Friday, February 6, 2009

Jon Visits Penn State, P&G & Kmart Keep Kate As Their Spokesperson, Watch "The Big Move" Here!

Hello Gosselin fans! Its super cold and I hope that everyone is starting their weekend snuggling and trying to keep warm. If your blessed to be in a warmer climate don't tell me because I'm too jealous! All this talk about the octopus woman on TV is giving me a headache. The baby isn't sleeping through the night again, and I just cant fathom 6 like this...I want to shoot myself....And I know, that that expression is not a nice once, but I used it purposely. There some blogging as to the outcry over Kate using that expression on the house Episode. I never even heard it until someone went on and on about it. Please give me a break. Does this mean we are getting our guns out now?

Jon Visits Penn State Saturday For The Asian Pacific American Caucus

Jon & Kate appearances have come so fast & furious lately its hard for me to keep up. Tomorrow, or today depending on when your reading this, Jon will be speaking at Penn State to highlight Asian-American culture at the college. This was so cool and nice to hear and you can read about it HERE. You need college ID to enter from 6:30-9pm.

Kates Popularity Keeps Her As Spokesperson for both P&G & KMart

After the huge success of Kate Gosselin coming and opening Proctor & Gambles first temporary brand store in New York City recently called Brandsaver Live, they are keeping her as their spokesperson till at least June. The fans were thrilled, until we saw how BRANDFRAK was trying to put a rain on Kate's Parade by trying to put a negative spin on it. Both P&G & Kmart are both keeping Kate as their spokespeople due to the positive spin she put on their layaway program and will continue to feature her hopefully until late Spring. Her run was successful and their was nothing put postive reviews on how well she did her job. Its just a shame that these site have to have a comments section. You know what happens when trolls get bored.......

The Big Move Parts 1, 2 & 3

Ok, my goal will eventually have you be able to watch all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes here. I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but my mind is clicking... anyway, watch the 3 parts HERE!


Lesley said...

Busy weekend for Jon and Kate indeed. How cool is it that you have "The Big Move" here to be view. Kudos to you!

I must say that I am so tired of all the negative remarks & snark EVERYWHERE. I just don't get it.

I really wonder how Jon and Kate are able to not ponder on it. I give them mucho credit for living their lives, and doing things their way.

In the long run you can't please everyone anyways, right?

Thank you for giving your time to your blog. We All appreciate what you are doing. God bless you!

Teresa said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I had missed this episode on Monday...

How can anyone not be happy for them? It is obvious that they purchased this house with the kids in mind. Plenty of space both inside and out for them to spread out and explore. I think it is wonderful.

I don't blame Kate for being upset about the coupon. I for one, use coupons as much as possible. And for the trolls - I DON'T NEED TO.

It is hard to tell whether the fridge is new or if the panels where removed, but I honestly hope that they replaced it, since mold is very difficult to remove completely.

And to P&G & Kmart - Kudos to you.

Again and again, thanks for this blog, you are doing a fantastic job.

3KMOM said...

Yeah for Jon and Kate! I am so glad for them that their situation has worked out as well as it has. I mean it easily could have gone another way and they could be struggling a lot right now financially and other ways. So I am so glad that they have been blessed. I love seeing success stories and I am rooting them on. I wish nothing but the best for them! With so much suffering and hurt going on in the world it's nice to see a family who is thriving and happy.

FIONA said...

You do such a GREAT job keeping us informed. I appreciate you dedication to this blog.

MaryMac said...

I loved loved loved Kates reaction during the big move episode when someone warns her that there was liquid on the floor. She rolled out some paper towels, threw them on the floor, stepped on it and squiggled around. THEN just kicked it to the side!! LOVED IT!

Can y'all just picture her face if a few years ago someone would have shown her she would do that one day.
ROFL! Priceless.

Life is a learning journey for sure.

Nina Bell said...

Thanks for the info Baby Mama on Jon's speaking engagement. I wonder if there will be a follow-up article.

I think he should do more speaking. He actually has a nice way about him and a good sense of humor.

Anya said...

Nina Bell said...I think he should do more speaking. He actually has a nice way about him and a good sense of humor.

I agree. He is likeable and has a fun goofy sense of humor about him. With some of the coaching Kate has likely had, I think he could be an even better public speaker. Haters can say what they want, but I think it's pretty remarkable how far they have come considering this has happened in a short period of time. They have adapted well..

cmm5375 said...
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ilovej&kplus8 said...

Hey everyone! I love this website! I am a student at Penn State and I went to Jon's speech. It was so much fun, and he was great! He was really down to earth and had a great sense of humor. The style was that he went over the 10 most asked questions and then he answered questions that Penn State students had submitted. Then he did trivia about the show and gave out prizes (tshirts, their book, sunglasses, and signatures). He let girls come down and hug him and he was so easygoing with everyone. At the end, people started running down to get his autograph and it was mayhem! haha But he was so great about it and said he didn't care at all that almost 300 people were crowded around him! He told us we were the first group to hear about their two German Shepherd puppies that they got. One is named Nola and I forget the male dog. He did say that he is the stay at home dad now, and Kate is a businesswoman right now, promoting the book and everything else. There were a few other things, but if anyone wants to know anything just ask!