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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kate Gets Emotional on The 700 Club, The Gosselins on for Kmart Book Signing!

I normally post late at night, but I just saw Kate on the 700 Club by total accident. I was flipping through the channels while feeding the baby. This was literally the hardest show for me to watch, it was like getting my teeth drilled. However please watch Kate's great interview HERE. Thank goodness they didn't leave her for then end. I'll tell you what I wrote con GDNNOP:

"So this was obviously taped (she was wearing the same outfit as the other day and she was not being interviewed live)it was still great to see because we did see Kate be very emotional for this show which is so unlike her. I thought that even though the show is a bit of a snooze, seeing this side of Kate was wonderful. I am not very religious, but my favorite part was her talking about how determined she was to see each of her kids while giving birth. Also about how blessed she knows she is, and how she thanks God every day for her "blessings". What I didn't like was the comments Pat Robertson made AFTER the interview. I do not know him but he was just about to talk about how he felt fertility treatments were wrong when the co-anchor stopped him and went straight to Kate's healthy children. Then right after that he said something along the lines of "Kate having enough to work on a farm" and the woman cut him off again and said something stupid like "they already kinda have a farm". WHAT??"

Yeah, I hate people that have been around the block a while and think they know everything. There's always one relative in the family that says stupid stuff like this and you just scratch your head. That to me was Pat Robertson. Enough said. I would also like to comment a bit on yesterdays post. A few people were not happy that I was bashing another family show on TLC. Well, this is my blog, and I am just kinda venting, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Also, people gripe about what the Gosselins are given. So lets say this: why are THESE people getting shows, and do you think they are better to watch then Jon & Kate? Its all a matter of opinion. I feel the Duggars are odd. Watch the show and you know what I'm talking about. The other shows are just boring. I do thoroughly enjoy Little People Big World, and for the record, they have the SAME washer and dryer as Jon & Kate. So are they more or less deserving? So to Sara, who's post I really liked I will say this: I don't think they are any more or less deserving, just that I don't like the shows. And wish I had my own show so I can get freebies too! (lol) you dig? says Kate will do a Book Signing At Kmart!

If you read HERE (and I do everyday, it is my #3 site) it has a super cute article called "How Kate Gosselin Plans Her Holidays". Could someone please hunt and find out which Kmart she will be at this Monday? Does anyone know if Beth will be there? I looked and cant find it anywhere! It would be so awesome if it was by me! Anyway here is a sample that I loved:

"I want our kids to be able to look back on the holidays and remember very concrete things," she says. "I love to pull it off and I always get carried away. It's just the holiday spirit; it's awesome. I love it."

Someone get me Kate's recipe for Egg Custard Pie STAT! And finally, the fake Jon Gosselins are on the prowl again. One posted this pic that I truly loved. I remember when this was, and I thought I would share. Too stinkin cute. Love those girls!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Thursday on the 700 Club!

Forgive me for the short post tonight. You know on Wednesdays I like to "Make it a Gosselin Night". I like when they re-play Monday night's show because after the hater trolls heads explode I like to re-watch the show and see what the fuss wasn't about.. (lol) But what I don't like is when TLC shoves these other shows I don't care about in between to pique our interest. I don't know what kind of show "Six For The Road" is but I find it boring. And this sounds mean but are they literally giving anyone with a few kids a show these days? Set Baby Mama up! I got kids, bills, sassy attitude to spare a la Kate Gosselin. You can give me every freebie in the book and hundreds of people can blog about how jealous they are of me! And how horrible I was last week when I gave my husband a "Love Tap", or how I only hugged one child on air. Please get my behind a show!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On The 700 Club Thursday Check Your Local Listings

Now forgive me that I had no idea what kind of show this was nor had I ever heard of it. But the 700 Club with Pat Robertson apparently from what I have been told is broadcast on the ABC Family Channel and is a Christian Broadcasting Network. This will apparently be the first time that the Gosselins will be able to elaborate on their Christian values. I find that this will be a very different interview then we are used to seeing. Could this be perhaps because the book is published by Zondervan? For some reason its making me feel guilty that I don't take the kids to church as much as I should. Considering my parents took us every Sunday. I hope that someone could watch it and tell me how it went or tell me where I can see it repeated on line!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Relaxed Kate Gosselin on Bonnie Hunt, Jon & Kate Blogs Are Everywhere! Julie Starts To Delete

Well it was a nice prelude to the finale last night as we get super excited with Jon & Kate as they prep for their vacation to Hawaii. It was so sweet to see Kate wanting to do the girls toes (even though Mady made a fuss) and was happy to show the kids her wedding video. For those that didn't get to see Kate on "Say yes to the dress" this was a slight recap, though I wish they would re-show the program because was so great in it.

When I read that the hated trolls over at GWOP were doing their usual bashing of the family I refused to give them a hit and read it. I was told they stated Kate only talks to her boys in front of a camera and its all for show. Again people are you kidding me? Are they THAT jealous and bitter that they would make up such horrible lies about this family in order to lash out more and make themselves feel better? Also they are now commenting that they saw that Kate had Botox injections & a breast augmentation! It makes no sense to me and its very sad, like nasty girls in High School. Instead I want to talk about how nice it was to see the family so relaxed and excited about a fun trip where they get to re-new their vows to each other after almost 10 years of marriage. Since I am too coming up on this mark I found it especially exciting to figure out what I'm going to do for that event myself....Ugg could you believe it has to do with MORE Disney? Below, a sample of the show today..

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has almost One Hundred Blogs??

I had no idea how many hundreds of blogs there are that are either fans of the show or blogs discussing it. The most unusual place for a Jon & Kate blog are at of all places You know, the dolls? Yeah. got a bit into talking about the one hour season finale.

Julie Removing Parts of Her Blog?

I have disliked her from day one for the simple reason that if she truly wanted to help Jodi and her relationship with Kate, she would not be telling her own opinion of third party info for the world to read. I also thought by blogging on GWOP she had become a real bitter person and I couldn't see how Jodi would endorse something like that. I found it odd that she constantly wrote about her feelings on the National Inquirer article that some believes she was the informant for to get money. Her third party hearsay info was hurting several families. Now I hear that after the Penn Mommy fiasco that she endorsed she removed all traces of her and now is removing most parts of her blog. For the reason she claims is for Jodi to move on. I feel its because there been so much heat on her part to stop talking smack she knows nothing about. Or perhaps its because the CNN video gave her the undesired publicity she didn't need by attaching herself with a hate blog? Either way, I pray that she is doing this so that Jodi could mend her relationship with the family and they could reconcile and become a family again. Even though How could Kate forgive her for allowing Julie to write the blog in the first place? Can someone forgive that much?? I will not link her hate blog.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Gosselins are a Hit With Phillies Wives, Kate Gosselin On The Bonnie Hunt Show Tomorrow

I'm sorry there was no post yesterday, but I heard deaths door knocking. It was actually my husband. He came to check on me only to see I was still sick. Then I had a "Jon Gosselin" moment. "Ok, so what do you want me to do?". OK so it wasn't "Honey HOW can I help you?" but it was pretty close. It was the nicest thing he could do for me! He took the kids to Friendly's and to the mall. I got to sleep and get better and I was truly grateful. See every once in a while us mommies need a "Jon Gosselin" moment (lol)

So tonight is one of four episodes that we fans have been dying to see. The first starts prepping for Hawaii, and should be fun, kinda like when they were "prepping for Disney." Except that was a slow and long ride to watch and I felt bad the kids had to make a drive like that. Though I know that it would have been INSANE to buy 10 seats on a plane. As we will hopefully see a second version of Kate going to pick out her Renewal Dress. The following week we get what Ive been dying to see "Legos and Safari's. Because my goal next year is to finally take a vacation in CA and see Disneyland. Or just live my dream of seeing California in general. I am sick like that. And then the season finale? Of the renewal vows in Hawaii. Because that has been dream #2 of mine that I hope to do before I die. The closest I have gotten is the Polynesian Resort in Disney World, and that was pretty great too. And finally, we view the actual 60 minute wedding which I am to assume will be Season 4's finale. Has anyone heard if they will have a Season 5?

Phillies Wives Go Crazy For Gosselins

I wanted to attach this article from the Phillies Notebook that you can read HERE about Missy Martin Manuel's obsession with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, and how excited she was about getting them to come to a game. I didn't know that she had twins herself, nor that she had no idea that cameras would be documenting the visit. It was just really nice to see such a wonderful fan of the show do such nice things for the family. When people went off about the Gosselins being so "greedy" it makes me want to smack them and send them all this article. Fans like Missy wanted to go out of their way to show these kids how much they love the show, so deal with it! I have no idea about sports, but for Shane Victorino to say how he is a huge fan means alot to baseball fanatics.

Kate To Appear On The Bonnie Hunt Show Tomorrow!

"Kate Gosselin, star of the reality-television show ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ takes some time off from her busy mom schedule to discuss the ups and downs of raising a set of twins as well as a set of sextuplets!" (From the show's site Tuesday 10/28)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jon & Kate on The Soup, Multiple Blessings is A NY Times Bestseller

Today's post is early because we have a Halloween party tonight. Yeah, sounds great cause were all sick, but we are going to split the family a bit and take the well ones with my husband and keep the baby home with me. You know how it is! More "alone" time to blog! Well low and behold I found something funny that I truly laughed over. The hating trolls over on GWOP think that this is the end of Jon & Kate. Contraire Mon Frare this only shows how popular they truly are. To my die hard fans, please don't be mad that I posted this, I honestly think its really funny. Jon & Kate have hit the big time! I love The Soup! Thanks Nina from GDNNOP!

Zonderban Press Release Shows Multiple Blessings A Best Seller!

Take a look at the news report her that Nina also brought to my attention: "GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., October 23, 2008 – After just one week of sales, Multiple Blessings (Zondervan, 2008) by Jon and Kate Gosselin with Beth Carson has reached The New York Times and the USA Today Bestseller lists. The book, currently ranked 5th on The New York Times list and 31st overall on USA Today’s Best-selling books list tells the amazing story of how the Gosselins survived the overwhelming odds and the emotional roller coaster of birthing and raising two sets of multiples — twins and sextuplets — in three years." Read the entire article HERE.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Rose Petal Cottage, Multiple Blessings Excerpt & Cups & Bibs Webisode 8

Hello Gosselin fans, Baby Mama is sick as a dog in a house full of sick people. I have been scared because this past January I had to rush my newborn to Schniders Children's Hospital with RSV. So with a baby sick its been exhausting for me getting 3 hour clips of sleep and trying to still work part time. I am truly a "hot buttered mess."

A few people were asking me why I didn't have any excerpts of the book yet. Well, I honestly hadn't bought it yet..WHAT the fan woman don't got no book? Well lets just say I had just gotten around to reading the Good Housekeeping article. I TOLD you guys I hate to read! Anyway, I wanted to start with this from the book that was the first of many parts that made me cry. Ok, not really, but you know, made me well up a bit...

"Because I was raised in an atmosphere of financial stress, my biggest fear was that I would never have enough. God was slowly erasing those fears and taking me full circle to realize that not only did I not need as much as I once thought I did to exist, but that He would in fact never be late in meeting my needs. If I just trusted Him, He would give me more fulfillment than I ever thought possible. Wow. With that thought in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and ever one of you, and you know who you are, for every single gift ever offered to my family. Whether it was a cooked meal, precious clothes, a smile for mady and cara, money in any amount, work on our house, supplies for the babies, or that most precious of commodities these days- your time- Jon and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many notes of gratitude never made it from my list to the mailbox; it was not for lack of appreciation but merely lack of time. May you all be blessed a hundredfold for your generosity."

"Isn't this what I had always wanted- to be a stay-at-home mom, to have my three kids,dishes,laundry, and noise? So what if I might've gotten a whole lot more than I bargained for? I was supposedly living my dream, right? Sill, I fought off depression as I lay in bed one morning, already hearing volunteers in the family room but wanting to just blury my head and never get up. I could hear snippets of their conversation, everyday happy things like the new restaurant they visited, a niece's much anticipated wedding, "Oh, I must get a pedicure!" and oohs and ahhs over a stylish new haircut. I wondered to myself, "Can't anyone see that I am bleeding over here?" To me it felt like I was a gunshot victim lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the emergency room while everyone rushed out to clip a hangnail. I became very resentful as I listened to the pointless chatter; at the time it all seemed so shallow. I know, I know. You're asking if I really thought the entire world would stop because I had six babies and two preschoolers. The answer is no. What I did think was that my world has stopped. I know today that that was not the case at all. Actually, my life was really just beginning. But at the time, I felt that though we had cribs, car seats, pretty new paint, dressers, food, financial support from so many- not to mention eight very healthy, happy children- we would never be "normal" again. My sharp and cynical attitude was not winning me any friends in the circle of volunteers. A few were perceptive enough to add up the hormonal plunge, the lack of sleep, the all-consuming and never ending responsibility, the loss of my dear friend, and the worry over the mounting pile of unpaid bills to explain my moodiness; but most would just eye me warily as they slunk past my post in the kitchen counter on their way down to the family room. As I prepared bottles and a meal for Mady and Cara, I would get tears in my eyes.
I had never before realized it was possible to feel so alone in the midst of so many people."

I gotta tell ya, I never felt so in-sync with a person when I read that. Sometimes, I might say something that didn't come out right. And it would look like I wasn't appreciate or I was bitchy. Ever have that problem? For me, my only hope would be that those fans who read all those hate blogs and started to dislike this family simply from what people on line say..then I hope they read this book and understand this woman better and get back to the reason why we started to watch this show in the first place..

Gosselin kids now on Rose Petal Cottage Website...

Wasn't I just speaking about this house two days ago? Anyway a reader sent me an e-mail saying they were on the site. And I linked it and never saw that. Well see it HERE on their website! How funny I didn't see it! And finally below, these poor kids get alot of smack from blogs for still wearing bibs. I dont think they still are, but it was cute to see this webisode..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Kate Recipe, Gosselins Without Pity Thinks Its Making Progress

Hopefully I will revise this after I stop fuming. Only because I was e-mailed some info that was basically laughable. They seem to feel that they are the REASON that Kate has her kids in school, and the reason Mady was not shown in the last episode. I needed to repeat the garbage written by some of their "readers" over at GWOP:

Submitted by themrs : Because of you, there are changes (yes it’s damage control for TLC, but the results are the children are being looked out for.) First as noted... the children's privacy was protected.... 2nd it appears Mady's wishes were respected. I caught glimpses of her here and there... making it obvious it was her choosing! So happy for her. As concerned people we can breath easier that the little ones are in preschool with normal experiences. And teachers who see individuals. It confirms that the reality of the power of the pen can make a difference. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by
fostersmom: Blogs like GWOP are making a difference in those kids lives.So despite the claims that they don't read what's said about them, the changes are becoming obvious. Even if the motivation is impure, it's good for the kids. So until the day when our final goal is accomplished and this show is removed from the air, we'll just keep discussing the things we see. We'll hope that appropriate changes are made and that eventually those kids can lead a quiet, normal, un-televised life.

Are you freakin kidding me? You trolls think that the reason they are in school is because of the haters over at GWOP? You people are not only spiteful jealous and bitter, but now you are taking claim for the fact that there was NO REASON for Mady to be shown on the baseball episode? And for that matter, she WAS on the previous episode before that one. You my friends, have NOTHING to with anything regarding this show. They were ALWAYS loving, they always played with their sons, and had every intention of having them go to school despite what you think. Kate has always been affectionate to her kids, especially the boys. Just because in the last few episodes I've seen her hugging and kissing them doesn't mean she never did. And by the way, the fact that you subscribe to three hate blogs makes me feel very very sorry for you.

Kate Gives Us Some Great Hummus?

I love me some hummus. I'm embarrassed to say I'm not a good cook, nor do I eat healthy. So for me its a STRUGGLE to get my kids to eat good which lately they haven't been. Lately Kate's simple, easy to follow recipes have worked really well for me. It was one of the first posts I did and updated my Kate's Recipes HERE. On the website Lil Sugar they give us Kate's Handy Hummus Wrap. I will remind myself to add it to my page.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jon & Kate Season 3 Is Coming, Me Needeth Some Pop Wrap!

So you know after a hard day you gotta make it a "Gosselin Night." And as I rushed to get the baby to bed I turned on TLC and saw the final minutes of the Christmas episode. It was so nice to watch it while yelling at my kids to go to bed (lol). What is it about Christmas that even in October gets me in the mood to put up my tree? I am eagerly awaiting Santa to bring me Season 3 under my stocking. You can pre-order it now after November 17th on the TLC website!

So just like the haters that foam at the mouth after a new episode to bash the family over, POP WRAP my new fav. reality show reviewer has also yet to write one of those funny Jon & Kate episode recaps. Please get cracka-lackin or I will self implode. (kidding) I really love the reviews of all the reality shows from the people from the New York Post. Never nasty, always funny.

And finally, I have another news article regarding the "comeback" of the layaway as a marketing tool for stores this Holiday. Of course, they mention Jon & Kate and you can read it HERE. And below, I refused to watch this on GWOP so for those that didn't see it, its Jon & Kate in Orlando at the Women's Convention. It was the same weekend as the Twins Birthday in Disney!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can Kate Gosselin Save Kmart? Mommy I want that too!

OK, so now with the economy being as unstable as it is, those who don't know the Gosselins think this is a great radio promo for the upcoming Holidays: "I'm already putting stuff on layaway". First because we didn't know that layaway even existed anymore, and second, its Kmart. It sounds great for those that cant afford to pay for the hot toys right now..right? That and your guaranteed to have it even if it sells out for Christmas. Also it gives K-Mart a boost for their sagging sales! A win-win situation!

But see its Kate Gosselin saying the promo. You can listen to it in my previous post HERE. A year ago she would have been the PERFECT spokesperson for Kmart's new layaway push. Since this is shaping up to be the worst Holiday season for spending, stores are in a panic. (My favorite store Linens-And-Things is the latest company to go bankrupt and close its doors.) So Kmart sees this new hit show, hires Kate and the blogs are once again in a tizzy. Kate has money now, how DARE she be promoting what only the POOR normally do? But see that's the point. People have lost so much money even the rich are thinking about doing things they never would have done. How do you think they STAY rich? And for that matter, just because Kate has money now, why isn't she ALLOWED to budget, save, brown-bag whatever..Because she is duping you to BELIEVE shes poor? No. Shes just not letting you nosy people know her business and rightfully so. The Kate Hate Debate will always lie (and I say that loosely) with the fact that shes no longer relateable. She needs to stay poor and humble. Not get freebies others only dream of. Jealousy and bitterness now seethes through computers. Just read GWOP.

My big problem IS the fact that my kids now love the show. But SUPER FAN Baby Mama, how is that bad? (lol) Well, now every stinkin thing those kids get my kids now want. And Ive bought it too. EMTanners shirts? Got 2. The plates with the names on them? yep. the Kate calendar? yep. And now on to more kids related stuff. My daughter now wants the Rose Petal Cottage! And everyone wants those Tonka Bounce Back Racers...and V-Tech?? Well lets just say we didn't really know the deal with those until the show... Now they want it all! But that's good for the retailers. They gave the boys only what, 3 to fight over and now those 3 trucks will generate $$$$ in sales. So was it worth it for both Tonka and Jon & Kate? Absolutely. Does it suck for us? Of course, but I don't mind. Only the bitter jealous trolls do ;) But back to poor Kmart. Will this help the store or hurt them? We will have the answer January 1st.

Jon & Kate Score Ratings BOOST After CNN

Via USA Today.....Sorry trolls. I guess it goes to show you that any publicity is good publicity and it shows. Thank you Jon and Kate for truly not responding to trash media and keep your heads high. And your wallets higher since I will now follow you for loose bills (lol)
•Cable highs. Hitting series highs: TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 (3.2 million viewers Monday), and the third-season opener of Nickelodeon's Naked Brothers Band (4 million Saturday).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gosselins enjoy a Phillies Game and The Haters Heads Explode

Tonight I am watching the Jon & Kate Re-run at midnight. Once a month is "Ladies Night" and my poor husband has to bathe, do homework, feed & put kids to bed. So needless to say this is a every other month thing for me. I have friends that are single/engaged and its hard to relate to that time in my life where everything was about bridal expos & interviewing florists. Funny how they mentioned how we were all missing Jon & Kate! Goes to show you that its not all mommies that watch the show...

So its Phillies Night.......

And so you know the jealous haters (or their new name Ms. ANNON's) head was going to explode. I was waiting for it. It was only going to be a new half hour show this time, and it was about them meeting the owner and getting box seats. So basically in blog world, things were going to get ugly. Kate looked tired so this was obviously tapes late at night, and already the trolls were accusing her of being "medicated". Also the usual bitterness with them going and having a fun night courtesy of the manager's wife or something. Baby enjoy the perks. I would too and I don't even like baseball! Speculation on whether Jon paid for his food, and whatever else he got. (When you get box seats food IS included). Then since blog night was slow, its up to folks on other blogs to post "wheres Mady" signs everywhere. Let me ask for the millionth time: Does every single stinkin family, friend & child have to be in every episode or people freak out? It was nice that they concentrated on the Tups and them having a good time. Mady didn't need to be on for the sake of someone seeing her face.

I don't know much about baseball, but I really liked this episode to see the boys and Cara a bit who seem to normally get lost in the shuffle. Cara was polite and sweet and the boys were adorable. So of course I get people telling me how the hate sites were AGAIN bashing Kate for no reason. How exactly are comments by fans not allowed over at GWOP but they can call Kate a b*tch at least 4 times and she was hardly on the show? It was hard to read when people took Jon getting gifts for the girls out of context. It was all about how "greedy he was" and wanting "more freebies". How about it was that he just wanted to have something to bring back for his girls? If you left one of your kids home don't you always want to make sure you have somthing to bring back? How are sites like this even allowed to be mentioned on TV and shows like CNN no less? It really boggles my mind........

Jon Welcomes Me???

A few of you mentioned that Jon was back on Facebook and he added me as a friend. Well let me assure you its NOT him. Hopefully they will remove it, but a few people mentioned he was writing to people at the same time he was on GMA...OOPPSS. Also, whoever this is is replying to everyone. And don't think he has the time to do that. Just like the Gosselin page on My Space was removed for the third time. So we will see how this develops, as I was told by someone else that both Beth;s daughter and Carla's daughter are among his friends...HUH?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

GDNNOP Fiends Fox & Friends Interview, GWOP Thinks They Scored But Didn't With CNN Jon & Kate Interview

This post will be a work in progress throughout the night. I am horribly sick and came home to the mess of GWOP thinking they "scored" by getting a shout out from CNN. Made me want to puke. Wheres my shout out? (lol) Anyway, below is what GDNNOP posted on their site of The Gosselins on Fox & Friends:

Paul Peterson Finds His Voice And Meal Ticket With GWOP

Lets first start by asking the question. Who knew who Paul Peterson was before he hooked up with a reality show hate site? Not too many. And just as I was super excited that no one gave a damn about GWOP anymore, he uses them to plug his own soapbox on child advocacy. How irresponsible is it to take a family show and use it as his ticket to get more fame and notoriety. I was mortified they cited two hate blogs. Disgusting reporting is right! What does this say about this man and the company that he is keeping. The same company that touts slop magazines like the National Inquirer that for all we know could have been Julie looking to make some money off her bitterness over her sister. Please watch what GWOP is praying will be its new golden egg now that Julie is no longer credible and we all know how the Penn Mommy thing panned out:

I always ask myself what I would do in situations like these where a person like Paul Peterson with good intentions decides to take the low road in order to get his voice heard. Then I ask myself what would I do if I was in Kate's shoes. Where I allowed my family to be filmed to solidify a future for my family when the cameras were off. Only to find out that there are people out there so hateful, so bitter and jealous that they will stop at nothing to intentionally hurt your family. Just because your on TV. I as Kate, would tell Mr. Peterson, thank you so much for taking the time to give my show more exposure. Thank you, for trying to make our family feel like you have its best intentions. But in the long run, you did nothing other than to make your cause look bad by jumping on a hate campaign that did nothing but again, give my show more exposure. So thank you. If that made any sense..And finally why are there people out there that claim to be looking out for these kids and children in the entertainment industry in general, when in fact they are also only complaining out out dislike for Kate Gosselin and the new found fame and wealth of her family? If there was truly an issue with the safety of these children, wouldn't something have been done by now? Aren't there children & families out there that need this type of voice so much more? UGH I can talk about this for hours. I will spare you though!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Am I too being pecked to death by ducks?? Jon is that you??

Its nothing new that when GWOP first came onto the scene, I hated them so much I started this blog. They were like sharks who smell blood, and it was really sad to read some ridiculous number of 20,000 people or something flocked to that blog one day when Jon & Kate became the hot show to watch. People wanted to read bad things about good people in order to feel better that they weren't get what the Gosselins were getting. You know, fame, money, freebies. etc. Now that GWOP basically jumped its own shark, the public is no longer interested. You think they were, but when comments went from 200 to 75, you know that the public doesn't want to read the same "they don't deserve it" garbage day after day. Even the Anons are smaller, making it look like its the same person commenting OVER and over again.

Recently myself and GDNNOP were noticing that a few of the "haters" were looking for other venues. Got a little stale and boring you know, lets go bother some other sites. Now as you know I do NOT allow anons, nor do I tolerate the trolls. But I did allow one or two of them on recently for people to see. And I got alot of flack for it. So I'm sorry for that and the fact that I havent posted alot of your comments. I would rather read some of them personally that have them out there for the world to see. But feel free to keep sending me whatever you wish. If its good, you know I will share it.

Kirk Cameron! Is that you??

I'm dating myself (and I'm not old) when I say I was a little girl that had a BIG crush on Kirk Cameron. So it was super funny that my friend sent me this article from Kirk & the Christianity Today Blog talking about the show and the "Multiple Blessings" Book:

"Interestingly, even the idea of a book by Kate Gosselin has mirrored the kind of feedback the show itself receives as seen on myriad blogs across the Internet. People either love it or strongly oppose it. Some moms can’t get enough of Kate Gosselin’s no-nonsensical approach to organizing her household. Others disapprove of the tone Kate takes with Jon. Some disagree with the Gosselins for allowing their children’s lives to made into a television show. Yet Zondervan is not without support for Multiple Blessings. “I look forward to the book,” wrote one blogger. “I think the Gosselins are a loving family that has been fortunate enough have a happy ending to their story.”

Kirk, you still have a chance with me honey. I'll do whatever it takes..
And finally, though I will get more into this story tomorrow, a few more Jon & Kate impostors are clogging up My Space and Facebook. Are they real? Or is it Penn Mommy making a comeback?

Friday, October 17, 2008

No Gosselin Multiple Blessings Book Tour

Well it said somewhere that the Gosselins were going to be on Fox & Friends but I couldn't find a thing on it. So I have no idea. I was more concerned with the fact that I read that they wouldn't be touring for their book. Now I know that since this publisher of the book is so small maybe they don't have the clout to do a major US tour. Or maybe with so many kids it would be impossible. I totally understand. But I would have LOVED to meet them. There is a pretty famous Barnes & Noble in Manhattan that has all the celebrities A listers to D listers that FLOCK to hawk their books. Im so heartbroken! From the Zondervan Press Release:

"Zondervan has no book tour plans for the Gosselins, but the couple plans to promote Multiple Blessings as they speak in churches—a ministry that has increased with the growing popularity of Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Ladies Home Journal will apparently also feature the book in this month's issue, and Redbook will have a story on the book in its December issue. I am one of those people that hate to read books so this is good. Seriously, a magazine is the most I can do. But as the fan I am I plan to go to Target tomorrow and buy it if its there. I hope that they continue to do speaking engagements in other venues. Its a slow Gosselin night and an exhausting one for Baby Mama. Will get the Gosselin juices flowin tomorrow I promise.......(lol) ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jon & Kate Address The Haters on GMA, Biggest Gosselin Ratings Monday, Updated Recipe Page!

Wasn't it just priceless on GMA this morning when the question was asked as to how Jon & Kate handle reading hate blogs? OK so it wasn't worded as bluntly as that but you got the drift. They responded with grace saying that there are so many others out there rooting for them, and how blessed they are to be able to work from home to be with their kids. BRAVO!! But wait! I hear nothing, just crickets from GWOP who chose to write the 50th TIME how Kate sleeps at night and where they supposedly went wrong...

Kate' s Meatloaf Recipe Added to My "Kate Recipe" Page!

Below is where they talked about the meatloaf recipe. Which I totally cringed because I hate meatloaf. I put the recipe with my "Kate's Recipe" page from when I first started this blog. You can see all Kate's recipes HERE. I should put them all together and make my own stinkin book. Girlfriend needs dough STAT!

Highest Ratings Ever Monday Night

TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" had its most-watched episode ever at 9:30 p.m. Monday, averaging 3.2 million viewers, including 1.3 million women 25-54 and 1.4 million 18-49. Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants" had a big night Monday, drawing 7.7 million total viewers to a half-hour special at 8 p.m. (Uhh had to add that in for my kids!) Thank you Nina for showing me the stats from The Hollywood Reporter HERE.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Gosselins on GMA, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 3 on DVD?

I'm really hoping that they are on closer to 9:00am as I will not be able to watch it. I was reading on another blog that people were having fits because the kids were playing with Tonka trucks in the new episode. First off, why are the haters sitting up against the tv looking for anything to gripe about? I never even noticed that, but if Tonka gave the family free cars in exchange for some free advertising, more power to them! The kids looked happy and I think that's what matters thank you!

I also forgot to mention yesterday how much I was moved that the family put up flags in support of 9/11. Its easy after all these years for those not directly affected to forget what happened. I was very moved that it was important to this family regardless. It was being said on another board that the family was spotted at Epcot this past weekend for the Twins birthday. . I guess the got to go back to Disney after all. I'm sad, angry, jealous in fact...Yeah I know I just got back myself (lol). Perhaps we will see some of that in season 5? I would like to quote what someone wrote that really sums up my feelings about Kate:

"Anyway, there is a lot of negativity about her, and people that don't know her and Jon tend to believe whatever they read online without knowing Jon and Kate's side. I think they do a good job, and they love their kids very much. I think Jon is a great dad too, I loved watching him play with the kids last night. I can't even imagine how busy it must be with 8 small children. I know Kate likes to make sure everything is in order and taken care of. I'm sure she plays with her kids a lot more than is shown on tv."

Season 3 on DVD?

Many of you have asked when season 3 will be coming out on DVD. My best friend Marni recently bought me Season 1 & 2. She wondered why I didn't have it already. Well I watch the show every day at 11am for baby feeding so I don't feel like I miss much you know (lol). Someone mentioned that season three will not ship for another 2 months. Whats up with that? Is this info correct because that's not what AMAZON says. Let me know. It just took recently to establish season 4 started in June, so I guess this makes sense.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jon Gosselin on Facebook Isnt Real? Pop Wrap "Fight Club"Recap

Here we go again! Just when you think that this PennMommy fiasco all showed us a lesson of what NOT to believe when it comes to the Gosselins we get more impostors. There is now a Jon Gosselin on Facebook as well as The Gosselins popping up and being removed on MySpace AGAIN. Why do people set this stuff up? To once again see if people will believe it? Im interested to see if any of these are real.

New York Post Pop Wrap Review

This week it was short but kinda funny in a stupid kind of way. Talking about how Jon is making his boys audition for "Fight Club." You can see it HERE. I know Kate was none to happy. A few people mentioned Kate looked tired and I'm sure she was. Its amazing that they didn't have to sit together to be interviewed, but alot of you seemed to like it. Also alot of people mentioned how the twins were not on that much. Well if they re on too much people complain too so whatever. The GWOP'ers are all over that they intentionally are not on alot. I disagree. Since the girls are back in school now I wouldn't look too much into it.

Below is the Today show interview that was exactly one year ago. My the memories! Tomorrow is Marathon Night and I love it. And not just because I love the show. Its my one night that the kids go to bed early and I'm off from work. So get yourself a cup of hot cocoa and have a "Gosselin Night"............yes I am THAT CORNY.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Jon & Kate Plus 8 shows! Gosselins To Appear on GMA!

Let me say how much I liked tonight's episodes. Mainly because I like them better in two parts. I feel bad that I must change the channel after them though. I really do not like 17 Kids and Counting. I can't pinpoint what it is. The dad creeps me out a bit. Or perhaps there are too many to relate too. Or perhaps they're too robotic for me. I don't know. Which is so funny because some don't like Jon & Kate BECAUSE they want them to be robotic like the Duggars! Uhh, I feel bad now, I'm going to re-watch them tonight and see if I get a better feel for those kids..

Seeing Kate cry over the videos made was probably the nicest part. It seems on the blogs already most noticed a few things. A new photo of the twins on the wall, their calendar on the fridge is now blurred because the crazies on the hate blogs were actually freezing their screens and trying to read it. I thought Jon did a great job having fun with the kids and keeping them busy. I know how it feels and its exhausting! I was like a proud mama seeing Joel ride his bike without his training wheels and felt horrible that the kids couldn't do the same! And it was like bringing a tear to my eye when the kids went to pre-school as I feel like I just did that myself!

The Gosselins This week on GMA

Please keep me abreast on this one because Im not sure if they will be on ALL week or only one day. Does anyone know? It's way too early for me (7am?), so someone will have to send me a link! I see HERE that they will be appearing on October 16th. Sign onto their site and maybe you can have one of your questions answered by them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Different Good Housekeeping Covers, Kate on the Radio For K Mart

Ahh Sunday. Today we went pumpkin picking and I'm exhausted. Working part-time has taken its toll and I realized I am biting off more than I can chew. The kids were super happy that we had a family day today, and the pumpkins are also on the porch!

Different Good Housekeeping Covers?

So apparently 2 states so far have complained there are 2 different Good Housekeeping covers out there, and the store they went to didn't have the Gosselin cover. Now I know that they did that in the past, but what dictates where the covers go? To see which sells better? Why does TX & LA have places with a pie on the cover? And is the article different? If anyone knows please let me know! Click HERE for the "Meet Jon & Kate" article from their website. Its a cute one and includes an EXCERPT from their "Multiple Blessings" book.

Kate on KISS 108 Radio For K-Mart

While Kate was in NY right before the big Orlando trip she was on a few radio stations on behalf of K-Mart. She tried to answer some of the snarky questions the guy from Kiss 108 had but it took literally changing the topic so she could get to the task at hand: getting people to do layaway at K-Mart. Now I know that they are truly the last store to do this. (Does Marshalls anymore?) but the guy sounded confused at to why Kate was talking about Christmas shopping this early. Now I know the hate blogs are having a field day with this because they don't feel that now that Kate has money she should be taking about budgeting and layaway. But wealthy people can budget too, isn't it the reason they re wealthy? And why does Kate have to flaunt her wealth? If she did, then people would be bitching about that as well. So I personally think its great shes pumping this store, I hope it helps their sagging business!

This interview was in two parts. Part 1 is HERE and part 2 HERE. If you cannot hear it then go to the Kiss 108 link above and scroll down. And to those that asked. I LOVED Kate on Say Yes To The Dress. It was the mean yellow shirt dude that bothered me so much. Why would you bring such a bunch of naggers esp. your fiance to view your potential wedding dress?

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Will the Gosselins Be When They Grow Up?

Hello and happy Friday! Every once in a while you find something cool on a blog that you have to share. With the hateful way most blogs are for this family, its a rare treat. Tonight is a slow Gosselin news night for once. So I thought it would be nice to read what some people speculated would be the professions of the Gosselin children......

#1- Mady- A manager or CEO of a company, she LOVES control like her mommy!
Cara- A teacher
Alexis- A nurse (when she was taking care of Aaden)
Hannah- Teacher/ stay at home mom
Leah- A writer, she is becoming so darn funny!
Collin- Architectural designer
Aaden- Zoologist (I agree!)
Joel- some sort of scientist or engineer, he isn't very oputgoing but he is smart!

#2- Cara- Interior designer
Mady- TV Producer
Alexis- Accountant (I don't know why, I just feel it)
Hannah- Housekeeper/stay at home mom
Aaden- Zookeeper
Collin- Organizer
Leah- Princess/ballarina
Joel- He'll always be a daddy's boy and he'll be a Stay at home dad

#3- Cara:Olympian
Mady:Actress or News Reporter
Aaden:Zoologist or Veterinarian
Hannah:Stay at home Mommy
Leah:A little kid forever or Teacher

And Finally #4 And this was what Kate said herself.................
Cara:Whatever she does she'll be happy
Mady: President
Alexis: Do a little bit of everything
Leah: Stay a little kid forever ;)
Hannah: Mommy
Joel: Model
Collin: Engineer
Aaden: Zoologist/something with animals

Will any of them get it right?? How great would it be to see? Say Yes To The Dress is on tonight!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode & Schedule Changes, Pop Wrap Review & Chapters has Multiple Blessings!

Sorry this post will be short tonight, but this Holiday was exhausting. Having the kids home today was a nightmare. Who was hungry, bored, and fighting all day. Those that try to pass judgment that Kate has a helper is insane. I wish I had 2 when they're home driving me crazy.

Trying to keep up with all the episode and schedule changes for this show is crazy. At first they were going to have a episode called "Soups" with Kate cooking but now if you look to the right you will see a new updated list of new shows. Also on Wikipedia they are saying that season 4 started with Epidose 51 "Boys Day Out" on June 23rd, 2008. So I thought we were in season 3 still but apparently we are not.

New York Post Pop Wrap Review

All how I love to read the great New York Post Entertainment section. And not for the reviews though they are usually spot on as to how I feel about them as well. Sometimes the comments on the bottom are funnier then the story about the episode. Someone by the name of Beth (could it be the REAL Beth? lol) left a great comment about how the show is better than ever and how horrible hate sites like GWOP are. You can read it HERE. I truly think at this point they are not longer reputable and just there for bitter mean people looking to be bullies. I'm telling you, this is the reason I refuse to allow anons on this site. I would bet that its the same few people posting 50 times. And for the record, they removed the Penn Mommy posting. I wonder why...........

Chapters Has Early Multiple Blessings Books!

And finally, a reader has told me that she already has a copy of the Multiple Blessings book from Chapters. I have never heard of this store but I'm to assume its like Barnes N Noble? Lets hope SOMEONE goes on a book tour so I can meet them!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Cara & Mady! K-Mart & Kate Promote the Holidays!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARA & MADY! Baby Mama wishes you the happiest of birthdays and hopes that you have a wonderful fun weekend in Orlando. Hopefully you will get to both Universal & Disney! You girls are very special and we love to watch you guys each week on your show! Thank you to Leah for making a cute tribute video!

Kate as the new K-Mart Spokesperson??

Please take a look HERE on Showcase Minnesota as Kate talks about gearing up for the holidays with K-Mart!

Thanks for voting on my polls! Its always funny to see how the readers are so evenly divided on issues. Last week was about the odd disappearance of Penn Mommy's blog. 61% said yay! Wile 73% wanted it back. Please vote on this weeks poll that also pertains to this.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jon & Kate in Good Housekeeping Excerpts & Episode Review

Well apparently after all the hype for the Good Housekeeping episode, we were hoping for this great show and it was a bit of a bore. For me it was because I had a horrible flashback of when I was in Sears trying to get my kids to take a photo. The girl had NO idea how to get the kids to smile, it wasn't until the manager came in with better toys and attitude that I actually got a decent shot.

As usual the wolves had nothing to snipe about other than Kate's hair, the new washer and dryer and the fact that Kate said they needed to look "thinner". Didn't they realize what Kate was saying, that its nearly impossible to get 10 people in a photo without squeezing? I applaud the puppet lady for bringing in the laughs and knowing when to save a kiddie meltdown.(It was Janie and Jack they were wearing which is a subsidiary of Gymboree.) It also bothered me that people had SO little to gripe about that they actually checked the records of how big the bottom floor was since Jon said it was like 200o square feet and it was actually something less! Pretty lame. I know how hard it must have been having all those people there for two days, and I think that the family handled it great. For those who commented on sad Cara, please don't worry. My daughter who was a doll the whole day started acting up right as the camera was about to shoot them. I was so mad since we KNOW are kids are usually better.

I forgot to say yesterday how nice it was to see "longtime friend" Nana Joan say such nice things about the family in the People Article. It only goes to show you to never believe what the naysayers say about family not being in their lives anymore. Didn't GWOP say that both Nana Janet and Nana Joan were out of the kids lives? (lol) Also alot has been going on with the finding out that someone that was blogging about knowing the Gosselins was fake and never knew them at all. There are accusations that people were going to send this Penn Mommy person money to help with the medical bills of her son who passed away. Please please never believe or send ANYONE money over the internet. Even if I tell you I only have one leg..I'm kidding, but you know what I mean. Especially through Western Union.....

Good Housekeeping Article Courtesy of Just Jared & Lil Sugar

Just article can be found HERE. Lil Sugars article is HERE. Its nice to see them talk about getting through tough times in their marriage and admitting that life may not be normal for this family again!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jon & Kate Gosselin Week in Review Good Hosekeeping Finally!

Sorry for another short post, but Baby Mama is back to part-time working, trying not to spend too much and getting back into life after labor. I have not seen the Good Housekeeping Episode yet, but I will try to watch the rerun tonight and do a review tomorrow. I was trying to start a Sunday Gosselin "Week In Review" and I'm a day late.

1. Penn Mommy's son passes away: Ok regarding this, I need to refer you to my sister site. I don't know what the situation is. If a persons child passes away the hurt and anguish is unthinkable. If this is was truly the case there are no words. However in light of what I read over at GDNOP, I would be angry as hell if this was a hoax. Its unthinkable and also makes you wonder about how much we will believe on the Internet.

2. Birmingham Video Removed From You Tube: A person who went to a Jon and Kate Meet & Greet posted segments of the show for family to view that couldn't go. NEVER realizing that the GWOP wolves sniffed it out and posted it on their site. 2000+ hits later the poor girl had to take it down and write a letter to the site. Nina was contacted and you could read that HERE if you haven't already. Shes a fan that learned the hard way that when it comes to J&K blogs sphere, nothing is sacred.

3. Good Housekeeping, People Magazine & Regis & Kelly: The haters heads are about to explode because they cant keep up with all that is Jon & Kate this week. They are everywhere. For the fans, this is great news, as it shows that regardless of the horrible things that are stated about them, they can rise above it and not stoop to the level of some other sites on the Internet.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leave Mady Alone, Celebrity Baby Scoop & Cookie Article

Tonight my almost 8 year old daughter threw a fit at a friends house party over not wanting to eat dinner but wanted just desert. In front of everyone she puts her "Mady face" on and yells "there's nothing for me to eat here, everything looks horrible". I wanted to choke her. When we got home we had a huge "talk" where she slammed the door and cried I ruined her life because I embarrassed her.

Alot of blogs tend to bash and really go off on Mady. Someone on I believe Facebook made a comment how the only people that defend her actions are those who have her themselves. They were so right. I have a Mady. A strong willed eldest child that has to adjust to lots of siblings that demand the attention that was solely on them at one point. One that acts up, the "pouty one", the one with all the needs yet tries to act the most independent. This is one of the main reasons I relate to Kate so much. I try in front of others to talk about her "promise". But whether you are blessed or not to have a strong willed child, all of us at some point feel helpless that we have not done enough to make your baby the picture of child perfection. I feel the guilt of being so pre-occupied with my others I tend to let alot of discipline go and allow her to get away with things I shouldn't so that adults can whisper and say "Ohh honey how do you let her get away with talking like that?"

What pisses me off about the haters regarding Mady is that when they talk about how "bratty" she is I want to punch them. I know that sounds horrible but I do. She is just like many children I know but now and forever will have to read all the horrible things people said about her and her family. Not that she hasn't already seen herself on TV and not liked a time or two she saw herself not being nice. Maybe that might make her think twice about some of the choices she makes. More that I hope that one or two of the haters might see how horrible it is to comment about a child period. Because she is no different than so many children out there, mine included, that just has the problem of people feeling they can criticize her. Back in August I wrote about why I liked Mady as a tribute to her. You can read it HERE.

Why I Love Kate

A few people on other blogs constantly ask the fans they are trying to "convert" why they like Kate so much. For me I see a woman who is securing a good future for her family. So that when all the haters go away and move on to perhaps the Duggars, they can afford for each of them to be financially stable in an unstable economy. I love that they are able to be there every day with their kids that I wish I had with my own husband. I love that she is who she is, without fault, and doesn't change for a few nasty bitter people. She knows when to say your sorry to a husband that loves her. I love that she is a good mother. I like that she made both lemonade and Sun In with her lemons...ok you get the point. So check out this great article when Kate was interviewed for Cookie Magazine that was also in Celebrity Baby Scoop regarding how her show is the #1 reality show for of course moms and how she handles being "Kate Gosselin".

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Gosselins In People Magazine, Huge Pencil Issues on Regis & Kelly

Did anybody over at Regis & Kelly question the set dressers decision to put HUGE sharp pencils as toys on the set for the kids? Besides being dangerous they were distracting and smacked half the kids in the head? Obviously this person has no kids of their own. Kate and I both were having mental freak outs, I'm sure. I was also super surprised they didn't plug the book! And how embarrassing would it have been if poor thin Kelly got smacked in the head! I liked that Maddy stood up and took charge of the conversation! What did you think? And finally, did any of you get this weeks People Magazine yet? I hear that there's a great 6 page spread! I will make sure that I comment to them how GLAD I am that they are finally put in there. Ive heard its great and the haters are super upset. Lots of "damage control" comments and stuff by them. I will hopefully get one and comment myself soon. And I also updated yesterdays episode list and I noticed that the Hawaii episode was bumped again. Will it be for the season finale in November? Anybody know?

GDNOP links to Jon & Kate's speaking engagement that was videotaped in Birmingham. Who had the balls to sneak anything in? (lol) You can see it HERE or go directly to their site.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Updated TLC Site, Nosy Bloggers, Jon & Kate Do Canada!

I know that tomorrow Jon & Kate will be on Regis & Kelly, but I hope someone will post it on You Tube because I will totally forget to watch since I'm getting kids to school. I remember how someone started all this smack on GWOP by saying Kate snubbed Kelly once at a function and the story wasn't made up. Yeah right. That's why she's on the show tomorrow. Anyway I noticed how TLC updated their Gosselin page, and I really don't like it. See it HERE. Its really just a place now to ask your burning questions for another possible boring Q&A filler show. For me, its like "either talk about the juicy hater stuff or not bother. " Does anyone even go on that site?

Cafe Moms Nosy Neighbors / Jon & Kate Do Canada!
Ok, so I don't like to go on either Facebook or Cafe Mom's Gosselin blogs because it just seems like its the same few haters going from place to place bashing the family. Cafe Mom appears to be the worst. It appears that one or two of the neighbors have gone on there and do nothing but look out the window to complain. You know, like that old lady that sat outside the window on "227" (LOL) Lets read a quick snippet shall we?

Just one thing that we have noticed lately.....the helpers now no longer park in front of their house all day long...they now park in various locations within the development, I guess so those of us that have to drive by to exit the development would get the impression that J & K are finally attempting to raise their own family....DIDN'T WORK....We caught on, it was a good effort though.

It blows my mind the 1: so many would comment on it not knowing if it was true & 2: that this person is obviously so pent up over the Gosselins & 3: People still love hearing smack from "insiders". Why do you care that they get more help? Why does it bother you that people are over there? I just don't get it. And finally someone on Facebook posted how Jon & Kate will be in Edmonton October 9-12th filming in the world's biggest Mall! After finally going to Mall of America recently with my kids this is my new second heaven. How lucky are they?

Jon and Kate plus the kids are coming to Edmonton this Fall to tape an episode. The reason for this is that Jon has a business trip that takes to Edmonton for a conference. And Kate wants to go to the West Edmonton Mall with the kids.

From a TLC e-mail:
West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland Amusement Park, World Waterpark & Sea Life Caverns will be closed due to Filming on October 9, 10, 11 & 12, 2008. We advice you not to interfere with filming. When the Jon and Kate plus the kids are in Edmonton please let them film and not stop them to talk. The Edmonton Police will act as security guards.

Episode lists will now be at the right since I keep having to update them all the time. Hope this looks better and is easier for you all to find!