Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jon & Kate Season 3 Is Coming, Me Needeth Some Pop Wrap!

So you know after a hard day you gotta make it a "Gosselin Night." And as I rushed to get the baby to bed I turned on TLC and saw the final minutes of the Christmas episode. It was so nice to watch it while yelling at my kids to go to bed (lol). What is it about Christmas that even in October gets me in the mood to put up my tree? I am eagerly awaiting Santa to bring me Season 3 under my stocking. You can pre-order it now after November 17th on the TLC website!

So just like the haters that foam at the mouth after a new episode to bash the family over, POP WRAP my new fav. reality show reviewer has also yet to write one of those funny Jon & Kate episode recaps. Please get cracka-lackin or I will self implode. (kidding) I really love the reviews of all the reality shows from the people from the New York Post. Never nasty, always funny.

And finally, I have another news article regarding the "comeback" of the layaway as a marketing tool for stores this Holiday. Of course, they mention Jon & Kate and you can read it HERE. And below, I refused to watch this on GWOP so for those that didn't see it, its Jon & Kate in Orlando at the Women's Convention. It was the same weekend as the Twins Birthday in Disney!

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Anonymous said...

I love Jon and Kate, and love your site! I watched the christmas episode last night. Its only about the 5th time I have seen the episode, lol! I too want to put my tree up NOW! I am thinking about stealing the sticky buns and hot cocoa idea for christmas breakfast because we are lucky to get to the table at all on christmas morning.

This weekend I fully plan to LAYAWAY at kmart too! I had that planned long before Kate endorsed it, but what a nice reminder!