Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jon & Kate on The Soup, Multiple Blessings is A NY Times Bestseller

Today's post is early because we have a Halloween party tonight. Yeah, sounds great cause were all sick, but we are going to split the family a bit and take the well ones with my husband and keep the baby home with me. You know how it is! More "alone" time to blog! Well low and behold I found something funny that I truly laughed over. The hating trolls over on GWOP think that this is the end of Jon & Kate. Contraire Mon Frare this only shows how popular they truly are. To my die hard fans, please don't be mad that I posted this, I honestly think its really funny. Jon & Kate have hit the big time! I love The Soup! Thanks Nina from GDNNOP!

Zonderban Press Release Shows Multiple Blessings A Best Seller!

Take a look at the news report her that Nina also brought to my attention: "GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., October 23, 2008 – After just one week of sales, Multiple Blessings (Zondervan, 2008) by Jon and Kate Gosselin with Beth Carson has reached The New York Times and the USA Today Bestseller lists. The book, currently ranked 5th on The New York Times list and 31st overall on USA Today’s Best-selling books list tells the amazing story of how the Gosselins survived the overwhelming odds and the emotional roller coaster of birthing and raising two sets of multiples — twins and sextuplets — in three years." Read the entire article HERE.


~Jordyn said...
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~Jordyn said...

First off thank you so much for making this blog!

I just went to the site that was written by Beth...(the truthbreedshate one) and I love how she doesn't have any way for anyone comment or e-mail her.

Hmm why do you think that is? because she knows she's the one whos hating and spreading lies that she deems to be truth?

Yeah all of it may be truth in that biased mixed up head of her's. What makes me even more sick is that she is supposed to be their family.

She is a coward!If she weren't she would let people give her a piece of their minds.

I'm sure she is having lots of fun posting all those hateful things and then putting her hands over her ears going...

"La la la I can't hear any of you because I disabled comments."

What a freak! She pisses me off. If you are gonna post lies like that, you better be willing to fight for what you say.

I have absolutely no respect for her.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn, I think you mean the blog that is written by Julie - Jodi's sister. To my knowledge, Beth doesn't have a blog. But I completely agree with what you said about Julie's blog - I read it too, and I find it very interesting that she isn't interested in hearing comments or questions from people. If she's so sure she's right, she ought to be willing to stand behind what she says and defend it. I personally think it's a bunch of sour grapes, and she is so green with envy over what the Gosselins have been able to achieve from their success with the show that she can't stand herself, so she makes herself feel better by posting lots of bogus b.s. about them. Nice person, huh? If I were Jodi, and my sister was doing something so hateful, I would first off demand that she take down that awful site, I'd go out publically denouncing every word out of her mouth, and I'd probably never speak to her again!! It's so sad!!

I think it's an awesome honor that they were on the soup!! Only the best people get made fun of on that show - Kate has made the big time now!! And that "other site" can't stand it - so they are spinning it to make it sound like the show is on it's way out!! When in reality, it will be around for years now!! Hehehehe!!

Great blog btw!!

~Jordyn said...

Oh yeah... maybe I read her blog description wrong. but I seriosuly had a very negative reaction to whoever wrote all that crap. LOL!