Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stepping Into Kates Shoes, EW's Stomach Knot, Kates Spa Day

Hello Gosselin fans! Every once in a while I try to ask people to put themselves in Jon & Kate's shoes for a minute. I personally do this alot because I could only imagine what the trolls would say if they saw a few days in MY shoes. If any of us got a camera following us and saw the way some we talk to people. Today I went ballistic at Stop N Shop when I saw my kooky husband giving the baby some CoCoa Puffs to quiet her down. We are literally 2 isles away from the baby section were he could at least have given her some wheat puffs. But nooo. So my tiny, not-so-petite behind almost jumped on a 6'2" man. Cause now my big one also wanted some CoCoa Puffs and the kids are screaming over them at a supermarket. It wasn't until we got home and he refused to speak to me that I just said "yeah glad that wasn't on TV".

Regardless if I had a rough day it isn't until bed that I felt terrible and tried to apologize. I know Jon & Kate have talked alot about how great it is when the kids go to bed, that they have the time to talk and get the day off their chest. And though those are the things I wish others could see, perhaps more hugging and snuggling before bed, it probably wouldn't even matter at this point. Were not entitled to know, and the trolls would just thing it was more staged damage control anyway. But if it was me, Id let you guys in & watch that I tried to make amends, and we really do love each other. But I would NOT let you see me in my jammies (lol).

Entertainment Weekly Gets Bombarded With Trolls

Entertainment has always loved and supported the show by writing several great articles. This one got the trolls panties in a bunch when they wrote a less-than stellar article and how Kate yelling at Jon over the coupon got their stomachs in a knot. And while everyone is entitled to their opinion, the trolls flooded that board like ants at a picnic. I swear they search out the articles before I do! How is it that the haters get to this stuff even before me? Anyway the questions was whether we still love Kate anyway. I know I do!

Q&A With Kate: Guilty Pleasures..Faith Interviewed Kate via e-mail during the Indianapolis Home Show. Its actually the most open shes been in a while with the usual boring interviews! (lol)

Q: Is it lonely being the mom of eight kids? Do you have time for female friendships?
A: Lonely is not a way I would ever describe my life — that is for sure! I don’t have time for friends in the traditional way but I do keep in touch with my friends as best as I can.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: I go to the spa once a month. That is a recent tradition I have started for myself to incorporate relaxation into my life. It’s something I don’t have much of!

More New Kate Gosselin Articles!

The Kate gets in-depth on how the Octuplets Mom is feeling. Kate says that she does everything the same that she always has and that's BUDGET! Take that economy! Kate says Octuplets mom may have gone too far!


MoreCowbell said...

How is it that the haters get to this stuff even before me?

I believe the phrase you're looking for is "unhealthy obsession?" Or "a couple fries short of a Happy Meal." Oh hell, let's just call it like it is. Bitter, hateful, trolls.

I mean, seriously, how miserable is your existence that you spend all your free time obsessing about someone or something you claim to hate so much? It's mind boggling....and really, really creepy.

Oh, and I don't blame you about the Cocoa Puffs. Guys don't think. All they want is instant gratification. He knew the Cocoa Puffs would satisfy the baby, but didn't think of the ramifications, meaning, what was going to happen when the other child saw what was going on. Commence public meltdown!

Here's my "I'm so glad I wasn't on TV" moment. My son and I were at the mall. He was about 2 years old. He saw the merry go round with the cute horses that kiddies could ride on. Well, we didn't have time to stop and go for a ride and he threw an absolute fit. Kicking, screaming, etc. I picked him up and hurried toward an exit. Well, somehow he wriggled so much that his head was under one of my arms and he bit me on the fleshy under side of the upper arm. HURT LIKE HELL. So, what did I do? I set him down, picked up his arm and bit him back. Not hard enough to break the skin or leave much of a mark, but enough that he stopped in mid scream and just stared at me as if to say, "I cannot believe you just did that."

You know what? He never bit anyone or anything again. He also never threw a public tantrum again.

Go ahead, "advocates." Report me. I'll have fun watching DSS try and shove a 21 year old in their car. Maybe they can fork over the money for his college tuition instead of me.

Steve, Kelly and Brian said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog! I love that there is someone out there defending Kate and the show. Of course I don't think Jon and Kate are perfect, but I know I'm certainly not and neither is anyone I know. I love me some Jon and Kate Plus 8!!

This is off topic, but I have a few questions that you might know the answers to (or a fan reading this might know). My sister and I were arguing about whether some of the tups are identical. She says because Kate was pregnant with four sacs, that would mean 2 sets of identical twins in the tups. I don't know much about multiples, I though maybe someone else would know. I can't imagine any of them are identical, they are all adorably different looking to me. And then my next, completely unrelated question is, where is the new house? Did J&K move to NC like the rumors were saing or did they stay in PA? Just curious!

Thanks again for your great blog, keep it up. J&K have plenty of fans out there!

Anonymous said...

In response to the identical twins question. I have heard Kate state on a Q&A show that the sextuplets are fraternal, as well as Maddie and Cara. Has anyone else heard this?

Shelly said...

To answer your question. No, none of them are identical. She actually had seven sacs and 1 did not develop. The show they taped of "How did we get here", they show you the sonogram, where you can see all of the sacs.

And yes they are in PA.

MoreCowbwell, I can always count on you for a good laugh. You make my day.

Turid said...

Thank you for having this blog!! I'm so glad that there are still someone who are defending the Gosselins!! I really enjoy their show, and I don't think that anyone can imagine how it is to live their lives.

Minnie~Knits said...

I was happy when I first found your blog, but now it seems all the focus is on "what the haters will say".
"What the haters will say" is the REASON for GWOP. It shouldn't be the reason for THIS blog!
By talking about the hatespeak, you are actually promoting it, whether or not you mean to.
Can't we have a blog without using the world hate. Just one. I am begging you.

Lesley said...


The mention of the "other" blog is done in reference only.

Baby Mama has her blog open for us all to contribute and comment. I stress the word ALL. She allows any comment to be left here, minus the truly negative ones that GWOP'ers spew so freely. This courtesy is not extended over at GWOP.

I understand what you are saying, however to compare this blog to the OTHER one is RIDICULOUS.

This is Baby Mamas baby don't have to like it.

Baby Mama said...

Lesley, your so sweet I want to pinch your cheeks. I love a girl that knows what I'm all about here.....
Minnie~knits, sometimes I get angry & frustrated about how others are attacking this poor family on other sites. This the reason I started this blog. Originally it was just for myself to vent, but I love the family of bloggers here and value all opinions. I replaced my haters word just for you. But keep in mind that this is MY blog. And If I need to vent on someone or some blog I will....

"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. "

SheCraftZ said...

hello :) can i ask you something may be you can tell me how, i would like to send kate some earrings i make for valentines since i know she loves wearing earrings, but i don't know where to send them, so where can i get her address or the producers address and know for sure it's going to reach her..

also i would like to tell all the people that are very cruel that she is a woman, and any woman in a normal position would have her down times and stress so imagine Kate with triple the stress :(((

Baby Mama said...

The fan addresses over at TLC are generic and I'm not sure if they or anything sent there will actually get to her. Send a note over to and see if Kate will respond and give to a better place to send them. Make the title of the e-mail VERY specific, as she deletes any spam or hate mail before she even opens it.

Vicki said...

Jon and Kate..what a beautiful couple and what beautiful children.I don't judge them at all. I love this family and all I wish is that they realize that they can rebuild their relationship and be a family again.I hope that they find that life is really short and what they all need is each other, and that they learn from their mistakes and move on. Not to worry about what anyone says. I love this family!