Saturday, October 18, 2008

Am I too being pecked to death by ducks?? Jon is that you??

Its nothing new that when GWOP first came onto the scene, I hated them so much I started this blog. They were like sharks who smell blood, and it was really sad to read some ridiculous number of 20,000 people or something flocked to that blog one day when Jon & Kate became the hot show to watch. People wanted to read bad things about good people in order to feel better that they weren't get what the Gosselins were getting. You know, fame, money, freebies. etc. Now that GWOP basically jumped its own shark, the public is no longer interested. You think they were, but when comments went from 200 to 75, you know that the public doesn't want to read the same "they don't deserve it" garbage day after day. Even the Anons are smaller, making it look like its the same person commenting OVER and over again.

Recently myself and GDNNOP were noticing that a few of the "haters" were looking for other venues. Got a little stale and boring you know, lets go bother some other sites. Now as you know I do NOT allow anons, nor do I tolerate the trolls. But I did allow one or two of them on recently for people to see. And I got alot of flack for it. So I'm sorry for that and the fact that I havent posted alot of your comments. I would rather read some of them personally that have them out there for the world to see. But feel free to keep sending me whatever you wish. If its good, you know I will share it.

Kirk Cameron! Is that you??

I'm dating myself (and I'm not old) when I say I was a little girl that had a BIG crush on Kirk Cameron. So it was super funny that my friend sent me this article from Kirk & the Christianity Today Blog talking about the show and the "Multiple Blessings" Book:

"Interestingly, even the idea of a book by Kate Gosselin has mirrored the kind of feedback the show itself receives as seen on myriad blogs across the Internet. People either love it or strongly oppose it. Some moms can’t get enough of Kate Gosselin’s no-nonsensical approach to organizing her household. Others disapprove of the tone Kate takes with Jon. Some disagree with the Gosselins for allowing their children’s lives to made into a television show. Yet Zondervan is not without support for Multiple Blessings. “I look forward to the book,” wrote one blogger. “I think the Gosselins are a loving family that has been fortunate enough have a happy ending to their story.”

Kirk, you still have a chance with me honey. I'll do whatever it takes..
And finally, though I will get more into this story tomorrow, a few more Jon & Kate impostors are clogging up My Space and Facebook. Are they real? Or is it Penn Mommy making a comeback?


Daisy said...

Baby Mama,

There's Kirk Cameron movie out called Fireproof. It's awesome. I saw it with my husband and then took our teenagers. It's about forgiveness. He's a fireman with a broken marriage.

I'm too old to have had a crush on Kirk Cameron, but I watched Growing Pains. I was in my 20's when the show was on.

Thanks for your time and sharing your POV. ITA with you.

LauraH said...

Hey there,

I loved Kirk on Growing Pains and loved that
he didn't fall into the Fame Game and didn't
let it go all to his head. I don't think we ever
heard of Kirk partying at the clubs and having
tons of girlfriends. He got married to the cutie
girlfriend he had on Growing Pains and they
had a handful of children and live a quiet life
away from Hollywood... Kirk Rocks... :^D

Thanks for your blogs Baby Mama, they always
make me smile... :^)