Sunday, October 19, 2008

GDNNOP Fiends Fox & Friends Interview, GWOP Thinks They Scored But Didn't With CNN Jon & Kate Interview

This post will be a work in progress throughout the night. I am horribly sick and came home to the mess of GWOP thinking they "scored" by getting a shout out from CNN. Made me want to puke. Wheres my shout out? (lol) Anyway, below is what GDNNOP posted on their site of The Gosselins on Fox & Friends:

Paul Peterson Finds His Voice And Meal Ticket With GWOP

Lets first start by asking the question. Who knew who Paul Peterson was before he hooked up with a reality show hate site? Not too many. And just as I was super excited that no one gave a damn about GWOP anymore, he uses them to plug his own soapbox on child advocacy. How irresponsible is it to take a family show and use it as his ticket to get more fame and notoriety. I was mortified they cited two hate blogs. Disgusting reporting is right! What does this say about this man and the company that he is keeping. The same company that touts slop magazines like the National Inquirer that for all we know could have been Julie looking to make some money off her bitterness over her sister. Please watch what GWOP is praying will be its new golden egg now that Julie is no longer credible and we all know how the Penn Mommy thing panned out:

I always ask myself what I would do in situations like these where a person like Paul Peterson with good intentions decides to take the low road in order to get his voice heard. Then I ask myself what would I do if I was in Kate's shoes. Where I allowed my family to be filmed to solidify a future for my family when the cameras were off. Only to find out that there are people out there so hateful, so bitter and jealous that they will stop at nothing to intentionally hurt your family. Just because your on TV. I as Kate, would tell Mr. Peterson, thank you so much for taking the time to give my show more exposure. Thank you, for trying to make our family feel like you have its best intentions. But in the long run, you did nothing other than to make your cause look bad by jumping on a hate campaign that did nothing but again, give my show more exposure. So thank you. If that made any sense..And finally why are there people out there that claim to be looking out for these kids and children in the entertainment industry in general, when in fact they are also only complaining out out dislike for Kate Gosselin and the new found fame and wealth of her family? If there was truly an issue with the safety of these children, wouldn't something have been done by now? Aren't there children & families out there that need this type of voice so much more? UGH I can talk about this for hours. I will spare you though!


SoccerMomof3 said...

So true. And Julie has update her website. I guess she checked in to GWOP and felt the need to hop on the bandwagon.

But I was many people really saw it?

Anyway, I agree with you about Paul Peterson. I think he has a hidden agenda as well. I am sure it will come out. I also wonder why he didn't step up when Britney was all in the press. It's one of those things that make you go hmmm...

Nice blog about it.

FIONA said...

PP has been around forever, working diligently for ALL kids in the entertainment business. So I don't think it is fair to question his motives.

I do think it was very wrong to align himself with a HATE site. And anything to do with Julie, who promises us the truth and then vanishes without a single remark about the PM hoax, how can she be deemed a credible source about anything.

Bottom line, the show does need to be looked into-should have been along time ago. Protection for the children need to be in place and the show needs to be regulated.

BEE said...

I agree that there should be regulations for children on reality shows. There should be laws set in place that protect them from a physical, mental and finacial standpoint. These children absolutely should be personally recieving a portion of the funds that this family is making! For all we know, Jon and Kate might already have such accounts in place.

That being said, personally I don't see how the Gosselin children are being "treated poorly"! They have both parents at home, they have all of their needs met and beyond, and they are happy loving kids!

Sure we saw a sour faced Cara on last weeks interviews, but come on, that doesn't prove to me that she or any of the other kids is unhappy with the situation overall. With 8 kids you are bound to have 1 if not more sour faces at a time and for any given reason!

Their family has been given wonderful opportunities. Opportunities that not all of us would choose, but the Gosselins have and it is their life!

I also didn't think that the CNN piece put Jon and Kate in a horrilbe light. Like you stated in your piece, it was just more exposure, free exposure for them.

Mom on the Run said...

Have you checked A Minor Consideration? Paul Petersen is responsible for advocating for "voiceless" child actors. His group had much to say about CBS Kid Nation. The premise of the show was that about 40 kids lived in a deserted cowboy town without adult supervision for 40 days and nights. The kids ranged from 8 to 14. The show--I saw a few episodes--was disturbing with kids fighting without adult intervention; little kids crying without an adult to comfort them; and yelling, screaming, and arguing. A Minor Consideration launched a campaign to derail the show. Not surprisingly...there is no Kid Nation 2.

By the way Paul Petersen is a former child star (The Donna Reed Show).

Without Paul Petersen, who else will speak for the Gosselin children? Their parents are much too wrapped up in their mantra: "our show is our life, our life is our show."

Jami said...

Isn't it sad that people can't just find the joy in a family doing what is best for their children and allowing us to watch. I think people need to sit back and think about what they would do if given an opportunity such as the Gosselins- I don't think many would say no. People need to mind their own business and be happy for them. For Paul to say they are being treated poorly is absurd and he should worry about some of these teens stars who's parents treat them badly and they end up in rehab. The Gosselins have good values and maintain them throughout everything they've been through .