Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jessica Remo Wants More, Kates Hot Haircut, Watch The Puppies Episode & Take A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge!

Hello Gosselin fans! Does anyone remember February? With working, kids, school and life, this whole month was a complete blur. One can only hope that we will all have time to breathe in March. Last night instead of going to bed, I was up till 1:30 am watching Titanic on TV. You know a movies good if it holds your attention in the middle of the night for 3 hours. If you ever need a cool place to go in Orlando, I highly recommend the "Titanic Experience". We went with my kids and they loved it! So now I'm concerned with my new insomnia issues I have spoken to a few people that say its normal and I do need to find new ways to unwind from the day to get to sleep faster. Any ideas?

Jessica Remo Clenches Her Last 15 minutes of Fame

Have you ever heard of an article being done about the reporter that reported on a previous article? No I haven't either. But the fame whores from the Philadelphia Magazine took hard to the beacon of light and decided to interview Jessica about her interview. You can read that gem HERE. What are the odds that they will try to do a follow-up to this follow-up? And for that matter, why does she say she interview so many people, yet none of that was ever included in the article. Especially because she is proud to declare she spoke to Jodi's sister, who knows nothing about nothing and only trolls hate sites now for information?? And finally, why has Jessica's boss not returned two separate phone calls for comment?

Kate's Haircut the new Rachel?

I have to laugh at all the hundreds of blog post about how much the trolls dislike Kate's hair. I was wondering if it was everyone until I went to my Salon this week and I woman asked for the "Kate". I swear I laughed out loud and almost passed out. I didn't realize how man variations there are on that haircut. The woman at the Salon agrees that although Kate herself has it more drastic, women ask for it once a week now. TRUST this site HERE shows its becoming the HOT cut!

Test Your Gosselin Puppies Episode Knowledge!

Answer after watching the episode below!

Puppies Video & Review

Check out last weeks episode below along with the Celebrity Cafe Re-cap


Paula said...

WOW BabyMama, the comments section really got crazy and I read where you were in the middle of it. Posting on the comments only brought out the really crazy, and they don't listen to reason. I quit reading when they started going after the kids, that is insanity!

I hope that isn't the reason for your insomnia! I have found that a cup of decaf green tea works well, or a cup of camomille. On some occasions only a glass of wine will do the trick. LOL

Baby Mama said...

Paula~ OMG Someone also mentioned the decaf green tea. I have spoken to a few people about my recent issue, and you can Google for HOURS about insomnia. I am only hoping that this is temporary, with all the craziness in my life. One blessing, the baby who is over 1 now FINALLY slept though the night for the first time! That makes it all worth it!

mary said...

Hi Baby Mama and fans, once again nice blog. But I just want to share my take on the latest going ons and if you don't mind this is long. I'm probably one of the biggest fan of the show. Just like other fans, I sometimes defend them on msg boards and even posted here a blog by a fan that have a positive take on meeting Kate. Also, just like most of you I despise those people at GWOP and I feel that they are using the "child exploitation" thing to cover up their real motive to destroy this family which is simply jealousy about their success materially.

But lately I noticed something that is troubling me really. And it concerns Kate who some of us admire because of her organizational skills and some more. I just feel that after watching the show lately, it seems she has changed a lot and sadly not for the better.

First, she has become so unbearable to watch lately because of the way she humiliates her husband regularly. She berates him for interrupting her like he is a mere five year old. And yet she is the one who interrupts him the most and in a way as if she is intentionally trying makes him look like a very stupid person. Often she corrects his grammar, pronunciation, his use of certain words and even the way he breaths. On the "Big Move" epi. she berates him for not using a coupon in a very humiliating manner. She is also shown on the same epi. barking orders (about the kids clothing) as if he is just her MISERABLE SLAVE... even yelling at him in a very stern voice "DID YOU HEAR ME".

On the "Soup and Surprise" epi. she scolds him on something so insignificant and in a very degrading manner (just after helping her with the dishes) and yelling at him not wanting him around near her in the kitchen as if he is a DOG being shoos away. I can go on and on with this but the bottom line is I think SHE IS GETTING WORST. And I must say I really really felt sorry for the guy while watching all of this.

I know you'll say it's editing but I don't think you can edit what isn't there. J&K (on interview and FAQ epi.) even admitted that 99% of what we see is real. What I'm saying is if they have this footage of her bahavior on just a few hours of filming each week, it's probably worst than this during the rest of the week when cameras aren't around. Also, if we see Jon caught on film being humiliated in front of his kids sometimes, there's probably instances where the kids witnessed their father being treated much much worst.

Second, it's very obvious that she isn't the same Kate anymore that doesn't care about fashion. Lately, she has turned into a diva that wears high heals to go to a farm (to get the puppies), looks very tanned and wearing something as if she is going to address the United Nations. She is also very thin now as if trying to be the next Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Not that there's something wrong with this but it just shows that she is becoming just like the vain and shallow people in Holywood.

Along with this outward changes, she has become so heartless in treating other people as well. On the latest episode she nonchalantly insulted the breeder who she said is bla bla blai ing on her ear. On "Home Sweet Home epi. she went on and on about how filthy the fridge and the house is with total disregard for the ex owner's reputation who she implied as total slobs. On the latest epi, she just talked and talked non stop while Jon just sat there hardly making any comment because he knows that just the slightest interruption will result in another humiliation on National TV.

Baby Mama said...

Mary~ I appreciate your comments. Its important to remember that rumors start on those blogs and they are assumed to be as fact. I saw Kate recently myself and she said to me that she went to call Jon on a bathroom break to say goodnight to him and the kids. This was right before Valentines day. So I can tell you personally that on that day, he was home with the kids. So what your hearing is not true. Also, and I'm assuming your new to my blog, that Kates personality is for both good and bad, the reason the show is a hit along with the kids.

With that being said so what, Jon took a pic in a bar. Is he not allowed to go to a bar and let off some steam? OK so I'd smack my husband too for being so stupid, cause you forget that's gonna roll onto every site there is, but give the poor guy a break. I'm concerned that your reading too much into all this. Take rumors with a grain of salt, and realize that money and fame DO change people. Does that make them bad people for taking advantage of their fame especially in this economy to secure their families future? Are we forgetting how much college costs times 8? No one is making excuses for her. She is a human being who I personally feel is being made into a monster simply because she takes all the things given to her that we would all kill for and her personality is what is is and she makes no excuses for it. I'm still a fan though!

Minnie~Knits said...

First off, I must admit I hope the haircut doesn't "catch on". My opinion ONLY, it is hideous...I think the stripes of blonde and brown make it just awful!
It's one of those haircuts where you look back at photos, 10 years later, and say "WTH was I thinking!?!" LOL

Ok as to your insomnia, try exercising, but not right before bed, it'll get you too pumped up and WIDE awake! Do like Kate does, hit the treadmill first thing in the morning. That's what I do, (although I was doing it long before Kate invented it, heh heh) and it really balances out my day, gets me in a rhythm, and I noticed I sleep easier at night.

Ok ok I don't run for 2 hours (lord to be Kate Gosselin?!?) but 1 hour is more than enough for me!!!


Denise said...

I am sure you know how to check IP codes but in case you can't I AM NOT MARY!!!!!


Sugar Queens Dream said...

I love your sight and will link up with it soon! I love this show and the entire family! Its a wonderful sign for the world watching that this is a happy and honest family. Kate and Jon are very good parents and I so enjoy watching- will hate the day the show ends.....

Dina said...

BabyMama, try taking melatonin, its a natural sleeping aide, you dont want to take for too long as your body will get immune to it, but it works to get your body back on a sleeping schedule.

Now about Kates cute, I dont like Kate's hair either. I think she needs to either let it grow out or cut it short.

Cathy said...

Great quiz.. I haven't figured out who's who on the tups..I guess I should pay more attention, now our 10 year old can tell who's who.. I just have never mental noted it. I will tonight.

Dina said...

The quiz was fun. I got 100% :)

CBB said...

I LOVE dogs and was looking forward to this eisode. Of course I had my bulldog before my baby so he is the potty trained one in our house ;) Anyhoo here's my 2 cents...
the blah blah blah comments: IMO Kate was making fun of herself. Saying she wasn't listening well enough because she figured she didn't need to know what he was saying but then in turn had to call him back multiple times to ask questions, ie should have listened the first time.
On another note I am very impressed that an organized self proclaimed germ-a-phobe would even be willng to get two BIG dogs and let them inside. I say woo-hoo for her, that's a loving Mom to jump in with both feet for your kids wishes (even if they are sarcastic feet)

Teresa said...

Baby Mama - You are a famous lady... Although you are being called Big Mama :) . It mostly a hate blog, but they let us non-haters make comments. It is a lot of fun... Gets kinda heated sometimes. Check it out:

Shelly said...

Loved the quiz, thanks Baby Mama. I left a little What a Joke comment for Jessica (the writer) on the comment section of the article. Some people really irk me.

Teresa, I too read the retroblog. I metioned to the few fans over there to come here for a relaxing chat about J&K. I would like to choke "Lisa". She posted a link over there when the house went on the market, trying to prove the house was over priced. The website was over 3 years behind. I put my address in and it still showed the tree filled empty lot. My house has been here for 3 years. I tried to call her out on it, but like a normal hater, she side stepped it. But, what else would we expect.

Teresa said...

Shelly said...
Loved the quiz, thanks Baby Mama. I left a little What a Joke comment for Jessica (the writer) on the comment section of the article. Some people really irk me.

Teresa, I too read the retroblog. I metioned to the few fans over there to come here for a relaxing chat about J&K. I would like to choke "Lisa". She posted a link over there when the house went on the market, trying to prove the house was over priced. The website was over 3 years behind. I put my address in and it still showed the tree filled empty lot. My house has been here for 3 years. I tried to call her out on it, but like a normal hater, she side stepped it. But, what else would we expect.

March 4, 2009 6:34 PM

Yes, Shelly I remember your response. Lisa is "chokable" at times. Just very stubborn and very "focus" on hating Kate, but harmless.

Have you been reading "retro" lately. I'm there all the time reading and once in a while put in my 2 cents just to remind them that I am there :) .It gets wackier and wackier by the day. Some of those women are totally out of control.

Anyhow, when Lisa posted the link to zillow, I also commented to let her know that it was just an estimate.

I like it so much better here...

Shelly said...

No, I have not been on that sight in a while. I need to go poke around so Lisa doesn't think I died. HEHE!

Baby Mama said...

So many people have sent me info about this Lisa person, apparently she is everywhere spewing her Gospel of crazy. Do you think that this is the same person? I can't imagine how scary it would be if these are all different people!

Shelly said...

Baby Mama,

It is the same person. Her and her sister started their own blog about all the TLC shows and Bad Girls Club and a few others. The only people they like are the Roloffs. Which they are likable people also, but in the same respect, they to are profiting on their unique situation. So, I do not see how it is different. Lisa is a real piece of work.