Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can Kate Gosselin Save Kmart? Mommy I want that too!

OK, so now with the economy being as unstable as it is, those who don't know the Gosselins think this is a great radio promo for the upcoming Holidays: "I'm already putting stuff on layaway". First because we didn't know that layaway even existed anymore, and second, its Kmart. It sounds great for those that cant afford to pay for the hot toys right now..right? That and your guaranteed to have it even if it sells out for Christmas. Also it gives K-Mart a boost for their sagging sales! A win-win situation!

But see its Kate Gosselin saying the promo. You can listen to it in my previous post HERE. A year ago she would have been the PERFECT spokesperson for Kmart's new layaway push. Since this is shaping up to be the worst Holiday season for spending, stores are in a panic. (My favorite store Linens-And-Things is the latest company to go bankrupt and close its doors.) So Kmart sees this new hit show, hires Kate and the blogs are once again in a tizzy. Kate has money now, how DARE she be promoting what only the POOR normally do? But see that's the point. People have lost so much money even the rich are thinking about doing things they never would have done. How do you think they STAY rich? And for that matter, just because Kate has money now, why isn't she ALLOWED to budget, save, brown-bag whatever..Because she is duping you to BELIEVE shes poor? No. Shes just not letting you nosy people know her business and rightfully so. The Kate Hate Debate will always lie (and I say that loosely) with the fact that shes no longer relateable. She needs to stay poor and humble. Not get freebies others only dream of. Jealousy and bitterness now seethes through computers. Just read GWOP.

My big problem IS the fact that my kids now love the show. But SUPER FAN Baby Mama, how is that bad? (lol) Well, now every stinkin thing those kids get my kids now want. And Ive bought it too. EMTanners shirts? Got 2. The plates with the names on them? yep. the Kate calendar? yep. And now on to more kids related stuff. My daughter now wants the Rose Petal Cottage! And everyone wants those Tonka Bounce Back Racers...and V-Tech?? Well lets just say we didn't really know the deal with those until the show... Now they want it all! But that's good for the retailers. They gave the boys only what, 3 to fight over and now those 3 trucks will generate $$$$ in sales. So was it worth it for both Tonka and Jon & Kate? Absolutely. Does it suck for us? Of course, but I don't mind. Only the bitter jealous trolls do ;) But back to poor Kmart. Will this help the store or hurt them? We will have the answer January 1st.

Jon & Kate Score Ratings BOOST After CNN

Via USA Today.....Sorry trolls. I guess it goes to show you that any publicity is good publicity and it shows. Thank you Jon and Kate for truly not responding to trash media and keep your heads high. And your wallets higher since I will now follow you for loose bills (lol)
•Cable highs. Hitting series highs: TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 (3.2 million viewers Monday), and the third-season opener of Nickelodeon's Naked Brothers Band (4 million Saturday).


SoccerMomof3 said...

Yea...I understand what you are saying completely. My oldest has been asking me for the new V-Tech as well as the trucks. But for me, it doesn't stop there. When she sees old episodes she wants me to do that too. Especially the Valentine's Day episode (LOL)

cali-mom said...

I dont have that problem w/my kids though my girls watch the show w/me. "I" am the one who sees the cute stuff and wants to get that for my kids. ie the rose petal cottage..lol ;-)and the cute Gymboree outfits.

Carol said...

Even if Kate no longer needs to layaway or shop at KMart, the corporation (Sears/KMart), logically so, decided to use someone who is well known to their demographic - people with young children who shop at KMart (I certainly do). The jealous haters will always be jealous haters; that doesn't mean Kate should turn down a job that's offered to her. If she became the spokesperson of some luxury spa they would criticize her for that too. She can't win but who cares. I wish I had the "problem" of people being jealous of me. :) I love to see their viewership skyrocket - that's the best revenge!

BEE said...

I am all for Kate being a spokesperson for Kmart, why not! I too think it is a win win situation for all involved.

I do find it fascinating how viewers (myself included) feel compelled to buy what they see on the show. I love the EmTanner stuff...she is so talented!! On that note, Kate wore a silver rectangle with a small pearl on it, I can't remember what episode...does anyone know what necklace I am talking about?

indianprincess said...

I like reading your blog. I think the same way and Just because you are financially successful you can't cut coupons or be on a budget. I guess it's what the haters need to make themselves feel better. Nice on the ratings, go Jon and Kate!

Baby Mama said...

BEE, If you can remember what episode she was wearing the necklace in let me know. I will look into it for you. I told my husband for Christmas I want the photo necklace Kate had on that she used to advertise on her web site. Do you remember the one with Cara & Mady on it? I'm looking into that too and will try to figure out yours. I have already had requests to put a "Kate's Stuff" section to find this stuff all in one place. These people better start paying AD space! (lol)

BEE said...

baby mama, that would be awesome, I'll try to find the episode!

I do remember the necklace that Kate has worn with the picture of the twins on it. I know on the old Gosselin website they had the name of the person that made them under their advertisment section.

I would also like to know where they get the shirts that have the scripture verses on them.

Baby Mama said...

BEE That I can help you with! Check out my September 11th post. On it you will see two of Jon & Kates most popular tees. In the comments section I posted the link where Jon and Kate's religious tees can be purchased. Its a great site. I hope the one your looking for is there!