Monday, February 9, 2009

A Walk In The Woods.. More Jon & Kate Plus 8 Videos Soon! Eight Little Faces Book Excerpts

Hello Gosselin Fans! You know how it gets right after a new episode.. I have to resist the urge to slander the trolls for their usual "I promised myself I wouldn't watch, but I did" speech as well as resisting any urges to read how anyone looks for ways to rip apart & episode. Since i knew Kate was going to be away for this one, I was concerned that they would take the venom out on the kids. They decided to leave most of that for Jon instead. But isn't this what they all said they wanted? To see more "day in the life" episodes? For me personally I have gotten so spoiled seeing them do all these super cool things, I get really bored watching episodes like this. So I'm slightly more judgemental. These episodes are like the "filler" songs artists put on albums. You know they got the 4 top 10 hits, and the rest just stretch the time a bit.....

A Walk In The Woods was based more on Jon trying to take care of the kids while Kate's away. I love this man do I get super defensive when trolls start to bum rush him. He did NOT loose his temper, the kids were NOT being cranky because they were being forced to walk. NOT ALL KIDS LIKE THE WOODS. Mine certainly don't. Its not "so sad" or "horrible". If you watched you saw how great they were once they ate. Perhaps a small snack before the walk would have been better. I too am not an outdoors person, but that shouldn't have stopped Jon for at least attempt to take them out once and see the land. So the kids had a meltdown. It happens and you knew it was coming. So the trolls need to stop finding trivial mundane things to complain about and just know that kids are kids. Kids+sticks-sticks+no snack= cranky kids

I actually liked that Jon took the kids on the tractor individually and got to spend time with him. The kids seemed to love it and it ended the morning on a high note. I loved the Walkie-talkie idea and the kids having fun with that. But what loved the most was seeing each child after lunch doing their own thing. Some actually WANTED naps (holy cow!) and some wanted private time on the computer. I can see why a bigger house was so important to this family. Now I partially blame the crew for obviously making them interview late at night. Because you KNOW the trolls will start off with "Kate yawned and didn't touch Jon, the marriage is OVER." Please people. Have you no children or spouses? Or you truly live some perfect tribal life real people don't know about? (They also re-played the flu-episode when Joel was on the floor toinght and I agree 100% that Kate did the RIGHT thing there! I mean, minutes later he was back in their room and he threw up all over their rug! But him sleeping peacefully on the floor was NOT OK??) I admit Kate was tired tonight, but I don't think she knows what to say or do once shes not in a episode. Or had any sleep for that matter. But that's OK! I love me some Kate ;) But this was Jon's show, and I loved how her was able to make a ordinary day with the kids be fun. And he dressed them all by himself! (lol) And isn't that what we all wanted in the first place?

Alas, apparently all the fuss in blogger land isn't even about A Walk In The Woods, but rather next weeks episode. OMG! KATE GETS NEW APPLIANCES! Here we go again. Is Kate NOT allowed to furnish her house? Or is that just more jealousy stew to feed on for a week until next weeks episode? Favorite Part: Alexis having a blast on the trailer. Least Favorite Part: Feeling bad for Collin that he couldn't AND SHOULDN'T pick up at least 10 more sticks.....

Soup And Surprise Video Recap / NY Times Best Seller List

OK, until I figure out how I am going to get all of these on my site I'm just going to take requests. Since this episode was requested by a reader I am just adding it HERE from that episodes post until I can find one spot for all of them. I'm sorry but for this particular show I only found the first 10 minutes..... And FYI, Multiple Blessings shot back up to number 6 this week and the NY Times Best Seller List after an astonishing 14 weeks. Who said it wasn't going to last??

Eight Little Faces Book Excerpts

Thank you 3KMOM for sending the link for these! (You need Adobe Acrobat to view). 2 excerpts from their new book! HERE and HERE!

UPDATE: Due to an illness and scheduling conflict Kate will be at the Palisades Mall for her Book Signing in NY TOMORROW at 7pm instead of today.


Jenner7 said...

I really enjoyed this episode. Sure, there were meltdowns and punishments...but that's NORMAL. I can't wrap my head around the criticism that Jon was mean or cruel. Or that the kids cry too much. I wonder, do these people actually have children?!? lol

Minnie~Knits said...

I actually had a problem with Jon giving them tractor rides. We have that EXACT same tractor (well I believe it's the same, looks the same, same brand, size, etc) and there is a sticker right on it that says "DO NOT CARRY PASSENGERS". Very dangerous, IMO, because you cannot safely reach all the controls with a passenger.

Just my opinion, I cringed when I saw it. Accidents can happen; and I hope they don't!!!

Teresa said...

You're right Baby Mama, this is the kind of episode that the trolls love to "not watch" wink, wink. And somehow, without watching, they manage to tear it apart...

Kate looked totally exhausted. I know how she feels, since I used to be a "horrible mother" and travel as part of my job. It is not easy and far from glamorous.

The episode was great! Jon handled the kids like a true dad. J&K are fantastic parents, I don't care what anyone says. They are real!

cali-mom said...

I love J&K plus 8, I'm a huge fan of the Gosselins you all know that, but I thought this episode was boring.
I LOVED the excerpts from the new book, thanks for sharing.

JenMD2011 said...

I enjoyed watching the kids go outside and play as it seemed in their old house they were more confined to their driveway. Kids cry when they don't get to do exactly what they want to do. If anything, Jon did the right thing by not giving in to their demands. I know that I have learned to like things that at first I didn't want to do. I am very happy for them. And, for the "trolls" to have not watched, they came up with over 300 comments. That is pretty impressive.

Tonia said...

I put up a review, if anybody wants to check it out. I'm all about just enjoying the show, and I thought last night's was nice:

Teresa said...

As I've admitted before I do go over to the dark side to read their desperate posts, normally I just skim through them, but today, I am bored, so I read as many as I can before my stomach started to hurt from laughing... Anyhow, I noticed that there are people commenting every single minute that the show is on! Now, that is hilarious. And, oh my! they spotted the old fridge in the basement.
But let's keep in mind their mission is to expose J&K for exploiting their children. Who are they kidding? LMAO!

Jenmarie said...

This was definitely my least favorite episode. Jon and Kate were so not ready to even do an interview, and were a bit on edge.

The kids were adorable as always, but where were Mady and Cara?

I don't think Jon should've even attempted to take them into the woods on his own, and a light snack before (or even during their walk) would've been ideal.

I felt he was very harsh with them at times. He let everything get to him. Every parent has their moments, but it was sad to see sit there and watch it.

Great updates!

Beth said...

Not my favorite episode but not horrible either.

It was clear that Jon was not having a great Daddy day. But if anyone wants to really criticize him for it then I say that is just silly. We all have days were we lose our temper, know we could of handled things better etc. Actually, seeing them not be "perfect" parents is inspiring and mean I an not the only parent with flaws...phew!

It is nice to know that the kids now have the space to run about. They have a great piece of property!

I too liked seeing Jon take the kids on tractor rides. My dad taught me how to drive on tractors when I was about the tups age and I loved the special one on one time with my dad. My kids LOVE tractor rides with daddy or grandpa! Jon seemed to be careful, not going to fast, letting the kids "drive" but keeping a close on eye on them etc.

It is too funny to see that huge house with no furniture in it! I can't wait to see them decorate it!!

LOVED the excerpts from Eight Little Faces...I can't wait to get it!

Also, did I miss the new appliance episode?

Beth said...

I haven't posted in a few days, but my new screen name is Beth, it was BEE.


3KMOM said...

I actually liked this episode for the simple fact that we got to see a "normal" day for them. I like those episodes of seeing the logistics of handling that many doing a normal everyday thing like taking a walk in the woods near their house. I didn't think the tractor issue was a big deal. My parents live in the country and take my kids on rides on the mower all the time and their grandpa used to take my oldest for rides on his tractor before he died. I don't think it's an issue b/c its not like it wasn't a stranger you aren't sure you can trust doing that, it was their dad and I'm sure he was very careful.

Theresa said...

I always thought BEE was comforting because there is no other BEE. :) Beth. I have to get used to it. :)

I think it's funny how people say they didn't like an episode because it was boring or too much whining. Guess what? That's life. Kids whine (although, I think the camera really picks it up and they edit that stuff in more).

I agree 3KMOM. It was a a normal day and I think it's neat to see that.

Teresa, totally agree with you on J&K being fantastic parents. They are indeed real. And, I think it takes a special pair to rear 8 kids and have that special dynamic both as a couple and as a family.

Baby Mama said...

BEE~ How could you change?? I love you, but I need to see my BEE! (lol) I will forgive you though! The appliance episode is next week, and the previews have got people buzzin! (ugh..see that was a pun and it wasn't good)

Tonya~ Loved your mini re-cap. Can you do one every week so I can post it? No one wants to see my boring non-snarky reviews. I wish I was funny or clever, but I'm not (lol)

JenMarie~ Mady & Cara were at school. Jon said at the end they were about to come home. Alot of people used to say that they wanted to see more of what the family does when the kids were at school. Well we got it, and it wasn't so exciting..but most of our days aren't!

UGH UPDATE: Kate rescheduled her appearance (apparently due to a home illness?) and now I'm trying to reschedule my life here to make it. Will I be able to run from work to meet her? Will the baby stop crying so my head wont explode? Will my husband not drive me crazy long enough to write this post?? Tune in tomorrow to find out! (lol)

Sandy Salas said...

I have been reading both blogs for quite awhile now...yours and "theirs." And while I don't 100% agree with either one, I will say that it can be entertaining. I used to think you were very dignified but somehow the statements you are currently making about the "trolls" kind of gets my back up. It seems very undignified...and I have kind of come to expect much more from you.

On a side note, I did actually quit watching this show long ago. For my sanity and because I remembered all the wonderful Monday night shows that come on, like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Heroes. I just read the blogs every so often to catch up with the kids and see what new controversy everyone has come up with.

Keep defending and standing up for what you believe in. You do make some valid points.

Nina Bell said...

Baby Mama

Sorry today was a tough day for you. Hope tomorrow works out for you.


It is going to be hard to think about you as Beth now. I am so use to Bee. But I will give it my best shot.

Baby Mama said...

Sandy~thank you for the post. Sometimes I myself question my frustration and anger and it sometimes bleeds onto the page. I am trying to work hard on not giving what I sometimes receive. I hope you come back and visit us again!

CBB said...

Hey BabyMama - thanks for posting a video for me...You are fabulous!
The first 10 minutes was great b/c the stove is what I was wanting to see since I had read about it but wasn't sure what happened exactly and eek - I too have set a wet lid on my glass top before - glad it's hasn't shattered for me.

BEE said...

Ok, Ok, I will go back to using BEE. I have two accounts and I accidentally posted using the "other" account yesterday

Nice to see all the love, thanks!

BabyMama, hope you get to see Kate! Have you ever met/seen her in person before?

BEE said...

I wanted to add, that long ago I use to post on various blogs using Beth as my screen name and a few people accused me of being Beth Carson...that is why I switched...don't you just love people!

Theresa said...

Yay! BEE is back!

Although, you could've used BEEth too. :)

Watching Dr. Phil now. He is fired up.

Tonia said...

I caught Sandy Salas' comment, and I agree. I love seeing peoples' reactions to the show and recaps and such, but it bothers me a lot readers and bloggers alike feel like they have to defend things all the time. I wish there were a place to just to read about people enjoying the show, who aren't constantly about what others are saying. I really enjoy the show, so all the drama around here taints that a bit.

That being said, I do enjoy the idea of the blog and that it keeps up with news and updates. Definitely keep it up.