Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Relaxed Kate Gosselin on Bonnie Hunt, Jon & Kate Blogs Are Everywhere! Julie Starts To Delete

Well it was a nice prelude to the finale last night as we get super excited with Jon & Kate as they prep for their vacation to Hawaii. It was so sweet to see Kate wanting to do the girls toes (even though Mady made a fuss) and was happy to show the kids her wedding video. For those that didn't get to see Kate on "Say yes to the dress" this was a slight recap, though I wish they would re-show the program because was so great in it.

When I read that the hated trolls over at GWOP were doing their usual bashing of the family I refused to give them a hit and read it. I was told they stated Kate only talks to her boys in front of a camera and its all for show. Again people are you kidding me? Are they THAT jealous and bitter that they would make up such horrible lies about this family in order to lash out more and make themselves feel better? Also they are now commenting that they saw that Kate had Botox injections & a breast augmentation! It makes no sense to me and its very sad, like nasty girls in High School. Instead I want to talk about how nice it was to see the family so relaxed and excited about a fun trip where they get to re-new their vows to each other after almost 10 years of marriage. Since I am too coming up on this mark I found it especially exciting to figure out what I'm going to do for that event myself....Ugg could you believe it has to do with MORE Disney? Below, a sample of the show today..

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has almost One Hundred Blogs??

I had no idea how many hundreds of blogs there are that are either fans of the show or blogs discussing it. The most unusual place for a Jon & Kate blog are at of all places Webkinzinsider.com. You know, the dolls? Yeah. Starpulseblog.com got a bit into talking about the one hour season finale.

Julie Removing Parts of Her Blog?

I have disliked her from day one for the simple reason that if she truly wanted to help Jodi and her relationship with Kate, she would not be telling her own opinion of third party info for the world to read. I also thought by blogging on GWOP she had become a real bitter person and I couldn't see how Jodi would endorse something like that. I found it odd that she constantly wrote about her feelings on the National Inquirer article that some believes she was the informant for to get money. Her third party hearsay info was hurting several families. Now I hear that after the Penn Mommy fiasco that she endorsed she removed all traces of her and now is removing most parts of her blog. For the reason she claims is for Jodi to move on. I feel its because there been so much heat on her part to stop talking smack she knows nothing about. Or perhaps its because the CNN video gave her the undesired publicity she didn't need by attaching herself with a hate blog? Either way, I pray that she is doing this so that Jodi could mend her relationship with the family and they could reconcile and become a family again. Even though How could Kate forgive her for allowing Julie to write the blog in the first place? Can someone forgive that much?? I will not link her hate blog.


Aubrey said...

I am so glad I found this site! I've (regrettedly) been on GWOP and have tried to post honest, simple questions, but I guess I didn't pass the test because they never publish. One post that finally made was pounced on so quickly and rather rudely. I'm so saddened by this site, mainly because it is so hateful and hides behind the premice of children's advocacy. Nothing they say helps promote the reconciliation between families or helps the children. Trashing Kate because of her hair, teeth, and other things that don't matter is ridiculous and just plain mean. It shows the blog's true spirit. I'm more concerned about that blog's children learning such rude behaviors than I am of anything Jon and Kate are doing. They have a beautiful family and I wish them the best and peace from this madness.

BEE said...

I thought Kate did a great job on the Bonnie Hunt show, very laid back etc.

I agree with you 100% about Julie. I am glad that she has removed most of her blog.

Yes, I believe that at some point the Gosselins and the Kreiders can come to forgive one another. They will certainly need to use their faith in God and lean on him, but I have seen people hurt far worse forgive. That is my prayer for them, that they do forgive one another and that they are in one anothers lives again.

That being said...how exactly do we all know for fact that the Gosselins and the Kreiders are not in each others lives anymore? Julie was the one that gave us that "truth", how do we know that she is correct?

cali-mom said...

I enjoyed Kates interview on the Bonnie Hunt show. Honestly I didnt even know Bonnie Hunt had a show, it comes on here at 1 pm, and I'm at work at that time. I like her.
As for Julie's blog, whew!!! I too am very glad she took most of it down. No matter if her words were "true" or not, her blog just made her look bitter and jealous, though I do understand sticking up for your sister when you think she's being wronge, I dont agree w/how Julie went about everything.

~Jordyn said...

Julie is a coward. She obviously knows she is doing something wrong by writing that blog. Otherwise why erase entries...? Taking back some of the things she's saying huh? And the no comments thing… COME ON!

I hope she realizes how hateful that blog really is. She sits there and accuses Jon and Kate of child exploitation. Yet she is making it worse by bad mouthing those children’s parents like that.

I know if I was a child, old enough to check the internet and I saw that blog I would be so hurt and upset even angry about someone writing horrible things about my parents,especilly if that person was related to me!

How dare she claim to care about those kids.... Ok I think I am done for now...

Nina Bell said...

I thought Kate did well on the Bonnie Hunt show. Their book is doing well.Jon and Kate and their family are featured in many magazines and prominent TV shows.

Things are good for this family.

As far as Julie goes, she is guilty of exploiting those children for her own agenda.

:) said...

I love your blog. As I was reading, I was surprised to see Webkinz Insider. Yes, I am one of those from WI forums. Like you said in another post, not just moms watch Jon and Kate plus 8. I am a teenager and I love the show.

:) said...

Oh yeah, webzinz aren't dolls. They are stuffed animals! :)

Baby Mama said...

Thank you! I just found out what they were after my daughter explained that she actually had two. And how did I not know this? I have no idea! ;)