Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Mama Mourns Memories, Pick & Choose Episodes? Soup & No Surprise

Hello Gosselin Fans! Did you miss me? This was the longest I had been away since Disney. Its been a rough day. My computer got a virus and so did I. But only I recovered. Basically, the kids had watched me do "System Restore" on the family computer a few times. So when their game froze, they tried to do the same. But they hit F10 instead and erased the ENTIRE computers hard drive (different restore), wiping out about 1,000 photos and a hundred videos including the birth of the baby and the Christening. I was hysterical and the "kids" that work at Best Buy mourned my loss.

My husband feeling the pain purchased both an external hard drive and a memory card reader. We are praying every day that one of the junky image recall discs can get back anything from the memory card we used. Apparently to get back the image off the hard drive cost hundreds. All of this happening right after the Holidays. So keep your prayers with us! Snapfish seems to be my only Godsend at the moment because I remembered I uploaded alot there. (Yes, I have hard copies of alot of photos, but it's the videos I miss the most).......sigh

Who Decides Which Episodes They Will Show?

I have received a few e-mails about how the episode guide changes weekly. Next week we were supposed to see "A Walk In The Woods", and now were seeing ANOTHER trip to the dentist. Now I have to be honest and say I wasn't thrilled with the first time they went. Only because it hit too close to home after my eldest child refused to go and had a temper tantrum right there in the office. It took 4 yes FOUR tries before she actually went and sat down, after I had to bribe her with a trip to TOYSRUS. So since I'm so against bribery and I had to succumb to it, another trip kinda sounds like they are fishing for things to film the kids doing. I would be interested mainly in seeing if Cara & Mady needed braces, because I will know what I'm going to be in for! So who at TLC decides on which shows to air? Does this mean that they are extra episodes we've never seen before? And why didn't they show them? Last year they're were at lease 5 that I counted that we never saw. Why couldn't we see them in the woods, wouldn't we have enjoyed that more than the dentist? lol I smell a "Never before seen episodes DVD!"

The Soup And The Not So Surprise

Before I get into my own review, I must say that theres something therapeutic about watching another family on TV go through the same issues as me. Granted they are more wealthy now, and a new stove to replace isn't as big of a deal, but watching last night took my mind off all the crying I had done. I really enjoyed last nights episode. I loved watching the children play and interact. And Alexis wiping her mouth before asking a question was the cutest thing ever. I also liked how Kate joked with the guy installing her stove. I also loved when Jon played with the kids and the play dough. I was told there was a comment on GWOP about someone even snarking about that! I must agree that when you mix the colors they are no longer desirable and get hard quicker, so Im totally in with him on that one.

The snarking trolls (which couldn't have anything bad to say since the episode was good but searched hard anyway) ran in numbers to complain and nitpick about dumb things. Kate's hair, Kate looks bored, Kate used filtered water. yawn people, that's the best you can do this week? Yes, Kate's hair is starting to bother me a bit, and I love that woman. I know shes got s look everyones talking about. And no one else has it. But its at that in between what is she going to do" stage. I hope she figures it out (lol). I agree with some that the couch scenes were filmed earlier because her hair looked really good in the kitchen. And if you had to do those those re-caps at all different times and for HOURS you would be bored too! (lol) And those on the East Coast LIVE with our filtered water. Its being used right now as we speak. So this episode was supposed to be what everyone wanted: getting back ot the everyday activites. Making soup was as everyday as you can get. So why is that still not good enough for everyone? I liked this good everyday episode. Did you?

UPDATE: If any Reps. from Snapfish are reading this, send my behind a check for giving you all these great free publicity, Or at least a discount ;)


Susan said...

I knew the haters would have something to say as soon as Kate discussed Jon's "playing". Sometimes I wish she would get down and dirty with the kids.

Sorry about your videos. I lost my Disney trip videos when my 3 month old computer's hard drive died. They wanted $800 to try and recover them. Luckily I'm going back to Disney in three weeks so I will re-tape. Hope you can recover something.

Baby Mama said...

Yes! The quotes now are between $700-$1000. Are they taking advantage of a families loss? Heck yes, I too lost my Disney videos (I take them all with my camera now) but thank the Lord for Snapfish. I got them all back from there and just found out you can now upload videos too. I will let you know if I recover anything.

cali-mom said...

Loved this episdoe, I hated when it ended. I enjoyed watching them do everyday things. I knew they werent going to show a new house yet, well at least I had that "feeling" but I'm excited to see future shows when they do finally move into their bigger house.
I too love Kate, but I'm getting pretty tired of her hair as well. Its time for a new do Kate..lol :)

BEE said...

We lost our videos of Christmas with my husbands 94 year old Granny playing with the kids...a tear jerker to say the least! I too was relieved to know that Snapfish held all my photos though...didn't know you could download videos too? Can we say...plug for Snapfish?!? :)

As far as the episode goes, I really enjoyed it! I love seeing all the trips and fun stuff the Gosselins do, but my favorite episodes are when they are at home doing nothing that special at all!

I have always wanted to make and freeze my own soup, but for some reason is intimidates me. Kate made it seem very easy and I might just give it a try.

I love watching the kids play outside, just having good ole kid fun! I too use to stress about mixing playdough colors but I got over it! I also let my kids do it in the dining room, where there is carpet. The dust buster (that I got for Xmas) is my BEST friend!!

I thought Kate looked tired, NOT drugged as I have read somewhere else. Goodness people, why does the poor women have to be drugged? Why can't she be tired or in a bad mode? And God forbid if Kate was on medication of somesort...what would be wrong with that???

The only thing that irrated me in the slightest was the deal that Kate made about Jon and the playdough snot. Let him have some good harmless fun with his kids!! A reminder that I must frequently give MYSELF as well!!

As far as the house goes, no big suprises. It was cute to watch the tups reactions/questions. Interesting to see Cara and Mady's responses...they must have been talking about moving for some time or perhaps they found a house and the deal fell through or something? But the twins seemed a little put off like, "don't tell us we are going to move it we really aren't"....anyone else feel that?

Tonia said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of all your pics and especially videos. What a huge loss, and I am definitely sympathetic.

My favorite moment in the episode was Aaden making the play-doh snake and saying it was going to bite Joel. Then Joel (what a cute little stinker) grabbed it, grinned and squished it saying, "I'm gonna kill it!" How many of us with little boys/little brothers can relate to this? I loved it.

FIONA said...

I am so sorry to hear you lost so many precious memories!

Paula said...

Sorry you lost your memories. Please remember to back up the new ones regularly! I liked this episode also. Leah was so cute when she wiped her face before she asked a question and Alexis getting her own room and grinning that grin when she said "I wake them up" precious.I make "grandma" beef vegetable soup also. Yum it really is good.

Paula said...

Another thought... did Kate look like she had a cold when she was making the soup? Her nose seemed red and her throat seemed scratchy.

Carol said...

I am so sorry about your pictures and video! Is it really hundreds of dollars to recover data from a hard drive? I thought somehow it would be cheap in this day and age, how awful. My husband backs up our computers onto external drives because he's so paranoid about losing our pictures. I guess now I'm glad he's so anal about it!

I enjoyed the "soup & surprise" episode because we got to see the kids playing and interacting together so much, which is my favorite thing to see. I guess I was disappointed not to see the new house, but in retrospect I don't know why I'd expect that in a half hour episode dedicated to making soup.

And to the critics - who's supposed to play with the kids while Kate makes soup? Kate? How can she magically be in two places at once? My husband plays with my kids all the times while I cook or do other chores.

And they said she looked drugged? Do any of these people have kids? I have two kids and look and feel the way Kate did on that episode on a regular basis!

I think the twins made comments about "is it for real this time?" because the parents have taken them to see properties before and kids are very literal and think things happen on a dime. They don't know finding a new house is a long and involved process.

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode because there was so much footage of the kids just being kids. Them asking questions about the new house at the dinner table was so cute and sweet too. Collin thinking it was going to be laid out exactly like his current house was so cute and funny.

I can't can't can't wait to see the new house and hope they are enjoying it immensely.

Lesley said...

I guess I am the only one who loves Kate's hair. Last nights episode definitely adds to the excitement of their big move. Good for the Gosselin's, this is a only a positive for their family. Did anyone else think that Alexis looked a lot like Kate last night when she smiled, food and all in her hair? Super cute.

Nina Bell said...

I just finished watching this episode. Cute , very cute. Hungry for soup now. I was worried about you Baby Mama, thanks for the email and sorry to hear about your computer. 2009 will be better.

Nicole said...

Hi! I'm new here! I'm a HUGE Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan. It's so good to see a FAN site. No bashing and saying how 'terrible the parents are'.
I'm afraid all that bashing is going to make them want to stop doing the show!! =(

Looking forward to more of your posts!


Theresa said...

Lesley, I like Kate's hair, too. Although, that long part does need to be cut. Maybe she's trying to outgrow it all.

They both looked tired on the Interview Couch. Perhaps that was filmed during the move?

The kids are so cute. The Collin house question was adorable.

Baby Mama--sorry about the loss of your pics.

Shannon said...

Love your blog...keep up the good work...I check it often!

Shelly said...

Loved the show last night. It was so cute. When TLC ran the 10 fan favorites and they aired the commercial "we're moving", the trolls instantly started saying Mady and Cara looked devistated. I got a snicker when they said is this for real. The "gossipers wishing of popularity" AKA GWOP, sure do jump to conclusion quickly. A 30 second commercial got over 200 comments or should I say over 200 mind readers voicing their personal knowledge of all 10 Gosselin's. Give me a break! Anyway, I thought the show was great. As for Kate's hair, I think your right Baby Mama, she is stuck in the between stages of hairdos. Remember how Kate always talked about how Jon used to look when they met, and then he started working out? Jon has made several comments on the show about Kate's beautiful long blond hair, maybe she is trying to grow it out again for him. Now the kids are older, so it would not be so hard to manage.

Sorry about your computer Baby Mama, I missed your posts.

3KMOM said...

Does anyone know how to go back and change your google options of whether or not you want an e-mail sent to you if someone responds to a comment that you've left.

Carol said...

Shelly, your ''The "gossipers wishing of popularity" AKA GWOP'' made me LOL! Great acronym!

There's a fan group on facebook and, as usual, even though it's a fan group the trolls feel the need to post vitriol on every topic, including the new house. I couldn't resist the catty urge to reply to one of them:

"My wish for the new year is that the Gosselin house is $10 million, not paid by them (and that the state of PA waive their real estate taxes, oh and that's the devalued price, formerly it was ... $30 million?), that every stick of furniture (and hopefully as expensive as Roche Bobois) be given to them free, that every kid get a room plus a personal playroom, that a cleaning/nanny service donate their services free till the kids are of age, that Kate has a spa complete with staff built into the house, and they get new cars and other companies besides the Gap and Gymboree, like Limited Too, Abercrombie, etc. start donating free clothes to the children. How about free trips to Paris and Tahiti, yummy! Then I can sit back and watch multiple heads explode.

Since I don't give a rat's ass how much stuff they get for free I'll just sit back and enjoy watching the kids as I always have."

I'm so sick of these people! I wish they would become Amish and stop watching tv so they could direct their hate at something else.

Carol said...

3KMom - I didn't know you could set up to get comment alerts, which I'd like to do too, so I'm trying this - I clicked on my username, then went to "edit profile" and clicked on the "my account" link on top.

Then I clicked on "add" at the bottom of the next screen and added the url for this blog (http://theanti-gosselinswithoutpity.blogspot.com/). I am now officially "following" the blog but don't know if that means I'll get email alerts, I'll have to wait and see.

Samantha said...

I peruse the GWOP to see just how they support their advocacy of children. Of course, I do not find any evidence of this. I actually think they make up that list of "missing children" on the right side but that's for another topic.

The following is my correspondence with Sharla after letting them know that I found a comment about Hannah offensive and uncalled for and I questioned their lack of advacocy in keeping rude comments about this children off their posts. Yes, I made fun of athe poster, but only for the sake of seeing what they'd say about that. Read from bottom up. Here's what she had to say:

From: Sharla Smith sharla.smith@live.com
To: samanthacooke83@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2009 12:30:41 AM
Subject: RE:

I didn't call anyone a nasty name. Saying a child is larger than the others is NOT snark. It is unavoidable fact. If someone called her something like a half-ton tank similar to your description of our readers, that would be snark. It is not snark to say something factual and obvious to the world such as Collin not minding Jenny and running into the bulkhead. It happened. All the good will in the world won't change it.

I don't write hate comments about Kate. In fact I seldom post on the blog. Giving people a place to discuss their dislike of Kate may bother you, but isn't inherently wrong. You may call it hate and some people may hate Kate. I don't. But I will provide a spot where people who dislike certain of Kate's behaviors may discuss that. If it bothers you so much, make life simpler, and quit looking at it.


Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 20:50:22 -0800
From: samanthacooke83@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:
To: sharla.smith@live.com

Sharla, you should have the kids' best interest at heart. That was a snark against a CHILD and yet you think it's okay.

I can't believe what you think is okay to post and not to post. For instance, you only post hate comments on Kate. Don't you think the Karma will come back to you?

From: Sharla Smith sharla.smith@live.com
To: samanthacooke83@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 10:27:46 PM
Subject: RE:

Hannah is larger than the others. Facts are not aspersions. Even Kate has commented on it. They all look ridiculous in bibs.

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 09:12:20 -0800
From: samanthacooke83@yahoo.com
To: JoyeRene@yahoo.com; shatzie1980@yahoo.com; sharla..smith@live.com

How could you allow a post that makes fun of a child? You said you didn't do that Joye?? But, here it is. So, why did you allow this on. Don't say it's to show not to wear bibs. Bull. You should've at least took out the comment on Hannah, she's just a four year old for crying out loud.

I bet Denise (and your other posters) are half-ton heavies. There is no reason for her comment to have been posted. It was totally irrelevant.

Nina Bell said...


Also, when you leave a comment there is a box that you can check at the bottom that says "email follow-up comments to". It appears that you have checked that. You need to wait for the next comment to be emailed to you. When you receive it, there should be something in that email that allows you to unsubscribe.

~duckie~ said...

What was the exact comment that got you so upset?
To discuss the size of children is very common. When I was at my cousins house for X-mas we were talking about how his just turned three year old daughter is about the size of a 4-5 year old, how his just turned two year old son is the size of a 3-4 year old, and how his 11 month old daughter is very small compared to the other two when they were at that age. By the way we (adults and children) were all in the room together.
If a child is larger then the others it doesn't mean she/he is fatter. The child you/they were talking about may just end up being six feet tall when she is fully grown, and larger in height then the others. Kate is a tall women and at the stage if development that the children are in a larger child may just mean taller in the long run.
But, I don't know what the real comment was at the beginning so this is just speculation.
On the comment on the Bibs - I personally think that once a child hits school they shouldn't wear one anymore. When they eat at school most of the other children will not have one on. If it is a matter of not getting food on clothes then at dinner time at home they could wear older not so nice clothes to eat so that if food is spilled it won't ruin nice clothes. (BTW I still end up with a little on my shirt every once in a while, we just say it is my Grandpa eating with us. He always had food on his shirt. lol)
While at it the high chairs should go and may be just get some booster seats for the dinner table chairs, at the church I use to attend they had something called "Bucket Seats" and the were actually real five gallon buckets cut 3/4 of the way down into chairs with a pad on them. It was the perfect height for the table. Also very cute to boot.
Just Commenting Not Hating

Samantha said...

Duckie--It was the tone and implication of this Denise's post calling Hannah a "really large girl"...

Denise said...

The tups will be five on May 10, 2009. That is just four months from now! Bibs and sippy cups - OMG - it is absurd. Hannah is really a large girl and looks especially ridiculous in a bib. Get rid of the bibs - these are no longer babies or toddlers, they are CHILDREN who will be in kindergarten in the fall!!!

1/05/2009 8:29 PM

They could've omitted the Hannah comment. In comparison to the other two little girls, she may be larger, but to write it the way Denise wrote it, I think was picking on the child. It was a deliberate snark onto the child and wasn't needed. Yet, in true GWOP fashion, they print it and then say they didn't do anything wrong. I had wrote in saying that was uncalled for, but of course it never made it as a published post.

BEE said...

Samantha, I am with you! I think it is horrible that anyone would comment about a child like that!

As far as discussing a child's size. I think it all depends on the intent of the conversation and I really don't think it is appropriate to compare kids in front of each other. But that is just my opinion. I think that especially with the way our society is, the issue of weight/size for little girls is a HUGE problem! We don't need to be sending our little girls the message that being "larger" then someone else is a bad thing. Comments like the one that was posted at GWoP about Hannah is nothing but harmful!

Regarding bibs. My son is 4 and still wears a bib and uses a sippy cup. It is unrealistic in our household/life to change clothes before meal time to avoid spills etc. I also do not have the opportunity to quickly undress and spot check my child's clothes after each meal. I am not a huge freak about stains, but I do not want clothes being ruined. Do we always use bibs, no and neither do the Gosselins.

About sippy cups. We use closed cups with straws. I believe that most of the time the Gosselin use similar cups as well. Kids at this age still need to drink quite a bit and traveling with open mouthed cups is not realistic. I guess that the Gosselins and our family could keep open mouthed cups on the counter for the kids to come and grab a drink from. However, at our house we have a baby that would easily grab and pour the contents of the cup all over...so sippy cups it is for awhile. I think there would be an issue if the kids didn't know how to use an open mouthed cup, mine does so I am not concerned.

LauraH said...

Hey Debbie,

I am soooo sorry about your loss... reading that makes me believe I better save the pictures that I have on all of my pages... i would be heartbroken to lose all of my pictures... thanks for letting us know.

I just can't go to the haters of Jon and Kate websites. They have nothing better to do than to Hate on other people.... it's people like you and me that keep the Love going.... lol

I am really looking forward to seeing their new house. It looks Fabulous from the outside...

Good to see you back and your blog is doing
great... Good Work Baby Mama....

Big Hugs, Laura

sd6aliasfan said...

I tried posting on the GWOP site and no surprise, it never saw the light of day. Nice to see a site that will (hopefully) post both positive and negative comments.

I enjoy J&K and after the Soup eppie, wondered where they were moving. I thought they might go to NC or VA so I did a search and stumbled across GWOP. (Who is pitying J&K anyway?) The crap on that site is absolutely unbelievable! Why are those people so bitter? Honestly, I must live in a cave because I was totally unaware of sites like that (or this one).

They ragged on and on and on about . . . nothing. Nitpicky, stupid, assinine nothingingness. They ragged because Kate used filtered water for the soup! Yeah, obviously they don't live in PA. Oh, and on that site they listed J&K's address of their new house - showing the pics and listing the town is one thing, but the actual address? Anyway, J&K's new house is about 45 minutes from me. Glad they decided to stick around town.

Didn't mean to go on and on about that other site but . . . the frustration of not being able to post over there because I do not agree with their nastiness ... just grrrrr.

Nice to find a site that allows freedom of speech, whether the poster agrees with the majority or not.

Theresa said...

sd6aliasfan--I looked over there at the recap post and there was a post from a grandma who said she knew Kate's grandmom and how disappointed she would've been, etc. Then, Julie posted. Then, there was another poster right after Julie who questioned why she didn't just reach out via email to this grandmother privately, why was it on a public forum?

Anyhow, I just looked and now both Julie's post and the poster after (I forget the name, but it was a double name like Joe Joe or something) are both not on the site anymore. Did anybody else notice that, too?

So, when they actually have somebody question something with a post of logic, or show the stupidity of something, that person's posts are deleted, but they keep the assinine ones up. Okay, just wanted to double check on that. :)

BEE said...


I did not notice the incident that are speaking of ( I really try not to venture over to GWoP to often). However, back in the day when I did read and even post on GWoP I actually commented on Kate's reaction to the home makeover. I was responding to a previous post on the subject. My initial post was published on the blog. But then "myseriously" it vanished. I asked Serena about it and she said that each moderator is different and allows different things to be published etc.

I too find it interesting that most statements that challenge an anti-Gosselin comment don't make it through.

Nice to know that Julie is still lurking in the background. I am sure she will have something to say on the new house!

BEE said...

I should really stop multitasking! Sorry for the typos in the last post!

Paula said...

GWoP must allow posters after they run out of things to complain about. They actually let one of mine (not posted under this name) go through and now they are all up in arms again because something was said criticizes them.

Theresa said...

Hi Bee! It was on the Soup recap and was from grandmato3 1/07/2009 2:21 PM

No wonder nothing makes sense over there. If they are only posting crap, then that's what they'll get. Funny thing, that grandmato3(wo claims to have known Kate's grandmother) is still posted, but nobody commented on her note?? C'mon, that's a lot of selective editing going on, huh?

mbutler001 said...

Hi, I'm new here, and so glad to find a fan site! I was so mad to find some of those haters out there talking trash about Kate, saying how she's got a personal chef, and a nanny, a personal assistant, and housekeepers( I personally don't know if any is true) but give the girl a break, she's got 8 kids, I only have three and would love to have the help sometimes. Anyways, I absolutely love the show and hope we can continue to watch the kids grow up. I say "go Kate" she has found a way to financially take care of her kids, and be home with them at the same time. That is what most of us are trying to do, right?