you possibly know that even if it were true, which it isn't. Not everyone in the world is like you and your other hater friends.

How many times and ways do you people have to be shown and told Jon was not seeking comfort in the arms of a young woman? This was at a college party, and yes, he shouldn't have been there, but if he did was he has been accused of doing there would be photos all over the internet. The photos that are out there are anything but suggestive.

Those children are well loved, well cared for, provided for, fed, clothed and treated better than a lot of children ever have a chance of being. If you hate them so much, why are you watching. Change the freakin' channel and get a life.

Baby Mama said...

The river known as DNile had her ears pulled and is now safely back on the "bridge" Barbara. Apparently she was very upset about someone purchasing a new sports car?

I try to remind people that just because they can be nasty and use profanity on other sites doesn't mean they could get away with that here. Ive been overwhelmed with all that's going on this week but the eyes will always be watching....xoxox

Lesley said...

Say whatever bullshit you want to serve up Miss speaks of your character only.

You are one to throw stones, living in that glass house of yours.

Marriage counselor, child advocate, mental health expert.....the list could just go on and on.

You have zero class.

min said...

I am off the Gosselin bandwagon...I would never have watched this show, had it begun the way it's turned out.

I simply can't relate to their lifestyle. All they do is travel.

Still enjoy reading your blog BabyMom, it's interesting to see that some people still like the show.

Teresa said...

D Nile - You people as so gullible... ROFL

Cindy said...

I am so excited for season 5! I don't get the haters at all, and I think it's great that Jon and Kate both get to be full time in their children's lives. Even if she travels a few days a week, it looks like Kate is home at least 4, without having to leave and go to an 8 or 10 hour a day job. Or, as a nurse, she worked 12 hours, factor in 30 min for lunch, then the commute, she would be away more.

How many of the haters can say they take as good a care of their homes and their kids as Kate and Jon? It is jealousy in it's ugliest form.

I have 4 extrememly overweight non-motivated family members that dish Jon and Kate all the time, too. They can't take care of their 2 kids, or keep their homes clean, the list is long, but they have gall to talk smack about Jon and Kate. I tend to think most of the 'visitors' to the other site are much the same way. No life, no motivation, no independent thinking, mob mentality. Worst kind of person IMHO.


Anonymous said...

The "Go Green" special sounds fun! I can't wait to see it.

Thanks for putting the snippets from the "Sara Snow" epi- I loved that one. Sara Snow is so cute, and you could tell Kate and the kids had fun with her.

Barbara said...

Cowards? In what way DNile? Just because we don't agree with your sick viewpoint. Why don't you stick with your little hater buddies and stay away from here if you think we are cowards.

Dina said...

I'm hoping to go to the Fresno CA book signing, right now its still up in the air. But if I do, I will let you know of my experience.

min said...

This is for Cindy the self proclaimed independent thinker:
A person's weight has nothing to do with how they are allowed to feel about a tv show.
Very offensive IMO.

D Nile Lives Here said...

I would have posted earlier but I have this thing called a JOB. Ever heard of it??
Also, my husband and brother in law were both killed in Afghanistan and my 6 year old has cancer so yes, I am hateful of people who don't respect their families or appreciate the things they have.

Barbara said...

Very sorry for the tragedies in your life, DNile. But where does that give you the right to come in and call us cowards and pretend no one on here works except you. Why are you here, you know this is a fan blog, it sounds as though you have more than enough stress in your life, so why not go back to the blogs where they understand you? There are more than just your opinions that count in life.

Bailey Family said...

I really wish kate would come to southern utah :D thats where we live...

Teresa said...

DNile - I am really sorry for the tragedies in your life. And will pray for you!

I agree with Barbara in that being angry at the world does not give you the right to insult people you don't even know, simply because we don't share your opinion.

I would recommend that you seek professional help, so that you can deal with your loses and can focus on what should be your main priority right now, your sick child, not the Gosselins.

Shelly said...

Golly DNile looks like you have had a bad run of luck. With all the tragedies in your life and a JOB!, then how do you have time to blog?

Barbara and Teresa,
You 2 are right on.

chelle said...

With all due respect, sugar IS organic!

Also, you know how we all judge based on appearances, even though we don't always wish we did?

It's kind-of like that with writing on blogs.

Do you realize, Baby Momma, again, with all due respect, that your grammar and sentence structure contain many, many errors? I sometimes cringe when reading your blogs..and it makes me think you are not as intelligent as I'm sure you are, which is unfortunate!

One small example....there is no such word as alot. It is always "a lot".

Another common mistake of yours...its. When you mean IT IS, it should be written as IT'S.

I'm not trying to be a hater, but I would hate for others to think less of you just because of your grammar. People DO judge us based on how we write, unfortunately!

Hopefully you nor any of your fans will think I am being "mean,"..I am really just trying to help. I honestly have not come across a site with so many errors!

I'd be happy to edit for you, if you'd like. We all have our gifts and our challenges. I can't add worth beans.

Baby Mama said...

Chelle, I appreciate you post. I never said I was the grammar queen. It doesnt bother me if I make errors. My blog was never meant to be The New York Post. It has always just been my lil ol (sp) blog that just HAPPENS to gets several thousand hits a day.

For the hate trolls on grammar police they can kiss my behind and laugh all they want. They wish they could do better and should if they feel they can. I will re-check the post and see what I can do ;)

Teresa said...

Chelle - You are really a nice person. It is too bad that you aren't beeing true to yourself for the sake of being accepted. I mean, to feel the need to apologize so profusely for wishing peace to someone!!!

Sad, very sad...