Friday, October 10, 2008

What Will the Gosselins Be When They Grow Up?

Hello and happy Friday! Every once in a while you find something cool on a blog that you have to share. With the hateful way most blogs are for this family, its a rare treat. Tonight is a slow Gosselin news night for once. So I thought it would be nice to read what some people speculated would be the professions of the Gosselin children......

#1- Mady- A manager or CEO of a company, she LOVES control like her mommy!
Cara- A teacher
Alexis- A nurse (when she was taking care of Aaden)
Hannah- Teacher/ stay at home mom
Leah- A writer, she is becoming so darn funny!
Collin- Architectural designer
Aaden- Zoologist (I agree!)
Joel- some sort of scientist or engineer, he isn't very oputgoing but he is smart!

#2- Cara- Interior designer
Mady- TV Producer
Alexis- Accountant (I don't know why, I just feel it)
Hannah- Housekeeper/stay at home mom
Aaden- Zookeeper
Collin- Organizer
Leah- Princess/ballarina
Joel- He'll always be a daddy's boy and he'll be a Stay at home dad

#3- Cara:Olympian
Mady:Actress or News Reporter
Aaden:Zoologist or Veterinarian
Hannah:Stay at home Mommy
Leah:A little kid forever or Teacher

And Finally #4 And this was what Kate said herself.................
Cara:Whatever she does she'll be happy
Mady: President
Alexis: Do a little bit of everything
Leah: Stay a little kid forever ;)
Hannah: Mommy
Joel: Model
Collin: Engineer
Aaden: Zoologist/something with animals

Will any of them get it right?? How great would it be to see? Say Yes To The Dress is on tonight!


Anne said...

I dont know whats funnier the fact you posted my 1st comment then took it down or the fact no post are even up in this comments area. LMAO x 100000000000 lame web site you got going here, nice waste of your time as nobody cares. Or everyone dissagrees with the crap you are spilling out and you remove their comments like you did mine. Really thanks for making my sad.

Baby Mama said...

Dear Anne,
Thank you for taking the time to read my site. But please go away and never come back. You are the lame one, constantly sending stupid stuff about this great family. We don't want or need you and you need to go back to GWOP where you came from and your little dog (or cat) too.
I do not post from Anons. I would rather have no comments for months then one from you and the trolls. So spread your hate and your stupid comments elsewhere.

cali-mom said...

I appreciate the time you take on this blog. Thank you baby mama!