Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally! Jon & Kate's Big Move....A fan Meets Kate in Chicago

Hello Gosselin fans! I was so exhausted last night, I watched the repeated episode of this at midnight with one eye open. I guess Kate being on Larry King overshadowed my excitement for seeing the new house. But here we are, isn't this what everyone has been waiting for? A show with them just being home and seeing their everyday lives and doing NOTHING? Then why do I wish they would just go somewhere and do something? And more imprtantly, why is this no longer enough for anyone anymore?

This episode truly had only one thing or maybe two that the hate blogs would be all up in arms over. Lets start off in the beginning when Kate welcomes everyone into their new home. Can you smell the jealousy? Its truly hard to enjoy a place that big when its so empty and not yet a home. We got to see the kids packing, Kate freaking about dirt (which I looovvve) and poor Alexis getting the short end of the stick for running on boxes. Poor Jon is trying to pack while Kate is away. Thank goodness they were smart enough to hire some sort of moving company. We tried that ourselves once and vowed NEVER to do it again. If that was my husband I swear he would do nothing and wait till I got home. Anyway since there's obviously no rush on the move they take little by little what needs to be brought. When they get to the house we get to see what people claim is a new refrigerator.I swear I spit my drink out when I saw that, because I knew that was the 1st think the snarkers will fume about. Its it really new or were the panels just taken off the old one? Who cares, the kids finally venture out and learn that they truly can be off by themselves and have their own spaces now. There not used to the openness yet, as most of them still all play in the same room.

Ahh, when Kate gets started these are the moments I love. Shes freaking out again, this time over using a coupon for a $50 shower head. Now you KNOW that since the episode was pretty quiet this is gonna be the major headline: KATE WITH $5 STARBUCKS LENTI COMPLAINS ABOUT COUPONS! Well let me start by saying my drinks cost alot too. I also would be pissed my husband spent $50 on a shower head and I too would force his behind back to the store. How the heck can we all afford Starbucks if we don't skimp on other things! And for the record, I too saved $20 on some sheets at BBB. They even take expired ones! (Don't ever go there without one) Remember people, the richest are so because they are the BIGGEST coupon clippers! TRUST. So now its time to see the cute boys exploring their new backyard and I think poor Joel falling & pulling up his pants again. But nobody in blog land can enjoy that, they're too busy complaining about how their are so much in despair while Kate is complaining about a coupon.......Why dwell, and why can't anyone just be happy for this family? And when is Alexis going to get her own spin off show?

A Fans Story on Meeting Kate This weekend at Willow Creek Church~ By Laura T.

"My day began at 5:30 when my alarm went off! I got ready for the day and my friend picked me up at 6:30. We arrived at the church around 8am.The church was beautiful and big. I have never seen such a big church in my life, and it was gorgeous. We sat down near the front of the church, in the middle. We wanted to make sure we had a perfect view of Kate! The service began with singing, complete with piano, drums, guitar and backup singers. It was a wonderful, contemporary experience. About 20 minutes into the service, Kate was introduced and she came out looking stunning! She was wearing an above the knee red suit, black heels and the typical Kate haircut! I must say she looked better in person than she does on television. She is more petite in real life than she does on the show! The church played the Season 3 opening sequence as an introduction. The theme for the past month at this church was “Families at their Best.” Kate was the finale to this series. The theme of the interview was about how God helped her and Jon through all of their struggles.

She reiterated many points that she talked about in Multiple Blessings. She was very charismatic and funny. She talked about when she was at her first ultrasound with her second pregnancy. Throughout this conversation, the church would play clips from the show. The first one they showed was when Jon and Kate went out to eat for Valentine’s Day. The sextuplets were still little. Anyway, this clip highlighted all of the screaming children, potty training, dirty diapers, and finally getting out of the door! It ended with Jon and Kate at the restaurant ordering their food and having one of their normal fights. Anyway, the interviewer asked how Jon and Kate have stayed a strong couple. She replied that the kids are on a strict schedule and they try to use each minute as it comes. She said they try to use moments when they are checking email and so on. She said that when they are alone, they try to talk about the day and what their arguments were and how they can fix them, like any normal couple!

Another interesting thing she talked about was giving. She said that once she moved into the house where the show has been filmed for a long time, that they were able to start saving money. She said that there was this one family that her sister had spoke about who was going through a rough time. The father lost his job and was trying to support 4 children. Well, Kate and Jon thought it would be nice to write them a check. Kate kept putting it off because she kept thinking that her 8 children could have used the money. But, one day she wrote the check, and ran it out to the mailbox. In the mailbox was a box with a red ribbon around it. As she was running back to the house (because her 8 toddlers were in the house) she opened up the box, and there was a Sam’s Club gift card in the exact amount she wrote the check for. She said it was amazing how God provided for her, and it was good that she could help another family, just as those helped her.

She also spoke about the feeding schedule when the sextuplets were just born. She talked about how it was the hardest part for her as a mother, to give up her babies to other people, so they could be fed. The babies had to be fed, and then they had to sit up for a while after, so they wouldn’t get indigestion. She said it was the start of being less controlling, because she knew it was in her babies best interest; they needed to be fed!

Kate mentioned the guilt she felt as a mother after the six were born towards Cara and Mady. She knew she no longer had the time she used to have with them. She related this guilt to a normal sized family who just added one baby into the mix. Cara and Mady now had six brothers and sisters and their parents had to take care of them. She said that often, volunteers would come over and play with Cara and Mady, while other volunteers were feeding the babies. She wanted her oldest girls to feel loved and needed too.

Before too long, the interview was over, and Kate left the stage. I quickly left the service and got in-line for the book signing. I had to pass my book to one person, my camera too another, and then I got to walk up to the table where Kate was. I tried to pose for a picture, which did turn out, but I am not satisfied. I was so nervous, but I told Kate that I love the show, I love her family. I thanked her twice for coming here, and we made eye contact and she said “Thank You.” I could have died. I was extremely happy. I ended up buying another book so I could get another book signed. The next time I spoke to her, the lady behind me handed her 6 books at once! I just said, “I bet your getting used to this unfortunately.” She replied in a friendly tone, “Yes I am,” and smiled.

I am so glad that I had such a positive experience. She is just as nice as she is on the show, maybe even nicer! Now when I watch her on television and she says how grateful she is for all of the things her family receives, I know she is speaking from the heart. I’ll be watching the show from now on with an even more positive outlook than I started with!"


3KMOM said...

I didn't know Kate was going to be on Larry King. I looked on his site and he doesn't show a video just a commentary of tips. Can u tell us how the interview went?

3KMOM said...

ok i scrolled down and found it. i just wish i could see the actual video. i did find this though


BEE said...

Thanks for posting another fan's great experience meeting Kate!!

I really like last nights episode. It was very "normal" to me. It stirred the wanting to move itch inside of me and yet made be grateful that I wasn't the one living out of boxes!! I do have to say that I was suprised that Kate was not more organized with the move. Watching her rummage through their old house, trying to find boxes for bedding etc, made me anxious! I can't imagine her stress level!!

And then seeing the new house with stuff just everywhere, I couldn't cope! I can completely relate to what she said about their lives being taken apart shred by shred. That is what moving feels like to me as well!

I LOVED seeing the kids run around outside, exploring their new digs. I am so thrilled for them and that they can run and hide, play in the dirt and just have room!!

I can't wait to see what new furniture they buy, and they will need to purchase quiet a bit!

I hope they are enjoying thier home! They deserve it!

Amy said...

It was nice seeing them moving. As most of it know it can be a rather stressful time. I thought it was funny that the kids found running across the boxes was so fun but as a parent I know I'd be upset too. All the kids would've been on time out though. If I don't know who did the crime and fingerpointing starts all go on time out. I'm not knocking Jon though. He was in the middle of a move and did yell at all of them. I felt bad for lil Joel when he fell on the rock but said he falls everyday. Darn accident pron kids lol. I didnt even notice the fridge but I too was watching the rerun. Very sleepy. Not that I blame them I would not want my food in moldy places ughh!

cali-mom said...

I feel asleep before I got to see the episode. I'm anxious to watch it tonight (DVR) Thank you for posting another fans' meeting, it was nice to hear those great things she said and the great things Kate said.

Great picture too! thanks!

my2girls said...

Kate did great on Larry King!! I love her!

denise said...

I enjoyed the episode very much. My 2 girls would have jumped and walked all over those boxes too! What kid wouldn't! Also, I got the 'joke' Kate made when inviting the 'world' into her home. She said something like, 'oh, so faceitous, so wrong'. It was obvious that it was intended to be a joke, but editing it for commercials made it seem like bragging. She strikes me as having a dry sense of humor. So does Jon.
I could care less about a fridge. Sometimes you just want your own clean unused appliance. I bet she would have taken her old one if it fit because she knew it was really clean. And seeing Jon doing all his chores further shows how grounded they still seem to be.

Shelly said...

Love the episode, love the house. It cracked me up watching Jon put on the shower head they have had since they married. Just shows that it's not about the money. Kate flipping on Jon over the coupon, that is so me. My hubby is not allowed to shop. LOL! He thinks the more expensive the better. Did everyone notice Kate's stack of receipts? You don't get those without actually buying something. Hmmm, everything isn't free.

I do think the frig was new, because it sticks way out past the cabinets. I hope it was, because my food would not be in the old one. Ugh! Bleached or not, that is all I would have thought of.

Paula said...

The kids were really great this episode. Alexis asking why they were looking at them, the boys and the shoes, the kids running and falling and having a great time. I wish them well and hope they can enjoy it without the craziness.

Baby Mama said...

3KMOM~I just posted the Larry King Kate interview on yesterdays blog. You just need to scroll down. Its not the whole thing, but its most of it. Kate didn't get to speak that much, but she looked great! I'm mad that I just didn't watch the full episode instead!

PonyGirl said...

First of all, I Love Kate. Anyone who has ever read any of my posts would know that.

But I did kind of cringe at her reaction to the no coupon situation. I was just sitting there the whole time. Like telling her "ok calm down...calm down..."

But I noticed that I over react to things like that sometimes too which is why it probably made me feel so uncomfortable to see someone acting exactly how I have acted before.

I really do think that's why so many women feel like Kate is so relatable. We all have our moments and some of us have freak outs just like that. :)

I thought it was sad that when Hannah tried to tell Jon that the boys were on the boxes too he told her to be quiet. I know he was stressed.

I love Alexis!

Joel was so cute when he went "I fall every day." :)

I just keep thinking it’s going to be so weird to see them in this new house from now on… Exciting yes but so weird.

Kendal said...

With global warming and over population I think having this many children is irresponsible. I don't suppose you thought about how much crap, literally you added to the landfills? How many resources your family is using up? I wonder if you didn't get all the free stuff, all the attention would you and your husband been able to pay for all the expenses? The only people I applaud for such large families are those that adopt kids already here and needing a home, especially those that adopt the children no one else wants yet I don't see them getting free houses and TV shows.

Lesley said...

Kendall, you are on a Fan Site.

Negativity breeds Negativity....

Have a nice day, and God Bless.

cali-mom said...

Loved the episdoe, I missed seeing Maddy & Cara though?
I laughed at the coupon thing, that was sooo Kate!! lol

One more thing I wanted to mention, people have referred to there new house as a "mansion" it surely is a HUGE house, but mansion by no means. :)

momoffour said...

I visit both your site and the GWOP site. I am on the fence about JK8 right now. I have followed since the beginning and enjoyed it at first. Being a parent of four children, a set of twins in there, I learned a lot from Kate, how to act and how not to act. I do see both sides of each website however. I am a bigger fan of the early seasons. I found them to be very relatable and very realistic. Since the hair transplant, teeth whitening episodes, they started losing my interest. I do still watch in hopes of learning more from Kate. I hope that in the new house, they find their way back to the earlier seasons, but I have some lingering doubts about that. Also, I am starting to feel like the kids are being over-exposed. In light of the new octuplets and the mom seeking $$$ for her story, I started viewing JK in that same way. While I enjoy the show overall, I have mixed emotions for the wellbeing of the Gosselin children.

Teresa said...

I must confess that I go over to the “dark side” to read the laughable, ridiculous, not to mention sick things that people write. I used to get angry and all worked up about it, but no more… I just laugh. They are so friggin’ desperate to make people hate Kate, and feel sorry for Jon, and oh, poor Aunt Jodi… because that is what it is all about. They don’t give a crap about the kids… They just USE them as an excuse.

They things they say:
- OMG,what is under the blue tarp?
- OMG, Kate kinda, sorta, maybe, I think, might’ve hinted this or that…
- OMG, on that one episode, I don’t remember which one it was, but I clearly remember word by word and step by step that Kate said this or that and did this or that…
- OMG,I read somewhere, I don’t remember when or where, but remember word by word that Kate did or said this or that…
- OMG, human beings actually like the show. THEY MUST BE ALIENS!!!
- OMG, what is under the blue tarp? OH, I HAD SAID THAT ALREADY… OOOPS!
I could go on and on…

And the things they do:
- Dig up the Kate’s Nursing licensing information and ask people to keep an eye on it… AND DO WHAT WITH IT.
- Write the sponsors… OMG, I received an auto-reply email that they get lots of emails (all about J&K-mind you) but they are looking into this problem… Yippy, they are pulling their sponsorship!!! NOT!
- Write the churches… OMG, one of the pastors emailed back and told me to mind my own business… HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!
Again, I could go on and on…

It really cracks me up how they hate this show so much, but watch it all the time. Even re-runs…

Thanks for letting me vent.

BTW - I love this blog!!!

Shelly said...

Kendal, when you have fertility problems, then and only then can you say multiples are irresponsible. The mother in cali, in my opinion has been less then rational. However, until you have walked in the shoes of an infertal couple, you have no idea how they feel. By the way, the house was not free!

Momoffour, If you hang on the dark side, then you will become one. Teresa's post said it all about the gwoppers. Also, the cali mom is not the Gosselin's. I do not condone her actions, but the asking of money for her story has been unfounded. She has hired a PR firm, which is pretty much a dead give away that she is seeking fame.

momoffour said...

For me, visiting both websites keeps it real. I am not going to cross over to the dark side by reading GWOP because I am not a JK Hater, nor will I become a deluded lover of JK by reading this one. As I stated earlier, I am on the fence about JK. I enjoyed and appreciated the earlier seasons of the show, but as of late, I am finding the show to be unrelatable. It no longer seems like a reality show, it seems more celebrity like.
Also, regarding the octuplets mom, while the specifics of a monetary deal have yet to be disclosed, it WILL happen. Similar to that of JK, TLC proposed the deal, JK took it and have been financially successful. I don't judge either family for making that decision, if that is what they feel is the right decision for their family. However, I don't want other people to follow in this path, hoping to do the same, as it will not always work out for everyone.
Respectfully, MomofFour

Shelly said...

You are so correct about people purposely trying this to be famous. I am dismayed about the cali mom. Not to mention the Doctor, that did this. I said on another post, that I think there is something extremely fishy about that whole deal. In my opinion, I think we will all be shocked when the whole story comes out.
But, I was in no means trying to be disrespectful to you. I just think that there is a lot of untruths and un-founded conclusions on the other site. Which on several occassions they have been proved wrong and try sidestep the situation.

BereanBabe said...

I went to see Kate at Willow Creek on Saturday with my husband. We thought she was nervous at the beginning of the interview. This church holds over 7000 and it was packed. She was funny and very real. We will continue to watch and enjoy the show.