Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episode & Schedule Changes, Pop Wrap Review & Chapters has Multiple Blessings!

Sorry this post will be short tonight, but this Holiday was exhausting. Having the kids home today was a nightmare. Who was hungry, bored, and fighting all day. Those that try to pass judgment that Kate has a helper is insane. I wish I had 2 when they're home driving me crazy.

Trying to keep up with all the episode and schedule changes for this show is crazy. At first they were going to have a episode called "Soups" with Kate cooking but now if you look to the right you will see a new updated list of new shows. Also on Wikipedia they are saying that season 4 started with Epidose 51 "Boys Day Out" on June 23rd, 2008. So I thought we were in season 3 still but apparently we are not.

New York Post Pop Wrap Review

All how I love to read the great New York Post Entertainment section. And not for the reviews though they are usually spot on as to how I feel about them as well. Sometimes the comments on the bottom are funnier then the story about the episode. Someone by the name of Beth (could it be the REAL Beth? lol) left a great comment about how the show is better than ever and how horrible hate sites like GWOP are. You can read it HERE. I truly think at this point they are not longer reputable and just there for bitter mean people looking to be bullies. I'm telling you, this is the reason I refuse to allow anons on this site. I would bet that its the same few people posting 50 times. And for the record, they removed the Penn Mommy posting. I wonder why...........

Chapters Has Early Multiple Blessings Books!

And finally, a reader has told me that she already has a copy of the Multiple Blessings book from Chapters. I have never heard of this store but I'm to assume its like Barnes N Noble? Lets hope SOMEONE goes on a book tour so I can meet them!


cali-mom said...

Loved the comment from "Beth" on the Post Wrap review. Great article too.

Anya said...

Good for you for not allowing anons. I bet that many anons are the same person (aka hater) posting time after time.

I enjoyed the Pop Wrap article as well. I even bought the Good Houskeeping magazine today first time ever). Such a sheeple!


BEE said...

I preordered my copy of Mulitiple Blessings months ago. Just got an email saying it has shipped! I am excited to read it!

I too appreciate that you don't allow anons posts!