Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jon & Kate in Good Housekeeping Excerpts & Episode Review

Well apparently after all the hype for the Good Housekeeping episode, we were hoping for this great show and it was a bit of a bore. For me it was because I had a horrible flashback of when I was in Sears trying to get my kids to take a photo. The girl had NO idea how to get the kids to smile, it wasn't until the manager came in with better toys and attitude that I actually got a decent shot.

As usual the wolves had nothing to snipe about other than Kate's hair, the new washer and dryer and the fact that Kate said they needed to look "thinner". Didn't they realize what Kate was saying, that its nearly impossible to get 10 people in a photo without squeezing? I applaud the puppet lady for bringing in the laughs and knowing when to save a kiddie meltdown.(It was Janie and Jack they were wearing which is a subsidiary of Gymboree.) It also bothered me that people had SO little to gripe about that they actually checked the records of how big the bottom floor was since Jon said it was like 200o square feet and it was actually something less! Pretty lame. I know how hard it must have been having all those people there for two days, and I think that the family handled it great. For those who commented on sad Cara, please don't worry. My daughter who was a doll the whole day started acting up right as the camera was about to shoot them. I was so mad since we KNOW are kids are usually better.

I forgot to say yesterday how nice it was to see "longtime friend" Nana Joan say such nice things about the family in the People Article. It only goes to show you to never believe what the naysayers say about family not being in their lives anymore. Didn't GWOP say that both Nana Janet and Nana Joan were out of the kids lives? (lol) Also alot has been going on with the finding out that someone that was blogging about knowing the Gosselins was fake and never knew them at all. There are accusations that people were going to send this Penn Mommy person money to help with the medical bills of her son who passed away. Please please never believe or send ANYONE money over the internet. Even if I tell you I only have one leg..I'm kidding, but you know what I mean. Especially through Western Union.....

Good Housekeeping Article Courtesy of Just Jared & Lil Sugar

Just Jared.com article can be found HERE. Lil Sugars article is HERE. Its nice to see them talk about getting through tough times in their marriage and admitting that life may not be normal for this family again!


cali-mom said...

Love your blog. Thanks for posting!

The Martin's said...

I love your blog, with all of the cute pics and NICE updates !!

The family looks so cute on the cover !!

I was shocked to read some of the comments that were left about the kids !! And of course the wackos had to put their 2 cents in !!

cali-mom said...

Did you notice there were a lot of Gosselin fans? I am so used to reading bad things being said, that it was nice to see soo many good things being said about the G's. I of course didnt care for the bad stuf that was said, but I looked beyond that. ;-)