Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jessica Remo Wants More, Kates Hot Haircut, Watch The Puppies Episode & Take A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge!

Hello Gosselin fans! Does anyone remember February? With working, kids, school and life, this whole month was a complete blur. One can only hope that we will all have time to breathe in March. Last night instead of going to bed, I was up till 1:30 am watching Titanic on TV. You know a movies good if it holds your attention in the middle of the night for 3 hours. If you ever need a cool place to go in Orlando, I highly recommend the "Titanic Experience". We went with my kids and they loved it! So now I'm concerned with my new insomnia issues I have spoken to a few people that say its normal and I do need to find new ways to unwind from the day to get to sleep faster. Any ideas?

Jessica Remo Clenches Her Last 15 minutes of Fame

Have you ever heard of an article being done about the reporter that reported on a previous article? No I haven't either. But the fame whores from the Philadelphia Magazine took hard to the beacon of light and decided to interview Jessica about her interview. You can read that gem HERE. What are the odds that they will try to do a follow-up to this follow-up? And for that matter, why does she say she interview so many people, yet none of that was ever included in the article. Especially because she is proud to declare she spoke to Jodi's sister, who knows nothing about nothing and only trolls hate sites now for information?? And finally, why has Jessica's boss not returned two separate phone calls for comment?

Kate's Haircut the new Rachel?

I have to laugh at all the hundreds of blog post about how much the trolls dislike Kate's hair. I was wondering if it was everyone until I went to my Salon this week and I woman asked for the "Kate". I swear I laughed out loud and almost passed out. I didn't realize how man variations there are on that haircut. The woman at the Salon agrees that although Kate herself has it more drastic, women ask for it once a week now. TRUST this site HERE shows its becoming the HOT cut!

Test Your Gosselin Puppies Episode Knowledge!

Answer after watching the episode below!

Puppies Video & Review

Check out last weeks episode below along with the Celebrity Cafe Re-cap

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GWOP Journalist Article A Bust, Kate in PA at Barnes & Noble, More Of Jon at Penn State

Hello Gosselin fans! This week everyone was talking about the families newest additions and everyone had something to say about it. It has been quite the discussion at our house as well, as to whether it is a good idea to add such a responsibility to our home now. I am bad when it comes to subliminal advertising. Whenever I see something on TV (esp. food at night) I want it. Of course kids are no different, hence numerous arguments and debates about getting a dog ourselves. (We decided to wait until after our first trip to CA in June.)

GWOP Gets Egg On Their Faces After Article Bust!

A few months ago, this weird e-mail kept popping up on the two Gosselin hate sites. It was apparently from this "mysterious" journalist who was going to EXPOSE The Gosselins for who they really are and were looking for anyone with any damming evidence on the family to please write her. It was on nasty Moons & GWOP'S site. Now as much as I hate Moon she kinda took a "lets wait & see" approach while GWOP jumped on this thing like ants to a picnic and wrote a whole blog about it. Now from hearing about this we either thought it was a total hoax or it was just going to be some garbage article that meant nothing. Well Jessica Remo finally got her big article out there and it was NOTHING! You can read it HERE. It wasn't even in some huge Magazine like she claimed.

"I'm a writer on assignment to investigate many of your concerns for publication in a major magazine." Her exact words! It was basically 3 pages of the families life and 3 pages of GWOP nasty jealous bitter troll garbage on a webpage.. Nothing exciting. No big REVEAL, no secrets, NOTHING. And it apparently took 6 WEEKS to write! Why you ask? Because the poor girl was looking for ANYTHING from ANYONE to expose the Gosselins for something. Ironically the only excitement to this otherwise skip-over article was that TLC was sent a copy (probably by Jessica herself looking for more publicity) where TLC blasted her as Unethical. GWOP tried to spin it as "ohh they heard about it straight from us" which you knew was another big fat lie. Anyway. I am soo happy! Talk about popping their pathetic balloon! Sharla you must be so disappointed! I hear ya girl! NOTE: PLEASE PLEASE write your disgust to them over this article. Since it was linked on GWOP I don't want it to look like the fans have not stated their disgust over this trash....

Kate finally back in PA does Another Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I was excited to hear that Michelle & her son went to the book signing to meet Kate. It was nice to hear that all went well and they had a great time. Read her story below. (NOTE: This B&N did not allow Kate to autograph anything other than her book, but each store must be different as the one I went to encouraged you to have her sign any of the DVD'S as well. Even if they were not purchased at their store!)

Well, I have already met Kate and read her book but when my kids found out she was coming to “our” Barnes & Noble they just knew I would take them to meet her. Now I never got into the “picture-taking, autograph-getting fan thing.” I mean, she is just a normal person but my kids love the show and they love that Jon and Kate and the kids live near us. I does add something special to the show to see places that you shop, restaurants you have been to, roads you travel on and the like flashing across your screen with the Gosselins.

We were off and got to Barnes & Noble around 2pm. Kind of funny thing about me, I am not a very good planner. I did not even think about the possibility of a line. It was a damp, rainy, snowy Sunday and we parked ourselves at the end of the line that literally wrapped half way around the outside of the building. Luckily, it only took about 20 minutes to get inside where it was warm…and very crowded. I felt bad for the people who were actually there to…ummm…look at books. The line wrapped around the inside of the building, too and everyone was so excited. There were little girls grinning and holding their brand new books and moms who looked just as excited. One woman in front of us even had Kate’s hair.

As we got closer to the book signing table, Barnes & Noble employees were around telling us to have our books open to such and such a page, etc, etc. I asked one lady if Kate would sign something other than a book, she said, “No. Books only.” I knew this could be a bookstore policy more than Kate’s so we stayed in line. My son was so bummed. We had met Jon at an event their church was sponsoring and my kids got his autograph on a Jon & Kate postcard he was using for those waiting to see him and they really wanted to have Kate’s John Hancock on the same card.

We got up to the table. People were crazy, hanging over the railing of the escalator, standing on chairs, flashes going off all over the place. Kate was very sweet and didn’t hesitate one second to sign the postcards. She asked where we got them and I explained. She thought it was fun that the kids were “collecting signatures.” She smiled and we were off. I would have loved to stand there and chat with her. There are so many things I would ask her. Just mom stuff. I’d love to pick her brain. My son was grinning the whole way to the café to quiet our cravings. As we left the café and headed up the escalator toward the children’s department we heard people yelling, “Kate, Kate!” A couple employees escorted her upstairs and through a side door. She was making a quiet exit. Just wondering if Cara, Mady, Joel, Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah and Leah will be there next year signing “Eight Little Faces”? Probably not, but that would be fun!

More Photos And Interesting Facts From Jon At Penn State

You can read it HERE, along with other info you might have missed like the couples 50/50 parenting style, as well as how happy he is to be providing positive portrayals of Asian Americans on TV.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Puppies For The Gosselins, Kates Multiple Appearances, See Home Sweet Home!

Hello Gosselin fans! While last night I'm sure you were in your PJ's watching the Oscars, my friend begged me to go see Kathy Griffin with her at Madison Square Garden. And since the Oscars had the obvious winners (Kate Winslet, Peneople Cruz, and Slumdog Millionaire for everything) and only one surprise (Sean Penn) I was super happy we went to see Kathy. She was so funny and awesome. "Thank you so much for buying one of my tickets in this lousy economy!" she said. "I promise to make this worth while!" And boy, did her humorous potty mouth deliver, I swear I almost peed in my pants.

Puppies For The
Gosselins See Photos!

I am soo excited to see this episode tonight. I will try to recap it as soon as its on. There have been rumors spread that they gave the dogs away due to allergies. That is so false and another lie that was spread on sites to make it appear like the Gosselins shouldn't be entitled to pets. Jon spoke about the puppies at Penn State and they still have them. So again, where these rumors start I don't know. And how does anyone esp. a hate blog say whats good or bad for this family and think that they knows whats best for anyone? What people have written about the breeder that gave the dogs to the family strictly because of who they are were disgusting. What is wrong with this family, just like ANY family, allowed to get pets for their family? This article talks a bit about why this particular breed may or may not be a good fit. SEE TLC's "We Want A Puppy" Never-Before Seen Websode! And see the pictures of the dogs HERE!

So Kate gives the announcement that the kids will be getting not one, but two puppies for Christmas. The trolls are watching with anticipation and practically bust a get when the kids are upset they can't get to name them. First off, there are 8 kids. To get them all to agree on a name would be ridiculous. I did agree that the names should be up to the parents, however I honestly would have at least attempted to make it seem like they helped with the decision. I loved watching the excitement of the kids as they got to the mans house and saw all the puppy cages. Poor Aaden was the only scared one, but letting the kids play with the dogs and see them enjoying the mans backyard was again a nice treat. Jon & Kate discussed their reason for picking these dogs, which should be good enough for them, but apparently not good enough for bloggers. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it (see above). They wanted both a boy and a girl, and it was nice to see Kate so happy, calm and relaxed about choosing which ones they were getting.

When they found out they could take them home then and there, Jon & Kate looked a bit scared. I don't blame them. I don't think either were prepared for them, and Kate's comment (it was like getting babies at your door) was very accurate. One home the first thing they did was pee and poop on the new carpet. I also liked that Kate mentioned what such big helpers Mady and Cara have been, with the Tups adjusting. I really hope this family proves the negative haters wrong and has these dogs for a very long time. They are making me, sad as it is, become slightly interested in giving in to my own kids about a family pet.........

And although Mady had her usual fit in the beginning of the show of not being able to name the dogs, I liked at the end how she said to all the kids "Now lets say thank you mommy and daddy for getting us puppies!". Kates "your not welcome" was just Kate being Kate.. And giving all the trolls something to blog about. Thank you Kate, because they honestly would have had nothing else for another honestly good episode.

Kate Gosselin at Exton Pa

If any of you went to either of the speaking engagements this weekend I would love to hear from you. Thank you Quiltart for linking this BLOG in my comments section for one person that was there.

See Last Weeks Home Sweet Home Here!

Every Week I'm trying to figure out where or how to post the previous episodes. So for now, search for them on my blogs, I will try to put them on each week! Last Weeks "Home Sweet Home" Episode you can see below. Again, you will have to see it in two parts, but the last one is short. Enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Do Oprah Again? The Ferrill Quints Struggle To Financially Survive

Hello Gosselin Fans! With Multiple Blessings incredibly STILL #15 on the New York Times Best Seller list, I'm thinking hard about perhaps penning my own book! This week was an exhausting test of endurance to see how long I could possibly work, take care of kids, go to 3 parties and Gymboree classes and still try to get the baby to take an afternoon nap. And its only Friday. Happy Weekend Everyone! They are going back Monday!

Its been hard to read all the negativity thrown at this family lately solely because of the twists and turns families have had to go through in this economy recently. I was talking to a fan online that was agreeing with me that people seem to be using Kate as an outlet for the monetary frustrations in their own lives.."Ohh my family is struggling, and she gets a NEW washer!" Making fun of Jon getting excited about a popcorn button on a new microwave, not even comprehending that he was talking about new the new sensor technology that came out for both the min and the large popcorn bags. So many jump to sometimes ridiculous conclusions and even intentionally start false rumors, only to secretly wish failure on this family for some personal satisfaction. Strictly because they're ANGRY they don't have it as well! Its so incredibly sad...

The Ferrill Quints Struggle To Financially Survive

So this brings me to this story Amy sent to me on the Ferrill Five Quintuplets that we born 2 years ago. This family was struggling to the point of bankruptcy and have children that have medical issues that are not covered through insurance. You can read the story HERE. Now they too had a show on TLC. Does this family deserve the same criticism because they, like Jon & Kate choose to put their kids on TV to pay off their bills and have enough for college? I truly feel, that there is a huge double standard strictly because of Kate's personality. This family did not get the break that Jon & Kate did. They weren't able to turn the negative hate blogs into the Gold Mine by using it to their advantage. If they did, well then they would too get all the negativity that comes with it. Just because they would be getting what others couldn't. What do you think?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Back On Oprah!

Looks like Oprah is trying to get our famous family back on their show and are seeking comments and questions to appear on the show. I am trying to find out when this is happening. Read HERE and enter! I attached the interview from a baby site for the last time they were on almost one year ago (February 22nd, 2008) HERE for you to enjoy! Never-before-seen Oprah footage HERE!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poor Jon Cant Have Any Fun, Trolls Wreak Havok in FanLand

Hello Gosselin fans! Lately as you all have seen we've had a floodgate open and several hundred trolls fell out. Some started off nice and showed their true colors quickly. Some you can spot a mile away, and some have changed their names several times on various blogs to disguise themselves. Don't think just because I have something called a life and I'm not on here as much now that I cant quickly pick you out and take you off. Some I leave for debate purposes, I try to let as many different opinions stay here as possible. But if your here to sneak in some lies dashed with a sprinkle of hate, your in the wrong place. This site is for the fans of the show and this family, to enjoy the discussion without having to help me shoo the crazies out....

Poor Jon Can He Ever Have Fun?

Ok, I had no intention of showing this pic, but since everyone has complained that the horror that is Moons site posted it like hes a drunk, I figured I would be the first to share the pic and ask your own views about it. If Jon, went out one night and had a few drinks to unwind, so you think that's unfair? This shot was apparently taken when the bartender asked to pose for a shot, then she plastered it all over the interned for some 15 sec. of fame, and to make Jon look like an drunk. And while I know this isn't a great shot, its not saying anything other than he just posed with fans. Im sure after seeing this shot everywhere, the man will never go out and get a drink again. I mean, were all human right?

The Ridiculous Valentines Day Interview That Never Was

Many have discussed a article in which a journalist named Kelly DiNardo "claims to have gotten though the PR red tape and gotten some type of phone interview with Jon & Kate. Lets just say we do NOT know if this is even true. Well apparently she "claimed" she was doing a Valentines Day article and wanted Jon & Kate to give her some "love tips". Are you kidding me? This sounded to me alike another GWOP crazy trying to slam the family, but since we are to her she actually writes books, you would question why she was even interested in a five minute phone convo about love from Kate Gosselin. None the less it wasn't a good time, because Kate basically told her I don't know why you're doing this story. We're not romantic or lovey. We're not that couple." What upset me about this "so called" ridiculous love article, was that she linked a hate article which really made me feel like she was out at the start to get something that would not only get her press, but show how much she wanted to hurt the family. I have no idea who Kelly DiNardo is, but I'm told she just like GWOP. And she has the comments that were linked on that site to prove it. Thank you for loosing all credibility.

Now For A Real Kate Gossel Article! has a great 10 page interview that Kate Gosselin did with them and it is vastly different that what this other author spoke about.

It's been said by a lot of your show's viewers that sometimes you come off as irritable. What do you say in response to that?

Walk a day in my shoes and you'd be irritable too. What you see is what you get. I mean, it's the real me. I'm not going to be somebody I'm not. I have chilled out a lot because there's so much going on. I have to. And I think that's good for me. But again, come take a whack at it...

What's the hardest thing about doing the show?

It is the most full-time job I've ever had. But then the flip side is that we both get to work from home. We have eight kids, yet we're both at home with them. At least one parent is with them 95 percent of the time, and that's the best part. I try to focus on the good and not the bad. And that's definitely the best part.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Good PR For Big Families, Home Sweet Home!

Hello Gosselin fans, Happy Presidents Day! This kids are off this week for Winter Recess and I'm already ready to ship their behinds back to an empty school. Its hard when they are so used to being active all day, be home wanting to do something every second. And for those that work, even part time, I feel your pain as you try to juggle both. Lets lean on each other and pray we make it though the week!

Big Brood Spawns Big Ratings

Well regardless of the episodes being anti-climatic after seeing the new house, Jon & Kate Plus 8 still does great for its demographic. In its fourth season, is the still highest-rated show on TLC. Its Jan. 26 episode drew 1.6 million women between the ages of 18 and 49, a group advertisers particularly covet. Check out The New York Times article HERE.

Proctor & Gamble Banks on Kate and Her LOVE Of Coupon Clipping

Even with Kate's flair for the dramatic, P&G hires Kate for another coupon-clipping campaign for this month. With the "Smarter Savings, Better Brands" slogan, P&G again features budgeting tips from Kate, who you KNOW isn't playing around when it comes to saving money, just ask Jon (lol). Read about all money you can save on your favorite products HERE.

Home Sweet Home

For those of you that have not watched the episode yet, please feel free to skip over this! I actually was really excited and looking forward to this episode. Because just like Kate, I'm more of an indoors girl! That means I also get super excited when shiny new things come into my home. And while I may not be Kate Gosselin, I can be genuinely happy for the family that they get super gorgeous Whirlpool Duets washers & dryers and not be a jealous troll about it. I know all of you are watching tonight people, don't try to hide it! Kate got some hot new stuff for their new home, and I was excited to watch the kids paint and have a fun time while Kate hyperventilates. Tonight, she actually handled it much better than I thought she would. Collin realized he found his true calling (the man needs to come to my house), Hannah and Alexis made me laugh and realize that all these kids have grown up so much in the past 2 seasons its crazy. And while this was also filmed while the twins were in school, have no fear, the puppies are almost here! And we basically got to see the commercial for the two not-so small puppies that look like they will be the size of buses sooner than you know it.

Jon & Kate have now made me want go out and buy Clorox stain remover! Yes the subliminal advertising works people! This show makes me want to go out and buy all their stuff. Once the kids got to enjoy painting, we got to see them color too. (After a really tender moment of Jon washing the kids faces). Jon did a great job letting all the kids know they did a great job! These again are the mundane parts of the show that people love to watch. I enjoyed watching Kate shop and insist on a particular tile, only for Jon to pick out the correct color for the floor. We got to see Kate get frustrated and interrupt Jon again (cue 150+ snarking Kate comments) but overall this episode was drama free. Note to self...another show where Kate kisses and plays with her boys? How could that be?? Just the way we like it!

My favorite quotes:
Alexis: I can have braids, be beautiful and paint at the same time
Hannah: Aaaden you roof does not look pretty!
Aaden (when he and Hannah were playing outside) Yes! Lets go back and buy some eggs!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Can Jon & Kate Also Save Lane Furniture? Season 4 DVD, New Cookbook Information, Valentine's Day Episode

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Valentines Day! Are you having a happy LOVE day? This is my first post after the big meeting Kate story. Thank you so much for all the kind notes. Of course, the trolls over at IMDB had to dedicate a post to my meeting Kate and you just have to laugh I guess. I thought no one read my little ol blog?? Ive been told that I should be flattered, but there are a few crazies there. (Do you HONESTLY think I would post the photos of me and Kate just for your creepy satisfaction? ;)) So lets switch gears: before I forget, if anyone knows of any new Jon & Kate appearances please e-mail me so I can update my list... On with the show, I have ALOT to talk about!

UPDATE: JK8FAN07 thank you so much for all the new appearance info. I will put it up a.s.a.p.!

Lane Plus Jon & Kate..Does Kate Have To Save Them Too?

So far there have been several in-trouble companies that have looked to this hit show to help them out. Does Kate have the magic touch? We are now happy to hear that both Kmart & Walmart have been advertising with Jon & Kate and doing really well because of it. So you knew it was only a matter of time before a furniture company took advantage of the free advertising by providing the Gosselins with some new furniture. Lane Home Furnishings is the new marketing program that is hoping to be pulled from the bankruptcy quicksand by Kate and were really hoping that third times a charm for her. "The ultimate Home Entertainment Furniture for their active lifestyle!" seems to be the new promos. Does it make you want to try it out?

Season 4 DVD Out Soon!

With the HUGE success of the Season 3 4 disc DVD doing so well (Target has a "Special Addition" that included a 5th disc!) TLC is gearing to push out season 4. This 4 disc set will include more never-before seen bonus footage and extended episodes! (Running time 700 minutes in full screen) You will have to wait in May 12th, but it will be worth it!

Hear Kate Read her book On Zondervan With New Multiple Blessings Audio

Coming April 2009, Listen HERE

NEW Kate Gosselin Cookbook Coming Out In October!

Just in time for the Holidays and one year after the debut of Multiple Blessings, "Love Is In The Mix: Making Meals into Memories" by Jon & Kate Gosselin will arrive October 27th, 2009. You can pre-order it already on Amazon HERE. I have alot of my favorite Kate recipes on my old post HERE

Watch The Jon & Kate Valentines Day Episode Here!

In honor of this special day of course! xoxox

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hither Tither & Yon.. I Finally Meet Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin Fans! A few weeks back when Theresa from Gosselin Garb let me know Kate was going to be in New York, I made the mental note that I was going to venture out and try to go. I mean, how far could West Nyack, NY be? Well apparently very very far.. (lol)

So far in fact, that from Long Island, New York you need to go on two bridges, go through New Jersey and back into upstate New York to get there? Thank goodness I was smart enough to call Barnes & Noble to double check that things were a go. They weren't. Kate had to cancel to fly to LA to do Dr. Phil, she was coming the following day! Changing plans was horrible and I had to leave work early and BEG (lucky valentines day is coming up!) my husband to go with me. Kissing the kids goodbye I felt horrible leaving them to go Hither tither & yon to meet Kate. Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, knowing in was already 5pm and they were handing out bracelets at 4pm, I wondered if he should just turn around & go home.

When we found this mall in the middle of nowhere, we almost passed out. It was HUGE! Like Ferris wheel and merry-go round huge. We saw the Barnes & Noble and were scared we saw no one but two ladies at a corner table. They have us a bracelet, we were number 341 and they told us to come back in a hour . This is what I loved. No waiting in line for hours! She had no problem with me bringing in my book not purchased there, but told me Kate was also signing the DVDs as well if we wanted to purchase one. I was so mad I didn't bring seasons 1&2 for her to sign, and saw season 3 was there for $36.99 to purchase. We went for a lovely dinner, and I even begged my husband to let me go into my favorite jewelry store Pandora, where he bought me a charm for my bracelet. I hear his mind clicking as I know hes gonna want "payback" for all this lovey stuff hes doing. (lol) We quickly went into the Target there and picked up the season 3 cd for $26.99.

And at 6:45 we came back and well, I guess all the people in the mall were here and Numbers 1-100 were already lined up. The final bracelets for 600+ were being given out & then you heard the screams. Kate was on time, looking beautiful. And then this is where the wait began. It was so sad to see all the young girls there so excited with their moms, knowing mine weren't there was heartbreaking. My daughter called twice to hear the commotion over the phone. All the people I spoke to on line didn't blog, didn't care, just loved the show and loved Kate. I felt like they were better untainted people because of it. There were teenagers with Gosselin shirts on, it was kinda the most surreal thing I had seen in a while. The line went quickly. Kate posed for pictures, hugged babies and seemed in a happy wonderful mood dispute the hectic life she must be leading having just come from California. Just as I was about to meet her she stopped for a quick restroom break. When she came back she mentioned quickly that she wanted to make sue the kids were getting ready for bed. When it was my turn I was excited to introduce myself, and even happier that she received my e-mail and was apologetic that she wasn't able to respond back. She knew who I was and we briefly talked about the site and the birth of my 12 lb. baby. That man always accompanying her looked agitated that I was taking up a bit longer of Kate's time. With one obvious hand on the shoulder he had her sign my book & CD and asked if I could take a picture with her. She was happy to do it. Leaving and seeing hundreds more on line made me glad I came early!

Overall Lets Recap:
1. Kate is beautiful in person (though very thin). She was wearing smokin hot 4 inch black heels and really pretty black skinny jeans. Remember the old sweatshirts? (lol) no more!
2. Even the hair looks good, I don't think it reads as well on TV
3. She is sweet, friendly and very misunderstood
4. Those hates sites mean NOTHING! Nobody but those 30 or so bloggers that are constantly on there are any big deal. The fans that don't read it or care what it says are what matters.
5. She couldn't wait to go home and be with Jon & the kids
6. I realized that it was important for me to meet the person I blogged about for the past 6 months. It makes me happy to know that its appreciated. I'm glad I went!

And Michelle finally meets Jon!

My Semblance of Sanity is a cool blog to check out. She let me know that she met her Yang to my Ying so to speak and you can click on her blog to hear her story.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kate On Dr. Phil: How Did she handle the Octuplets debate?

Dr. Phil: What is your biggest fear for Nadya?
Kate: Her emotional health......

Hello Gosselin Fans! I am having problems linking Kate on Dr. Phil yesterday. So I'm telling everyone they can see it HERE and HERE. I decided to post the old video of the first time Both Jon & Kate were on, and then tomorrow hopefully have the other video up. I know that she ran on Tuesday to tape what looks to be a very great segment on the Octuplets mom. Did any of you get to watch it? I heard she was wonderful and was careful not to align herself with the Octuplets Mom's situation. Feel free to discuss it here.

UPDATE: Though this clip does not have Kate in it, I did find a bit about Dr. Phil discussing the dangers of what this woman did to herself and the children. You can see that interesting part below:

Special Needs Childrens Site Discusses Kate on Dr. Phil

You can read the entire article HERE, but I wanted to pull a nice except that sums up how Kate was on the show:

"In an excellent interview on the Dr. Phil (McGraw) show, Kate Gosselin, well known for her television show 'Jon and Kate plus Eight', and their book, Multiple Blessings, explained the challenges she faced when she and her husband Jon brought home the six babies that expanded their family from their darling twin girls. Kate said when fertility treatments were successful they expected one baby, with the possibility of another set of twins, and thought she could prepare herself for four babies at most. That pregnancy had resulted in seven but, sadly, they lost one baby. I don't know whether anyone but another mother can start to understand that we grieve the loss of every baby, no matter how many other children we have. The Gosselins declined 'selective reduction' due to their faith and appreciation of the gift of that pregnancy."

"In a practical and compassionate warning, Kate explained to Dr. Phil's audience that it took fifty people to help her and Jon their first year with her babies; she did not go outside for the first two years; and warned that people who step up to help wear down, wear out, and disappear, especially when the babies become toddlers. Although she briefly mentioned the exhaustive schedule including talks with doctors about medical issues, Kate also seemed to consider the special needs that were addressed in her children's early days to be just part of the package that creates exhaustion and elicits every bit of strength new mothers everywhere need to call upon."

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Walk In The Woods.. More Jon & Kate Plus 8 Videos Soon! Eight Little Faces Book Excerpts

Hello Gosselin Fans! You know how it gets right after a new episode.. I have to resist the urge to slander the trolls for their usual "I promised myself I wouldn't watch, but I did" speech as well as resisting any urges to read how anyone looks for ways to rip apart & episode. Since i knew Kate was going to be away for this one, I was concerned that they would take the venom out on the kids. They decided to leave most of that for Jon instead. But isn't this what they all said they wanted? To see more "day in the life" episodes? For me personally I have gotten so spoiled seeing them do all these super cool things, I get really bored watching episodes like this. So I'm slightly more judgemental. These episodes are like the "filler" songs artists put on albums. You know they got the 4 top 10 hits, and the rest just stretch the time a bit.....

A Walk In The Woods was based more on Jon trying to take care of the kids while Kate's away. I love this man do I get super defensive when trolls start to bum rush him. He did NOT loose his temper, the kids were NOT being cranky because they were being forced to walk. NOT ALL KIDS LIKE THE WOODS. Mine certainly don't. Its not "so sad" or "horrible". If you watched you saw how great they were once they ate. Perhaps a small snack before the walk would have been better. I too am not an outdoors person, but that shouldn't have stopped Jon for at least attempt to take them out once and see the land. So the kids had a meltdown. It happens and you knew it was coming. So the trolls need to stop finding trivial mundane things to complain about and just know that kids are kids. Kids+sticks-sticks+no snack= cranky kids

I actually liked that Jon took the kids on the tractor individually and got to spend time with him. The kids seemed to love it and it ended the morning on a high note. I loved the Walkie-talkie idea and the kids having fun with that. But what loved the most was seeing each child after lunch doing their own thing. Some actually WANTED naps (holy cow!) and some wanted private time on the computer. I can see why a bigger house was so important to this family. Now I partially blame the crew for obviously making them interview late at night. Because you KNOW the trolls will start off with "Kate yawned and didn't touch Jon, the marriage is OVER." Please people. Have you no children or spouses? Or you truly live some perfect tribal life real people don't know about? (They also re-played the flu-episode when Joel was on the floor toinght and I agree 100% that Kate did the RIGHT thing there! I mean, minutes later he was back in their room and he threw up all over their rug! But him sleeping peacefully on the floor was NOT OK??) I admit Kate was tired tonight, but I don't think she knows what to say or do once shes not in a episode. Or had any sleep for that matter. But that's OK! I love me some Kate ;) But this was Jon's show, and I loved how her was able to make a ordinary day with the kids be fun. And he dressed them all by himself! (lol) And isn't that what we all wanted in the first place?

Alas, apparently all the fuss in blogger land isn't even about A Walk In The Woods, but rather next weeks episode. OMG! KATE GETS NEW APPLIANCES! Here we go again. Is Kate NOT allowed to furnish her house? Or is that just more jealousy stew to feed on for a week until next weeks episode? Favorite Part: Alexis having a blast on the trailer. Least Favorite Part: Feeling bad for Collin that he couldn't AND SHOULDN'T pick up at least 10 more sticks.....

Soup And Surprise Video Recap / NY Times Best Seller List

OK, until I figure out how I am going to get all of these on my site I'm just going to take requests. Since this episode was requested by a reader I am just adding it HERE from that episodes post until I can find one spot for all of them. I'm sorry but for this particular show I only found the first 10 minutes..... And FYI, Multiple Blessings shot back up to number 6 this week and the NY Times Best Seller List after an astonishing 14 weeks. Who said it wasn't going to last??

Eight Little Faces Book Excerpts

Thank you 3KMOM for sending the link for these! (You need Adobe Acrobat to view). 2 excerpts from their new book! HERE and HERE!

UPDATE: Due to an illness and scheduling conflict Kate will be at the Palisades Mall for her Book Signing in NY TOMORROW at 7pm instead of today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jon Gosselins Standing Ovation at Penn State, Will it Be Ok For The Hayes & Not The Gosselins?

Hello Gosselin fans! When your a parent to young children, most movies you see will be those of the kiddie kind. These past 2 weekends we have gone to 2 movies, one good, one not so much. The first, "Hotel For Dogs" I was dreading going to, and I was so surprised how much I enjoyed it. A movie that entertains both parents and kids is a huge plus for me. The second, "Coraline", was a huge let-down for me. Not only was this movie expensive (3-D Glasses add $3.50 to the already $10.00 admission). This movie was scary for young kids, boring & long for the adults and I feel bad to say I give it a thumbs down. Enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas instead. The kids in the theater were so super fussy towards the end, it went downhill quick...

Jon Gosselins Standing Ovation at Penn State

Yesterday I received several excited e-mails talking about Jon's wonderful trip to Penn State. Two of My -emails, one from Andrew, the other from Amanda, both had different new goodies to get excited about. Please enjoy pieces of both their e-mails to me as well as their pictures that I made into a sideshow.


The event began at 7 pm, so my roommate and I got there around 3:00 pm, just to make sure that we would get a good seat. After a few hours of waiting, we learned that the line stretched out the building and all the way down the street, and that there were about 800-1,000 people waiting. There were only 700 or so available seats so we were very glad that we got there early! They started to let people in and we were quick to take two seats very close to the front with a great view. He looked great - Just as cute in person as he is on the show! :-)

He began by answering the 10 "most frequently asked" questions.. i.e. Which of the kids are most like him, How he and Kate ever get alone time, etc. I already knew pretty much everything he was saying at this point because he and Kate answered these questions already on the show. He mentioned that he and Kate try spend some time together often and they like to watch Grey's Anatomy! He then started to talk about his life now, which I was really excited to hear about! He mentioned that they have a nanny that is NOT Jenny - she is Asian.. I think he said that she is from Taiwan.. he mentioned that she will not be shown on the show. He also said that they just signed on for Season Five (yay!) and that there are a lot of great things coming. He talked about their 2 new dogs - two German Shepherd puppies! A boy and a girl - the girl is named Nala and the boy is named Shoka. When asked about the names he said that the boy is named Shoka because when they were in Hawaii they met a very large Hawaiian security guard named Shoka and they thought it would be a fitting name for the dog who would grow to be over one hundred pounds. He talked about taking them to the vet and not knowing what to do with them at first!

Then he was asked questions about his ethnicity and being in an interracial relationship. What Jon was mainly saying was that he never really thought of himself as being in an interracial relationship until people started to label them as that because of the show. He said that he has only ever experienced discrimination in high school. He mentioned that he grew up in a very "white - Caucasian" environment and that he experienced his heritage through the food that he ate growing up. I really got the feeling that he was very proud of his heritage, but he mentioned that we should all be known for "who we are, not what we are". He then asked trivia questions for prizes.. he asked when the twins' birthday is and the sextuplets birth order and things like that. Then the audience had the opportunity to ask questions, which surprised me, because the advertisements had said that we weren't allowed to ask him anything. One thing that I remember him being asked was whether or not the twins are into boys yet or not.. he said that Cara has all guy friends and Mady teases her for it! He mentioned one specific boy that Cara is friends with that is a foot shorter than her, which made everyone laugh. The whole time he was joking around and laughing and he seemed like he was having a great time!

He is so nice and personable and hilarious! He was joking around with us, as we were all college students, about having fun and enjoying our twenties. After he spoke he mentioned that he would be signing things and everyone ran down to get their autographs! It was chaotic but I managed to get him to sign my Multiple Blessings book! I told him "Thank you" and he said "You're welcome!" and smiled! It was a great experience and it really just proved to me how great of a guy Jon is and how much he loves his family.


Jon was quite entertaining and very laid back while answering questions from students ranging from his heritage to things that go on behind the scenes of the show. Jon mentioned that he had just recently signed on to do season 5 with TLC, so another year of J&K is on its way. He also mentioned that there was the optional 2 more years that they could do the show after that, but that it was up to them and the network to decide that when the time comes.

Among other things, another interesting note was Jon's response to a question about a possible trip overseas. One student asked if he had plans to travel to Korea in honor of his heritage. After stumbling a bit, Jon mentioned that they had definitely thought about it and that he knew if he was going to be taking a trip like that but that he was not allowed to talk about it. He mentioned that that was one of the things that was going to make Season 5 "so interesting." Anyway, Jon was very relaxed and quite entertaining throughout the event. However, the event quickly ended and was pretty chaotic when Jon told everyone that they could just come down and grab some of the free stuff that he brought with him to give away (sunglasses, t-shirts, photographs, etc.). This brought an onrush of about a billion love-struck coeds which quickly brought the event to an end. Jon spent 10 or 15 minutes signing autographs before being whisked away by his PR guy.

Thanks for being the positive blog out there regarding this family. I don't agree with everything about them lately, but I do think that they are really held over the fire way too often by people that are just jealous or just don't understand.

The Hayes Family Will Also Be A Weekly Series Soon

After reading this article from The Chicago Sun Times, I find out we will also be seeing the Hayes as a weekly show coming soon. I feel bad that I wasn't excited about it. Although it is truly heartbreaking to hear the story of their daughter and how wonderful this mother is taking care of her and raising such a cute family, I always just thought that their Documentary on TLC was enough. Does this family, despite its size also have a shot at being the next Gosselins or Roloffs? And for the trolls that went on and on about how great this family was, will them having a weekly series the same as the Gosselins make anyone change their tune? Will they too, be accused of exploiting their kids just because they are paying for college with this show? Only time will tell, but there will always and forever only be one Kate Gosselin..So far I don't think she has anything to worry about.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jon Visits Penn State, P&G & Kmart Keep Kate As Their Spokesperson, Watch "The Big Move" Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! Its super cold and I hope that everyone is starting their weekend snuggling and trying to keep warm. If your blessed to be in a warmer climate don't tell me because I'm too jealous! All this talk about the octopus woman on TV is giving me a headache. The baby isn't sleeping through the night again, and I just cant fathom 6 like this...I want to shoot myself....And I know, that that expression is not a nice once, but I used it purposely. There some blogging as to the outcry over Kate using that expression on the house Episode. I never even heard it until someone went on and on about it. Please give me a break. Does this mean we are getting our guns out now?

Jon Visits Penn State Saturday For The Asian Pacific American Caucus

Jon & Kate appearances have come so fast & furious lately its hard for me to keep up. Tomorrow, or today depending on when your reading this, Jon will be speaking at Penn State to highlight Asian-American culture at the college. This was so cool and nice to hear and you can read about it HERE. You need college ID to enter from 6:30-9pm.

Kates Popularity Keeps Her As Spokesperson for both P&G & KMart

After the huge success of Kate Gosselin coming and opening Proctor & Gambles first temporary brand store in New York City recently called Brandsaver Live, they are keeping her as their spokesperson till at least June. The fans were thrilled, until we saw how BRANDFRAK was trying to put a rain on Kate's Parade by trying to put a negative spin on it. Both P&G & Kmart are both keeping Kate as their spokespeople due to the positive spin she put on their layaway program and will continue to feature her hopefully until late Spring. Her run was successful and their was nothing put postive reviews on how well she did her job. Its just a shame that these site have to have a comments section. You know what happens when trolls get bored.......

The Big Move Parts 1, 2 & 3

Ok, my goal will eventually have you be able to watch all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes here. I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but my mind is clicking... anyway, watch the 3 parts HERE!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stepping Into Kates Shoes, EW's Stomach Knot, Kates Spa Day

Hello Gosselin fans! Every once in a while I try to ask people to put themselves in Jon & Kate's shoes for a minute. I personally do this alot because I could only imagine what the trolls would say if they saw a few days in MY shoes. If any of us got a camera following us and saw the way some we talk to people. Today I went ballistic at Stop N Shop when I saw my kooky husband giving the baby some CoCoa Puffs to quiet her down. We are literally 2 isles away from the baby section were he could at least have given her some wheat puffs. But nooo. So my tiny, not-so-petite behind almost jumped on a 6'2" man. Cause now my big one also wanted some CoCoa Puffs and the kids are screaming over them at a supermarket. It wasn't until we got home and he refused to speak to me that I just said "yeah glad that wasn't on TV".

Regardless if I had a rough day it isn't until bed that I felt terrible and tried to apologize. I know Jon & Kate have talked alot about how great it is when the kids go to bed, that they have the time to talk and get the day off their chest. And though those are the things I wish others could see, perhaps more hugging and snuggling before bed, it probably wouldn't even matter at this point. Were not entitled to know, and the trolls would just thing it was more staged damage control anyway. But if it was me, Id let you guys in & watch that I tried to make amends, and we really do love each other. But I would NOT let you see me in my jammies (lol).

Entertainment Weekly Gets Bombarded With Trolls

Entertainment has always loved and supported the show by writing several great articles. This one got the trolls panties in a bunch when they wrote a less-than stellar article and how Kate yelling at Jon over the coupon got their stomachs in a knot. And while everyone is entitled to their opinion, the trolls flooded that board like ants at a picnic. I swear they search out the articles before I do! How is it that the haters get to this stuff even before me? Anyway the questions was whether we still love Kate anyway. I know I do!

Q&A With Kate: Guilty Pleasures..Faith Interviewed Kate via e-mail during the Indianapolis Home Show. Its actually the most open shes been in a while with the usual boring interviews! (lol)

Q: Is it lonely being the mom of eight kids? Do you have time for female friendships?
A: Lonely is not a way I would ever describe my life — that is for sure! I don’t have time for friends in the traditional way but I do keep in touch with my friends as best as I can.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: I go to the spa once a month. That is a recent tradition I have started for myself to incorporate relaxation into my life. It’s something I don’t have much of!

More New Kate Gosselin Articles!

The Kate gets in-depth on how the Octuplets Mom is feeling. Kate says that she does everything the same that she always has and that's BUDGET! Take that economy! Kate says Octuplets mom may have gone too far!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally! Jon & Kate's Big Move....A fan Meets Kate in Chicago

Hello Gosselin fans! I was so exhausted last night, I watched the repeated episode of this at midnight with one eye open. I guess Kate being on Larry King overshadowed my excitement for seeing the new house. But here we are, isn't this what everyone has been waiting for? A show with them just being home and seeing their everyday lives and doing NOTHING? Then why do I wish they would just go somewhere and do something? And more imprtantly, why is this no longer enough for anyone anymore?

This episode truly had only one thing or maybe two that the hate blogs would be all up in arms over. Lets start off in the beginning when Kate welcomes everyone into their new home. Can you smell the jealousy? Its truly hard to enjoy a place that big when its so empty and not yet a home. We got to see the kids packing, Kate freaking about dirt (which I looovvve) and poor Alexis getting the short end of the stick for running on boxes. Poor Jon is trying to pack while Kate is away. Thank goodness they were smart enough to hire some sort of moving company. We tried that ourselves once and vowed NEVER to do it again. If that was my husband I swear he would do nothing and wait till I got home. Anyway since there's obviously no rush on the move they take little by little what needs to be brought. When they get to the house we get to see what people claim is a new refrigerator.I swear I spit my drink out when I saw that, because I knew that was the 1st think the snarkers will fume about. Its it really new or were the panels just taken off the old one? Who cares, the kids finally venture out and learn that they truly can be off by themselves and have their own spaces now. There not used to the openness yet, as most of them still all play in the same room.

Ahh, when Kate gets started these are the moments I love. Shes freaking out again, this time over using a coupon for a $50 shower head. Now you KNOW that since the episode was pretty quiet this is gonna be the major headline: KATE WITH $5 STARBUCKS LENTI COMPLAINS ABOUT COUPONS! Well let me start by saying my drinks cost alot too. I also would be pissed my husband spent $50 on a shower head and I too would force his behind back to the store. How the heck can we all afford Starbucks if we don't skimp on other things! And for the record, I too saved $20 on some sheets at BBB. They even take expired ones! (Don't ever go there without one) Remember people, the richest are so because they are the BIGGEST coupon clippers! TRUST. So now its time to see the cute boys exploring their new backyard and I think poor Joel falling & pulling up his pants again. But nobody in blog land can enjoy that, they're too busy complaining about how their are so much in despair while Kate is complaining about a coupon.......Why dwell, and why can't anyone just be happy for this family? And when is Alexis going to get her own spin off show?

A Fans Story on Meeting Kate This weekend at Willow Creek Church~ By Laura T.

"My day began at 5:30 when my alarm went off! I got ready for the day and my friend picked me up at 6:30. We arrived at the church around 8am.The church was beautiful and big. I have never seen such a big church in my life, and it was gorgeous. We sat down near the front of the church, in the middle. We wanted to make sure we had a perfect view of Kate! The service began with singing, complete with piano, drums, guitar and backup singers. It was a wonderful, contemporary experience. About 20 minutes into the service, Kate was introduced and she came out looking stunning! She was wearing an above the knee red suit, black heels and the typical Kate haircut! I must say she looked better in person than she does on television. She is more petite in real life than she does on the show! The church played the Season 3 opening sequence as an introduction. The theme for the past month at this church was “Families at their Best.” Kate was the finale to this series. The theme of the interview was about how God helped her and Jon through all of their struggles.

She reiterated many points that she talked about in Multiple Blessings. She was very charismatic and funny. She talked about when she was at her first ultrasound with her second pregnancy. Throughout this conversation, the church would play clips from the show. The first one they showed was when Jon and Kate went out to eat for Valentine’s Day. The sextuplets were still little. Anyway, this clip highlighted all of the screaming children, potty training, dirty diapers, and finally getting out of the door! It ended with Jon and Kate at the restaurant ordering their food and having one of their normal fights. Anyway, the interviewer asked how Jon and Kate have stayed a strong couple. She replied that the kids are on a strict schedule and they try to use each minute as it comes. She said they try to use moments when they are checking email and so on. She said that when they are alone, they try to talk about the day and what their arguments were and how they can fix them, like any normal couple!

Another interesting thing she talked about was giving. She said that once she moved into the house where the show has been filmed for a long time, that they were able to start saving money. She said that there was this one family that her sister had spoke about who was going through a rough time. The father lost his job and was trying to support 4 children. Well, Kate and Jon thought it would be nice to write them a check. Kate kept putting it off because she kept thinking that her 8 children could have used the money. But, one day she wrote the check, and ran it out to the mailbox. In the mailbox was a box with a red ribbon around it. As she was running back to the house (because her 8 toddlers were in the house) she opened up the box, and there was a Sam’s Club gift card in the exact amount she wrote the check for. She said it was amazing how God provided for her, and it was good that she could help another family, just as those helped her.

She also spoke about the feeding schedule when the sextuplets were just born. She talked about how it was the hardest part for her as a mother, to give up her babies to other people, so they could be fed. The babies had to be fed, and then they had to sit up for a while after, so they wouldn’t get indigestion. She said it was the start of being less controlling, because she knew it was in her babies best interest; they needed to be fed!

Kate mentioned the guilt she felt as a mother after the six were born towards Cara and Mady. She knew she no longer had the time she used to have with them. She related this guilt to a normal sized family who just added one baby into the mix. Cara and Mady now had six brothers and sisters and their parents had to take care of them. She said that often, volunteers would come over and play with Cara and Mady, while other volunteers were feeding the babies. She wanted her oldest girls to feel loved and needed too.

Before too long, the interview was over, and Kate left the stage. I quickly left the service and got in-line for the book signing. I had to pass my book to one person, my camera too another, and then I got to walk up to the table where Kate was. I tried to pose for a picture, which did turn out, but I am not satisfied. I was so nervous, but I told Kate that I love the show, I love her family. I thanked her twice for coming here, and we made eye contact and she said “Thank You.” I could have died. I was extremely happy. I ended up buying another book so I could get another book signed. The next time I spoke to her, the lady behind me handed her 6 books at once! I just said, “I bet your getting used to this unfortunately.” She replied in a friendly tone, “Yes I am,” and smiled.

I am so glad that I had such a positive experience. She is just as nice as she is on the show, maybe even nicer! Now when I watch her on television and she says how grateful she is for all of the things her family receives, I know she is speaking from the heart. I’ll be watching the show from now on with an even more positive outlook than I started with!"