Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jon Gosselin on Facebook Isnt Real? Pop Wrap "Fight Club"Recap

Here we go again! Just when you think that this PennMommy fiasco all showed us a lesson of what NOT to believe when it comes to the Gosselins we get more impostors. There is now a Jon Gosselin on Facebook as well as The Gosselins popping up and being removed on MySpace AGAIN. Why do people set this stuff up? To once again see if people will believe it? Im interested to see if any of these are real.

New York Post Pop Wrap Review

This week it was short but kinda funny in a stupid kind of way. Talking about how Jon is making his boys audition for "Fight Club." You can see it HERE. I know Kate was none to happy. A few people mentioned Kate looked tired and I'm sure she was. Its amazing that they didn't have to sit together to be interviewed, but alot of you seemed to like it. Also alot of people mentioned how the twins were not on that much. Well if they re on too much people complain too so whatever. The GWOP'ers are all over that they intentionally are not on alot. I disagree. Since the girls are back in school now I wouldn't look too much into it.

Below is the Today show interview that was exactly one year ago. My the memories! Tomorrow is Marathon Night and I love it. And not just because I love the show. Its my one night that the kids go to bed early and I'm off from work. So get yourself a cup of hot cocoa and have a "Gosselin Night"............yes I am THAT CORNY.


Anne said...

The girls were in school last year but were still on the show a lot. Funny how you keep bringing up the Penn Mommy thing when others are letting it go making their own decisions about it. Penn mommy is not the issue, The Gosselin kids are. Those of you who can watch and enjoy it good for you. For me the children are being taken advantage of for their parents bank account. Kate continues to lie about everything which feeds the fire. I am waiting to see how they spin the book tour and go on without Beth. I love how jons name as now been added as a author and also how it is dedicated to him. Could they be more full of themselves, I dont think so. I might have been on the fence with this show but the Good Housekeeping photo shoot in 93 degree weather with fall clothing on under hot lights did me in. The fact that people may or may not be popping up fake web sites goes to show you one thing only...people are reacting to this show in a negative way, why because they are done with kate and jons lies and abuse.

BEE said...

I must be corny too as tonight will be a Gosselin night for me as well!

I will say that in regards to Penn Mommy, I find it odd that other sites are just going on as business as usual with no mention of that situation. PennMommy disappeared as quickly as she came on site.
It is interesting to me how people "claim" to know that Jon and Kate are lying about this and that, but PennMommy....now we all know that she WAS telling the truth, right? Why is it ok for people to judge the Gosselins and not PennMommy?
I too am curious how they will handle Beth not being on the book tour...or will she? The last we heard, she and Kate were still close..."an angel" I believe Kate referred to her as. There have not been any official news to make me believe that Beth is out of their lives. Yes, she hasn't been on the show but to me that does not mean that she is not friends with them any longer.

And yes there are a few people responding in a negative way with regards to the show. However, go to any of Jon or Kate's speaking engagements and you will see THOUSANDS of people responding in very positive and mature ways!

dreac2003 said...

Anne, I am curious. If you are such a crusader for the exploitation of children on TV, are you also this bitter towards the Duggars, who now have their own TLC weekly show, or of any family who appears on shows such as Nanny 911, Supernanny, Wife Swap or Trading Spouses?

Anne said...

I love how you took down my links. One sided blog that is afraid of the truth. Thanks so much for giving me the proof so easily as I have screen caps of all.

thanks again

please continue to drink the Gosselin flavored kool-aid

Baby Mama said...

Sweetie I think I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say your just confused. THIS IS A FAN SITE. It is run solely by me, and I'm happy to say for once I call the shots as to what is put up and what isn't. I made the blog so that I would have a forum for fans that is 100% PRO-JON & KATE. This is not a hate blog, and I have had numerous discussions with you about this. Go over to the hate site and be bitter there.

Nina Bell said...

Baby Mama

I was thinking the same thing when I read that. I think she has you confused with our site. LOL However, I don't post anne's comments either because she is not respectful.

cali-mom said...

I'm so glad you posted that Baby Mama. I dont understand why Anne comes here to a Gosselin fan site to spew ugliness.

Holly Michele said...

I am so glad that I found another blogger who loves the show too! There is so much negative stuff out there and people passing judgment on Jon and Kate. Don't these people ever ask themselves, "Hey if I was in Jon and Kate's shoes, what would I do?" I know I would take full advantage of giving my twins and sextuplets the benefit of a college fund, a beautiful home and land to roam around on, and a chance to see other places than their own backyard. I don't know anyone who doesn't have their bad moments as well as their good. I also don't know anyone who has their bad and good moments filmed and edited for the world to see! I love Jon and Kate and the rest of the crew. I think they are honest and real. It is great to see a reality show that is actual reality!