Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Thursday on the 700 Club!

Forgive me for the short post tonight. You know on Wednesdays I like to "Make it a Gosselin Night". I like when they re-play Monday night's show because after the hater trolls heads explode I like to re-watch the show and see what the fuss wasn't about.. (lol) But what I don't like is when TLC shoves these other shows I don't care about in between to pique our interest. I don't know what kind of show "Six For The Road" is but I find it boring. And this sounds mean but are they literally giving anyone with a few kids a show these days? Set Baby Mama up! I got kids, bills, sassy attitude to spare a la Kate Gosselin. You can give me every freebie in the book and hundreds of people can blog about how jealous they are of me! And how horrible I was last week when I gave my husband a "Love Tap", or how I only hugged one child on air. Please get my behind a show!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On The 700 Club Thursday Check Your Local Listings

Now forgive me that I had no idea what kind of show this was nor had I ever heard of it. But the 700 Club with Pat Robertson apparently from what I have been told is broadcast on the ABC Family Channel and is a Christian Broadcasting Network. This will apparently be the first time that the Gosselins will be able to elaborate on their Christian values. I find that this will be a very different interview then we are used to seeing. Could this be perhaps because the book is published by Zondervan? For some reason its making me feel guilty that I don't take the kids to church as much as I should. Considering my parents took us every Sunday. I hope that someone could watch it and tell me how it went or tell me where I can see it repeated on line!


Julia said...

Ugh, Pat Robertson is a right wing, ultra religious bigoted WHACK JOB and I so so wish they were not doing this. Watch him make it all political and bring up abortion or something.

Sara said...

Although I have not been a fan of this show for awhile now, I still visit your blog every now and again, not so much because I admire your cause, but because it's funny to see what YOU have to say about what GWOP has to say. It's like watching cheerleaders get into a fistfight because one of them wants to quit the squad.

I used to give you props for defending the Gosselins in light of people saying they don't deserve a show just because they have a large family. If SOMEONE out there is interested in watching it, then that's what counts, right?

That being said, I'm pretty surprised at your attitude that any show about a big family that isn't "Jon & Kate" doesn't really deserve an ounce of the general public's time. Large families have existed on television for a long time, whether it be a sitcom, pregnancy show, specials or a series. How else would TLC know that people would be interested in a group of sextoplets and twins? It's because history has shown us that much.

It disappoints me that you have previously taken digs at the Duggars, saying they are strange and there's nothing really interesting about any of them. I don't prefer the show either, basically because my own family does not operate on the same beliefs that they do, but they deserve the show just as much as the Gosselins do, because they have a wide fan base of viewers who want to see into their life. The same goes for the other shows that TLC broadcasts. You say that TLC is putting on shows about any large family that comes along- well, people watch them, and they either keep watching or they don't.

All I'm saying is that the same criticism you exhibit for the Duggars and other multiple families will indeed exist for the Gosselins, whether you like it or not.

Julia said...

Sara, I see what you are getting at but respectfully disagree. All Baby Mama said was that she doesn't care for the Duggars and finds them to be strange. It's more of an observation than an attack. I doubt she's spamming their fan sites and she doesn't blog about them obsessively or anything like that. To be honest, I think they're a bit weird and robotic myself, and don't at all relate to them. I can see how people would find the Duggars interesting to watch, though, which is fine and why there is an audience for it. I think it's perfectly legitimate that they have a wouldn't be on the air unless a good number of people were interested. When did Baby Mama say they didn't "deserve" a show? I thought all she said was that she didn't like it. If that's the case, what's the big deal?

MommyZinger said...

I had no idea what the 700 club was either. Since I don't know when it comes on, I probably won't watch it although it would be interesting to see them at this type of venue.

Sara said...

I'm not trying to attack her opinions in any way, and I respect the fact that she is attempting to make this blog more of a "fan site", rather than just recapping what's going on over at GWoP. I just think that although it's possible to completely adore one show and be bored silly by another, you shouldn't call the Duggars strange then get upset when someone else thinks that the Gosselins are fake.

No doubt, GWoP takes things too far, and I believe TLC has caught onto that firestorm, and now they're catering to it by putting things in the show that shouldn't really be there. BUT- they have their right to talk and rant, etc., and so does this blog author. The only difference is to decide that you want to be the more respectful person, and treat the other hard-working families on television the same way you would want people to treat your own favorite family.

Personally, I stopped watching the show in light of this realization:

It's not going to make me a better person. I need to worry about my own family and what I can do to break the mold and be a fantastic parent. I don't need Kate Gosselin to inspire me to be a great mother, because half the fun of doing it is just being myself and treating my kids the way I wanted to be treated when I was their age. I've read comments on too many websites that covet Kate, and they live through HER, instead of for themselves and their kids. Being a carbon copy of someone else isn't what makes you an outstanding person- it's what you do to make a difference when no one is there to tell you how.

PS: Baby Mama- sorry I didn't answer your IM, I was out of the house and I accidently left my AOL up.

Julia said...

I hope my post did not come across as picking on you, sara and am sorry if it did. Personally, I'll still watch Jon and Kate for as long as it entertains me, and for the time being it still serves that purpose. I don't watch TV to make me a better person...I mostly watch it for escape and enjoyment! I'd never take my mothering cues from someone on television, either.

"The only difference is to decide that you want to be the more respectful person, and treat the other hard-working families on television the same way you would want people to treat your own favorite family."

To be honest, I never understood why anyone, Baby Mama included, got so bent out of shape when others ripped on the Gosselins or anyone else who chooses to televise their lives (and it is a choice...freebies or not!). As long as someone doesn't cross the line (those ridiculous people who drive by the house, etc., or harass Jon into the point where the guy has to take down his Facebook, etc.) it doesn't really bother me.

BEE said...

Everyone has their opinions, about the Gosselins, about Pat Robertson etc. The fact is that the Gosselins are pretty ultra religious too and for them that is what works.

Personally, I think it is more then appropriate for the Gosselins to have been on the 700 Club. As a Christian myself I am glad that they were given a forum in which they could talk freely about their belief in God.

daisy said...

I like seing other families on TLC. It makes me realize how much work Kate does. I like the duggars are a little robotic, but every family is difernt.
YOu mentioned the Six For The Road Family. Did you see there shows?
I liked it. I liked how the parents were together and that they had a lot of humor with their kids.
Did they do a show on how they got their mail. What about doctor, school, friends etc.
What did you think.

Sara said...


I wasn't offended, I'm pretty open with people's opinions, as long as they're consistent. I also don't get why people are so up in arms about GWoP and other sites that don't like the show. Personally, I don't even believe it's a reality show anymore, so why do people freak out because this person did this and that person did that? It's obvious that the situations are set up to get the footage TLC wants for an episode, including the places they go and the remarks that are edited and inserted where they will be most entertaining/controversial. I'm not going to flip out about a $2 million dollar house, because I know it's NOT reality, it's TLC making things happen to keep this show moving forward.

And when I wrote about people trying to copy Kate in every way, I can honestly say that that used to be me. From the day the first special aired, I wanted everything Kate had, to do everything her family did, and for people to admire me like they did her. Then, as the show went on, I realized that the Gosselins weren't stretching to be able to do and have these things, they were given to them. Unlike other sites, I don't fault them for it, but it did make me realize that there's no sense in "keeping up with the Jones'", because nobody's going to be sending me offers to go to Hawaii any time soon.

That's when I kind of fell out of love with the Jon & Kate. They are NOT like me, and they never will be. I think that's what people mean when they say they "can't relate to them anymore." It's not so much that they want to the Gosselins to be poor and struggling, it's just that most of us won't ever experience being able to take our kids on a million vacations a year or buy the very best toys when we have TWO kids, let alone eight.

(Sorry this was so long- I have a million thoughts and I am completely unable to condense them into small sentences :)

Nancy said...

I agree with Julia I rarely watch the 700 club because of the poitical vews.I recently pleged to the 700 club but am going to send them a letter I just cant give money to them considering Pats political vews.