Monday, October 13, 2008

New Jon & Kate Plus 8 shows! Gosselins To Appear on GMA!

Let me say how much I liked tonight's episodes. Mainly because I like them better in two parts. I feel bad that I must change the channel after them though. I really do not like 17 Kids and Counting. I can't pinpoint what it is. The dad creeps me out a bit. Or perhaps there are too many to relate too. Or perhaps they're too robotic for me. I don't know. Which is so funny because some don't like Jon & Kate BECAUSE they want them to be robotic like the Duggars! Uhh, I feel bad now, I'm going to re-watch them tonight and see if I get a better feel for those kids..

Seeing Kate cry over the videos made was probably the nicest part. It seems on the blogs already most noticed a few things. A new photo of the twins on the wall, their calendar on the fridge is now blurred because the crazies on the hate blogs were actually freezing their screens and trying to read it. I thought Jon did a great job having fun with the kids and keeping them busy. I know how it feels and its exhausting! I was like a proud mama seeing Joel ride his bike without his training wheels and felt horrible that the kids couldn't do the same! And it was like bringing a tear to my eye when the kids went to pre-school as I feel like I just did that myself!

The Gosselins This week on GMA

Please keep me abreast on this one because Im not sure if they will be on ALL week or only one day. Does anyone know? It's way too early for me (7am?), so someone will have to send me a link! I see HERE that they will be appearing on October 16th. Sign onto their site and maybe you can have one of your questions answered by them!


cali-mom said...

I loved tonights episodes. I really enjoyed watching Jon take care of the kids and the video he made of the kids for Kate, hello! So sweet!
And the kids going to school was also very neat to see. My 3 yr old just started preschool in August.
I am not sure on the GMA thing, I just read that on another blog that they are going to be on GMA, but not sure when.

Ashley said...

I am so happy to see a pro Jon and Kate plus 8 site! I love the show. I love Kate. I hope that people understand that everyone has different personalities and they handle stress differently!!
Was it just me, or did Kate seem sad in last nights episodes?

cali-mom said...

Yes, she seemed tired to me.