Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jon & Kate Gosselin Week in Review Good Hosekeeping Finally!

Sorry for another short post, but Baby Mama is back to part-time working, trying not to spend too much and getting back into life after labor. I have not seen the Good Housekeeping Episode yet, but I will try to watch the rerun tonight and do a review tomorrow. I was trying to start a Sunday Gosselin "Week In Review" and I'm a day late.

1. Penn Mommy's son passes away: Ok regarding this, I need to refer you to my sister site. I don't know what the situation is. If a persons child passes away the hurt and anguish is unthinkable. If this is was truly the case there are no words. However in light of what I read over at GDNOP, I would be angry as hell if this was a hoax. Its unthinkable and also makes you wonder about how much we will believe on the Internet.

2. Birmingham Video Removed From You Tube: A person who went to a Jon and Kate Meet & Greet posted segments of the show for family to view that couldn't go. NEVER realizing that the GWOP wolves sniffed it out and posted it on their site. 2000+ hits later the poor girl had to take it down and write a letter to the site. Nina was contacted and you could read that HERE if you haven't already. Shes a fan that learned the hard way that when it comes to J&K blogs sphere, nothing is sacred.

3. Good Housekeeping, People Magazine & Regis & Kelly: The haters heads are about to explode because they cant keep up with all that is Jon & Kate this week. They are everywhere. For the fans, this is great news, as it shows that regardless of the horrible things that are stated about them, they can rise above it and not stoop to the level of some other sites on the Internet.


bsnyder105 said...

Just finished watching the Good Housekeeping episode in Washington State and we are now watching the Thomas the Train rerun. We LOVE Jon and Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cali-mom said...

I watched the Good Housekeeping episode and as much as I LOVE J&K+8 I felt that episode was a bit boring. Looking forward to next weeks episode. :-)