Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jon & Kate FAQ, Live w/Regis & Kelly, NEW Pop Wrap Aritcle

Well, sorry about my two day absence. With the market crashing the guilt to buy a new computer gave into me not having a computer. We just went on this big trip, visited both Disney, Universal & Sea Worlds Aquatica. Coming back to the charge card bill made me as sick as needing to put more on it to pay for a new computer. Lets all pray that something turns around this economy or this will be a sad Holiday indeed. My only joy was that our 10 month old baby is now walking! Insane I know...

I was a bit disappointed that Jon & Kate this week were answering more "tougher" viewer questions. It was just because I knew that the crazies over at GWOP would have something to write about. I didn't find out any new cute stuff that I normally do. It appeared to be a bit of filler, until next week and the season finale episodes. Though people state over and over how they would NEVER want the Gosselin life, and how the kids are exploited and take too many trips, its just plain jealousy at its finest. Alot of you feel like you can no longer relate to a family that is being given so much. And alot of you are split on whether you are just tired of all the "gang mentality." But after watching 17 and counting, I am happy to stay with the Gosselins. I find THAT family totally unrelateable and a bit sad and robotic. Now please don't tell me that you don't find the Duggars a bit off. I relate to Kate because she gets what she can from this mess and tells it like it is. Shes mouthy, opinionated & my kind of tough lady and that's why I maintain this blog.

Jon & Kate on "Live With Regis & Kelly"
The haters are already begging the followers to boycott the show. Why people actually listen to them scares me as that is some kind of scary stuff there. Why dislike someone you don't even know just because they get free stuff? I wish I could have known about this sooner I would have loved to get tickets. You can see them October 3rd.

NEW Pop Wrap Article
I was excited to see the first shots of Kate picking out her Renewal Dress. And I always enjoy reading what the New York Post has to say about how much they love the show. But they allow ANYONE to comment and the haters came out in force. Check it out HERE. You just gotta laugh at how ridiculous they look commenting the way they do.

Ugh, was anyone else praying that GWOP would never come back and fall in a hole somewhere? Marathon tonight might make us feel better! Watch and let me know if I miss anything..(Project Runway is also on.. ;)


cali-mom said...

SinceI work outside the home and I'm not home during the morning hours when Regis & Kelly are on, I set my DVR to record the show on Friday. So excited to watch!

MommyZinger said...

Yeah, I thought the FAQ episode was a bit boring.

I watched about 10 minutes of the Duggars and got bored. I thought the DWoPpers would be all over how they lost one of their kids at the airport. That's the only part I saw.

Until recently, it really bugged me that the haters were going to all the sites and harassing them but now I just sit back and let them embarrass themselves.

I also did wish GWoP would disappear but I also think no one takes them seriously. They are a joke.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars give me the willies!! I'm sorry, but they are just bizarre! I'm not a "hater" - I don't hate anyone! Nor will I start a blog to spew crap about them - but I'm not going to dvr their show because I don't relate to them at all the way I do the Gosselins.

Now, is it me, or did GwoP change their site so that only approved readers can get in? I just clicked on the link to their site, and I was asked to sign it to be "approved". The day I let myself have to be "approved" by the likes of them is the day pigs fly! So I guess thankfully, I won't have to wade thru the venom over their anymore! Phew!! LOL

Baby Mama said...

ugh, it pains me to say that I just tried and got on fine. That hit for their site was as painful as root canal but it appears that they are also not showing who are the contributors anymore.

Anonymous said...

I can't relate to either the Duggers or the Gosslins. I have two kids and neither family has a SN child. Yet I still watch with my daughter.