Friday, October 24, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Rose Petal Cottage, Multiple Blessings Excerpt & Cups & Bibs Webisode 8

Hello Gosselin fans, Baby Mama is sick as a dog in a house full of sick people. I have been scared because this past January I had to rush my newborn to Schniders Children's Hospital with RSV. So with a baby sick its been exhausting for me getting 3 hour clips of sleep and trying to still work part time. I am truly a "hot buttered mess."

A few people were asking me why I didn't have any excerpts of the book yet. Well, I honestly hadn't bought it yet..WHAT the fan woman don't got no book? Well lets just say I had just gotten around to reading the Good Housekeeping article. I TOLD you guys I hate to read! Anyway, I wanted to start with this from the book that was the first of many parts that made me cry. Ok, not really, but you know, made me well up a bit...

"Because I was raised in an atmosphere of financial stress, my biggest fear was that I would never have enough. God was slowly erasing those fears and taking me full circle to realize that not only did I not need as much as I once thought I did to exist, but that He would in fact never be late in meeting my needs. If I just trusted Him, He would give me more fulfillment than I ever thought possible. Wow. With that thought in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and ever one of you, and you know who you are, for every single gift ever offered to my family. Whether it was a cooked meal, precious clothes, a smile for mady and cara, money in any amount, work on our house, supplies for the babies, or that most precious of commodities these days- your time- Jon and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many notes of gratitude never made it from my list to the mailbox; it was not for lack of appreciation but merely lack of time. May you all be blessed a hundredfold for your generosity."

"Isn't this what I had always wanted- to be a stay-at-home mom, to have my three kids,dishes,laundry, and noise? So what if I might've gotten a whole lot more than I bargained for? I was supposedly living my dream, right? Sill, I fought off depression as I lay in bed one morning, already hearing volunteers in the family room but wanting to just blury my head and never get up. I could hear snippets of their conversation, everyday happy things like the new restaurant they visited, a niece's much anticipated wedding, "Oh, I must get a pedicure!" and oohs and ahhs over a stylish new haircut. I wondered to myself, "Can't anyone see that I am bleeding over here?" To me it felt like I was a gunshot victim lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the emergency room while everyone rushed out to clip a hangnail. I became very resentful as I listened to the pointless chatter; at the time it all seemed so shallow. I know, I know. You're asking if I really thought the entire world would stop because I had six babies and two preschoolers. The answer is no. What I did think was that my world has stopped. I know today that that was not the case at all. Actually, my life was really just beginning. But at the time, I felt that though we had cribs, car seats, pretty new paint, dressers, food, financial support from so many- not to mention eight very healthy, happy children- we would never be "normal" again. My sharp and cynical attitude was not winning me any friends in the circle of volunteers. A few were perceptive enough to add up the hormonal plunge, the lack of sleep, the all-consuming and never ending responsibility, the loss of my dear friend, and the worry over the mounting pile of unpaid bills to explain my moodiness; but most would just eye me warily as they slunk past my post in the kitchen counter on their way down to the family room. As I prepared bottles and a meal for Mady and Cara, I would get tears in my eyes.
I had never before realized it was possible to feel so alone in the midst of so many people."

I gotta tell ya, I never felt so in-sync with a person when I read that. Sometimes, I might say something that didn't come out right. And it would look like I wasn't appreciate or I was bitchy. Ever have that problem? For me, my only hope would be that those fans who read all those hate blogs and started to dislike this family simply from what people on line say..then I hope they read this book and understand this woman better and get back to the reason why we started to watch this show in the first place..

Gosselin kids now on Rose Petal Cottage Website...

Wasn't I just speaking about this house two days ago? Anyway a reader sent me an e-mail saying they were on the site. And I linked it and never saw that. Well see it HERE on their website! How funny I didn't see it! And finally below, these poor kids get alot of smack from blogs for still wearing bibs. I dont think they still are, but it was cute to see this webisode..

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BEE said...

I couldn't agree with you more Baby Mama! I think that if more people read the book they might just see a different side to Kate.