Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Gosselins on GMA, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 3 on DVD?

I'm really hoping that they are on closer to 9:00am as I will not be able to watch it. I was reading on another blog that people were having fits because the kids were playing with Tonka trucks in the new episode. First off, why are the haters sitting up against the tv looking for anything to gripe about? I never even noticed that, but if Tonka gave the family free cars in exchange for some free advertising, more power to them! The kids looked happy and I think that's what matters thank you!

I also forgot to mention yesterday how much I was moved that the family put up flags in support of 9/11. Its easy after all these years for those not directly affected to forget what happened. I was very moved that it was important to this family regardless. It was being said on another board that the family was spotted at Epcot this past weekend for the Twins birthday. . I guess the got to go back to Disney after all. I'm sad, angry, jealous in fact...Yeah I know I just got back myself (lol). Perhaps we will see some of that in season 5? I would like to quote what someone wrote that really sums up my feelings about Kate:

"Anyway, there is a lot of negativity about her, and people that don't know her and Jon tend to believe whatever they read online without knowing Jon and Kate's side. I think they do a good job, and they love their kids very much. I think Jon is a great dad too, I loved watching him play with the kids last night. I can't even imagine how busy it must be with 8 small children. I know Kate likes to make sure everything is in order and taken care of. I'm sure she plays with her kids a lot more than is shown on tv."

Season 3 on DVD?

Many of you have asked when season 3 will be coming out on DVD. My best friend Marni recently bought me Season 1 & 2. She wondered why I didn't have it already. Well I watch the show every day at 11am for baby feeding so I don't feel like I miss much you know (lol). Someone mentioned that season three will not ship for another 2 months. Whats up with that? Is this info correct because that's not what AMAZON says. Let me know. It just took recently to establish season 4 started in June, so I guess this makes sense.


cali-mom said...

I forgot to set my DVR this morning, but I did watch 2 clips on the GMA site. I enjoyed both. I think Kate looked so pretty and the kids looked adorable in there outfits.. wink wink.
The meat loaf looked yummy, but my family wont eat meatloaf. :-(
All in all what I saw it was great.

Nina Bell said...

I thought they did a nice job also. GMA is big time. I might try that meat loaf although I make a pretty good meatloaf myself. Baby Mama I sent you an email regarding the ratings for the Monday night episode. I thought you would be interested since you are a true fan. Sounds like cali-mom is also.